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Paper Mario All Cards Route for Beginners (No BHS)

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  1. Note: This is indeed, a beginner route, which will be assuming that you will not be doing loading zone storage on the cards, or blue house skip. If you wish to do loading zone storage on the cards, but not Blue House Skip, the route will alter very slightly later on, only if the chapter 3 lzs is used.
  2. World Record Video: http://www.twitch.tv/gigadb/c/4504347
  3. Even though the world record route will be a bit different than this one it will still be very helpful in learning, such as dodging enemies and etc. Dodging enemies is very crucial to this category, so if your beginning practice dodging enemies as much as possible and during runs save often.
  6.         ~~~PROLOGUE~~~
  7. Note: This route is strict on coins for safety at first i suggest picking up 2 sleepy sheeps on your path through prologue and chapter 1. You will require 50 coins at the end of chapter 1 to buy speedy spin. One sleepy sheep is in an item box on the bottom left corner on the screen after the goomba king fight in prologue, and one is very easy to find after hitting the 1st bridge switch in chapter 1. You can sell the sleepy sheep for 4 coins each after chapter 1 if you are short.
  9. Please watch the all cards world record for a general direction of what to do/go this route will not be completely descriptive of every detail of what to do, if you have no idea where you are going please just watch the video (excluding chapter 4 and 5 those will be a bit more descriptive since they will differ greatly)
  12. -minimum 9 coins from coin block, get 10 if you are scared of missing a coin
  13. Note: There are also plenty of coins in the playground there is a coin in each bush on the way to the hammer, a coin in the tree to the left of the hammer, and there are 3 coins within the two bushes above. If you feel you need a lot of extra coins just in case grab as many of these as you want.
  15. -2 coins from pleasant path in boxes
  17. Red/Blue Goomba:
  18. t1: power jump red goomba/headbonk red goomba
  19. t2: power jump blue goomba/do nothing
  20. t3: fire flower
  22. Goomba King:
  23. t1: power jump goomba king/headbonk tree
  24. t2: power jump goomba king/headbonk goomba king
  26. Magikoopa:
  27. t1: power jump/do nothing
  28. t2: power jump
  30. -BTS/Merlon Skip (Note Merlon Skip is highly recommend over BTS for beginners) Or do the ending of prologue glitchless
  32.         ~~~CHAPTER 1~~~
  35. - coin and fright jar from first screen
  36. - 10 coins from block before koopa village
  37. - shop: 3 pow blocks and 1 fire flower
  39. Fuzzies:
  40. t1: fire flower
  42. - get HP plus on way back after fuzzies
  43. - get fire flower in invisible block after paratroopa
  44. - hit heart block before koopa bros. fortress
  46. Key fight:
  47. t1: power jump koopa/ untimed power shell
  49. LEVEL FP
  51. - get power bounce
  52. - ch 1 stair skip to get to pit
  54. Pit Fights:
  56. Paratrooa/koopa:
  57. - first strike the paratroopa
  58. t1: pow block/timed power shell
  59. (if you miss the first strike just jump the koopa t2)
  61. Paratroopa x2:
  62. t1: fright jar
  63. t2: Power Jump, Shell Toss (Only if it fails on one, if it fails on 2 you are REALLY unlucky, just keep attacking them without using fp)
  65. Koopa x2:
  66. t1: pow block/power shell
  68. -get 20 coins from fire bars, jump over each 10 times to do so
  69. -get bombette
  72. Jail Fight:
  73. t1: pow block/timed power shell
  75. - get coins after fight
  76. - back track for key in power bounce room
  77. - go up and do pie jump (or not, especially if you are a beginner each one saves only 3 seconds, if you fail either you lose 30+ seconds)
  78. Cannon Room: This room will probably destroy the 1st couple of times around, watch the world record video of how to navigate the room, I wish you good luck.
