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Apr 13th, 2013
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  1. Transcript of AC Thread 6646 at Sat, 13 Apr 2013 14:46:29 GMT
  2. Help with uvmapping?(HK416 is waitingfor a release!)
  4. <xdEpicZombie> Yesterday, 03:30PM (This post was last modified: Yesterday 03:41PM by xdEpicZombie.)
  5. Well i need a good uv mapping program.Not some plugin or whatever thing for like Blender or 3ds max.Ive tried with lith unwrap but the uv maps are really crap there.Can anyone give me a good solution?Im working on the HK416 right now:
  6. [image of]
  7. Actually I was wrong :(
  8. After I saw this pic:
  9. I understood that i just dont know how to make a good one
  10. How can I make such uvmap that all the uvmaps of all groups are in one layout!?!?!
  12. <|HP|> Yesterday, 06:29PM
  13. I dont think there is a program that will unwrap everything automatically and perfectly for you.
  15. Im not so experienced but i think you need to group weapon parts and make seams on sharp edges of each part and then you unwrap and sort them all on one uv.
  17. <Cleaner> Yesterday, 06:43PM (This post was last modified: Yesterday 06:52PM by Cleaner.)
  18. What 3D program do you use?
  20. With Milkshape3D i simply use the texture editor but indeed you'll never find an easy way to uvmap the whole shubbeng at once.
  22. The texturing is the hardest part of the process of making a model, all of it has to be done by groups and like |HP| said rearranged on a single image file
  24. <xdEpicZombie> Yesterday, 07:22PM
  25. Well yeah im using milkshape.I know that Blender has a good uvmapping plugin thong but I never made any 3d model with blender so its gonna be hard time to learn all that there.The picture what I posted above shows that in Lith Unwrap every single group uvmap are in one layout or map.If I get to know how is that done it goes a lot easier.Why do I want all textures in one texture file is that with multiple textures you can't make world models.
  26. Can you really do something good with milkshape texeditor?
  27. And finally does anybody know does Makke is actvive qnymore and how can I contact him.He knows how to do it for sure :)
  29. <Cleaner> Yesterday, 07:38PM (This post was last modified: Yesterday 07:41PM by Cleaner.)
  30. Partial quote
  31. Why do I want all textures in one texture file is that with multiple textures you can't make world models.
  33. Seems you didn't really grab what I meant... use your 'groups' UV maps to texture your model then if not too complex regroup all of it on a single image file, the UV should follow (or may just need to be moved accordingly to your image file).
  35. Yes you can have world models (like any other models) with multiple skins, you just need a cfg with commands to tell your groups where to go get it's texture.
  37. About makkE not to sure but you can still try to pm him
  39. EDIT: They are lots of vids available on youtube about it, will be easier for you to watch them than for us explaining the whole process.
  41. <xdEpicZombie> Yesterday, 09:16PM
  42. Thanks,I hope that I can get it done fast and HK416 will be out soon:)
  44. <Boomhauer> Yesterday, 10:05PM (This post was last modified: Yesterday 10:06PM by Boomhauer.)
  45. I think you guys should stop helping him. I believe he is using the information you are giving him to mod ACR stuff......
  47. [, an IRRELEVANT thread to this topic]
  49. just....
  51. GAY
  53. <Cleaner> Yesterday, 10:26PM
  54. WTF! Thanks Boomhauer
  56. xdEpicZombie you're dead meat!
  58. <Andrez> Yesterday, 11:45PM
  59. He even used the same nickname.
  61. FUCKING RETARD [in bold xx-large]
  63. [The thread is closed now]
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