Fizzling Magma 3 (AiE; Fizzle's POV)

Jul 14th, 2013
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  1. >Be Fizzle
  2. >Spike and Anon left a few hours ago
  3. >Went back to cave
  4. >Cave felt so empty for some reason
  5. >Layed in the magma pool alone
  6. >Thinking about all the cool stuff you did this weekend
  7. >Especially with Anon
  8. >Its so nice to have a best buddy like that!
  9. >Can't wait till the next time he visits
  10. >Maybe you'll have something neat in the cave for him
  11. >Went to bed after
  12. >Never realized how big the feather bed was before
  13. >Reach out and touch where Anon had slept
  14. >Still can feel the indents where his body had been
  15. >Run your claws over it
  16. >You miss Anon...
  17. >...because he's your buddy and it sucks he had to leave!
  18. >Who wouldn't miss a cool guy like that?
  19. >Its perfectly normal to miss your friend!
  20. >Nodding to yourself you lay back down
  21. >Pull your tail between your legs
  22. >Start petting it
  23. >Hold it closer to you
  24. >Wonder if he's thinking about you
  25. >Maybe he's telling Spike about the great time he had with you?
  26. >You smile at the thought of him boasting at how awesome it is to be your friend
  27. >Squeeze your tail tighter and curl into the corner of your bed
  28. >Fall asleep imagining your wings are Anon's arms
  29. >...because bros hug, its totally ok for best bros to hug each other!
  30. >Even from behind!
  31. >And naked
  32. >...Anon's skin really feels nice against your scales...
  33. >And his hands always find the right spots....
  34. >Fall asleep, convinced you two were only trying to keep warm
  35. >Like true best bros would do for each other
  36. >If they were cold
  37. >Its not gay if you don't look at each other after all!
  38. >Next morning
  39. >Take a little longer than normal smoothing out your feather bed
  40. >Tidy up a little
  41. >Find one of Anon's shirts
  42. >Wonder if its dirty
  43. >You should wash it for him
  44. >So he has something to wear when he visits, its what a good bro would do
  45. >But it might be clean
  46. >Sniff it to see if it smells dirty
  47. >It smells nice
  48. >You have to sit a moment
  49. >Anon smells really nice
  50. >Wonder if he'll tell you how he does that...
  51. >So you can smell that good of course
  52. > does that mean the shirt is dirty?
  53. >He definitely wore it
  54. >In your cave, he wore this shirt
  55. >But does Anon wash his stuff after only one wear?
  56. >Better sniff it again
  57. >Just to be sure
  58. >Its not dirty
  59. >That's the only reason
  60. >Plus you're such a good friend you're hugging it to find out what kind of fabric it is
  61. >Only a best buddy like you would do something like that
  62. >Wouldn't want it to shrink or something!
  63. >Maybe...maybe Anon would just want his shirt back
  64. >Yea, good idea
  65. >It's really soft and nice
  66. >Cause he likes expensive things, you bet
  67. >And his ponies friends make him clothes
  68. >Better they washed it
  69. >Just leave it
  70. >By your bed
  71. >So when he comes next time he sees it
  72. >You're such a great friend!
  73. >Smiling, you fold the shirt neatly and put it near your bed
  74. >Time to go hang out with the gang!
  75. >Fly off to the usual spot, thinking about when Anon took the shirt off
  76. >You bet he's thinking about it too
  77. > he knows where he left it!
  78. >Maybe he'll come back early to get his shirt!
  79. >He'll be so happy you took care of it for him
  80. >He'll call you his best dragon again
  81. >You really liked when he called you that
  82. >It made you feel--
  83. >Rock!
  84. >That was close...
  85. >Gotta watch where you're flying
  86. >There's Garble and the rest
  87. >Garble waves you over
  88. >You land on a rock above the lava
  89. >"So this scaly broad was all 'That's not your little brother!' and Spike blew the whole about cock blocked!"
  90. >The other dragons laugh, you chuckle a little
  91. >Your mind is still elsewhere
  92. >"Yo! Fizzle! I heard you an Anon had a hell of a night!"
  93. >Oh...
  94. >No no no no no
  95. >How could he...did someone come in the cave?
  96. >Other than Anon
  97. >In your mouth
  98. >Start touching your claws together and look around at the other dragons
  99. >They're all watching you
  100. >What do they know?!
  101. "What? we didn't! We just...we was just..."
  102. >"He told us you guys went to a griffin bar! That's pretty neat, Fizz-what's wrong? You look paler than normal"
  103. >The bar....the bar!
  104. >That's what he meant
  105. "Yea...we sure!"
  106. >Garble shrugs
  107. >"Didn't know Anon was into Griffins. Woulda figured he liked ponies. So'd you two get some of that half-pussy?"
  108. >He nudges you in the gut with his elbow
  109. >"Or a beak job? Huh, ya into that kinda thing, ya freak?"
  110. >You shake your head...then nod suddenly
  111. "No...I mean yea! Yea we did! Buncha griffin-humpers, me an Anon, no doubt!"
  112. >Garble and the rest laugh
  113. >"Bullshit, you didn't get any and you know it!"
  114. >You look down and nod, blushing slightly
  115. >The dragons chuckle and Garble slaps your back
  116. >"No need to lie about it, we all know you can't get laid for shit"
  117. >Laugh with them, nervously fidgeting with your claws
  118. >The brown one points out Garble hasn't either
  119. >Garble yells something back
  120. >They're fighting in the lava now
  121. >The others are focused on that
  122. >You're in the clear
  123. >Phew...
  124. >Not that you had anything to hide!
  125. >Normal stuff happens after
  126. >Rough housing in the volcano, Garble being Garble, that sort of thing
  127. >You can't really get into it
  128. >Keep thinking about the other night
  129. >About how good a time you had
  130. >With your best buddy
  131. >God you wanna hang out with him again
  132. >Everything you're doing now just seems so boring
  133. >Juvenile even
  134. >They're playing king of the hoard now
  135. >You don't really care
  136. >Wanna just go back to your cave
  137. >Maybe make sure Anon's shirt is still there
  138. >You wouldn't want him to be upset if you lost it or something
  139. >But he's cool he wouldn't care that much
  140. >He didn't when his old outfit got burned up that first time...
  141. >...why does he wear clothes anyhow, he looks fine without them...
  142. >"Hey Gemsforbrains, I said you lost!"
  143. >Look up, Garble is on top of the pile
  144. >You didn't even attempt to play
  145. >What the heck is wrong with you, you used to love this?
  146. "Yea...yea guess I did...I suck...I mean blow...I mean not good!!"
  147. >Garble gives you a weird look then shrugs again
  148. "I....I think I need to go home I don't feel too good..."
  149. >"Hey guys he's hung over! What'd you have like one beer?"
  150. >The other dragons laugh at you
  151. >Again
  152. >'re OK with them thinking that
  153. >You laugh too and bid them farewell
  154. >Don't stick around to get berated anymore
  155. >Just wanna go home
  156. >Lay down a bit
  157. >Maybe take a magma bath first...
  158. >Anon really liked the magma bath
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