  79. Cannon Fight:
  80. *First strike cannons with bombette
  81. t1: thunderbolt/bomb
  83. Koopa Bros.:
  84. t1: Power Jump/bomb
  85. t2: Power Jump/bomb
  86. t3: Pow Block/do nothing
  87. t4: Fire Flower
  89.         ~~~CHAPTER 2~~~
  93. - Get honey syrup behind stump thing on way to jr troopa
  95. Jr Troopa:
  96. t1: power jump/bomb
  97. t2: power jump/bomb
  98. t3: hammer
  100. - Get speedy spin, if not there first try go away 2 screen and try again
  101. - take train
  102. - get 2 whackas doesn't matter when you get it
  103. - get parakarry
  104. - buzzar skip and trigger first screen in desert
  105. - get seed on way back to toad town (or after you beat chapter 2 on the way back)
  106. - early train
  107. - Go back to desert
  108. - go up two screen and jump from the stone to the right to get a thunder rage, you can continue from here by keep going upright until you hit the ruins or follow the directions below to get a safety life shroom first.
  109. - Since you are a beginner it may be best to grab the life shroom in the desert for safety, from the 1st screen of desert go right until you are one screen away from dry dry outpost, then go down one screen, there should be an item box in the middle of the screen, jump on it and then jump again to reveal the life shroom hidden in the box.
  110. - enter ruins
  111. - Get spike shield in the 2nd pokey's tomb
  112. - The ruins is not an easy place to navigate, watch the world record video to know where to go.
  114. - upgrade parakarry before first chomp fight
  116. 1st Chomp fight:
  117. t1: thunder rage
  119. LEVEL FP
  121. 2nd Chomp fight:
  122. *first strike with bombette
  123. t1: switch to parakarry/shell shot
  125. put stones in pedestals before 3rd chomp fight
  126. Triangle in 1st slot, Diamond in 3rd slot
  128. 3rd Chomp fight:
  129. t1: do nothing/shell shot
  130. t2: shell shot
  132. - put last stone in 5th slot
  133. - hit heart block before tutankoopa
  135. Tutankoopa:
  136. Note: This fight is a lot harder than it initially looks, be careful as once the chomp is spawned your attack target will default to him, so menu slowly. Also the timing for the power jump action command is different once the chomp is there, be aware of this.
  137. *if you target the chomp for an action command it's run over, unless you got the life shroom
  138. t1: Power Jump/Shell Shot
  139. t2: Power Jump/Shell Shot
  140. t3: Power Jump/Shell Shot
  142. -Ch 2 LZS into card or not, If you successfully did the Chapter 2 LZS you will not be healed so you must heal before fighting jr troopa
  144.         ~~~CHAPTER 3~~~
  147. - head back to toad town
  148. - hit heart block either right after ch2 lzs or right before getting on the train (lzs route only)
  149. - re trigger chapter by going to the screen to the left of the blue house
  150. - forever forest: Right 2, left 1, left 1, left to seed, from seed left 2, left 1, right 1, right to jr troopa
  152. Jr Troopa:
  153. *you need to block 1/2 attacks before you eat the whacka and after you eat the whacka you cannot miss more than 2 blocks in this fight after eating the whacka, Do not block both attacks after eating the whacka, block a maximum of one
  155. t1: power jump/shell shot
  156. t2: power jump/shell shot
  157. t3: shell shot/whacka
  158. t4: power jump/shell shot
  159. t5: shell shot/refresh (miss this action command on the block)
  160. t6: power jump/shell shot
  161. you should exit this fight a maximum of 2 HP
  162. Be VERY careful through chapter 3 if you get 1st struck its all over.
  163. - get bow
  164. - go to gusty gulch and the first screen to the right of the cut scenes get the repel gel (Note the goomba guarding this can be a hassle sometimes it may be a lot easier for you to get this repel gel on the way back from tubba's mansion)
  165. - go to tubba blubbas mansion
  166. - go left first
  167. - get key
  168. - upgrade bombette
  169. - get caught up the guard after upgrade block
  170. - enter back through the right
  171. - spike room to get key, after you get the key jump on the chest and then on the spikes to the left to get to the beginning of the room faster, it will also put you to one health if you have 2.
  172. - go behind clock and get mega rush
  173. - eat honey syrup before heart fight (this can be done anytime after jr troopa)
  174. - after you get the last key in tubba blubbas mansion go back to windmill
  175. - last room before heart switch badges to Power Bounce and Mega Rush
  177. Tubbas Heart:
  178. *if you get two 4 bounces you need to shell shot again on t2
  179. *on t1 go for a 6 bounce and if you get it only do 4 bounces on t2, otherwise you need two 5s
  181. t1: power bounce/shell shot
  182. t2: power bounce
  184. Tubba Blubba:
  185. t1: Jump(Hit the action command)
  187. LEVEL UP: BP (10/15/6)
  189. - equip Power Jump, Speedy Spin
  190. - LZS into card, or not, it requires the most frame perfect jumps, you probably wont be doing this.
