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  1. 01[21:09] <@BriDm> As you all know... you're all members of the adventurers guild of Fair-River. A place that hires out mercanarys all over the country, and sometimes even outside it. REcently... there was a nasty bit of bussiness with a crazy wizard up south... alot of the members have been sent out... so when the current quest showed up, they had to cherry pick from what remained.
  2. 01[21:10] <@BriDm> Some of you had just returned from holiday.... another quest... maybe just joined the guild itself... you aren't 'newbies' in anyway, though the nature of the Guild choosing the heroes for this quest... has resulted in a small group not THAT familiar with each other.
  3. [21:12] <+Colm> What time of year is it?
  4. 01[21:12] <@BriDm> And what is this quest? Apparently... various small towns to the South east have been having some troubles. Tales of a giant beast, twice the size of a horse attacking carvan, travels, people. Descriptions of the beast vary.... some say it's a giant snake... others a giant fanged spider... either way.. the thing needs to be killed.
  5. [21:13] <+Felix_Kinsey> sounds lovely
  6. 01[21:14] <@BriDm> The time of year would be spring. And the weather is showing it. A light rain above your heads... nothing heavy.. you might not even notice it unless you look for it..but the clouds are present non-the less. You all have been on the road for a few days, heading for the small Town of Sun-Oaks, where the beast had been reportedly last spotted in the surrounding forests.
  7. 01[21:15] <@BriDm> On the edge of your vision you start to see the signs of wooden buildings, the trees tha surrounded the path earlier having long started to clear as you get nearer....and lets introduce our heroes then (Everyone 'pose' yourself in the scene walking to town. giving the other people here what your guy looks like at least)
  8. [21:16] <+Felix_Kinsey> Walking to the town he looks around at the five warriors walking with him "So I'm going to be working with you all right?  Who are you guys?"
  9. 06[21:17] * @BriDm would assume names were passed out during the walk ;p You know some basic info about each other, but not alot.
  10. 06[21:17] * +Syd turns and answers
  11. 06[21:17] * +Colm is walking along the edge of the road, trying to keep his feet clear of the muddy, well-trodden road, though only with limited success. He twitches his whiskers as a raindrop hits him on the nose as he steps from the trees, the tall, lean cat standing taller as he looks around the town, then turns back to his companions with a smile. "See? I told you we were close." *the bright and
  12. 06[21:17] * +Colm cheerful cat had been saying that since the previous evening, when the rain had been stronger; apparently his idea of "close" is quite a bit of travel*
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  14. [21:18] <+Colm> "You know my name, Felix. Have you forgotten it already? Or did you mean something else?" *he looks down at his rapier thoughtfully, then tucks his cloak over it, making it less obvious he is armed to the villagers, not wanting to frighten them*
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  16. 06[21:18] * +Amunet shivers a little in the rain, used to the desert heat, despite the clothing she wears.  She looks around and the group and keeps walking
  17. [21:18] <+Syd> "Name's Syd. Just joined the guild"
  18. 06[21:19] * +Maximilian arrives the village, resting his sword on his left shoulder while holding a shield marked with a red "M" with the right hand. He turned his head to the side and smiled.
  19. 06[21:19] * @BriDm was.. sort of hoping for some basic 'appearance' descrition in those 'me's' ;p but no worries.
  20. [21:19] <+Felix_Kinsey> "Just trying to get to know you all a little better Colm.  Good trust can be useful in a group, specially if they're gonna be fighting together"
  21. 01[21:19] <@BriDm> (Brock?)
  22. [21:20] <+Maximilian> "Once again, it's an honor to protect the live of the son of one of Lord Makar's comrades."
  23. 06[21:20] * +Brock is walking along the middle of the road, standing tall and proud, taking in his surroundings. The mud and rain does not bother him as he walks into the village. He is obviously somewhat discomfortable wearing his clothes from the north.
  24. 01[21:20] <@BriDm> Right then... lets get our first perception checks. at -2 For everyone.
  25. 06[21:20] * +Amunet is a sphynx archer wearing thin clothing, her bow always strung and at the ready by her side
  26. 01[21:21] <@BriDm> roll a 1d10~
  27. [21:21] <+Colm> "Oh, I agree. Just sounded like we were all strangers here, and we've known each other for a few days, at least." *he smiles at the husky* "I didn't mean anything by it, I'm just not sure what there is left to say about ourselves." *his ears droop slightly at Maximilian's words* "You don't have to treat me special just because of who my parents are. I'd like to think I can earn my own place
  28. [21:21] <+Colm> in the world."
  29. [21:21] <+Brock> ,roll 1d7
  30. [21:21] <+Kenzie_> Brock: 5
  31. [21:21] <+Colm> ,roll 1d10
  32. [21:21] <+Kenzie_> Colm: 1
  33. [21:21] <+Syd> ,roll 1d10
  34. [21:21] <+Kenzie_> Syd: 6
  35. [21:21] <+Colm> I have perception 4 base, so 2 in this case
  36. [21:21] <+Amunet> ,rolls 1d10
  37. [21:21] <+Felix_Kinsey> ,roll 1d10
  38. [21:21] <+Kenzie_> Felix_Kinsey: 9
  39. [21:21] <+Amunet> ,roll 1d10
  40. [21:21] <+Kenzie_> Amunet: 10
  41. [21:22] <+Brock> (is it alright that i subtracted the modifiers from the die, or do you want me to re-roll?)
  42. 01[21:22] <@BriDm> (Reroll with 1d10 yeah ;p)
  43. 06[21:22] * +Maximilian smirks after listening to Colm, looking to the few clouds above him.
  44. [21:22] <+Brock> ,roll 1d10
  45. [21:22] <+Kenzie_> Brock: 5
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  47. [21:22] <+Colm> Big change there >>
  48. [21:22] <+Brock> Lol.
  49. [21:23] <+Maximilian> "Sorry, sir. Let's hope we all become living legends like they did, right?"
  50. [21:23] <+Syd> "Let's hope so."
  51. [21:23] <+Maximilian> ,roll 1d10
  52. [21:23] <+Kenzie_> Maximilian: 2
  53. [21:23] <+Amunet> Mumbles "Not all of us feel that way"
  54. [21:23] <+Brock> "Who is this Makar, you spoke of?"
  55. 06[21:24] * +Maximilian turns back to Brock, surprised.
  56. [21:24] <+Maximilian> "You don't know who Lord Makar is?!"
  57. 01[21:24] <@BriDm> Right then.... as you walk into down both Brock and Colm are the first to notice it. The rest of you distracted with conversation, and the rain above you. The town is peacefull. Very peacefull infact. The guard is barely paying attention at his post. Sitting back in the little hut near the entrance of the town with his feet on the table, beyond him you can see a few people tending their gardens.
  58. 06[21:24] * +Brock stares in return at Maximilian
  59. 01[21:24] <@BriDm> an old cat lady digging in the dirt infront of her home, kids walking about. Most don't seem to mind the rain at all.
  60. [21:25] <+Brock> "No."
  61. 01[21:25] <@BriDm> (Hence out starting theme music ;p)
  62. [21:25] <+Felix_Kinsey> "Hell even I know the stories, and I've lived up in the northern outpost my whole life"
  63. 01[21:25] <@BriDm> Not... exactly... the tone you'd expect for a town with a monster hiding in the woods...
  64. [21:25] <+Maximilian> "He's the legendary hero who defeated the evil witch Reinhild with the almighty Sword of Light!"
  65. [21:26] <+Brock> "Reinhild? Im sorry, we do not hear many stories from south."
  66. 06[21:26] * +Syd looks around and notices that he sticks out like a sore thumb. His hair messy, wearing clothes that were once respectable which are now old and dirty.
  67. 06[21:26] * +Colm laughs a little at Maximilian's words, a smile on his lips. "They're just my family to me." *he waves his hand at Brock; while the cat seems very interested in the conversation of his companions, his eyes are alert, taking in the features of the town, his eyes flickering a little. He falls back to the archer, who seems less interested in arguing about his family than the rest of his
  68. 06[21:26] * +Colm companions* "Do you notice anything strange about this place?" *he murmurs, not wanting to upset the villagers with his speculation*
  69. 06[21:27] * +Maximilian stands silent and looks foward to see his surroundings better.
  70. 06[21:27] * +Syd answers *"It's too peaceful"*
  71. 06[21:27] * +Syd *"Considering there is supossed to be some monster or something nearby"*
  72. [21:27] <+Felix_Kinsey> "too peaceful?"
  73. [21:27] <+Brock> "You overthink."
  74. 01[21:27] <@BriDm> The guard only gives you a quick glance as you enter. Tipping his leather hat at you lightly but not moving from his reclined seat.
  75. 06[21:28] * +Amunet noticing the others seem concered already, her hand reaches for the bow at her side
  76. [21:28] <+Syd> *quietly* "Hey what're you doing?"
