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TERRORIST Facebook pages leaked from CIA.

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  1. Source:  Roger Landry  WTPNetwork™(312-94876)
  2. Updated List (3/17/12) These groups, pages and websites will be added to the terrorists watch list pending investigation.
  3.  Justin Stout* (312-94877)
  4. Lynn Nichols*(312-94878)
  5. Jeff Phelps *(312-94879)
  6. Bonnie Ross*(312-94880)
  7. John Jackson*(312-94881)
  8. Jerry Lewis * (312-94882)
  9. (*) Above subjects to be resolved pending investigation.
  11. List of Partner Forums
  12.  A Free and Voluntary Society Owner: Justin Stout  
  13.  A Truly Free Market Owner: Justin Stout  
  14.  Abolish the Department of Education Owner: Justin Stout
  15.  Abolish the Dept. of Homeland Security! Owner: Justin Stout
  16.  Abolish the FDA Owner: Justin Stout
  17.  Abolish the IRS Owner: Justin Stout
  19.  Abolish the TSA Owner: Justin Stout
  20.  Abolishing the Federal Reserve Owner: Justin Stout
  21.  "Action Group to Uphold the Constitution" Owner: Steven Danielson
  22.  American LiberTEA Owner: Bill Walker  
  23. Anarchism Owner: Justin Stout
  24.  Anarcho-Capitalism Owner: Justin Stout
  25.  Article V Convention Advocacy Forums Owner: John De Herrera  
  26.  Article V Convention | We The People are being denied our constitutional right Owner: John De Herrera  
  27.  Australians for Ron Paul Owner: Brett Carle
  28.  Bay Area Citizens against Chemtrails
  29.  Being Libertarian Owner: Justin Stout
  30.  Boycott Flying Owner: Get the GeTSApo out of your pants
  31.  Boycott Lame Stream Media Owner: Jerry Davis
  32.  Boycott Msnbc,FOX, CNBC and Affiliated supporters Owner: Jerry Davis
  33.  Can't Stop Ron Paul 2012 Owner: Unkle Skunky
  34.  Care2NN (News Network) Owner: Robert Marsh
  35.  Civil Disobedience and Non-Cooperation Owner: Justin Stout  
  36.  Columbia Missouri for Ron Paul 2012 Owner: Jacob Fred Kerner  
  37.  Combat Veterans For Ron Paul 2012 Owner: Antonio Buehler and Nick Allison  
  38.  Committees of Safety of the Several StatesOwner: Roger Landry
  39.  Consciousness TV Owner: Edward Consciousness Levite  
  40.  Conspiracy Examiner Owner: Jeff Phelps  
  41.  Constitutional Convention Two Owner : Landon Lehrman  
  42.  Daddy Justice Owner: Anne Marie Whaley
  43.  Deadheads for Ron Paul 2012 Owner: Robyn Lansford
  44.  Debate the 2012 Republican Candidates Owner: Jennifer Hyatt
  45.  Deficit Reduction Project Guy Kuzbyte, Journalist
  46.  Democrats and Republicans are Destroying America Owner: Justin Stout  
  47.  De-Occupy your TV & Main Stream Media Owner: Patrick Legendaryhero
  48.  Educating America Freedom Not Fear Owner: Bonnie Ross  
  49.  Educators of Liberty! Owner: Rand Cottrell  
  50.  Either We Have A Constitution or We Don't Owner: Rand Cottrell  
  51.  Election Calendar Owner: Justin Stout  
  52.  End the Fed Owner: Justin Stout
  53.  End the War on Drugs Owner: Justin Stout  
  54.  Everyone & Anyone -> for a dictatorship/theocracy free World... Owner:Roger Landry
  55.  Facebook gave me 15 days probation for making political posts Nicly Nelson
  56.  Founders Revolution Owner: Johnny Law
  57.  FREE Antonio Buehler Owner: Antonio Buehler and Leo Buehler  
  58.  Free-Thinking Society Owner: Justin Stout  
  59.  Friends Of the Article V Convention Owner: Bill Walker
  60.  Friends Networking & Supporting Ron Paul for President 2012 Owner: Bridie Gallagly-Gleeson  