  191. -when you re-enter the forest go right to or left two you will have to dodge an enemy regardless.
  193. ~~~CHAPTER 4~~~
  194. - Place The Train in the Toy Box
  195. - Go to Pink Station and to Gourmet Guy Skip to get to the pink lever switch, and pull it, grab the thunder rage in the invisible box in the uprightish direction from this switch.
  196. - Go left and around to get back to the train station, note dodging enemies here is very difficult, and is worth practicing, you need to decide in which places its better to stick to the top wall or bottom wall. You dont need the cookbook but its ok if you pick it up.
  197. - Go to Green Station, Hit the blocks in this order if each one is numbered from left to right, 1-4: 2,1,3,4
  198. - Go to Red Station, Hit the heart block if you dont have full health, then go to the left
  199. - You will continue to the left (not up the platforms yet) to get in an intentional encounter with the pyro guy
  200.  Pyro Guy: Switch to Bow, Do Nothing
  201. ** Block ONE out of the three attacks during the next turn for Peril, then run away
  202. Be VERY careful here you have one health, do NOT jump on the pyro guy on the way to lanturn ghost by accident.
  203. A quick note about the fights in chapter 4:
  204. If you are playing on virtual console (VC) you WILL experience HEAVY lag in these fights especially, you will need to hit action commands a bit earlier then you may expect. Also sometimes the game will try to compensate for said lag by speeding itself up which is actually a very bad thing, because if this happens when you need to hit an action command you WILL miss it, and probably die.
  206. - Lantern Ghost:        
  208. Risky:
  209.  Smack Lantern, Power Bounce
  210.  Power Bounce
  212. *Either a 5/5 or 7/4 combination of bounces will work for risky strat (you probably shouldnt go for this at first, but its technically easier than the safe strat.
  214. Safe:
  215.  Smack Lantern, Power Bounce
  216.         Jump Lantern (hitting the action command on the lanturn can be tricky on vc, watch the cue from the buttton in the topleft corner to help with timing); Outta Sight
  217.         Power Bounce
  221. - Upgrade Watt, then exit and go right towards General Guy
  222. Note: if you did chapter 3 lzs, then you wont have star storm for this fight, on the slilt guys do: Jump 2x on one of them, the power shock/watt paralyze the other one, then jump on the one you paralyzed
  225. General Guy:            Jump 2x, Watt
  226.                         Star Storm
  227.                         Jump 2x, watt paralyze
  228.                         Jump 2x 2nd guy
  230. Phase 2:                Repel, Electo Dash
  231.                         Bounce (Try to go for 6 if you are on vc), Electro Dash
  232.                         Jump (Hammer if you got 6 bounces, on vc), Electro Dash
  234. Note: If you get a speed up on the power bounce or the jump you wont be able (67) exp
  239.         ~~~CHAPTER 5~~~
  240. Go to the whale to the left, and fight fuzzipede
  242. Fuzzipede:
  243. Jump X2; Power Shock
  244. Power Jump; Electro Dash
  245. Power Jump
  246. 97 EXP
  248. -Go Right and get the Repel Gel from the invisible box next to the 1st Bell Plant
  249. -Get Jammin Jelly behind tree
  250. -Go follow the cutscenes and get sushie
  251. -Raphael Skip (this is really easy on the Japanese version, I highly recommend playing on this version, and its pretty easy to get, on the english version this skip really sucks)
  252. -Enter The Volcano
  253. -Get Fire Shield
  254. - Get Peril from Fire Bars (unless you are already in peril) or dont if you plan on doing the safe strat
  255. - Eat Maple Syrup (if doing risky Lava Pirahna strat)
  256. - Switch to Bow before boss (SAFE STRAT ONLY: hit Heart Block)