  77. 01[21:28] <@BriDm> "Evening Strangers" The Grey Scottish-Terrier says "Just passing through?"
  78. [21:28] <+Syd> "We don't need any attention."
  79. 06[21:28] * +Brock removes his hat and stuff it in his bag, so to be a little more comfortable.
  80. 06[21:29] * +Colm nods to the guard, a shadow of a short bow, and shoots a smile at the man. "Hello! Pretty nice day today, despite the rain, isn't it?" *the cat flicks a little water from his whiskers*
  81. 06[21:30] * +Maximilian rubs his furry head as he notices Colm is even more social than he seemed.
  82. 06[21:30] * +Syd goes and surveys the town
  83. 02[21:30] * Yappy (~chatzilla@Rizon-8AD409DC.range86-136.btcentralplus.com) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.6.8/20100722155716])
  84. 06[21:30] * +Maximilian turns his gaze to the Scottish-Terrie.
  85. [21:31] <+Maximilian> "We're here on a quest."
  86. 06[21:31] * +Maximilian steps back and calls Colm's attention.
  87. 01[21:31] <@BriDm> He lowers his hat over his eyes reclining some more the lazy bugger "Damn straight it is."
  88. 01[21:31] <@BriDm> One of his ears give a twich at Max's words the manc huckling ".. what? To kill that over sized bug am I right? Here to get the reward for its head I'm guessing?"
  89. [21:32] <+Felix_Kinsey> "You don't seem very concerned about it"
  90. 06[21:32] * +Syd comes over and listens in on the converstaion.
  91. 06[21:33] * +Colm looks over at Maximilian, then nods back towards the guard. "Yes, that's right. Well, to make sure it doesn't threaten the place again; the reward is just for travel expenses and such. We are here to help, though it seems you have things well in hand already."
  92. [21:33] <+Maximilian> "Colm? You're our learder, you keep talking."
  93. 01[21:33] <@BriDm> "Hard to be concerned about a corpse" He sits up from his seat finally a certain pride going over his face as he looks to you all "Seems you're late. One of the Local boys managed to find the thing and kill it on his own odd quiet kid...Daniel.. but given the size of him it ain't no surprise. Things head's found a spot on Flargons wall..... inn keepers that is."
  94. 06[21:33] * +Maximilian steps back once more, trying to analise the village a little better.
  95. [21:34] <+Syd> "Really?"
  96. [21:34] <+Syd> "That's a shame"
  97. [21:34] <+Brock> "See? You worry over nothing."
  98. [21:34] <+Maximilian> "Hum... suspect..."
  99. [21:34] <+Maximilian> "We should look around, to make sure."
  100. 06[21:34] * +Amunet is annoyed over the wasted time, but keeps it to herself
  101. 06[21:35] * @BriDm gives a nod, still seeming t beeming with pride that a 'local' slayed the beast "Yup. Sorry if you came all this way for nothing.... but if you makes it feel any better all the ales are free over at Flargons now... mans damn happy to see the thing's dead, given it near tore off his daughters leg."
  102. 06[21:35] * +Brock hits Maximilian upside the back "Look for what? It is dead. You want see bug head for yourself?"
  103. 06[21:35] * +Colm claps his hands together with a genuine smile on his face, his long ears perked up. "We'll be sure to bring word back that things are alright here so you won't have anyone else wandering by looking for it. Would you mind if we had a look at the thing? The description we were given was a bit vague, I'm interested in knowing what it was."
  104. [21:36] <+Felix_Kinsey> "Well we may as well take the chance while we have it since it doesn't seem we'll be gettinch much else from the 'quest' now does it"
  105. 01[21:36] <@BriDm> "... Daniels been a good sport 'bout it too. Going to give Flargon half the reward to pay for it...... Hmmmm? Hey go right ahead. what's left of it is in the inn. Kids already gawked at it enough."
  106. 06[21:36] * +Maximilian frowns after listening to Brock.
  107. 02[21:36] * Gast1 (cgiirc@Rizon-B3F13E9D.adsl.highway.telekom.at) Quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
  108. [21:37] <+Maximilian> "Better safe than sorry, Brock."
  109. [21:37] <+Brock> "Fine. We go see bug head, then leave."
  110. 06[21:37] * +Colm shakes his head at Felix. "We were here to help these people! If they dealt with it on their own, all the better, means we don't have to worry about them. People are far more competent than you folk often give them credit for. You'd be surprised how often it happens that we go out only to find the problem has already been resolved." *Colm turns back to the guard, grinning at hearing
  111. 06[21:37] * +Colm of the gawking* "I'm sure they have; when I was little, I was always interested in stuff like that too." *he pauses and looks around* "Where is the inn, exactly?"
  112. [21:38] <+Maximilian> *sigh* "Sounds fair..."
  113. [21:38] <+Felix_Kinsey> "aww we can't stick around for a few beers?"
  114. [21:38] <+Syd> "I'm up for that"
  115. [21:38] <+Maximilian> "I... I don't drink..."
  116. 01[21:38] <@BriDm> the guard goes back to his reclinding, pointing a thumb at one of the few two story buildings in town... near the center "Right over there"
  117. [21:39] <+Brock> "If it is free, i not say no."
  118. 06[21:39] * +Felix_Kinsey starts to head in the direction pointd "Don't drink? that's a shame, a good drink is nice every now and then"
  119. 06[21:39] * +Syd follows.
  120. 06[21:39] * +Amunet follows the others quietly
  121. 01[21:39] <@BriDm> http://www.youtuberepeat.com/watch/?v=NthMuPuTqdw
  122. 06[21:39] * +Maximilian follows as well, regretfully.
  123. 06[21:39] * +Colm nods his head. "Thanks, I appreciate it." *Colm stands taller, stepping back out into the light drizzle, water droplets clinging to his cloak as he strides towards the two-story building* "I know others like Maximilian; some find it clouds their mind and judgement, and the trade is not worth having. Myself, I like it from time to time."
  124. [21:40] <+Colm> Don't worry Maximilian, I'm sure they have something there other than beer, at least for the children.
  125. 06[21:40] * +Brock as he turns to follow, says
  126. 06[21:40] * +Maximilian frowns at Colm's words.
  127. 06[21:41] * +Felix_Kinsey laughs at Colm's comment
  128. [21:41] <+Brock> "I never had this 'beer' before, what is it?"
  129. [21:41] <+Syd> "It's a magical drink"
  130. [21:41] <+Colm> "Ah! I didn't mean it like that. Sorry friend, I just meant they're sure to have something for you."
  131. [21:41] <+Syd> "It makes everything better"
  132. [21:41] <+Brock> "Ah, i must try some, yes! Sounds very good."
  133. [21:41] <+Maximilian> "..."
  134. [21:42] <+Felix_Kinsey> "You'll like it"
  135. [21:42] <+Syd> "After all this we'll all have a little get together at the bar"
  136. [21:42] <+Maximilian> "No, thanks."
  137. [21:42] <+Syd> "You come too Max"
  138. 01[21:42] <@BriDm> Right then! Into the inn! Not a huge crowd there at a moment, though there are a handfull of patrons still chugging away, no doubt trying to take advantage of this 'free ale' as long as they can. At the bar a rather pudgey ragmuffin man is cleaning away at countless mugs, though he doesn't seem a bit bothered by the work~ And.. last but not least
  139. [21:42] <+Syd> "Your loss."
  140. [21:42] <+Maximilian> "Thanks for understanding."
  141. 01[21:42] <@BriDm> we have our pretty ragmuffin barmaid cleaning the floors.... though those with a keen eye easily spot the bandages across one of her arms.
  142. 06[21:44] * +Felix_Kinsey walks over the the bar "Give me a pint of something good!"
  143. 06[21:44] * +Maximilian rubs his face, wondering why the maids had bandages.
  144. 01[21:44] <@BriDm> And.. then... of course... we have our 'Bug head'.... Easily almost half your size and hung upon the mantle place. A sickly.. dark orange color with huge thick antenna, and similarly huge mandibles. You'd think it'd be a gastly decoration, but the people here seem to smile with pride when they look its way.
  145. 06[21:44] * +Syd to the barkeep "Glass of bourbon my good man!"
  146. 01[21:44] <@BriDm> (Those with decent IQ are free to make a check. Though I imagine some of you have guessed what it is already)
  147. 06[21:44] * +Amunet walks over to a corner, not partaking in the drink, she looks over the crowd carefully, assessing for potential threats as she was trained
  148. [21:45] <+Brock> "See max? They squish your bug, like... bug! Is no problem now."
