Lilisasa CPS Nightmare

Dec 1st, 2011
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  1. My cps nightmare..
  2. My kids dad, 3 yrs ago, after he got out of jail for raping a 14 year old girl, was able to "legally" kidnap our two children. Then ages 3 and 5. Apparantely i did not have legal custody even though i've taken care of them since they were born. He then somehow gained custody of these children as the courts were not aware of his extensive criminal background, and refused to listen to me "trash" this man. During two years he had them he neglected and abused these children. He also was engaged to a 16 year old girl he recently married and had a a baby with. When my children came down for a visit and had infected tattoos that their father gave them i contacted mich, Cps. Nothing was done about it. I soon found out their father and the "fiance" were doin heroin in front of my kids, they moved numerous times, and the kids were missing extensive amounts if school. Since nobody seemed to be worried about this but me i then started contacting the schools, every time they moved i had to find them again. Finally the last school they were in informed me that they are working with cps currently as they have very many concerns of their own. I received a phone call from cheboygan county dhs that they are removing the children and i needed to come get them. I drove the 6 hour drive up there, and sat in a courtroom listening to an hours worth of CONFIRMED reports of abuse and neglect against this man. I cried my eyes out. I did not understand how all this had been going on and not one person would listen to me or even thought about contacting me. I then found out that their father had done nothing but bad mouth me to these people and they somehow believed every word he said. I was ordered to take a drug test right then and there. I didnt understand what was happening as i thought i was coming to pick the children up from this devil, but i took the test and failed for marijuana. I was getting my medical card, i have crohns disease but apparantely that doesnt matter and that was used against me. They put me on supervised visits and sent the children back home with him. They put him on yet another treatment plan in which he didnt follow, they sent him to rehab which did no good and by the next court date he was in jail on some old warrants as well as new charges, such as contributing alcohol to his minor pregnant girlfriend. They left my children with this girl while he was in jail and rehab numerous times. These children were starved, dirty and abused physically and emotionally this whole time. On this court date i passed both drug screens and was still to remain on supervised visits while my children remained in this home with this girl. She's not even their mother??? Again i'm even more confused. Their father got out of rehab, again, and still would not follow his treatment plan, was failing drug tests if he even showed up for them and still had an outstanding warrant on an assault charge. I find out from a cps report that my kids have on three seperate occasions gotten into cars with strangers bc their father was not home and they were outside in below freezing weather and hungry. Thank god these strangers were good people and just fed them and kept them warm untill their father was located. Still terrified the hell out of me and still nobody would listen to me. By this time i was terrified for the lives of my children and wasn't even allowed to see them. It felt like the more he did wrong, the harder i fought, the further away i got from ever seeing my kids. I had passes all my drug tests, had a house, a full time job i had for 3 years, i had more stability in my life than this man could think of having. I drove the 6 hours for every court date and never once got a chance to speak. Finally came time to get lawyers and i can't afford one so i took a court appointed, that was a huge mistake as he was less help than a rock. In may their baby was born and low and behold she had drugs in her system, hmmm, big suprise. So finally on may 25 they decide to remove my children but instead of giving them to me they gave them to my mother, foster care, on an emergency basis but kept me on supervised visits while i watched these two walk out of the courtroom with their new drug addicted baby. I was then ordered to do counseling, substance abuse counseling and group, random drug screens,parenting classes and was informed that i was no longer allowed to work afternoons at my job because thats not a single mom schedule. Now i'm extremely confused. I really dont understand what's happening at all. The next court date in july i have been complying 100 percent with all of this and it wasnt enough. I have passed every single drug test since febuary and it still wasnt good enough. They decided to give me one hour a week unsupervised and that was it. Now i'm getting angry and still dont understand what i've done to deserve this. They decided to put me on random breathalyzers also. I have absolutely no history of drugs or alcohol, never have in my life and yet somehow this is all justified. They also decided they wanted a list of all of my friends, acquaintences, family and coworkers first n last names and addresses so they can do a background check on all of them. I refused this as i feel it is a violation of not only my rights but all of theirs as they have nothing to do with this. So of course this has been held against me also. Im refusing to comply is what they say, therefore my supervised visits are now justified. By the next court date in october, i again am in total compliance, have passed all my drug tests, changed jobs (even tho i was at my old job for 3 yrs) was attending all these classes and counseling and groups they wanted me to attend, basically gave up my entire life to cps and still its not good enough. The father and his wife showed up in court with new things against then reguarding the baby (numerous cigarette burns on her legs), the now 19 yo wife tried to commit suicide by swallowing a bottle of xanax because he was cheating on her and beating her, and neither of them were following their treatment plans and were failing drug tests. They did remove the baby and placed her with her mother but they were allowed an hour a day visitation as im only allowed an hour a week still?!?! They wanted to raise it two hours and this is where i said i refuse to sign that plan. I had letters from not only my two counselors but the foster care worker down here in macomb county stating that they do not understand this case whatsoever, and none of them see any reason why i have to be in these classes and groups as there is absolutely nothing wrong with me, i've done everything asked of me, i have no drug or alcohol problem and they all feel that the kids would be perfectly safe and taken care of with me. I have gone above and beyond to prove myself and the children need to be returned to me immediately and any and all contact with the father needs to be stopped immediately. And the cheboygan county cps, of course, didnt listen nor do they care. My lawyer, finally, for the first time since all this started actually stood up for me and managed to get me 6 hrs on the weekends. Ugh wtf is this?... But i havent given up yet, nor will i and i think this is what's frustrating them. They expect me to hand my kids to them ad walk away; they are sadly mistaken. My next court date is dec 19. I have a certificate of successful completion from counseling, by then i'll have successfully completed my parenting classes and i will only have 2 group sessions and 1 individual left for the substsnce abuse problem i dont even have. I have passed all my drug tests and breathalyzers, not to mention i pay my child support, i'm at my moms at 6am every morning to get the kids off to school, i buy everything they need, medicine, clothes, coats... I attend any and all school functions, meetings, conferences and still manage to work full time and pay all of my bills. I have letters from counselors, group leaders and the foster care AND dhs workers from down here reccomending my children be placed with me. my mother and i both have a feeling that none of this will make a difference, as it hasn't this whole time. I dont really know what else to do. What else can they make me do as i've completed everything?? I am going to refuse to sign any other plan that does not at least include overnights, weekends, vacations and holidays with my children. I really wish i could afford my own attorney. With all the money i'm now paying for the one i have, who does nothing, i probably could have afforded a retainer but didn't think it was going to be so high. i pay for my lawyer and my kids lawyer and my bill is currently at 3500 dollars. They did put me on a payment per my court date for non payment and i am paying on it every month and apparently their still taking my income tax return. Good luck with that!! I have learned that the system is joke. They're not here to help the kids at all, and their definately not in it for family reunification, as they claim to be. They are trying so hard to prove me unfit, so they can throw my kids into some kind of adoption ring. I'm scared for my children. What can i do???
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