  61.  Gardening Spirits Owner: Jason Wettstin
  62.  Global Mass ResignationsOwner:Roger Landry
  63.  Global Strike Owner: Lynn Nichols & Keith Liberty  
  64.  Gorilla Gardening Owner:Roger Landry
  65.  Graphic artists for Ron Paul Owner: Dwayne Lambert
  66.  Grass-Fed Revolution Owner: Justin Stout
  67.  Growing Organic, Eating Organic Owner: Justin Stout
  68.  Gun Owners Owner: Tyler Weaver
  69.  Hey We're Filming Here Owner: Mike Skuthan  
  70.  Homeschooling / Unschooling Owner: Justin Stout  
  71.  Homesteading / Survivalism Owner: Justin Stout  
  72.  I'm Voting For Ron Paul and I've Got News For You - He CAN Win Owner: Tom Barton  
  73.  International Supporters for Ron Paul 2012 Appu Mathew
  74.  Ignorance is the Enemy of Freedom Owner:Roger Landry
  75.  Info Warriors United (website) Owner: John Jackson  
  76.  Info Warriors United (FB group) Owner: John Jackson  
  77.  Jury Nullification Owner: Justin Stout
  78.  Kudzu League Owner: James G. Cook  
  79.  Life, Liberty and Lies Owner: Jerry Davis  
  80.  Listen, Think, Question & Be Owner:Roger Landry
  81.  Live free or Expat! Owner: Ray Fernandez
  82.  Living off the Land Owner: Justin Stout
  83.  Modern Bulgarian Revolution Owner: Brett Backman  
  84.  Модерната българска революция. The Modern Bulgarian Revolution Owner: Brett Backman  
  85.  Money Message Owner:Roger Landry
  86.  Murray Rothbard Owner: Justin Stout  
  87.  National Youth For Ron Paul Owner: John Jackson  
  88.  Natural Living and Parenting Owner: Justin Stout  
  89.  New Creation Unlimited Professional Hosting and Development Owners: Peter Tuzzolino and Carol Hannonmail  
  90.  NewsWithViews.com Owner:Roger Landry
  91.  New World Opposition Owner: Brett Backman  
  92.  New World Order Information Center Owner: Brett Backman  
  93.  NO to Mitt Romney Owner: Justin Stout
  94.  NO to Newt Gingrich Owner: Justin Stout
  95.  NO to Rick Santorum Owner: Justin Stout
  96.  Nobody for President Owner: Justin Stout
  97.  !North Americans Against A North American Union! Owner: Lynn Nichols and Ben OftheRocks Morgan
  99.  Occupy Economics Owner: Brian McNamara
  100.  Occupy Educate Owner: Giles Domkam  
  101.  Occupy Kelown Owner: Roger Landry
  102.  Occupy: One World, One Movement Owner:Steven Danielson
  103.  Occupy the Federal Reserve Owner: Justin Stout
  104.  One Big A$$ Mistake America Owner: Rand Cottrell, Roger Landry
  105.  OPERATION WAKE UP! Owner: Rand Cottrell  
  106.  Orion Talk Radio Owner: Roger Landry, Orion  
  107.  Paulistics SLC Owner: Jacob Alexander Jones
  108.  People Empowerment Group Owner: Roger Landry
  110.  Press For Truth Owner: Dan Dicks  
  111.  Press For Truth TV Owner: Dan Dicks  
  112.  Radio Free Canada Owner:  Darin Howard (Box 20013 Kelowna BC V1Y 9H2 DarinsDesk@hotmail.com)  
  113.  Reoccupy Corruption Owner: NeoPop Realism Journalism  
  114.  Repeal the Patriot Act Owner: Justin Stout  
  115.  Republicans for Ron Paul Owner: Eamon James Cahall  
  116.  Richmond Liberty Movement Owner: Raub Brandon  
  117.  Rick "google" Santorum would make the worst President Owner: Jefferson King Davis  
  118.  Ron Paul 2012 Owner: Justin Stout  
  119.  Ron Paul 2012 - So you want your Country Back. Then join the revolution! Owners: James Smith & Sr Admin Ted Jotte  
  120.  Ron Paul because he scares the shit out of ASSHOLES Owner: Bill Walker  
