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  1. so first off
  2. you probably dont even know who i am
  3. or like anything about me
  4. but i honestly couldn't care less
  5. just shut the fuck up and read
  7. so basically i did a stupid thing and exit scammed (wasn't even worth like $10 of scammed items)
  8. the person that i scammed was a scammer (
  9. he tried to do some sus things with the fortnite account i was letting him use
  10. so i took it back
  11. he got mad
  12. he tried to buy it back
  13. i scammed him
  14. the reason was because i didn't care tbh
  15. i didn't want to continue on v3rm as it is mainly a roblox site and i quit roblox ages ago
  16. but i kinda feel like i wanna come back for the community or some shit idk
  17. you dont need to feel safe around me or anything like that im probably not going to do any deals even tbh
  18. im prolly just gonna fuck around on the site a little more like i used to do and see where that takes me
  20. after this point im just going to vent so
  21. i honestly could just make a new account but i dont really care about the rep that much
  22. i have vip on this account and dont feel like buying it again for a site im not going to be spending lots of time on
  23. i also have like 1 week and 3 days on the site as of writing this (2019-07-16)
  24. when i left v3rm i moved over to the aimware forums but holy shit was that a bad idea
  25. the users on aimware forums honestly make me want to vomit
  26. so i decided to come back to v3rm
  27. good ol' reliable
  28. but basically to sum this shit fest up
  29. im going to be back on v3rmillion now and then
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