Rothschild family (please don't kill me)

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  1. In the 19th century the Rothschild family was no less than the central bank of Europe. States and monarchs turned to the Rothschild bank to raise capital or to receive loans, usually by means of the new instrument of government bonds. The Rothschilds issued, sold and disseminated the bonds of kings and governments in European capitals, often investing the family's own capital in them. Without the financial backing of the Rothschilds, kings found it difficult to go to war.
  2. At the beginning of the 19th century, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, the dynasty's Frankfurt-based founder, sent his five sons to establish financial centers in Germany, Austria, France, Britain and Italy, a strategy that led to its domination of European finance. The sons founded banks in the Continent's capital cities. They issued bonds, traded in gold and currency, managed investments and engaged in commerce and any other financial activity for which there was a demand. They worked in coordination with, but also competed against, each other. Only the name Rockefeller vied with them as a symbol of wealth and power. The Rothschilds were undoubtedly the richest family in the world at the time.
  3. In the 20th century the Rothschild empire gradually declined in strength. The family's banks increasingly lost ground to new banks that raised capital from the public through share issues, while the two world wars changed the world order. The Rothschilds remained key players in London and Paris, however.
  4. Baron Edmond Benjamin James de Rothschild, "the Benefactor," laid the foundations for Jewish settlement in Palestine through his economic support for what came to be known as the First Aliyah, the wave of Jewish immigration from 1882-1903. In the second half of the 20th century the British Rothschilds sold their securities trading businesses, and in 1981 the French branch of the family was forced to watch as President Francois Mitterrand's socialist government nationalized its bank. The world had changed. The Rothschild dynasty, too, seemed to be on the verge of disappearing into history. But that did not happen.
  5. A Google search of Baron Benjamin de Rothschild produces little in the way of information. One can learn that he is a seventh-generation descendant of dynasty founder Mayer Amschel, and that as the great-grandson of "the Benefactor" he controls the Caesarea Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild Foundation. The foundation, through the management of the Caesarea community, provides financial support for education in Israel and has land and cash holdings worth more than NIS 700 million. Googling also reveals that the baron controls private banks in France and Switzerland, owns a number of the world's most famous palaces and wineries and is very fond of sports, particularly sailing. He rarely gives interviews; there are a handful of articles about him in the French press but none in the English-language media and certainly not in the Israeli media.
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  11. Baron Benjamin de Rothschild, you are media- and publicity-averse. Why did you agree to this interview?
  12. "We are becoming more and more important in the Israeli financial system, and our philanthropic activity in Israel is also growing. So we decided to open ourselves a little bit more to the Israeli public, so we can be better known, if only because my great-grandfather started the country. We would not want people to forget that. Lately I have been gradually transferring to Ariane responsibility and handling of the family's assets around the world and also in Israel. She is now in charge of the Caesarea Foundation."
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  16. rothschild geneva
  17. Route de Pregny 32
  18. 1292 Chambésy
  22. His house is located minutes from European United Nations. No wonder they "own" UN ...
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  26. FYI here is more - 4 daughters of his:
  28. Alice de Rothschild , born 2 March 1999 in Paris, IG: olivia_de_roths
  30. Eve de Rothschild , born 5 January 2001 in Geneva, IG: eve.der , fb: /eve.derotschild
  32. Alice de Rothschild , born 2 March 1999 in Paris, fb: /alice.der
  34. Noémie de Rothschild , born 12 October 1995 in Paris, IG: wild_young_heart, fb: NoemiedeR, linkedIN:émie-de-r-7a771a76?trk=pub-pbmap
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  38. >Interview: Ariane de Rothschild: ‘I’m just the one taking the heat’ March 5 2016
  42. >2010. Ariane de Rothschild. Name of the Game.
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  47. George Soros and The Rothchilds banking elite connections exposed?
  51. Soros: is just a front man. Soros has been identified as a front man of the Anglo-French Rothschild banking group. Understandably neither he nor the Rothschilds want this important fact to be public, so the tight links to his friends in the London “City”, in the British foreign ministry, in the state of Israel and to his mighty friends in the American establishment would stay concealed.”
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