  149. 06[21:45] * +Colm beams at the young ragamuffin, his cloak still tucked over his rapier as he gives her an actual bow. "My lady Lacy, we have come from afar to protect this town from a terrible beast." *he looks up with a grin though, obviously not being nearly so formal as he is putting on* "Though I hear you folk have already dealt with it." *The cat's eyes flicker towards the walls as he seems to
  150. 06[21:45] * +Colm be looking for it*
  151. 01[21:45] <@BriDm> And Amunet gets a perception check~. Make it -1.
  152. 06[21:45] * +Maximilian sighs and gets up, trying to analise the bug head a little better.
  153. [21:46] <+Amunet> ,roll 1d10
  154. [21:46] <+Kenzie_> Amunet: 5
  155. 01[21:46] <@BriDm> Our bard maid 'Lacy' blinks once or twice.. glancing towards the beast, then Colm again giving a smile as she rubs the bandaged arm "... Yes... yes they have. Thank god. People keep asking me if I'm scared to see the thing here.. given... well you know... But honestly. It's a relief....."
  156. 06[21:46] * +Brock remarks exasperatedly "Fine, stare at your bug head. I get one of the magic drinks!" and then walks toward the bar
  157. 06[21:47] * +Felix_Kinsey chugs down the first beer he was given quickly and asks for another
  158. 06[21:47] * +Syd drink his bourbon. "Hey Max! Come over here man and take a load off."
  159. 06[21:47] * +Maximilian starts to mutter in his mind.
  160. 01[21:47] <@BriDm> The inn keeper gives a hearty laugh as a few of you approche the bar "OF course of course! All ale free for the next two days! An account of the beast being slayn!... The bastard killed my daughters best friend you know" he blesses himself "Four nights ago... but her death was the last. Thanks to our town hero.."
  161. 01[21:48] <@BriDm> The inn keeper is quick to poor up some drinks.. as something else catches Amunets eye...
  162. [21:48] <+Maximilian> "I wonder if Lord Makar had to deal with drunk people..."
  163. 06[21:48] * +Felix_Kinsey walks over to Max and claps him hard on the back, "Oh cheer up a little, our job's been done for us!"
  164. 06[21:48] * +Brock says to the innkeeper "I will have what he does."
  165. 01[21:49] <@BriDm> Brock gets exactly what he does, quite quickly. The mug being filled and slid towards the Northaner dogs way~
  166. 06[21:49] * +Maximilian notices that Amunet saw something in the bug head and gets closer. "You noticed something, Amunet?"
  167. 01[21:50] <@BriDm> (Yeah Amunet got PMed heh ;p)
  168. 06[21:50] * +Colm nods his head sympathetically at the barmaid* Aye, well, I can imagine. Better knowing, and seeing, than not knowing it is out there, yes? *His eyes flicker over the head, taking it in, but quickly return to the pretty woman* "I suppose you're alright now though. Do you know the man who slew it? I'd be interested in speaking with him; that's quite the beast."
  169. 06[21:50] * +Brock looks at the mug, muttering to himself "doesnt look magic..." before downing it whole. "Taste's alright, though."
  170. [21:50] <+Colm> ,roll 1d10 vs IQ 9 for figuring out what the bug is
  171. [21:50] <+Kenzie_> Colm, vs IQ 9 for figuring out what the bug is: 10
  172. [21:51] <+Amunet> "Not in the head no, but hat man" *Points* "Sems a little bit out of place for me"
  173. 06[21:51] * +Maximilian glances at the where Amunet pointed. "Now that you said so... I agree."
  174. 01[21:51] <@BriDm> Amunet points to a young gray Shorthair, though the boy has more of a build of a dog. Broad shoulders, quite strong. He does seem out of place indeed... staring out into space, his drink untouched.
  175. [21:52] <+Syd> "Bar keep. Another Bourbon."
  176. [21:52] <+Brock> "This is good! I will have another!"
  177. 01[21:52] <@BriDm> Colm heads over to the Giant bug head to take a closer look..well.. it's a bug he's sure.. but that's about all he's sure about! Those chompers it had must have been nasty....
  178. [21:52] <+Amunet> "I was traine to notice potential threats, and he's just sitting there, he hasn't even touched his drink, it seems out of place"
  179. 01[21:52] <@BriDm> The bar keeper gives another laugh and serves the two, quirking a brow as he glances towards Amunet "Oh don't worry about him my dear. You're looking at the boy who slayed the beast!"
  180. [21:53] <+Amunet> ((He was described to me as "A Grey shorthair cat... though he has a build more comparable to a dog. Very tall, broad shoulders."))
  181. 01[21:53] <@BriDm> "... Daniels a quiet boy.. but he's kind.. really. Good heart."
  182. 06[21:53] * +Syd looks towards the boy
  183. [21:53] <+Syd> "That's a boy?! He looks like a beast!"
  184. 06[21:53] * +Brock turns, refilled mug in hand, looking at the boy who slayed the bug thing. "He certainly has the build of a fighter!" he laughs before downing yet another mug
  185. 01[21:53] <@BriDm> "......why would you think I'm a beast?"
  186. 06[21:53] * +Maximilian wispers to Amunet: "I think we must stay alert for this 'boy'. I'm afraid something is fishy around here."
  187. 01[21:54] <@BriDm> he finally looks away from the wall staring at Syd
  188. 02[21:54] * BarelyBread (cgiirc@A1CF16D.214B4984.4A402970.IP) Quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
  189. [21:54] <+Amunet> "Don't worry I don't drink either
  190. [21:54] <+Syd> "Come on man. Your huge! And you brought down that guy all by yourself!"
  191. 06[21:54] * +Maximilian sighs in relief and smiles.
  192. 06[21:54] * +Felix_Kinsey Turns from his drink to look at the man "Jeez, he's huge for a cat.  I wouldn't mind squaring off 'gainst him"
  193. 01[21:55] <@BriDm> "...Doesn't really.. matter how big something is. Something sharp to the brain kills anything doesn't it?"
  194. 06[21:55] * +Colm smiles apologetically at the barman and his daughter at his companions' rudeness*
  195. 01[21:55] <@BriDm> The boy says, still a little monotone. "... I caught it off guard with my axe.. and well.. yeah"
  196. 01[21:55] <@BriDm> The boy quirks a brow at Felix "... Squaring off...?"
  197. [21:55] <+Syd> "Well congrats..."
  198. [21:55] <+Brock> "The boy speaks true! You all overthink, he does not! He is smart!"
  199. 06[21:55] * +Maximilian turns his gaze to the boy once more.
  200. 06[21:56] * +Syd notices something is up.
  201. [21:56] <+Felix_Kinsey> "A contest of strength perhaps, I'm always looking to try my luck against someone strong"
  202. [21:56] <+Maximilian> "Really? Impressive..."
  203. 06[21:57] * +Maximilian says sarcastically.
  204. 06[21:57] * +Brock turns toward felix "Well, friend, if strength you seek, i am here!"
  205. 06[21:57] * +Felix_Kinsey completely oblivious to the other's concerened looks he sits down in front of the man "Perhaps you would consider arm wrestling"
  206. 06[21:58] * +Syd comes over with my drink
  207. 01[21:58] <@BriDm> "... Arm... wrestling?" He quirks a brow seeming a little confused ".... Oh you mean. Well No.. Not really. Why would we do that?"
  208. 01[21:58] <@BriDm> The inn keeper chuckles a bit "Don't mind him. He's an awkward fellow if you haven't noticed."
  209. [21:58] <+Syd> To the barkeep "I've noticed"
  210. 06[21:58] * +Brock hands the mug back to the barkeep, thanking him for the drink.
  211. [21:59] <+Felix_Kinsey> "Well... to test our strength, does one need more of a reason?"
  212. 06[22:00] * +Maximilian gets a little closer and thinks to himself: "At least I can get a hint of how strong this 'child' is..."
  213. 01[22:00] <@BriDm> The boy seems to freeze for a few moments, trying to think of a way out of this perhaps... he then looks to the head on the wall "Isn't that proof enough?"
  214. 01[22:00] <@BriDm> Felix give us some Perception~
  215. 06[22:00] * +Amunet leans over to Maximillian "I think that if Felix can get him to compete it may be useful to us.  At least then we would know how strong the man really is"
  216. [22:00] <+Colm> "I'm sure all the attention hardly helps, especially if he's not had so much before. He seems nice enough to me." *he leans back against the bar*
  217. [22:00] <+Felix_Kinsey> ,roll 1d10
  218. [22:00] <+Kenzie_> Felix_Kinsey: 1
  219. 06[22:01] * +Syd drinks his drink and passes the glass to the barkeep
  220. 06[22:01] * +Brock leans against the beer in his stool, watching quietly.
  221. 01[22:02] <@BriDm> For those not getting horribly drunk, or pestering the poor awkward kid.. lets get an Perception check (Flat) followed by an IQ check (at -2)
  222. 01[22:02] <@BriDm> (So... Max, Amunet, and Colm. Roll would you?)