  121.  Ron Paul for President 2012 - Restore America Now Owner: Ramon K. Madden  
  122.  Ron Paul 2012 - Summit County Owner: Craig Thompson  
  123.  Ron Paul Revolution Owner: Roger Landry, Justin Stout
  124.  Ron Paul Rocks! A group for rabid, die-hard Ron Paul fans! John Ronpaul Jones
  125.  Ron Paul Strategic Think Tank Owner:Mary Incerto Tomlin, John Nibarger  
  126.  Ron Paul vs. Barack Obama in 2012 Owner: Justin Stout  
  127.  Ron Paul vs. Ben Bernanke Owner: Justin Stout  
  128.  Scotia Bank Complaints  Owner: Roger Landry
  129.  Serious Action To Get Ron Paul Elected In 2012 Owner: Ted Jotte
  130.  Socialism is Garbage Owner: Geoffrey Miller  
  131.  Sound Money Owners: Justin Stout, Adam Keller  
  132.  Speak Your Mind Owner:Roger Landry
  133.  Standinfreedom's Blog website Owner: Roger Landry
  134.  Stop IRS Tax Lien Levy & Beat Home Foreclosure | ToolsforJustice (FB group) Owner: David, Ron, Randy  
  135.  Southeast Liberty Project Owner: Raub Brandon
  136.  Stop IRS Tax Lien Levy & Beat Home Foreclosure | ToolsforJustice (website) Owner: David, Ron, Randy  
  137.  Stopping Government-Run Healthcare Owner: Roger Landry
  138.  Taxation is Theft Owner: Justin Stout  
  139.  Telling Ben Bernanke he's full of crap Owner: Roger Landry
  140.  The Anti-Obama Nation Owner:Roger Landry
  141.  The Daily Paul Owner: Zak Cruise Carter
  142.  The Libertarian Atheist Owner: Justin Stout
  143.  The Modern American Revolution (FB group) Owner: Brett Backman  
  144.  The Modern American Revolution (website) Owner: Brett Backman  
  145.  The Modern Canadian Revolution Owner: Brett Backman  
  146.  The Modern UK Revolution Owner: Brett Backman  
  147.  The New World Order Information Center Owner: Brett Backman  
  148.  The No Party Owner: Roger Landry
  149.  The Petey T and Robby Radio Show
  150.  THE RED PILL Owner: Joshua Johnson  
  151.  The Truth About Vaccines Owner: Justin Stout  
  152.  The Truths Owner: Peter Behan  
  153.  THE UPRISING! Owner: Debbie Lewis  
  154.  The Watchers Society Owner: Roger Landry
  155.  Tools for Justice (website) Owner: David,Ron,Randy  
  156.  Tools for Justice (FB group) Owner: David,Ron,Randy  
  157.  Truth Media Owner: Jeff Phelps
  158. Truth the main stream media misses. Owner: Steven Danielsen  
  159.  TSA = Thefts, Sexual assaults, and Arrests Owner: Lynn Nichols
  160.  Urgent Message....It's all hitting the fans!!! Owner: Justin Stout  
  161.  Voluntaryism Owner: Justin Stout  
  162.  Vote For The Man, Ron Paul! Reguardless... Owner Joe Bright  
  163.  Vote Obama Out of Office 2012 Owner: Justin Stout  
  164.  Wake the Fuck Up People Owner: Ottis Oatmeal Stout Person
  165.  WAKE UP! Owner: Peter Behran  
  166.  WatchtheVote2012 Owner: Nancy Jacques and Tammy Cech  
  167.  We are the people of the United States of America Owner: Richard Chase Halbrook  
  168.  WE THE PEOPLE Owner: Roger Landry
  169.  "We The People" Have Our Own Terrorists List! Owner: Nena Espinosa
  170.  We The People Network™ Owner: Roger Landry
  171.  WE THE PEOPLE TAR Owner: Roger Landry,Edward Consciousness Levite  
  172.  World Truth TV Owner: Roger Landry
  173.  WTPN™ (WE THE PEOPLE NETWORK™) Owner: Roger Landry
  174.  WTPN™ Community Owner: Roger Landry
  175.  Z Great Debate Owner: Joe Zajac
  176.  1,000,000 Against ChemTrails Owner: Chem Trail
  177.  24/7 TRUTH TALK NEWS Host: Howard Nema
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