Inheritor of Chaos - Chapter 13, lawful chaotic

Jul 16th, 2017
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  1. >It was a calm and barely chaotic night on the floating island that you previously named as ‘El Dorado’.
  2. >The night was magnificent as you previously mentioned and it had the best view you could see of Discord’s kingdom.
  3. >You were sitting along with the three now fillies: Pinkamena, Fluttershy, and Celestia. Or well, ‘Tia’ as she wants you to call her.
  4. >And a special guest, it seems that Celesti- Tia, has a phoenix… and she looks so cool! Well, despite her size is that of a chicken or tiny bird.
  5. >Philomena was her name. She was on Fluttershy’s head for some reason; maybe Fluttershy was good with animals this entire time? You never noticed it, but back in the forest, it was pretty obvious she got a good hang on wild animals.
  6. >It was one of many nights, it seemed the same as always… but you can’t help but not ignore how it feels as if tonight is different.
  7. >Is it because you are with other ponies and not alone?
  8. >Your gaze on the stars and the moon above stays for a while, while you think.
  9. >Heh, the constellations above aren't so different from the ones in your world. Wouldn't it be awesome if you were in the same universe Earth is but in a different solar system?
  10. >Ugh, you sound too nerdish. Next thing you'll do is get a lab coat and pretend to be a smug genius.
  11. >Hah.
  12. >”Uwaaa~ the sky’s soo pretty tonight! Dontcha think, Anonono?” Said a cheerful Celestia, her head touching yours in a way that shows affection.
  13. >That tiny horn of hers will poke you in the eye of these days.
  14. >You giggle awkwardly at first and then look at the young princess of the sun.
  15. “Eh, seems like a normal night for me.”
  16. >”No-o! Tonight the sky is more beautiful!” She replied.
  17. >You don’t know if you are lying, it kinda feels like a different night… sort of.
  18. >…Something is missing.
  19. >You need someone else here.
  20. >Yeah, you haven’t forgotten about Sweetie Belle and you’ve been worried about her even if you have company now often.
  21. >Deep inside you still have regret and it kicks you like a bitch.
  22. >It won’t change the fact that you lost her and is your entire fault; All thanks to that queen bug.
  23. >Okay, half fault since the queen bugbreath stole her away.
  24. >You just want her to be safe, just for that damn promise you... made.
  25. >You know you will see her one more time… but you aren’t sure if she’ll be happy to see you.
  26. >…What kind of villain you’re trying to be? What are your goals despite wanting to heir Discord’s powers?
  27. >Why do you need that filly next to you? You can have pretty much anything and anypony.
  28. >You can’t have good and evil unless you go neutral chaotic.
  29. >…
  30. >Not this shit again.
  31. >Nope.
  32. >You’ll just enjoy the night and forget the thoughts; they can haunt you in the night if they want to.
  33. >What, the guitar you use so often isn't enough to fucking distract you from the errors you've made with her? Fucking hell Alberto.
  34. >Whatever.
  35. >As for Epona and your clones, last time you saw them they were playing with each other Mario Party in your lighthouse.
  36. >...Epona was losing.
  37. >Hard.
  38. >The moment you left, Alberto Alpha got to the square of the Boo and stole for fifty coins the first… and probably last star of Epona.
  39. >You swear she threw the controller so hard at your taco stand and probably tried to murder him after it.
  40. >The angry noises of Epona and the ‘WORTH IT’ from Alberto Alpha made it very clear.
  41. >God, if you are a villain it probably reflects with your clones. That was a dick move… the others clones had stars too… and he went for Epona.
  42. >And yeah, you decided to name your clones so you wouldn’t get confused and start calling one clone and having the others reply at the same time.
  43. >And since they were still wearing those tunics from Link, it was easy to name them.
  44. >Well unless they change clothes with each other, but that is not the case since they seem to like their own colors.
  45. >They're special, just like you!
  46. >The first clone wearing the red clothes from Link decided that his name would be Alberto 1.
