GreentextSavant - Sunset the Psychiatrist

Oct 25th, 2016
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  1. >Ever since she learned what her powers were, Sunset began to feel a fascination for understanding how other people felt about things through their thoughts.
  2. >The powers of being able to actually see someone's thoughts by touching them are to be taken very seriously.
  3. >It's no secret that people disagree and fail to understand eachother's intentions at certain times. And that can lead to arguments and disputes that could ruffle feathers in a relationship.
  4. >It could even end a friendship if it were strong enough, and that's not something Sunset wants to see.
  5. >After finishing high school, Sunset began to study psychology to accompany her ability.
  6. >She greatly excelled in the field.
  7. >Stemming from (Equestrian) Twilight's influence of helping correct friendships, Sunset's interest in becoming a professional psychiatrist grew. Needless to say, she easily landed a career in the field.
  8. >Day by day, Sunset sat in her office with her pendant nearby, ready to slip it over her head whenever she needed it.
  9. >And so she did whenever a patient had a scheduled appointment with her. Sunset swore to limit the use of her pendant to her job with the exception of emergencies in which a villain needed to be defeated.
  10. >The patient would sit on the couch, and Sunset would slip her pendant on while in a chair next to the couch.
  11. >She would tell them to close their eyes and relax, then to reach out their hand and let her hold it in hers.
  12. >The session would continue from there, often with tons of progress.
  13. >After a while, Sunset learned that people's brains panic a lot when they know that their thoughts are being read.
  14. >Their own cognitive dissonance would cause them to imagine the absolute last things they want to be known for imagining, very often things that don't represent them in the slightest bit.
  15. >She had learned to look past the cognitive dissonance and find the truth.
  16. >But her biggest challenge is a patient like you.
  17. >Anon.
  18. >...
  19. >"Come in." Sunset's voice sounds before she can even hear your hand on the door handle.
  20. >She's sitting in a recliner chair next to a small couch, watching you approach her as the door quietly closes behind you.
  21. >The room is a lot warmer than the hallway outside, making you lower your shoulders right away.
  22. >"Come have a seat... Mr. Mous, is it?"
  23. "Yeah." You reply. "So, you can read minds, right?"
  24. >She nods.
  25. >That looks of certainty in her eyes makes you begin to feel apprehensive already. And you can tell she's somehow picking up on this.
  26. >Your thoughts start to wander somewhere you're not comfortable with other people knowing about.
  27. >Everything you don't want her to see pops up in your head; god damn it, brain.
  28. >"Can you have a seat and lean back for me?"
  29. >Oh god, why did she have to say it like that?
  30. >You imagine her perching herself right over you on the couch. The thought enters your head the further you lean back after seating yourself on the couch.
  31. >After glancing over at Sunset, you pick up the vibe that she can tell you're getting concerned already. But she doesn't seem at all surprised.
  32. >The cushion lightly props your head up.
  33. >Look over at Sunset again. The change of elevation causes your eyes to meet her chest before they go up to her face. And you were doing so well being former.
  34. >"Is it okay if I call you Anon?"
  35. >Oh god.
  36. "Uh, sure."
  37. >"Great." Her voice gets a little more soothing as you start to imagine her completely topless. "Can you close your eyes and take my hand, Anon?"
  38. >This is totally not good.
  39. >You're so hesitant, and you want to stand up and leave for the sole purpose of not turning this into a train wreck.
  40. >But you came here for a reason; to get better. It would be stupid and counterproductive to walk out now.
  41. >You eventually do what she says, desperately trying to avoid those... thoughts.
  42. >They don't go away.
  43. >And you feel Sunset's warm hand touch yours.
  44. >Try everything you can to get the thoughts out of your head.
  45. >But they only strip her pants off as well instead of put her shirt back on in your head. You can't control what you want.
  46. >You tense up on the couch, expecting the worst. Worrying about what Sunset's going to do in reaction to what she just saw you imagining her as.
  47. >This isn't fair. It's not not f-
  48. >"It's alright, Anon." Her voice reassures you as her fingers graze the back of your hand.
  49. >Even your breathing itself has begun to shudder.
  50. >"Anon, there's no need to be worried. You're far from the only one to think things like that."
  51. >You're a little convinced that she didn't actually say that despite how believable it sounds. Why would anything nice ever happen?
  52. >"It's true." She continues with her fingers locking between yours. "It's only natural, and I have nothing wrong with it. Just take a deep breath and relax. Let the reason why you came here start to appear. It might take a minute or two."
  53. >Your brain counters everything you heard with more and more disturbing thoughts about Sunset. Doing all sorts of creepy, unmentionable things to her. Almost challenging her to become bothered, but Sunset only spreads her gentle grasp to your wrist.
  54. >You didn't even notice yourself whimpering in growing despair.
  55. >"Shh... it's okay. It's just your brain being silly. Happens with a lot of my patients. I'm aware that you don't mean any of that other stuff. It's just part of the process." She comforts you with a soft voice. "Just let the real truth find its way to the surface."
  56. >There are images of you perched between her legs; ramming your shaft into her, making her squeal in lustful climax.
  57. >She can see every detail, but only smiles and nods as though she's used to it.
  58. >Holding your hand.
  59. >The sexual thoughts start to dwindle down little by little, but they're still relatively present in the midst of the reason why you came here.
  60. >But Sunset can easily make out which thoughts you feel strongly serious about.
  61. >She sees all of the moments you tried to talk to tother individuals, often relating it to what you've been letting into your mind just now. She sees your social awkwardness, your stuttering, all of the embarrassing moments that stemmed from it.
  62. >And your breathing finally slows to a point where you're not half as worried as you were before.
  63. >"So I take it that you came here because you want to make yourself less socially inept, is that correct?"
  64. >You think about her question, remembering all of the times that you could have made friends but didn't have to stomach to talk to anyone. Didn't have the bravery that would have gotten you something else to do on a Friday night other than stare at the ceiling making weird sounds.
  65. >"I see you were... quite the interesting character when you were younger." Sunset tells you with her hand gripping you a little bit more tightly. "I can see why you'd wish you had done more back then."
  66. >She can see how much you've missed out.
  67. >You start to tense up again, but only for a moment before Sunset's hand gently wraps around your wrist again.
  68. >"Can you show me where all of this started?"
  69. "Like, my life... or...?"
  70. >"The first thing you remember about wanting to make more friends in life."
  71. >You hardly noticed her scooting closer to you with your eyes having been closed so often. You really don't think you should have been taking peeks at her, it's making the thoughts about her body come back.
  72. >And she knows you're doing that as well.
  73. "I-I can't focus."
  74. >"I can see that." Sunset responds. "Just keep your eyes closed and listen to my voice."
  75. >You starting to stiffen up in your pants isn't exactly helping this go by faster.
  76. >Sunset sees you thinking about that.
  77. >But you obey the woman, keeping your eyes closed and listening to her voice.
  78. >Sinking into your mind.
  79. >And you soon find yourself falling into a deep trance.
  80. >Darkness.
  81. >...
  82. >There are bedsheets all around you, and you feel a warm spot.
  83. >Open your eyes… into the cold horrid truth that really is.
  84. >You’re in your own bed, not Sunset's office.
  85. >Welp.
  86. >Yet another wet dream that ends before you make it to the good part.
  88. I'm gonna rewrite this without Anon.
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