  223. [22:02] <+Amunet> ,roll 1d10
  224. [22:02] <+Kenzie_> Amunet: 2
  225. [22:02] <+Colm> ,roll 1d10 vs Perception 4-2
  226. [22:02] <+Kenzie_> Colm, vs Perception 4-2: 2
  227. [22:03] <+Brock> Im only moderately drunk, so ,1d10
  228. [22:03] <+Brock> ,1d10
  229. [22:03] <+Syd> ,roll 1d10 vs Percesption 6-2
  230. [22:03] <+Kenzie_> Syd, vs Percesption 6-2: 7
  231. [22:03] <+Brock> ,roll 1d10
  232. [22:03] <+Kenzie_> Brock: 8
  233. [22:03] <+Felix_Kinsey> "Bah, you're no fun, I believe you said something about being willing to challenge Brock?"
  234. 01[22:03] <@BriDm> The boy slowly gets up from his seat, looking at the wall behind Felix instead of the man himself "... I think I'm going to go home"
  235. [22:03] <+Maximilian> ,roll 1d10
  236. [22:03] <+Kenzie_> Maximilian: 6
  237. [22:04] <+Brock> ,roll 1d10
  238. [22:04] <+Kenzie_> Brock: 7
  239. 01[22:04] <@BriDm> 'Lacy' the barmaid peps up now giving a few of you a stern look "Really now.. leave him alone.. he's not been left alone for the past few days you know!"
  240. 01[22:04] <@BriDm> Okay. Seems only Amunet made the check....
  241. [22:04] <+Amunet> ((9 perception helps))
  242. 01[22:04] <@BriDm> And yes. I said Max, Amu, and Colm only for those rolls *finger shake* anyway
  243. 06[22:05] * +Brock growls at felix "No, next time, if offered, accept."
  244. [22:05] <+Syd> (oh shi- sorry. BTW Can I swear?)
  245. [22:05] <+Brock> ((I have 9 perception, but 5 IQ so no fair ><))
  246. 01[22:05] <@BriDm> (Swearing is fine)
  247. [22:06] <+Amunet> for IQ now
  248. 01[22:06] <@BriDm> The man starts making his way out of the inn now, walking towards the door and outside, hands at his sides unless one of you stop him.
  249. [22:06] <+Amunet> ,roll 1d10
  250. [22:06] <+Kenzie_> Amunet: 8
  251. [22:06] <+Maximilian> ,roll 1d10
  252. [22:06] <+Kenzie_> Maximilian: 2
  253. [22:06] <+Brock> ((if thats the case, i made my perception roll))
  254. [22:06] <+Syd> "Let him leave. Let's not cause anymore commotion."
  255. [22:06] <+Felix_Kinsey> "Bah, you're no fun either Brock"
  256. 01[22:07] <@BriDm> Yeah... Amunet you can't quite figure out what's bothering you about the head, you get close to it.. but something still seems wrong. You can reconize what it is:IT LOOKS like a centipede head.. just well you know HUGE
  257. [22:07] <+Colm> ((Dinnertime comes for me, I will return in 15 minutes))
  258. 06[22:07] * +Maximilian sighs in a mix to relief and dismay.
  259. 01[22:07] <@BriDm> (We'll continue playing. Colm is chatting with the barkeep for now.
  260. 06[22:08] * +Syd goes up to the bar keep
  261. 06[22:08] * +Felix_Kinsey as the man walks out I whisper to my companions "I don't think he's slept in days, he looked like he was doing his very best just to stay awake"
  262. [22:08] <+Syd> asking the bar keep" So he killed this thing? Anybody see him do it?"
  263. 06[22:09] * +Brock continues to observe the scene quietly from his stool
  264. 01[22:09] <@BriDm> On the other hand~ Max, our dear Doggish shield barer notices something is off about the head as well, walking beside Amunet and taking a look (Feel free to chat to each other you two)
  265. [22:09] <+Amunet> "Something just seems odd about the head, I think it's the eyes, but I'm not sure"
  266. 01[22:09] <@BriDm> the inn keeper shrugs "Can't say we did. But he showed us the corpse well enough. That heads only the tip of it.. the thing was DAMN long.. Two horses didn't cover it any. Rest of the body's down in the basement... thinking about finding a buyer... hear some folk in the desert make armor out of stuff like that"
  267. [22:10] <+Maximilian> "Geez, something is really wrong with that head, but I can't put my finger on it..."
  268. [22:10] <+Syd> "Mind if I look?"
  269. [22:11] <+Amunet> "If you think you can figure it out go ahead"
  270. 01[22:11] <@BriDm> *Pms Max)
  271. 06[22:12] * +Felix_Kinsey walks over the the guys looking at the head "Something interesting going on here?"
  272. 01[22:12] <@BriDm> "... but it's the real deal" The Inn keeper says simple "Minute Daniel showed up with that thing the killings stopped. The best is dead. And.. Daniel aint a boy to trick us like that... I think you're thinking too hard strangers... your bountys lost. Accept it"
  273. [22:13] <+Brock> "I agree. You overthink."
  274. 01[22:13] <@BriDm> "Still getting free ale's out of it! So why complain" the heavy Ragmuffing laughed "Take the blessings there are!"
  275. [22:13] <+Felix_Kinsey> "Indeed, give me another!"
  276. [22:13] <+Syd> "Sure why not. Pass me another bourbon if you please".
  277. [22:14] <+Brock> "Pass, i am done."
  278. 06[22:14] * +Maximilian tilts his head a bit confused, looking at the bug head a little more closer... The eyes are certainly missing... that's for sure... and... a quick tap of his hand shows the thing to be hallow.... you're pretty sure it IS real.. it feels real certainly.. if a little thin...
  279. 01[22:14] <@BriDm> *Chuckles* and thus more booze is given out as our responcible Shield bearing Max's eyes go a little wide.
  280. [22:14] <+Maximilian> "Bugs....tend to shed their skin when they're growing larger... could this be...?"
  281. 06[22:14] * +Syd chugs his drink down
  282. 06[22:14] * +Syd turns to the party
  283. [22:14] <+Syd> "Well guys...
  284. [22:15] <+Syd> "I'm going for a walk."
  285. 01[22:15] <@BriDm> (Sorry if things are going a little slow starting out folks~)
  286. 06[22:15] * +Maximilian turns to Syd. "Make sure to come back."
  287. [22:15] <+Brock> "My head... fuzzy. What is wrong?"
  288. 06[22:15] * +Amunet checks to see what he means "Indeed, if this is anything like a desert worm it does, tell me does it seem like it weould make good armour?"
  289. 06[22:16] * +Syd leaves
  290. [22:16] <+Felix_Kinsey> "You've only had one drink and you're already going fuzzy? man you really haven't had beer before."
  291. [22:16] <+Brock> "Two."
  292. 01[22:16] <@BriDm> (MAx distracted by something here? hahaha)
  293. [22:17] <+Felix_Kinsey> "Not much better"
  294. 06[22:17] * +Maximilian gets near Amunet and wispers: "Do you think that bug just left it's skin and flew away, giving that boy the oportunity to become a hero?"
  295. [22:17] <+Maximilian> "I'm sure that's it."
  296. 01[22:17] <@BriDm> Syd heads on outside of course. The light rain has gotten a bit harder so people are starting to head inside~
  297. [22:17] <+Maximilian> We're in bigger trouble now.
  298. [22:17] <+Brock> "Syd said drink was magic... but i feel worse..."
  299. 06[22:18] * +Syd looks around and notices a guard at the gate
  300. [22:18] <+Amunet> "I certainly hope not, cause if so we're dealing with something much bigger than what we see now... but I don't doubt it."
  301. 01[22:18] <@BriDm> Yup.. the guard is still where you left him, looking quite comfortable I might add~
  302. 01[22:19] <@BriDm> Amunet and MAximillians conversation gets the barmaids notice.. but she doesn't seem to have heard it all "... what are you two taking about...?"
  303. [22:19] <+Maximilian> "We'd better stay awake during night... the last thing I want is a giant moth attacking us while asleep."
  304. 06[22:19] * +Syd walks over and starts a conversation
  305. 06[22:19] * +Maximilian turns to the barmaid.
  306. [22:19] <+Syd> "Sooo guard..."
  307. 06[22:20] * +Amunet sneaks back next to Brock "think you could do something with that hammer of yours?"
  308. [22:20] <+Syd> "How long has Ol'Daniel been here?"
  309. 01[22:20] <@BriDm> The man raises his hat a little bit glancing towards Syd "What can I do for you strange?"
  310. 06[22:20] * +Brock turns to amunet "Of course, it is good hammer. What is needed?"
  311. 01[22:21] <@BriDm> The Guard shrugs "... was born and raised. Local boy like I said.. always a little strange.. though a damn lot stranger since he killed the beasty if you ask me. REcking he doesn't like the attention though."