  47. >The second clone that wore the blue clothes decided that his name would be Alberto Alpha, aka the asshole who stole the star from Epona.
  48. >And lastly but not least, the clone with purple clothes decided to call himself Super Alberto; the fucker even made appear a hat with an 'A' on it.
  49. >This, of course, implied that this clone wanted to be the most outstanding clone… so they wanted his name to change or else they would fight to the death, again.
  50. >...No wait, wait... they didn't say fight to the death. They wanted to become boxes so they could do boxing and sort it out. Weird fucks.
  51. >So he was between Alberto Dynamite and Mint Chocolate Thundaaah.
  52. >Alberto 1 suggested that ‘Ben’ would do for a nickname too, and, after some seconds of silence… they laughed about it.
  53. >Heh, even you joined too in the laugh. That name? So silly! You don’t know where it came from but is just hilarious.
  54. >Buuuut, the clones and you decided that his name would be Alberto Juan.
  55. >It sounded better for some reason.
  56. >It just fits, okay?
  57. >Epona, looking a bit down to the ground, walked next to you and the rest of the fillies.
  58. >She looked really sad for some reason, probably lost the game of Mario Party and the murder of Alberto Alpha wasn’t enough to make her happy.
  59. “Yo Epona, why the long face?”
  60. >Heh, horse puns.
  61. >She sat behind you and placed her hooves around your tiny colt body, embracing you into a tiny hug while staring where you all were watching.
  62. >”Hnn… I hate ghosts…” Epona said with a sad tone in her voice, the poor thing.
  63. >Yup, probably because of Mario Party.
  64. >God, you love that game so much. You can’t wait to show her Dark Souls or any other hard game so she gets to play it and rage so hard.
  65. >Although, what would happen if you show her some Legend of Zelda game? You’d asked her about Link and Ganon and any character from her world and, despite describing the characters very well… she doesn’t seem to remember or recognize anything.
  66. >Gee, hopefully, this doesn’t affect any future game… you’d hate if there wasn’t any Epona in the next game.
  67. >Shigeru Miyamoto may haunt you in your dreams now too.
  68. >Ah, speaking of games… you did a thing with your chaotic magic too. For some reason, there were many 8-bit soundtracks stuck in your head for a while, and out of freaking nowhere, a Gameboy appeared on the hooves of Alberto Juan.
  69. >He got pretty startled since him neither the others clones were expecting a fucking Gameboy appear from nowhere.
  70. >And the Gameboy had a mega man game! …Or rather, a Mega Pony game… which talks and has live on his own. You named the character as “Neto” and… there is nothing much to describe him, he wears a blue Mega Man suit, classic.
  71. >And in the Gameboy… Gamepony, Gamecolt, Gamechaos, whatever nickname you’ll give to it later, there are some locked secrets! Or games! Fucking hell you were up with your clones all night trying to unlock something, but you barely did levels.
  72. >Playing with hooves is hard… so you command Neto to move around, despite him moving some ways he wants to.
  73. >Wonder if it’s cheating when you tell him that there is a life up in a place he can’t see…
  74. >Meh, don’t care. GAMES!
  75. >This Game… Gamecolt, let’s call it, doesn’t run out of batteries! Probably runs with chaos magic. But, problem is, that Neto gets exhausted too if we play too much.
  76. >Who would know that characters in a game get exhausted?
  77. >And man, wouldn’t it be great if you unlocked the powers he uses? Mega blast! Mega speed! Megalodon!
  78. >…No wait, that last wasn’t a power.
  79. >Anyway, the Gamecolt probably was on the hooves of Alberto 1, either playing or talking with him.
  80. >”Look guys! The stars are shining! Maybe that means we’ll get to will see shooting stars tonight?” Said Pinkamena while pointing out to the sky.
  81. >Epona stopped hugging you and abruptly stands up from her seat behind you.
  82. >”No! I’m done with stars! I don’t want to see any near me!” She angrily says as she jumps to some bush nearby. “Oh look a rupee!”
