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  1. Beef's Good Good Beef
  3. need:
  4. - Baking sheet
  5. - Aluminum foil
  6. - Oven-safe wire rack
  7. - Uncoated pan
  8. - Microplane
  9. - 1x plastic/HDPE cutting board per steak
  11. get u:
  12. - Steak -- I did this with ribeye, steaks should be 1" thick or greater
  13. - Vegetable Oil
  14. - Kosher salt
  15. - Black Pepper
  16. - Good quality butter
  17. - Rosemary
  18. - Garlic
  20. then:
  21. - Salt the steaks with about half the salt you'd normally use, and let set at room temp for ~40 minutes
  22. - Preheat oven to 225F
  23. - Place steak(s) on a wire rack over a foil-covered baking sheet and cook in oven until an internal temp of ~105F*
  24. - While the steaks are cooking, get as many cutting boards as you have steaks
  25. - To each cutting board, use a microplane to grate half a clove of garlic and smear it on the center of the board
  26. - Add salt, rosemary, and black pepper to the board, and mull it around until well incorporated and the rosemary is bruised
  27. - Add a few thin pats of butter on top
  28. - Just before you remove the steaks from the oven, add a tablespoon of vegetable oil to a cast iron (or similarly uncoated) pan and get it about as hot as you can manage
  29. - Sear all sides of the steak, flipping as often as needed to get good crust coverage
  30. - Remove steaks from heat and place on top of the seasoned cutting boards. Turn the oven off.
  31. - Wait 3-5 minutes (at least until the butter is melted). Put your serving plates into the oven.
  32. - Quickly cut the steaks lengthwise, then into half-inch slices. Mix pieces thoroughly on the cutting board.
  33. - Wait another 3-5 minutes. Remove warmed plates from oven and place on other plates or chargers. Plate steak and cover with remaining juices/seasonings (if any) from the cutting board
  35. * I find that with the resting and a thorough sear, this produces a rare to medium-rare steak. Adjust to taste.
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