  312. [22:21] <+Maximilian> "We suspect that 'hero', as you call him, is lying about the death of the beast."
  313. [22:21] <+Amunet> "Hit the head on the wall, if it's just shedded skin it should break easy, if not your hammer will probably just bounce off of it"
  314. 01[22:21] <@BriDm> ,roll 1d10
  315. [22:21] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 8
  316. [22:22] <+Syd> "Doesn't seem like it. Does he work for a guild or something? He is pretty big."
  317. 06[22:22] * +Brock stands up. "Alright, i will do. My vision is odd, but can be done." He works over to the bug head, and takes his maul off his back.
  318. 01[22:22] <@BriDm> "..  naw.. nothing like that. His father's a jack, and the boy's the same. Reason he was out in the woods with the axe."
  319. 01[22:23] <@BriDm> Right then. brock is getting some confused looks from the people who own the place now. The few half drunken paitrons looking his way too "... what are you...?"
  320. [22:23] <+Brock> ,roll 1d10
  321. [22:23] <+Kenzie_> Brock: 9
  322. 06[22:23] * @BriDm chuckles
  323. 06[22:23] * +Brock swings his hammer at the head of the centipede.
  324. [22:23] <+Syd> "Where's his father? I 'd like to speak to him."
  325. 01[22:23] <@BriDm> ATT roll for this Brock. ;p
  326. 06[22:23] * +Maximilian notices Brock and Amunet getting near the bug head and walks near them.
  327. 01[22:23] <@BriDm> (1dX X being your ATT)
  328. [22:23] <+Brock> (my bad.)
  329. 01[22:24] <@BriDm> (It's cool)
  330. [22:24] <+Brock> ,roll 1d5
  331. [22:24] <+Kenzie_> Brock: 1
  332. [22:24] <+Brock> (of course)
  333. [22:24] <+Maximilian> (Tsk)
  334. 01[22:25] <@BriDm> Amunet seems to have forgotten one important factor in this plan of hers: the amount of drinks Brock has had, and the fact the northaner doesn't even know what alchol IS. He swings, and he misses, hitting the fireplace instead, those around him now quite aware of what the northaner is trying to do
  335. 06[22:25] * +Felix_Kinsey stands back to watch the hit, having heard the plan
  336. 06[22:25] * +Maximilian steps back. "What are you guys doing?!"
  337. 01[22:25] <@BriDm> "What the hell! Get away from there you drunken lout!" The inn keeper slams his hands on the table, the barmaid similarly holding her mouth in surprise.
  338. [22:25] <+Brock> "Damn. I will try again, amunet, but my control is not what im used to."
  339. [22:25] <+Brock> (can i have another go?)
  340. 01[22:26] <@BriDm> (go ahead, but after that they're all after you~)
  341. [22:26] <+Brock> ,roll 1d5
  342. [22:26] <+Kenzie_> Brock: 3
  343. 06[22:26] * +Amunet draws bow and shouts "Stand back!  If I'm right then this is nothing more then shedded skin and we still have a problem"
  344. 01[22:27] <@BriDm> heh ;p No worries Amunet. The drunken lout maanges to raise his hammer properly the second time. It easily slams into the head, and it crumbles, going right through easily. More of it starts to shatter, turning into nothing more then dust like partcles as it falls apart.
  345. 06[22:27] * +Colm walks back in, having apparently decided to go outside to take care of some business, and stops in the doorway as his drunken companion seems to be readying another hammer to chuck at the head. He looks momentarily angry, but at Amunet's words, stops and closes his mouth, watching with cool interest from the doorway.
  346. 01[22:27] <@BriDm> On the negative side, this seems to have ROYALLY pissed off EVERYONE in the bar.
  347. 06[22:27] * +Maximilian relaxes a little, aknowledged of the plan.
  348. 01[22:27] <@BriDm> All of which are staring at the two with eyes of rage "How dare you!"
  349. 01[22:27] <@BriDm> Syd on the other hand~
  350. 06[22:28] * +Brock turns to face the crowd, maul still prepared. He growls at amunet "How this fit in your plan?"
  351. [22:28] <+Amunet> "It's nothing more then shedded skin, the real creature is still out there or it wouldn't have broken"
  352. [22:28] <+Syd> "Where's his father? I 'd like to speak to him."
  353. 01[22:28] <@BriDm> Is still chatting with the guard ".. hmm? Boy lives with his old man... the two of them live in the log house at the far end of town.. nothing fancy. Kids old Man Roger build it himself."
  354. 06[22:28] * +Felix_Kinsey reaches for his battleax, ready to draw it in case things got nasty, more as a threat than anything else though
  355. [22:29] <+Syd> "Alright. Thanks. I'll be taking my leave."
  356. 06[22:29] * +Syd walks away towards the bar.
  357. [22:29] <+Maximilian> "The beast evolved and left it's skin, everyone! That boy was fooling all of you the whole time!"
  358. 01[22:29] <@BriDm> The barmaid of course... rushes away hiding behind the bar, not some badass warrior type. The people at the bar stepping up to fae off against our adventures.....
  359. 01[22:29] <@BriDm> (MAximillian, Gives us a Cha check~. -1)
  360. [22:30] <+Maximilian> (A what? Whatever.)
  361. [22:30] <+Brock> (thanks for running out on us colm, with your cha stat >:|)
  362. 01[22:30] <@BriDm> (Charisma check. 1d10)
  363. [22:30] <+Maximilian> ,roll 1d10
  364. [22:30] <+Kenzie_> Maximilian: 5
  365. 06[22:30] * +Syd walks in and notices all the rukus.
  366. [22:30] <+Maximilian> (Oh wait... I got it. Sorry.)
  367. [22:30] <+Syd> "The hell is going on in here?!"
  368. [22:30] <+Maximilian> (Let me try again.)
  369. [22:31] <+Maximilian> ,roll 1d6
  370. [22:31] <+Kenzie_> Maximilian: 5
  371. 01[22:31] <@BriDm> Hmm a partial success. They all give Max a strange look... they're still pissed off.. but standing back for now "... the hell are you talking about boy.....?"
  372. 01[22:31] <@BriDm> (It's 1d10 for attribute checks max ;p)
  373. 01[22:31] <@BriDm> (Regardless of their value)
  374. [22:31] <+Maximilian> (Oh...)
  375. 01[22:31] <@BriDm> (the 1dX is for combat stats. Don't worry you'll get the hang of it)
  376. 01[22:32] <@BriDm> ".. seems to me you're trying to steal the fame from a local!" One of the drunken attendants yells "Can't except we could take care of it ourselves!"
  377. [22:32] <+Amunet> "Your barman said it himself, the desert tribes use this type of creature to make armoiur, did that look like it wouls make a good armour?"
  378. [22:32] <+Brock> (Im not sure the music we are currently listening to properly fits anymore ><)
  379. [22:32] <+Maximilian> (ok, then.) "Does I looks like want some stupid fame for you?!"
  380. 06[22:32] * +Colm feels Syd bump against him, taking a step forward out of the door, and motions to his companions to keep their hands away from their weapons, his cloak swishing against his side as the bump reveals his rapier, as well as half a dozen glimmering knives on the inside of his coat*
  381. 01[22:32] <@BriDm> hehe ;p
  382. [22:33] <+Brock> "My hammer, it destroy bug head. It would be bad armor."
  383. 06[22:33] * +Syd pulls out his dagger.
  384. [22:33] <+Syd> "What'd I miss?" *playfully*
  385. 01[22:34] <@BriDm> "What you missed is the lot of you are getting the hell out of my inn! And styaing out!"
  386. 01[22:34] <@BriDm> he points towards the door "And we don't take kindly to stranges waving around their weapons either!"
  387. [22:34] <+Maximilian> "Listen, the beast is still out there! We will keep you all safe, we promise! We're not here for fame, but to do what it's right and succeed on our mission that is defeat that vicious beast!"
  388. 06[22:34] * +Syd turns to the barkeep.
  389. 06[22:34] * +Colm rubs the bridge of his nose* It looks like that would be best. Come on, Brock, Amunet.
  390. [22:35] <+Syd> "I'd sit down ans shut up if I were you."
  391. [22:35] <+Felix_Kinsey> "I think we'd best leave anyways, we have as job to do now correct?"
  392. 06[22:35] * +Brock puts his maul back on his back, hit max on his shoulder as he made for the door "Be quit."
  393. [22:35] <+Colm> Syd... this is their place, not ours.
  394. [22:35] <+Brock> ((*quiet ><))
  395. 06[22:35] * +Maximilian sighs, lowering his arms.
  396. [22:35] <+Colm> Don't threaten them, they have every right to be angry.
