Pummel Horse (Twilight Sparkle)

Sep 24th, 2013
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  1. The three hooded figures quickly gag Twilight so she can't scream anymore. She struggles desperately in the binds trying with all her might to loosen the ropes around her arms and legs. Two of the hooded figure chuckle with dark intent as they handed move inside their cloaks.But the third one punches them and tell them to stick to the plan. They grumble in compliance as the leader reaches up and hits Twilight in the back of her head, knocking her out.
  3. Twilight groans in pain as she regains consciousness. She tries to move her arms and legs but find they still bound. She tries to scream through her gag but find that she can only produce a muted shriek. After minutes of struggling she gives up. Moving her head she tries to scan the room in hopes of finding some type of evidence as to where she, but only see's darkness. Her neck eventually gets tired and she lays it back down.
  5. "So you're finally up" A voice calls from the darkness. Before Twilight can respond a bright flash fills the room. She groans as her eyes try to adjust but soon she see's the three hood figures from earlier. The apparent leader steps forward and slaps Twilight across the face,again and again until her face is a slightly reddened mess of tears and sweat. " That's a warning. If when i pull your gag off and you scream you get far worse than a simple slap, understood? The leader asks. Twilight nods. "Good" the leader say as they pull off the gag.
  7. Twilight takes a sharp breath tries to speak but finds her voice strained for misuse. " No doubt you have questions so i'll make this brief. One, who we are isn't important. Two where you are isn't important. And three, why you are here isn't important. As for what we want from you, well you'll find out soon enough." The leader says rubbing Twilight's butt. The other two snicker with anticipation.
  9. "You two, warm her up while i get things ready" The leader says while walking to a far corner of the small room they inhabit at the moment. One moves to the front of Twilight while the second brings up the rear, so to speak. It is at this point Twilight realizes that she's been tied ,stomach down,to a pummel horse. Each limb tied to a leg of the ironic gym equipment. The hood in the back lifts up her dress and kneads her tender behind. The odd sensation makes her gasp and as she opens her mouth involuntarily the hood in the front shoves his tongue into her mouth. He holds her head so she cant turn away. "Heh frilly panties, well aren't you miss innocent" the hood behind her says before ripping them from her body. He then moves to rubbing a single finger up and down her slit.
  11. Her body reacts the way it should to the unwanted sensation and tries to move away but the binds hold firm. In desperate fear she bites down on the other hood's tongue forcing him away from her. Blood fills his mouth as Twilight spits out the very tip of his tongue on the floor. In a rage he begins punching in the face she shrieks as blow after blow sends shock waves through her body. Eventually the leader runs up and pulls him away and slaps him across the face and harshly reminds him what the are here for. Looking back they both see Twilight is in a daze. Her left eye is blackened and her lip is cut. The leader instructs the hood behind her to get ready, which he quickly does by pulling out his cock. Looking back to the other hood the leader says " Since you can't control your temper you hold the camera."
  12. and shove the camera into the hood's hands.
  14. The leader walks up to Twilight and politely apologizes for the his subordinates behavior, as is if it matters. She groans in response. The leader chuckles and reaches inside and pulls a purple dildo
  16. The hood behind her takes this as a que and lines up with her slit, then hilts. Twilight would've screamed, oh she would've shouted if not from the purple dildo shoved into her mouth the moment she opened her mouth. The hood behind her doesn't let her adjust as he begins bumping furiously into Twilight's devirginfied body The force of his thrust rock Twilight's body forward slightly forcing the dildo further down her throat as the leader pushes it in and out. The third hood catches the event on camera while using his free hand to stroke himself to life.
  18. Twilight begins to feel light headed. The leader isn't giving her a chance to breathe. For a moment she thinks she's going to die. She pleads for some force to get her out of this, whatever this is. It's getting harder for her to think. She can vaguely feel the blood running down the side of her leg. The pain from her violated hole becomes abstract at this point. Her eyes begin rolling to the back of her head. Just before she passes out the dildo is ripped from her mouth.
  20. The leader switches place wit the camera man and he shoves is hard cock into Twilight's mouth ,as little to hard. She gags and purges what little was left from her stomach onto him and the ground. " Oh no bitch i've waited to long for this you're gonna finish me dammit" The hood in her mouth say keeping his cock in her mouth and forcing her to suck.
  22. The hood behind her pick up his rhythm as he nears his finish but the leader tell him to wait for the finale. The leader props the camera on a nearby box and walks to the side of Twilight. He lifts of her skirt all the way, spits on his finger and begins to prod her butt hole.
  24. The leader then leans body toward twilight's ear and whispers. " No one steals my mentor from me" Then as the leader forces the dildo into Twilight's anus the leader screams "NOBODY!"
  26. Deep inside the recesses of twilight's mind memories of her life began to fade away. Getting her cuite mark, gone. Her brother getting married, gone. Her friend's, gone. Her mentor Celestia, no she wouldn't let that disappear she couldn't she ...she ..who? It was done, the last of Twilight's memories shatter into the nothingness. In the blackness two Twilight's stood. One pony, the other human. Inky blackness crawled its way up their respective bodies. Neither fought, neither resisted. When they were completely covered they disappeared.
  28. Outside her mind Twilight's went limp and the three mercilessly ravage what was left of her. She didn't fight when all three shoved their respective tools entirely into her. She didn't whine when the two hoods blew their loads into her. She didn't move when they untied her and left her there. She didn't do anything.
  30. >Two months later
  32. "Will she be all right doctor?" Principal Celestia asked. The doctor adjusted his glasses."She healthy yes but her mind is basically gone. The likelihood of her regaining her sanity is slim to none. Principal Celestia looks into the padded cell with a grim expression
  34. There inside is Twilight. In a corner, idly playing with herself.
  36. 4/4
  38. BAD END
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