  83. >You’ll talk about this with Alberto Alpha later.
  84. >Pinkamena, ignoring the anger-ish rupee lover pony, moved her sight to the stars and with a big smile; she pointed again to the sky.
  85. “Quick! Make a wish everypony! Make it count!”
  86. >It didn’t look as if there was going to be some shooting stars, but then again, this world is Discord’s realm.
  87. >Anything can happen.
  88. >Or maybe Pinkamena got some spiritual sense that tells her when stuff is going to happen.
  89. >But you don’t need anything to wish for.
  90. >…Or maybe you do.
  91. “I wish I could see her again.” You whisper to yourself with melancholy on your words, not wanting the rest to know and ruin the moment.
  92. >Meanwhile, the very happy and innocent fillies were saying different wishes towards the sky.
  93. >”I wish to be a princess when I grow up! So I can eat all the cakes I want!” Celestia wished to the sky while licking her lips. “Noom!”
  94. >And if you had a drink in your mouth, you would spit it right there.
  95. >”My only wish is to be friends with everypony I can know of! Even Discord! Although he doesn’t like hugs, I know he deep inside likes so!” Said Pinkamena, bouncing on her seat.
  96. >She better be careful or she’ll fall out of the island.
  97. >And Fluttershy, as the shy and timid pony, was the last one to make a wish.
  98. >”I only wish to Discord to be here to see this sky with us…”
  99. >Philomena made some… bird noises in response.
  100. >…Damn, that was cute from her.
  101. >Not the Phoenix, you meant Fluttershy.
  102. >Damn, as a mare she had that… motherly aura and as a kid she is… you don’t know… very kind? Also shy, which is weird since her grown self-was tough.
  103. >And Pinkamena? You… never expected her to be that happy as a filly. Heck, even that nickname of hers as "Pinkie" is... odd. Fluttershy calls her like that instead of Pinkamena and you don't know why.
  104. >Maybe they were like this when they were fillies? Makes you think…
  105. >You four could hear a muffled chuckle beyond the sky.
  106. >”Wish and you shall receive!”
  107. >Yup, that’s your father, Discord.
  108. >What will he do this tim-
  109. “Wait, what is that in the sky?”
  110. >Something… was coming down.
  111. >You focus your sight on the far away object and… some kind of rock was coming down at supreme speed.
  112. >A meteor!?
  113. >You four watch in fear as a meteor approaches the spot you all were sitting on.
  114. “SANTA MARIA! Move! That thing is coming near!”
  115. >The girls didn’t need to hear that twice, they jumped immediately to some safe spots from the island, they being bushes.
  116. >As you jump straight to the nearest bush, your head hits something soft.
  117. “Mfnn!”
  118. >And in reply, you hear a tiny “Eep!”
  119. >You had some hay in your mouth and whatever you were near… felt soft like a pillow.
  120. >”Anon? What are you doing to my tail?”
  121. >…
  122. >You look at the thing you were biting, it wasn’t hay. It was Epona’s tail! And, what you hit with your face was her butt.
  123. >Goddamnit you can’t get any more awkward than this in your life.
  124. >You spit her tail and forget about the sudden molestation while you tell Epona to duck down for the impact.
  125. “Get your head down! Something’s coming!”
  126. >Everypony was hiding in bushes… the bushes better be good against meteor smashes!
  127. >And as everyone was getting ready for the impact… it never came.
  128. >Only a ‘poof’ noise.
  129. >”Why is everypony hiding? Hide and seek again? You know I cheat at those games!” The voice of Discord could be heard where the meteor was supposed to hit.
  130. >…You knew it was him.
  131. >Everypony comes out from their hiding spot and they gladly sigh as they spot Discord. He was near a giant hole, maybe he did crash from the sky.
  132. >Discord was wearing some genie clothes and was floating in mid-air. Did he really come down to make wishes?
  133. >Discord was immediately tackled by Pinkie Pie, well; more like his leg got tackled.
