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  1. The Insta-Oldfag Kit
  2. >formerly known as the Anti-Newfag Kit versions 1-3
  4. Hey "oldfags," I'm John. Do you enjoy your perceived superiority when you lie that you've been here for x number of years? Do you laugh at "newfags" who don't know how to do dumb shit like triforce or don't have the images or know-how to post here? Well... sure sucks for you, because now EVERYONE, newfag or oldfag, can easily download a well-curated, optimized and perfectly organized collection of 300 folders and 15,000 images that you would have spent upwards of four or five years obtaining... with absolutely no catch and at high speeds via torrent. Last time we trolled all the newfags, now we're trolling YOU! Sit back and watch as all your years of lurking are put to waste! inb4 rage, sage, buttdevastation
  6. 15,000 images, 300 folders, 2.33 GB
  7. Full description of the contents of the kit and nitty-gritty details: pastebin dot com/DV89DjDp
  9. >Links to download (via torrent):
  10. Mediafire .torrent download:
  11. BTJunkie: or tinyurl dot com slash instaoldfagkit
  12. Magnet URI (inb4 nobody knows what a magnet URI is): magnet:?xt=urn:btih:F910489FB4CC465E040F57FE33614F2227F2D71E
  14. This torrent will seed PERMANENTLY on my seedbox until the next version comes out.
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