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  1. The game is circular; meaning that everyone is assigned one person, forming one circle of people. You eliminate your assignment by "shooting" them with a colorful water gun. The eliminated person gives their assignment to the person who eliminated him/her and the person eliminated is out of the game. Example: A, B, C, and D. A has B; B has C; C has D; D has A. A eliminates B; and is then assigned C. Both A and B contact Travis Morgan... the game proceeds with A, C and D until only one is left, who is the winner. RULES - 1. DO NOT BRING WATER GUNS TO SCHOOL PROPERTY!!! I talked with the administrators and they said if you were caught with a water gun at school, there would be many consequences. 2. No physical altercations 3. No "shooting" at work, church related activities, school sporting events or practices, school activities 4. Contact anywhere on body, clothes included, counts as fair game for elimination. 5. Protection Rule - if you see your assassinator about to attack you, you may "shoot" him/her first to avoid elimination, once this occurs the assassinator may not attack for 24 hours. 6. You must contact Travis Morgan (563-506-9207) when you have eliminated someone or have been eliminated by texting or calling. 7. any questions or suggested additions please call or text Travis... this will be updated frequently. 8. Just don’t do anything illegal. TERMS & CONDITIONS - 1. Be honest. (Don’t cheat) 2. Please do not make the game difficult. 3. If there is an argument that cannot be resolved both people are eliminated and I will reassign to fill the gap, or simply make a call myself. 4. Do not trespass. Get permission before walking into someone's house. Quite simple, just do not cause problems 5. DO NOT RUN AROUND WITH A WATER GUN IN PUBLIC AREAS WHERE IT COULD BE MISTAKEN FOR A GUN BY POLICE OR BY OTHERS. The police have the right to shoot you with suspicion of firearms to ensure the safety of others. No colored water! ALL PROM EVENTS WILL BE ASSASSIN NEUTRAL! (which means you can NOT shoot anyone during prom) Make sure to check the ASSASSIN group frequently for new rules and updates. "
  5. There will be no Assassin Neutral besides the following - No shooting on school grounds, at church or church related activities, sporting events that you are participating in, school activities, or work.
  7. If you are not familiar with the game make sure you review all of the rules in the group description.
  11. No water balloons or any other water device beside a gun
  15. when 25 people are left and you havent gotten a kill .. you are kicked from the game
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