Desert's Fury Logs 3 p2

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  1. Smirking the young man crossed their arms and watched the two younger teens running around, "Well, getting it all from Lupin does take a while, it's definitely an ordeal. But this is something I do actually every other day or so." Even as he was speaking, Lupin were coming from their cracks in the wall.
  3. Where they jumped straight at his winds and were torn apart into shreds, like suicidal rabbits, "In the end, this just becomes...A constant battle of hoping they don't have fucked up feet, so we can collect actually useful feet! Oh by the way, these are all for your boosters."
  4. (Eshmun Hirai)
  5. ------------------------------------
  6. Nephthys Masry rolled a dice and it landed on: 1
  8. "Hah, I see how it could be a pain. The feet seem pretty easy to get, but time consuming. At the very least I can make a ton of rabbit jerky for food supplies now." The magi closed his eyes with a smile, the sad part here is that the Lupins were adorable little creatures. Though something sparked in the magi as his aura seemed to... get unstable? The other elements he knew decided to rear their ugly heads and... well... Nephthys exploded... He careened into the cave wall, dazed for a moment.
  10. As the smoke cleared he began coughing...
  12.  "...I am starting... to hate that... I am okay. The Desert's Fury is just putting.... they fury in my pain...! Ahaaaa… My goals are legitimately trying to kill me, does... this count as suicidal?"  
  14. He'd heal himself quickly as he waved off the smoke... There wasn't any major injuries, just a lot of pain. He'd joke about it for the time being. Exhaling a sigh, seems he was training more extensive elemental control... For better or worse.
  15. (Nephthys Masry)
  16. ------------------------------------
  17. Watching the dust cloud slowly disperse away from Neph, the young man quietly wondered how they were feeling after they slowly coughed and moved out into the open. Chuckling ever so slightly he shook his head, "You look fine, but...You really shouldn't try to explode like you just did."
  19. By now he had grown comfy, sitting against the cliff face nearby and watching down...All the while Lupin were still dying upon running at his winds.
  21. "Try not to hurt yourself, you know?" By now majority of the feet would be collected, and he'd simply start counting the ones he had alongside Zith's.
  23. "For your first Lupin massacre, you two are doing great by the way."
  24. (Eshmun Hirai)
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