  134. >”Diiiscord!” She happily hugged his leg.
  135. >”Stop it, it burns my leg!” Discord tried to remove Pinkamena from his leg but she was too attached to it by the hug. “Hugs are bad for my health! Don’t you know Draconequus anatomy?”
  136. >Discord snapped his talons and a big encyclopedia about Draconequus appeared on his paw.
  137. >“See? Look at this!” He placed the book in front of Pinkamena, the book only had one page that said: “No hugs allowed”.
  138. >”Aaawww, not even a tiiiiny biiiitsy hug?”
  139. >Discord teleported from Pinkamena’s grip and he was standing next to you now.
  140. >”A no is a no, young lady. You need to learn the rules if you don’t want to become a street dancing pony… literally. I could just teleport you to some city and ta-ta! You’ll be the star between stars of dancing ponies starring yourself as the shining star started that startles everypony.”
  141. >A muffled ‘No more stars!’ could be heard from some bushes.
  142. >Well, maybe Discord saw how Epona was losing and he did all the star jokes on purpose.
  143. >Also what’s up with his “rules”? Do you need to remind him that he doesn’t need rules since he’s the motherfucking king?
  144. >Yeah, let’s add some sarcasm to it.
  145. “Ah yes… rules are meant to follow! Who would know?” You say while staring at Discord with a tiny smug face.
  146. >He stares at you with an unamused face.
  147. >”What are you implying there, Alberto?”
  148. “¿Yo? (Me?)” You point at yourself with your hoof. “Oh, noooothing father… is just that you don’t usually follow ANY rule, then again, you make a rule about not hugging! That must be something… are you getting old? Is papa getting a bit of harmony in his diet?” You keep on your smug face as you continue talking and staring at him.
  149. >Tia giggles as she speaks to the rest of the fillies.
  150. >”That’s true! Uncle Dididiscord doesn’t like rules! He’s grumpy when he listens to one! Hehe!”
  151. >”Why you little…” Discord groans in defeat. “Whatever... okay, no rules. But I still dislike hug-“
  152. >Without doubting any second, Pinkamena went for another hug, this time she jumped and hugged Discord on his back.
  153. >”Yay! Hugs! They’re as good as smiles!”
  154. >Discord would just complain in response.
  155. >Tia and Fluttershy in the other hand wondered if they should join with Pinkamena, but instead of it, Tia hugged Fluttershy.
  156. >”I’m going to hug you harder that it’ll make Pinkiekie jealous!”
  157. >Fluttershy in response gave a tiny ‘yay’.
  158. >You could hug Discord just to piss him off, but meh, Pinkamena is enough strength for the job.
  159. >”Alright! Enough hugs!” Discord snapped his talons, making Pinkamena re-appear next to Tia and Fluttershy, who got a little bit startled by the sudden teleportation of Pinkamena and stopped hugging.
  160. >Discord grabbed you with two fingers of his paw and placed you on top of his shoulder.
  161. >He then changed his clothes from a genie to a pirate.
  162. >You, by logic and following Discord’s shenanigans, thought about a parrot suit… and with a tiny ‘poof’ you were wearing now a parrot suit. You also were wearing a fake beak!
  163. “Squeak! Give cookie! Squeak!” You say as you enter your new role of the prince of all birds.
  164. >Discord grabbed some cookies from his pockets and gave you a few cookies for you to eat.
  165. “Peep! Pek, Pek! Chrip!” You say while munching some cookies. “Peep! Delicious! Peep!”
  166. [Attempted bird pony noises]
  167. >God you love being a prince.
  169. >”Okay young ladies, I’ll be talking with Anon here about something very important. We’ll be back later, so, you three wait here… “ Discord snaps his talons and a big ass pirate ship appears near El Dorado. “Oh, but don’t think I’ll leave you alone with nopony to take care of you!”
  170. >Coming from the pirate ship and wearing a bandana on her head was Princess Luna, she was also holding a map for some reason.