  258. Lava Pirahna:  
  259. *Note: for risky Lava Pirahna to work you need either two 5 bounces or a 7 bounce and a 4 bounce
  261. Risky:          Bounce, Outta Sight
  262.                 Bounce
  264. Safe:           Thunder Rage, Smack a Lava Bud Do not block anything
  265.                 Bounce, Outta Sight
  266.                 Bounce
  270. Phase 2:        Snowman Doll, switch to Sushi
  271.                 Jump 2x, Belly Flop
  272.                 Squirt, Jump 2x
  273. Upgrade FP
  274. 10/20/6
  275. 39 EXP
  281.         ~~~CHAPTER 6~~~
  283. Go get the volcano vase and trade it to kolorado for the last seed
  284. Before Going on the whale, Take off power bounce for spike shield and switch to parkarry
  285. Jr. Troopa
  286. Power Jump; Shell Shot
  287. Power Jump; Shell Shot
  288. 66 EXP
  289. Take off spike shield for power bounce
  290. Enter Flower Fields
  293. Go right as soon as you enter, to the mole fights
  295. Mole Fights:
  296. Mole 1 (Top Left Mole) Hammer; Shell Shot 73 EXP
  297. Switch to Bombette
  298. Mole 4 (Top Right Mole) Starstorm; Power Bomb 9 EXP
  299. Level HP 15/20/6
  300. Mole 3 (Bottom Right) Starstorm; Power Bomb 30 EXP
  301. Mole 2 (Bottom Left) Power Jump; Power Bomb 44 EXP
  302.                      Power Jump
  303. Eat Jammin Jelly
  306. Maze:
  307. T1: Starstorm/Shellshot
  308. T2: Shellshot Lakitu/ Hammer Spiny (if spiny spawn)
  309. T3: Hammer spiny (if spiny spawn)
  310. 78/86 EXP
  311. Grab the shooting star in the invisible block in the room before the maze either on the way there or back (Way back is slightly faster)
  312. Lakilester:
  313.         Must have 10-13 HP going into the fight
  315.         13 HP: Block nothing
  316.         12 HP: 1/3
  317.         11 HP: 2/3
  318.         10 HP: 3/3
  320.                 Power Jump, Electro Dash
  321.                 Power Jump, Electro Dash
  322.                 Power Jump, Electro Dash
  323.                 Bounce, Electro Dash
  324.  need 4 bounce (2 FP left over) 5 boune skips the last electro dash
  325. 95/3 If you level here Pick BP 15/20/9, if you leveled you do not need to switch to bow for the maze fight
  326. -Grab this shooting star
  329. - Get Thunder Rage before Machine
  331. Machine: thunder rage, outta sight, star storm
  333. LEVEL UP: BP (15/20/9) EXP 32/36 If you didnt level up hear eat a whackas bump
  335. - Get Super Jump charge and equip it
  337. Badges: S. Jump Charge, Speedy Spin, Power Bounce, Mega Rush
  340. Huff:           Charge, switch to parakarry (don't block first attack)
  341.                 Charge (take 4 damage from wind)
  342.                 Charge (don't block next attack)
  343.                 Bounce, Shell shot
  344. 69/73 EXP
  348.         ~~~CHAPTER 7~~~
  349. -No need to talk to merlon
  350. -Sorry to inform you but you will actually be doing BHS, but don't be scared lol, since you have lakilester you can just clip into the house ezpz
  351. - get ultra boots and go to the left to start the blooper fight
  352. Blooper
  353. - Power Bounce Get 7 Bounces; Shell Shot
  354. - Power Jump; Shell Shot
  355. 88/92 EXP
  357. - Go Back to volcano and Peach Warp, if you do not know how to do this go watch a video of it being done with some of these notes: As soon as you press c-down for the 1st clip start holding left after you spawn back hold down right. After you put lakilester in the box dont go down to fast, once you get far down enough you will be able to spin, but you cannot jump so cancel it with a hammer. When you are trying get to the bottom, after you press right slide the control stick to down, if you do not stop and change your momentum to down, then hold up for a little bit so you respawn back oob.
