Zombie Shenenigans in Equestria : A dogs day

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  1. >You are Celestia, and you are worried.
  2. >For the past few days, you have spent much of your free time in the archives and your own personal collection, reading works of Ancient Humans.
  3. >Many aspects of Anonymous are right in line with Ancient Humans, but sever key ones weren't.
  4. >The problem is, they all point to the thing that wiped out the humans.
  5. >Zombies.
  6. >What worrys you is that Zombies are highly contagious, and can wipe out citys with a single one.
  7. >But on the other hoof, he hasn't done anything yet.
  8. >In fact, the ponys have found him helpful.
  9. >What to do, what to do...
  12. >You are Rarity, and you just got a Hugely important order from THE Sapphire Shores.
  13. >You and little Spikey Wikey are off gathering the gems needed to complete the outfits.
  14. >As you guide Spike and he digs up the gems, you see Anonymous nearby, shuffling around.
  15. "Hello there Anonymous, how are you doing?"
  16. >"GRRRGGHHH"
  17. "I must ask, what are you doing wandering out here?"
  18. >He seems to be headed for a large rock, which he knocks over when he walks into it.
  19. >He certainly is a strong fellow.
  20. >A tugging comes from your horn, and you find the rock uncovered a large cache of gems.
  21. "Oh my, you are ever so helpful Anonymous. Spike, be a dear and bring the wagon over."
  22. >Spike brings over the wagon, which was starting to fill quite nicely with gems.
  23. >He starts filling the wagon as Anonymous shuffles off.
  24. >A powerful tugging draws your attention, and you follow it.
  25. >It leads to a tree no less, where a Magnificently cut Topaz rests.
  26. >This brings up a problem, specifically the grey thing with a dog like face that the gem is attached to.
  27. >You back away, and it steps out and walks towards you like Anonymous, but menacingly.
  28. "Is... That yours? Ummm My name is Rarity, and you are...?"
  29. >"We are a Diamond Dog."
  30. "Well, they say a diamond is a girls best friend. I guess the same holds true for you..."
  31. >It keeps advancing, and you keep backing away.
  32. >"We hunt for shiny gemss, but you find them better, so now we hunt for you!"
  33. >Two more jump out of the ground behind you, and spike yells "WATCH OUT!"
  34. >He jumps in and starts distracting them, while you run away a bit.
  35. "Spike run!"
  36. >S"Dont worry about me Rarity, its you they want."
  37. >While you are distracted, the first dog manages to sneak up and grab you.
  38. "EEEEEEEK!"
  39. >S"NO! Rarity!"
  40. >The two other dogs join the first as they drag you down a hole.
  43. ~
  46. >You are Pinkie Pie, and Spike just came running into town saying something about Rarity, dogs and holes.
  47. >He seemed worried and all, so you and the girls went with him to see what happened.
  48. >When you all arrive, you see Anonymous shuffling around, looking for something maybe.
  49. "HEY Anony, Watcha lookin for?"
  50. >S"Rarity of course! She got Marenapped by these things called Diamond dogs."
  51. >All*GASP!*
  52. >TS"We gotta hurry! Where did they take her Spike?"
  53. >As the group nears the top of a hill he says "They took her down a..."
  54. >You all look out over an expanse covered in holes
  55. >S"Hole..."
  56. "Well, lets just hop down one and find her then. OOOH! That makes us a rescue party! Oooh I gotta get some balloons, and some streamers, and some cake..."
  57. >TS"Its not that kind of party Pinkie. Come on girls, lets split up and get in a hole."
  58. >Everyp0ny heads for a hole, but they start filling as soon as one of you gets near.
  59. >All the holes are quickly filled, and the bunch of you start trying to empty them when you hear something.
  60. >A"GRAAAAGH!"
  61. >A cloud of dush comes from a hole you didn't see, and you can hear angry noises coming from it.
  62. "Hey! Anonymous found a hole, this way!"
  63. >You and the rest jump down after him in time to see him shuffling down a passageway.
  64. >TS"We better hurry, it looks like Anonymous knows the way.
  65. >Everyp0ny begins following him, and he leads you down seemingly random tunnels.
  66. >You don't encounter any dogs, which is good, but after a final turn he comes to a dead end.
  67. >AJ" Ah don't mean ta rain on yer parade Anonymous, but this here's a dead end."
  68. >He ignores her and walks straight into the wall, before rearing back and smacking it.
  69. >To everyp0nys surprise, it crumbles and falls, revealing a large cavern.
  70. >Inside the cavern, you see several dogs in armor and Rarity with a collar around her neck.
  71. >SP"I'll save you Rarity!"
  72. >Spike goes to charge the dogs, but Anonymous steps in his way.
  73. >S"What gives?"
  74. >A"GGGRRRUH."
  75. >He walks sort of towards the dogs, and one of them yells out "GET THEM!"
  76. >Several heavily armored dogs pile onto Anonymous, and Twilight conjures a barrier around the rest of you.
  79. ~
  82. >You are Rarity, and your friends came to rescue you, but now it looks like they are in trouble.
  83. >Half a Dozen big dogs have piled on Anonymous, and more surround the shield Twilight put up.
  84. >The dogs on Anonymous are snapping and clawing at him.
  85. >Where they cut his flesh, dark liquid seeps out.
  86. >Half of you wants to faint, and the other wants to scream.
  87. >The screaming half wins and you let out a very high pitched scream.
  88. >Diamond dogs go flying everywhere as Anonymous comes shooting out of the pile and runs straight for you.
  89. >His outstretched arms wrap around your still screaming body.
  90. >Feeling his strong manly arms wrap around you, you stop screaming and he slows down.
  91. >Leaning into his toned chest, you breath in his scent.
  92. >Its earthy yet subtly cool, and overlaid with the metallic scent of blood.
  93. >Your eyes shoot open, remembering he was bleeding and as you look over his injuries they seem to mend themselves.
  95. >His grip loosens, and you hop to the ground.
  96. "Thank you ever so much Darling. We must get our friends and make our escape."
  98. >The remaining Diamond dogs seem to have fled, after seeing Anonymous's massive strength, and regeneration, and the girls and spike are gathering fallen gems from the ground.
  99. "Girls, while these gems are nice, I believe the dogs owe us a little more than just a few assorted ones."
  100. >Leading them down one of the tunnels, you come into a room with several minecarts full of gems.
  101. >Applejack, Pinkie and Rainbow Dash each hook up to one, and you all follow Anonymous as he leads you through the tunnels to an exit/entrance none of you knew existed.
  102. >The girls take the jewels to your house at your request, and you stop with Anonymous, who is just standing around.
  103. "Thank you again Darling. You have just saved my hide in more ways than one. If there is anything you may need, feel free to ask."
  104. >Smiling, you turn to walk away.
  105. >As you move away, you make sure to have your tail swish a little further to the side than would be considered appropriate.
  106. >You glance back, and give him a pair of winks.
  107. >At the same time.
  108. >You feel so naughty, yet it feels right as well.
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