  171. >”I believe that’s my call.” Princess Luna said as he gave Discord the map she was levitating. “Take care of it, I marked the… ‘treasure’.”
  172. >The fillies cheered as they saw Luna flying from the pirate ship to the island.
  173. >”Yay, Lulu’s here! Look Philome-“ Tia looked to where Fluttershy was, but Philomena wasn’t near her. “Philomena? Uh?”
  174. >You heard a squeak near your back, and, as you turn your head a tiny bit, you see the Phoenix flying a bit near you.
  175. >She squeaked at you with a friendly squeak.
  176. >Oh, how hawkward. Is she hitting on you?
  177. “No Philomena, I won’t let you smash! Or eat my cookies! Squeak!”
  178. >”Squawk! Squaawk!” She landed next to you.
  179. “Aaaaaaaa!” You try to speak in the name of the prince of birds. “CAWW! CAWW!”
  180. >You two were squeaking at each other as if discussing something, moving your wings and whatever birds do.
  181. >Hell, you even showed your fluffy chest at her. ALPHA BIRD! PEEP!
  182. [Phoenix and attempted bird combined noises]
  183. >You will only add a translation to her and your lines when you get to new game plus!
  184. >”Alright Anon, you’ve taken enough time already.” Discord snaps his talons and now you two were aboard of the ship and Philomena was back at Fluttershy’s top head. “Ahoy! Time to seal!”
  185. “Don’t you mean ‘sail’?” You say while eating some more cookies. "Cheep!"
  186. >”Actually, I wanted to use the seal pun again, but I’ve used it once… and I think that seal is far away from the Fanta Sea.” Discord shrugs to himself. “Eh… whatever, let’s move on!”
  187. >The ponies waved at you farewell but before you wave too; the ship disappears with Discord’s magic.
  188. >And instead of appearing on the ship, you two appear in some place that was snowy as fuck, near the sky standing on a cloud.
  190. “S-S-So cold!” With your chaos magic, you try to summon some winter clothes… but only manage to make appear a scarf and a warm hat.
  191. >Damn, that’s right, you didn’t fuse with your clones and they’re probably far away now. You really were starting to feel a bit weak from the distance between your clones and you.
  192. >A bad point of having clones is that the far away you are to them, the weaker you become, but the closest you are of them, the strongest you all become.
  193. >Sucks that more than one clone sucks up much stamina and what not from you in a single day.
  194. >Now that you think about… you must have pretty of chaos magic if you can hold them up for weeks.
  195. >Discord turns the whole cloud into a cozy shack, with a chimney, snacks, hot cocoa and a freaking kotatsu.
  196. >A. Freaking. Kotatsu.
  197. >Oh holy fucking small tits of the snake goodness, you’ve always wanted to be inside one!
  198. >As you get comfy with everything warm in this whole shack, Discord waits for you to be comfortable enough to start telling the news.
  199. >”You ready, I suppose?” Discord said, changing his clothes from pirate to his usual cape and crown with a golden cane that had his own face on it.
  200. “Mmmmnnnn~”
  201. >You were too fucking relaxed to even reply to him. Jesus Christ, kotatsus are the gods of Japan! Woo!
  202. >”I suppose you might be wondering why I brought you here where is colder than any place you’ve ever thinking!”
  203. >You don’t reply… you are just too into the kotatsu and hot cocoa to care.
  204. >”Well, your friendly queen, Queen Chrysalis, lost her tiny game against King Sombra already. Shame on her, the poor little bug thought she would escape with mercy from that exiled king.”
  205. >You barely hear him as you continue to enjoy the warm goodness.
  206. >Ohhhh, you don’t care if it’s normal weather back at El Dorado, you need one of this in there!
  207. >”And well, she told information about our castle, probably plans… which I don’t actually have, of course, location and most important… that I have a son! Which of course, are you! Haha!”
  208. >Okay… you heard that one. But then what? Do you care? You should’ve known already by everypony as Discord’s inheritor of chaos by now.
  209. “Aaaaand?”
