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  1. Attuned to the Wild: Some elves have a mystic bond with their original natural environment; as a result they may select one type of environment that they’re used to. When within that environment, they not only gain bonuses to knowledge checks within the environment, but also gain a fast healing factor.
  3. Elven resistance: Some elves are naturally resistant to magic; Elves with this perk will be resistant to any ability relying on magical damage, and they gain a +1 bonus against effects using magic against them.
  5. Elven senses: Some elves possess an innate form of senses that allow them to be more wary of their foes; as a result, Elves gain a +2 bonus on perception to prevent themselves from being flanked or sneaked up upon.
  7. Elven magic: Some elves are more adept at using magic than others; due to their arcane bloodline. As a result, the elf is capable of using somatic and verbal components at the same time when casting a spell in one round.
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