  397. 01[22:35] <@BriDm> (syd feel free to make a charisma check if you want...or you can leave with your friends if you wish)
  398. 06[22:36] * +Amunet heads towards the door, bow still in hand in case anyone tries something
  399. [22:36] <+Syd> "Fine. You win."
  400. 06[22:36] * +Maximilian follows everyone out of the inn.
  401. 06[22:36] * +Felix_Kinsey follows the others out
  402. 06[22:36] * +Syd leaves with everybody.
  403. 01[22:36] <@BriDm> http://www.rainymood.com/
  404. [22:36] <+Syd> (My album has that already xD)
  405. 06[22:37] * +Colm steps back out of the inn, shaking his head at his companions. "Couldn't you have just asked them to take it down from the wall?"
  406. [22:37] <+Brock> "Meh."
  407. [22:37] <+Syd> "He's too drunk to care I think"
  408. [22:37] <+Amunet> "They wouldn't have let us try to smash it anyways"
  409. 01[22:37] <@BriDm> You all go back outside... the rain has gotten heavier....the sky has gotten darker... as has the situation in question. You all now know the head as fake... or rather... not the creatures true corpse. It's still out there.... but.. in your impulsive actions to prove as much... The towns folk don't belive you.
  410. 06[22:37] * +Maximilian places his shield over his head to prevent getting wet.
  411. [22:37] <+Syd> "Not a bad first experience. Eh, Brock?"
  412. [22:38] <+Brock> "Syd, i do like magic drink."
  413. 01[22:38] <@BriDm> Still.. the bounty is still yours if you can prove as much... so what is there to be done now?
  414. [22:38] <+Colm> You didn't need to smash it... if you just lifted it, you could have told if it weighed too little to be flesh.
  415. [22:38] <+Brock> "Very bad first experience."
  416. 06[22:38] * +Amunet shivers in the rain, used to the deserts
  417. [22:38] <+Brock> ((*do not FFFFFFFFFFFUUU))
  418. [22:38] <+Syd> "Come on guys. Let's find shelter for the night."
  419. 06[22:38] * +Colm shakes his head. "We need to find that thing, and quickly. It probably has been lying low while its shell was hardening, but if it has been several days, it might be active again."
  420. [22:39] <+Colm> Not to mention, after that little stunt you pulled, any more disappearances will likely be blamed on us rather than the beast.
  421. 06[22:39] * +Maximilian looks at Amunet and keeps his shield above her.
  422. [22:39] <+Felix_Kinsey> "Indeed, I think it best if we keep moving tonight, instead of stopping"
  423. [22:39] <+Syd> "Let's to Daniel's old man and see if he has anything to say that will put some light on this. Good with everybody?"
  424. 06[22:39] * +Amunet smiles at Maximilian "Thank you"
  425. [22:39] <+Syd> (go to*)
  426. [22:40] <+Maximilian> "We should go look for that beast. We have no good place to sleep for now."
  427. [22:40] <+Amunet> "Sounds like a good idea, he probably hasn't heard about what happened yet"
  428. 06[22:40] * +Brock whispers to amunet "So, how did plan turn out, eh?
  429. [22:40] <+Amunet> "heh, it prved me right didn't it?"
  430. [22:40] <+Brock> "Was right worth it?"
  431. [22:40] <+Colm> Let's go then, before someone DOES tell them. *the feline strides off meaningfully, gesturing for the others to follow*
  432. 06[22:41] * +Maximilian smirks, shaking his head to take out the water on him.
  433. [22:41] <+Maximilian> "Let's go then."
  434. [22:41] <+Amunet> "Better to have information about the bad, than to be dangerously threatened by ignorance"
  435. [22:41] <+Syd> "Follow me. He lives at the end of the town."
  436. 06[22:41] * +Syd proceeds to head to the house
  437. 06[22:41] * +Felix_Kinsey follows
  438. 06[22:42] * +Maximilian follows, trying to keep Amunet covered from the raindrops.
  439. 06[22:42] * +Brock removes his hat from bag, and put it back on his head, to reply "As long as this doesnt hurt us in end." as he follows along
  440. 01[22:42] <@BriDm> The party continues forward, walking through the rain and to the isolated little log cabin at the edge of town. Walking up the few creeking steps of its front patio, and the wood door stands infront of you....
  441. 01[22:42] <@BriDm> http://www.youtuberepeat.com/watch/?v=kMFCWJ3R68U
  442. 01[22:43] <@BriDm> it's starting to get a little darker now, form the windows you can see a faint light, likely little more then a candle inside.
  443. [22:43] <+Syd> "Shall we knock?"
  444. 02[22:43] * +Colm (TD@1AF093AC.F24988FD.7B19A066.IP) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
  445. 06[22:43] * +Felix_Kinsey steps up and knocks hard a couple of times on the door
  446. 03[22:43] * Colm (TD@1AF093AC.F24988FD.7B19A066.IP) has joined #BcBgames
  447. 01[22:43] <@BriDm> (what's the last thing you saw td?)
  448. 03[22:43] * BriDm sets mode: +v Colm
  449. [22:43] <+Colm> The last thing I saw was "its starting to get a little darker now"
  450. [22:44] <+Maximilian> Felix_Kinsey steps up and knocks hard a couple of times on the door
  451. [22:44] <+Colm> "Better to have information and the townsfolk both. I expected better from you, Amunet." *Colm sounds disappointed as the group approaches the patio, then eyes the dark woods cautiously* "But its in the past now, what is done is done. You have better eyes than I do, Amunet, can you keep an eye out for that thing while we talk to him?"
  452. [22:44] <+Amunet> "Gladly, it's what I do best"
  453. [22:45] <+Brock> "If amunet watches, i do too. My eyes do well."
  454. 06[22:45] * +Colm smiles at her, glad that she isn't upset with him, before his eyes return to the door. Casting his cloak over his rapier once more, he steps up next to Felix, standing to the side.*
  455. 06[22:45] * +Amunet turns and watches the behind them, in case the creature appears
  456. 06[22:45] * +Syd puts his dagger back in the sheath
  457. 01[22:46] <@BriDm> (heh ;p)
  458. [22:46] <+Maximilian> "You two may need some cover, so I gladly will stay."
  459. 01[22:46] <@BriDm> (missed that one somehow anyway)
  460. 01[22:46] <@BriDm> From inside you hear a familiar voice say bluntly "The doors unlocked"
  461. [22:46] <+Syd> "We're coming in."
  462. 06[22:46] * +Brock turns away from the house, watching out through the darkening afternoon.
  463. 06[22:46] * +Syd wlaks in
  464. [22:46] <+Syd> (walks)
  465. 06[22:47] * +Colm follows, his eyes looking for the occupants*
  466. 06[22:47] * +Amunet smiles at Maximilian 'Thank you, it is much better this way"
  467. 06[22:47] * +Maximilian keep his eyes open to the darkness, making sure nothing comes closer unnoticed.
  468. [22:47] <+Syd> "Roger?"
  469. [22:47] <+Syd> "I have a few questions."
  470. 06[22:48] * +Felix_Kinsey enters the house, standing behind Syd
  471. 01[22:48] <@BriDm> The place has an old musty smell to it as you walk in, the floors creeking beneth your feet. 'Roger' doesn't seem to be present. Just the boy, Daniel. Sitting in the center of the room before a table, a single candle bringing light to the shadowy room.
  472. 01[22:48] <@BriDm> "Roger isn't here." he said in his usual mono-tone way, still looking at the wall "... He's out in the woods."
  473. [22:49] <+Syd> "Know when he'd be back?"
  474. 01[22:49] <@BriDm> "No. I don't"
  475. 06[22:49] * +Colm nods to him. "I have a question for you, if you don't mind. When you found that thing, was it... sleeping?"
  476. [22:49] <+Felix_Kinsey> "We got some bad news for you then, that worm thing ain't dead"
  477. 06[22:50] * +Colm winces slightly at Felix's words quickly undercutting his own*
  478. 06[22:50] * @BriDm the boy finally glances your way... if slowly, still staring unblinking,,, taking particular notice of Felix.
  479. 06[22:50] * +Brock mentions nonchalantly to Amunet and max "The rain is good, my vision is not fuzzy."
  480. 01[22:50] <@BriDm> "...It's dead... I put an axe in its head. That makes things dead doesn't it...?"
  481. [22:51] <+Felix_Kinsey> 'You put an axe in skin that it left behind, nothing was in that skin though"
  482. [22:51] <+Syd> "So in other words... You messed up."
  483. 01[22:51] <@BriDm> "...sleeping..?" He tilted his head.. almost as if he didn't know what the word meant "...just.. the skin?"
  484. [22:51] <+Amunet> "You're unnafected by it?  I can't see very far"
  485. [22:51] <+Colm> I meant... when you got to it, was it moving?
  486. [22:51] <+Colm> Or did it attack you?