  210. >You were enjoying too much this thing, jeez.
  211. >”Well, here comes the interesting part.” Discord sat and started reading a long list with some glasses that poofed from thin air. “It says here that Chrysy became not only King Sombra’s minion, but she also gave her ‘Love Camp’ to him, which had some prisoners you may be interested in.”
  212. >Heh, love camp. Almost makes it sound as concentration caaaaaa-
  213. >Wait a minute…
  214. >…
  215. >OH SHI-
  216. “Does that mean what I think that means!?” You jump out of the kotatsu and throw your hot cocoa to the floor. “Is she… is she there?!”
  217. >Discord shrugged.
  218. >”Yes? No? I don’t know Anon, I’m just a god of chaos. What do /you/ think?”
  219. >…Son of a bitch.
  220. “A-And we’re near… this place? T-This is why we’re in here, right…?”
  221. >You were breathing heavenly. It was probably because you’re far away from your other clones… damn, this affects you quick.
  222. >You won’t hold too much without them.
  223. >”Why don’t you take a look and tell me?” A magic ball appeared over the kotatsu. “Take a peek, son.”
  224. >You weakly walk to look at the crystal ball… the image of Sweetie Belle showing up was the first thing that made you call her name.
  225. “Sweetie!”
  226. >She can’t hear you, of course.
  227. >She was in some sort of… green stuff that looked like a prison... that didn’t look comfy at all, yet she was sleeping.
  228. >You hope she’s sleeping.
  229. >”Ah, the classical draining love technic of the changelings, the good ol’ cocoon. A classic!” Discord was at your side while eating some popcorn. “Want some?”
  230. >You ignore him and keep looking at the crystal ball.
  231. >What is that place and what are they doing to her? Uh… you feel like fainting any moment now.
  232. >If only you had at least a clone with you…
  233. >You maintain your breath while watching the crystal ball and the events that transcurred or now or late already.
  234. >You are too worried to even ask Discord if this was old or recent.
  235. >Discord chuckled as he was sitting at your side.
  236. >”How long can you bear the fatigue you’re feeling son? We can go anytime back at your tiny island whenever you want. You’ll just have to forget about that filly… is nothing important, really!” Discord was taunting you. “I mean, don’t you have like… 4 fillies already? Gee Anon and I thought Queen Chrysalis wanted all the possible love.”
  237. >You ignore him.
  238. >You’ve been waiting for this, for any information of her whereabouts… and of course, Discord knew!
  239. >Somepony grabbed the cocoon that Sweetie Belle was in… It was a changeling. What was that bastard doing to-
  240. >The Changeling opens the cocoon of Sweetie Belle, releasing her and picking her up while putting her on its back.
  241. >W…what? What is he doing with her?
  242. >”Boooooring, I’ll just speed the scene!” Discord said, snapping his talons. “Hope you don’t mind if I skip some important scenes.”
  243. >Fucker.
  244. >The crystal ball starts shaking and then a figure of a smoke… or rather a creature with green eyes and a sinister smile appears.
  245. >The crystal ball flashes again and Sweetie Belle was in a cavern full of crystals, alone by herself.
  246. >The crystal ball flashes once again and there was a black unicorn with a red horn cornering her in the cavern.
  247. >Then…
  248. >”No! I won’t! I refuse!”
  249. >Th…
  250. >”Somepony! Help!”
  251. >T….. ….. ....
  252. >”Ano-“
  253. >….. … .. .
  254. “Uh… Ugh… …”
  255. >You faint on the floor of the shack.
  256. >Discord picks you up with his magic and snaps his talons to disappear the crystal ball.
  257. >”Ah, well… better luck next time Anon! Maybe you’ll get to see what happened to your tiny friend and what her destiny affront.” He chuckled to himself. “Oh who I am kidding, of course, you will; after all, we need to see your new father in law as soon as possible! Calling him uncle would be just creepy since you two like so much each other.”
  258. >Discord covered you with a blanket and poofed you two again back to El Dorado.
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