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Arthur's Nightmare Attributions

varunramesh Jun 11th, 2018 131 Never
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  1. SabreCSG (https://github.com/sabresaurus/SabreCSG) used under MIT License
  2. Outline Effect (https://github.com/cakeslice/Outline-Effect) user under MIT License
  4. "KidZone" font by FontSpace user 538Fonts (Personal User)
  5. "Digital-7" font by 1001fonts user Style-7 (Non-Commercial)
  7. "mouse click.wav" by FreeSound user THE_bizniss (CC BY)
  8. "Typing On Computer Keyboard Sound" from SoundBible (Personal Use Only)
  9. "Rising Shepard tone 60sec (take 2).wav" by FreeSound user EnjoyPA (CC 0)
  10. "Door Open And Close" by FreeSound user rivernile7 (CC BY)
  11. "Running Up The Stairs.wav" by FreeSound user RutgerMuller (CC 0)
  12. "3.wav" by FreeSound user adcbicycle (CC 0)
  13. "Error.wav" by FreeSound user Autistic Lucario (CC BY)
  14. "Click2 Sound" by SoundBible user Sebastian (CC BY)
  16. "Human Skull" by OpenGameArt user ulf (CC BY SA)
  18. Some textures used from textures.com
  20. "Empty battery free icon" by FlatIcon user Kirill Kazachek
  21. "Five-pointed star.svg" by Wikipedia user Fuzzypeg (CC0)
  22. "FREE Keyboard and controllers prompts pack" by OpenGameArt user xelu (CC0)
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