  487. 06[22:52] * +Maximilian smiles, but it quickly fades away as he focus once more. "I hope so, Brock."
  488. 01[22:52] <@BriDm> "Not before or after... like I said. I caught it off guard. If it got the chance to do that I would be dead."
  489. [22:52] <+Brock> "In my homeland, conditions are always harsh. Your eyes must adapt or you will be blind."
  490. [22:52] <+Syd> "So I guess it's still out there."
  491. [22:52] <+Brock> "And the northern blizzards are much thicker than this rain."
  492. [22:53] <+Amunet> "I am used to the blaring sun, but not this.  I certainly hope you can see better than me or it could probably get the drop on us"
  493. 06[22:53] * +Colm nods his head thoughtfully. "When I was little boy, I found a bug about the size of my hand. I managed to trap it in a box and take it home, and fed it little bits of bread from my meals. A few days later, I fond it lying there motionless in the box. I thought it had died, so I went out and buried it, but a few days later, my mom shrieked when she found it, alive and well, in her bed.
  494. 06[22:53] * +Colm They shed their skins, then go and hide for a few days for their new one to grow in."
  495. [22:54] <+Brock> "I not think it will come. But we'll see."
  496. [22:54] <+Amunet> "I keep seeing shapes in the rain, only to find that they aren't truly there.  It is rather unnerving"
  497. [22:54] <+Colm> ,roll 1d10 vs Charisma 9
  498. [22:54] <+Kenzie_> Colm, vs Charisma 9: 9
  499. 01[22:55] <@BriDm> The boy stares at colm for a few moments... then to the wall again. His ears twitch a little, he makes a little clicking noise with his tongue like he's trying to think ..
  500. [22:55] <+Brock> "Is something only constant haze teaches you to discern."
  501. 01[22:55] <@BriDm> ".. I... think I understand... It tricked me Didn't it...?"
  502. [22:55] <+Felix_Kinsey> "indeed it did, and now it's still out there, and probably more dangerous than before"
  503. 06[22:55] * +Colm nods his head. "Yeah, it tricked me too. I would never have known myself, either, from that head on the wall."
  504. [22:56] <+Brock> "If always you are blind, then other senses adapt."
  505. [22:56] <+Syd> "First things first. We need to warn the town."
  506. [22:56] <+Maximilian> "Try to hear, instead of seeing."
  507. 01[22:56] <@BriDm> "...... No.. they'll be angry at me... I need to go fix this..."
  508. [22:56] <+Maximilian> "That's a thing I've learned with my old clan."
  509. [22:57] <+Colm> "Do you want us to help you?" Colm asks politely, keeping his face neutral.
  510. [22:57] <+Brock> "Max is right. The rain not too loud."
  511. [22:57] <+Syd> "I don't think he wants our help."
  512. 01[22:57] <@BriDm> The boy slowly starts to get up, walking towards an axe on the wall, at a rather.. slow and steady pace. "Yes. Come with me. I'll show you where I found it."
  513. [22:57] <+Amunet> "Dont worry, my hearing is sharp enough, I just worry that if it's flying it won't be very loud..."
  514. [22:57] <+Syd> (Scratch that)
  515. [22:57] <+Syd> "Alright. You lead."
  516. 06[22:57] * +Syd begins to follow
  517. [22:57] <+Brock> "HA! The beating of wings always stick out like thumb."
  518. 06[22:58] * +Felix_Kinsey "Alright we're headed out"  following the others
  519. 06[22:58] * +Colm nods his head, then moves out the door to his companions who are chattering in the rain. "He's going to help us find the thing. You ready?"
  520. 06[22:58] * +Colm fixes them with a level gaze. "And no insulting him this time. He doesn't know much about these things, but he looks handy enough with an axe, and I don't want him going off on his own."
  521. [22:59] <+Maximilian> "I had to always stay alert for flying beast while in the woods. If you don't notice anything, I may support you."
  522. [22:59] <+Amunet> "oh, looks like we're moving, keep your eyes peeled though, still don't want it getting behind us"
  523. 01[22:59] <@BriDm> The boy walks out, now armed with his axe, still as blank faced always though.. and still looking so tired as he walks past those talking and towards the woods without a word.
  524. 06[22:59] * +Brock turns to colm, and nods.
  525. [22:59] <+Syd> (I'll be gone for about half an hour. Is that okay?)
  526. 01[22:59] <@BriDm> (Sure. We'll set you on auto-mode in the mean time.)
  527. [22:59] <+Syd> (Alright thanks.)
  528. 06[22:59] * +Brock  follows the boy, staying alert
  529. 01[22:59] <@BriDm> Right then, everyone following ;p Great~
  530. 06[23:00] * +Maximilian gets up, still covering Amunet with his shield while shaking his head once in a while to take out the water from his fur, and follows the others.
  531. 06[23:00] * +Colm follows, slipping his rapier from his sheath as he does so, a throwing knife in his off-hand as he eyes the trees cautiously*
  532. 06[23:00] * +Felix_Kinsey whispers to the others "I'm not sure how good that boy'll be in a fight, judging how tired he is, be ready to defend him if nessesary"
  533. 01[23:00] <@BriDm> You slowly start to make your way through the woods. The path the boy takes is... not really a 'path' in anyway. cutting around trees, and underbushed...going far off the beaten path as you go deeper into the woods, and the sky above you only gets darker.
  534. 06[23:00] * +Amunet noticing the others drawing their weapons she gets her bow ready, tring not to get the drawstring wt
  535. 01[23:01] <@BriDm> ,roll 5#1d10
  536. [23:01] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 4;10;3;7;9
  537. 06[23:02] * +Maximilian notices Amunet taking out her bow and holds hie long sword tight, taking it away from his shoulder.
  538. 01[23:02] <@BriDm> it's about.. an hour before the boy finally stops. DEspite his tiredness his pace not once changing, axe still in hand. He points to a gthering of trees, signs of a cleaning behind them not far "... There.. I saw it there..."
  539. 01[23:02] <@BriDm> (Also Amunet pm time~)
  540. 06[23:02] * +Brock removes maul from his back, and goes to investigate where the boy is pointing
  541. [23:03] <+Amunet> (I am confused by your PM)
  542. 06[23:03] * +Colm nods, looking around slowly. "Do you see any tracks, Amunet?" *Colm looks himself, but is nowhere near as skilled*
  543. [23:03] <+Amunet> (Nevermind)
  544. [23:03] <+Colm> Stick together. We don't want it to get one of us on its own, that thing is huge.
  545. [23:04] <+Amunet> "Something's off, does anybody else smell that?... GET AWAY FROM THE BOY!"
  546. 06[23:04] * +Felix_Kinsey jumps at Amunet's scream, drawing his battleaxe in the progress
  547. 06[23:04] * +Maximilian steps back, on guard.
  548. 06[23:05] * +Brock turns to face the boy after walking past him, the air foul. Hearing Amunets yell, he quickly starts backpedalling toward where the boy pointed, mace in front of him
  549. 06[23:05] * +Colm rolls to the side instictively at Amunet's scream, wet leaves sticking to his cloak
  550. [23:05] <+Colm> Of course, I should have seen it before.
  551. 01[23:05] <@BriDm> The boy looks back at Amunet... Suddenly his mouth opening wide.. and Wider......Two huge mandibles suddenly tearing out of it....
  552. 01[23:05] <@BriDm> http://www.youtuberepeat.com/watch/?v=vui0HKnrxso
  553. [23:05] <+Brock> "Great warlord winter, what is it?"
  554. 06[23:06] * +Amunet Fires her bow at the creature emerging
  555. [23:06] <+Colm> Hello friend. *the adventurer smirks, his eyes cold as he watches it emerge, then, almost subaudibly, they begin to hear some sound; it takes a moment for them to realize it is from the throat of the man*
  556. 01[23:06] <@BriDm> His arms and legs start to shake, going completely limp before a tear starts to rip through the center of his body... Then abruptly as it started it falls in two, black blood pooring out as a huge multilegged instect leaps out from the tear, .. but this insect is easily the size of a man!
  557. 01[23:07] <@BriDm> Okay then! Initive Time Folks. First round is Amunet and the bug ONLY. Second round has everyone.
  558. 01[23:07] <@BriDm> Initive is a 1d10 roll ;p
  559. [23:07] <+Brock> ,roll 1d10
  560. [23:07] <+Kenzie_> Brock: 10
  561. 01[23:07] <@BriDm> ,roll 1d10
  562. [23:07] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 10
  563. [23:07] <+Amunet> ,roll 1d10
  564. [23:07] <+Kenzie_> Amunet: 8
  565. [23:07] <+Brock> ((FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUU))
  566. [23:07] <+Colm> ,roll 1d4 because I'm a pansy songblade
  567. [23:07] <+Kenzie_> Colm, because I'm a pansy songblade: 2
  568. 01[23:07] <@BriDm> (Everyone else may roll now as well. We'll need it next round~)
  569. [23:08] <+Brock> ((Wait, low is good, right?
