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  1. New Light;
  2. Base game features (Armor 2.0, Finishers)
  3. All Year 1 story content - including base Destiny 2 campaign and The Red War, Curse of Osiris and Warmind missions
  4. Access to all Patrol spaces (including Forsaken's Dreaming City and Shadowkeep's Moon)
  5. Exotics, Nightfall Strikes and Raids, including the Leviathan, Eater of Worlds and Spire of Stars. (Including Shadowkeep's two new strikes)
  6. Black Armory content (Weapons frames, bounties, etc. But NOT the Exotics)
  7. Exotics Thunderlord, Arbalest, Outbreak Perfected (?) and Bad Juju (?)
  8. Gambit, Gambit Prime, Black Armory, The Menagerie, Reckoning, Iron Banner. Gambit and Crucible Private matches.
  9. The opening mission of Shadowkeep (?)
  10. Halloween-themed Festival of the Lost and Christmas event The Dawning
  11. Free Battle-Pass track (including the artifact)
  13. Forsaken;
  14. All Forsaken's campaign missions
  15. Last Wish Raid
  16. Scourge Raid
  17. Crown of Sorrow Raid
  18. Black Armory Exotic quests
  19. Additional specializations for all classes and elements (Commander Titan, etc) (Also included in Shadowkeep.)
  21. Shadowkeep; (Includes Season of the Undying)
  22. All Shadowkeep campaign missions
  23. Moon Content (Bounties from Eris Morn)
  24. New Raid and Dungeon
  25. Exotic quest for Xenophage
  26. Nightmare Hunts
  28. Season of the Undying;
  29. Vex Offensive activity
  30. Vex Offensive content (Bounties from Ikora)
  31. New Exotic quest for Leviathan's Breath
  32. Premium Battle-pass track (Cosmetic, guns, hats, junk)
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