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  1. <b><color=#ff00ffff>Welcome to Xavilians SCP Server
  2. </color><color=#008080ff>
  3.                                                         <size=100>RULES</size>
  4.  1. No overly disrespecting people
  5.  2. No Random TK, doesn't apply to D-class
  6.  3. SCP's cannot team with any class, nor camp (Excluding Serpents Hand)
  7.  4. No excessive mic spam and earrape
  8.  5. Don't kill yourself as SCP-049-2
  9.  6. Security guards cannot kill CD without a reason, NTF can kill but not disarmed CD or being escorted out
  10.  7. Chaos cannot team with scientists (but are allowed to use them as hostage)
  11.  8. Scientists can shoot D-Class unless Guard is in the vicinity or D-Class is disarmed
  12.  9. Dont intentionaly delay a round
  13.  10. Work with your team and not against
  14.  11. No ghosting
  15. </color>
  17. <b><color=#0000ffff>This server is hosted by Xavilian if you want to join this discord to, report rule breakers, apply for a moderator position, suggest ideas with the server, and communicate with the community</b></color>
  20. color=#470cad>We hope you have a great time! Our discord link is here in case you want to join!</color> <color=#0061a3><link="">Discord</link></color>
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