Eros is Love (Houri Greentext)

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  1. >One rainy Friday afternoon, it’s lunch hour
  2. >Waiting on a crowded train while waiting for your stop
  3. >Pressed against a couple of guys in business suits, a kitsune in a business suit, there’s even an ushi-oni in a neatly pressed blazer with a really pretty seal tied like a headband
  4. >Everyone minds their own business, it’s been a pretty smooth ride today
  5. >At the next stop, some young-looking girls with bright hair board wearing loose track jackets with hoods
  6. >One of them enters the train car, wades through the traffic, and finds a space just an inch in front of you
  7. >She comes up to your ribs, but you can clearly see the outline of a nice rack under that jacket
  8. >She’s no older than a teen, she can’t possibly be an adult
  9. >Even if she’s more stacked than an IHOP
  10. >and you swear she’s not even wearing anything under that jacket
  11. >Somewhere between your internal dialogue, you can see her looking up towards you with a cherubic smile across her face
  12. >You swear you saw heart-shaped pupils
  13. >She turns around, those stonking tits now pressing into your stomach
  14. >She starts unzipping the jacket, confirming your suspicions
  15. >Until you notice a strap under her boobs
  16. >She starts opening her jacket
  17. >There’s some kind of blocks under her armpits, wired into what looks like a pager
  18. >to the crowd, it looks like she’s flashing you
  19. >this is actually fucking happening
  20. >She hasn’t lost the smile across her face as she’s doing this
  21. >Is this how it really ends?
  22. >She presses her face into your rib, uttering a single phrase before unhooding herself to reveal a halo in what seems to be shaped like a heart
  23. >you see the pager flash as she utters something
  24. “Eros is love.”
  26. >The news reported similar incidents happening across the country, public transit being attacked by what appeared to be teenagers in loose clothing strapped with gas bombs
  27. >Street cameras showed them running away, the scenes erupting into a public orgy before emergency responders arrive
  28. >one incident in particular, one of the suspects was seen leaving with a human male by hand away from a railway stop
  29. >At least until he pulled her into a public bathroom
  31. It was the beginning of a new age in Monstergirl City
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