  358. - Volcano escape into chap 7 peach cutscene
  359. - Enter the Palace
  361. - Duplighosts: Up and Away (if any fail, switch to parakarry and air lift)
  363. - Clubba 1: Jump the Clubba, Bomb 96/0 EXP
  364. - Clubba 2: Up and Away (if any fail, switch to parakarry and air lift)
  365. - Clubba 3: Starstorm ; Power Bomb 35/38
  366. When you level in one of the fights pick BP 15/20/12
  368. - Get Triple Dip
  369. - Get invisible Jammin Jelly to the left of the mini statue
  370. - Get P-Up D-Down
  371. - Switch to Watt
  372. - Hit heart block
  374. Crystal King:   block exactly 2/4 attacks
  376. Badges: S. Jump Charge, Speedy Spin, Power Bounce, Mega Rush, HP Plus
  378.               Charge, attack crystal bit
  379.                         Charge, watt
  380.                         Charge, attack crystal bit
  381.                         Charge, do nothing
  382.                         Bounce, watt (5 bounce to skip watt attack)
  383. 85/88
  387.         ~~~CHAPTER 8~~~
  390. - Get Thunder Rage from pillar
  391. - Get Shooting Star from pillar
  392. - Get repel gel
  393. - Upgrade Sushie to the left immidiately after going to the sewers from shiver city
  394. - Once you exit from the blue door, go left and get the shooting star
  395. - Get Quick Change from merlons house
  396. items: 4 Shooting Star, 2 Repel, 1 Jammin Jelly, 1 Life Shroom (or 0), 1 Thunder Rage(or 2)
  397. -Switch to Bombette
  400. Koopatrols:
  401.  -Thunder Rage/Starstorm, Switch to Bombette Power Bomb (only use Thunder Rage if you have 2)
  404. LEVEL UP: BP (15/20/15) 3/6
  405. Put on Quick Change
  407. - Up and Away Duplighosts
  408. - Pull out Watt
  410. Jr Troopa: Block everything
  412. Badges: S. Jump Charge, Speedy Spin, Power Bounce, Mega Rush, Quick Change
  414.         T1: Charge, Electro Dash (56 HP)
  415.         T2: Charge, Electro Dash (52 HP)
  416.         T3: Power Shock (Watt 2nd move)
  418. If it works:    T3: Charge
  419.                 T4: Bounce, Watt
  421. If not work:    T3: Repel Gel
  422.                 T4: Charge, Watt
  423.                 T5: Bounce
  425. - Eat Jammin Jelly
  426. - Take off S. Jump Charge
  427. - Equip P-Up D-Down and Fire Shield
  428. - Switch to Bow
  430. Hallway Bowser:
  432. Badges: Power Bounce (2), Mega Rush(1), Quick Change(4), P-Up D-Down(2), Power Jump(1) Fire Shield(2) Speedy Spin(1) = 13
  434.         T1: Power Bounce, Outta Sight
  435.         T2: Power Bounce (if you get good bounces he will die here, if not he will star beam)
  436.         T3: Power Jump, Outta Sight (if you haven't killed him yet)
  437.         T4: Power Jump
  440. - Eat Jammin Jelly (if less than 8 FP)
  441. - Take off Power Jump, Equip Triple Dip
  444. Final Bowser:
  447. Badges: Speedy Spin (1), Mega Rush (2), Triple Dip (5), Power Bounce (7), P Up D Down (9), Quick Change (13), Fire Shield (15)
  448. Phase 1
  450. T1: Switch to Bow, Bounce, Outta Sight
  451. T2: Bounce
  453. Phase 2: Bowser has max 69 HP left
  456. T3 Beam:
  457. Peach Beam, Water Block (Block the Attack)
  458. Triple Dip (Shooting Star + Shooting Star + Shooting Star), Electro Dash
  459. Triple Dip (Shooting Star +Thunder Rage + Repel); Electro Dash
  460. Peach Beam; Electro Dash
  461. Power Bounce; Outta Sight
  462. Jump (Its possible to kill on this turn with decent bounces)
  463. Jump; Electro Dash
  465. T4 Beam:
  466. Peach Beam; Water Block
  467. Triple Dip (Shooting Star + Shooting Star + Shooting Star); Electro Dash
  468. Triple Dip (Shooting Star + Thunder Rage + Repel); Electro Dash
  469. Power Bounce 6+5+4 min; Electro Dash
  470. Peach Beam; Outta Sight
  471. Jump/Power Bounce if you have fp for it (Its possible to kill on this turn with decent bounces)
  472. Jump; Electro Dash
  474. T5 Beam:
  475. Peach Beam; Water Block
  476. Triple Dip (Shooting Star + Shooting Star + Shooting Star) ; Electro Dash
  477. Triple Dip (Shooting Star + Thunder Rage + Repel); Electro Dash
  478. Power Bounce 6+5+4 min; Electro Dash
  479. Jump/Power Bounce; Electro Dash
  480. Peach Beam; Electro Dash
  482. ~~~Luigi Skip~~~
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