  570. [23:08] <+Felix_Kinsey> ,roll 1d10
  571. [23:08] <+Kenzie_> Felix_Kinsey: 10
  572. [23:08] <+Colm> High is good for initiative I believe
  573. [23:08] <+Maximilian> ,roll 1d10
  574. [23:08] <+Kenzie_> Maximilian: 9
  575. 01[23:08] <@BriDm> (yeah it is~)
  576. [23:09] <+Amunet> (Then I guess I lost first initiative roll)
  577. 01[23:09] <@BriDm> (that's everyone~)
  578. [23:10] <+Brock> (everyone- even the monster rolled awful)
  579. 01[23:10] <@BriDm> The bug lashes out first, a countless shaking legs making it seem like it's gliding across the ground like ice, before you even notice it's up in the hardy northaners Face, Mandibles clicking!
  580. 01[23:10] <@BriDm> (Brock Need a DEF roll!)
  581. [23:10] <+Brock> ,roll 1d7
  582. [23:10] <+Kenzie_> Brock: 7
  583. 01[23:10] <@BriDm> ,roll 1d10
  584. [23:10] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 10
  585. [23:11] <+Brock> (Har har! The cold makes you strong!)
  586. 01[23:11] <@BriDm> (Man that 1d10 is broke today ain't it? No it's attack isn't 10. Just a boost from being semi-surprised)
  587. [23:11] <+Colm> (Eh, faces aer overrated anyway.))
  588. [23:11] <+Brock> "No one catches a Northerner on unawares!"
  589. 01[23:11] <@BriDm> Brock you feel a sudden terrible pain in your leg, the creature wraps around your lower body, you fall to the ground as your blood starts to spill... (3 Damage Brock. And your DEF is 0 against the next attack...)
  590. 01[23:12] <@BriDm> (and huh this song goes silent for a 1/5th of it darnit)
  591. 01[23:12] <@BriDm> (oh well ;p)
  592. [23:12] <+Brock> "ARGH! You bug! I will squish you too!"
  593. 01[23:12] <@BriDm> Amunet. Your go~
  594. 03[23:13] * Syd_ (~chatzilla@Rizon-94FBE5D2.cia.com) has joined #BcBgames
  595. 06[23:13] * +Amunet whispers to the winds as she prepares her bow, it seems like the wind picks up even more.  She fires her arrow knowing it will hit true (Never Miss used)
  596. 01[23:14] <@BriDm> (Alright. Roll attack~)
  597. [23:14] <+Amunet> ,roll 1d6
  598. [23:14] <+Kenzie_> Amunet: 3
  599. 01[23:14] <@BriDm> ,roll 3#1d6
  600. [23:14] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 5;3;4
  601. 01[23:14] <@BriDm> ,roll 3#1d6
  602. [23:14] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 5;3;4
  603. 01[23:14] <@BriDm> ,roll 3#1d6
  604. [23:14] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 4;3;4
  605. 01[23:14] <@BriDm> (Darn never miss)
  606. 01[23:14] <@BriDm> ,roll 3#1d6
  607. [23:14] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 6;4;6
  608. 01[23:14] <@BriDm> ,roll 3#1d6
  609. [23:14] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 2;6;2
  610. [23:15] <+Amunet> (Geez, good thing I used it)
  611. 01[23:15] <@BriDm> (Heh. Normally it gets only a 1d6. BUT well yeah.)
  612. 02[23:15] * +Syd (~chatzilla@Rizon-94FBE5D2.cia.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  613. [23:15] <+Colm> Also, aren't you an archer?
  614. [23:15] <+Colm> ((So shouldn't your attack for that be 8, not 6?))
  615. [23:16] <+Felix_Kinsey> (Oh shi- I forgot)
  616. 01[23:16] <@BriDm> The arrow does indeed hit... but it's a minor wound none the less, barely noticing it as it continues to try and dig its fangs into the barberians neck. Having since crawled further up.. forcing the man to raise his mighty hands to keep its fangs at bay.
  617. 01[23:16] <@BriDm> (Yes yes I noticed that too. Added 2 to the damage for now, next time it'll just be the 1d8 though)
  618. 01[23:16] <@BriDm> Next round. And I would like another perception check from everyone. Flat. Nice and easy.
  619. [23:17] <+Colm> ,roll 1d10 vs Perception 4
  620. [23:17] <+Kenzie_> Colm, vs Perception 4: 5
  621. [23:17] <+Brock> "Argh! I appreciate thought, but someone get bug off!"
  622. [23:17] <+Maximilian> ,roll 1d10 vs Perception 7
  623. [23:17] <+Kenzie_> Maximilian, vs Perception 7: 10
  624. [23:17] <+Amunet> ,roll 1d10
  625. [23:17] <+Kenzie_> Amunet: 2
  626. 01[23:17] <@BriDm> Perception being 1d10~
  627. [23:17] <+Felix_Kinsey> ,roll 1d10
  628. [23:17] <+Kenzie_> Felix_Kinsey: 8
  629. [23:17] <+Brock> , roll 1d10 vs perception 9
  630. [23:18] <+Brock> ,roll 1d10 vs perception 9
  631. [23:18] <+Kenzie_> Brock, vs perception 9: 8
  632. 01[23:18] <@BriDm> And Amunet your use is proven once again. Your keen ears twitch. You hear more of them.. this is but one of..... Three you belive.. two more now rushing in from the clearing, trying to take the long way to be unnoticed, but their chittering legs do not escpae your ears.
  633. 01[23:18] <@BriDm> It seems our dear 'Daniel' was leading you into an ambush.
  634. 06[23:18] * +Colm pretends to be surprised.
  635. 01[23:18] <@BriDm> Initive order: Initive: Brock-10 Felix-10  Bug-10 Maximilian-9  Amunet-8 Bug2-6 Bug3-4 Colm-2
  636. 01[23:19] <@BriDm> Brock. You're up~
  637. [23:19] <+Amunet> "Get ready guys, at least three more on the way!"
  638. 06[23:19] * +Brock growls at the bug "I will squish you!" Shoving it away and swinging is maul at it
  639. [23:19] <+Brock> ,roll 1d5
  640. [23:19] <+Kenzie_> Brock: 4
  641. 01[23:20] <@BriDm> ,roll 1d6
  642. [23:20] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 2
  643. 01[23:20] <@BriDm> A swift heavy hammer head to the head finally gets the beast off the Northaner, the dog quickly scrambling to hits feet.
  644. 03[23:20] * BriDm sets mode: +v Syd_
  645. 01[23:21] <@BriDm> Felix your go~
  646. [23:21] <+Syd_> (NEVERMIND
  647. 03[23:21] * Syd_ is now known as Syd
  648. [23:21] <+Syd> ,roll 1d10
  649. [23:21] <+Kenzie_> Syd: 1
  650. [23:21] <+Syd> 9MUTHERFUUU-)
  651. [23:21] <+Colm> ((You are even slower than the guy who rolls 1d4 for initiative. Well done! :P ))
  652. 06[23:21] * +Felix_Kinsey Seeing his chance, Felix jumps on the bug that Brock just threw off of him
  653. [23:22] <+Felix_Kinsey> ,roll 1d9
  654. [23:22] <+Kenzie_> Felix_Kinsey: 8
  655. 01[23:22] <@BriDm> ,roll 1d6
  656. [23:22] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 1
  657. [23:22] <+Brock> ((Go felix, its ya birthday))
  658. 01[23:23] <@BriDm> 'Daniel' the giant centiped rears its ugly head, hissing in a clicking noise as it rushes at Brock once again, mandibles wishing for his throat..... but by the time it gets to him it discovers a rather big problem:It has no head or manidbles to bite him with... it withering body shaking on the ground in death.
  659. 01[23:24] <@BriDm> Maxy~ your go. Two more bugs within the forest and coming your way fyi
  660. [23:24] <+Brock> "Well done, felix! I owe you!"
  661. [23:25] <+Syd> "It's not over yet!"
  662. 01[23:25] <@BriDm> (A word of advice as far as combat goes. Decide your actions while you wait for your turn. It speeds things up nicely)
  663. [23:25] <+Maximilian> (ok, sorry.)
  664. 01[23:26] <@BriDm> (Not the best song choice but ehn here: http://www.youtuberepeat.com/watch/?v=2XCbqHXZaKw . The darn 'silent' part of my orignial link was driving me mad)
  665. 06[23:27] * +Maximilian stands out of his fighting position, resting the sword on his shoulder once more. He keep his eyes and ears open for any foe getting near him, while pretending that he was driking from his empty jug. (Counter)
  666. 02[23:28] * Jack_Stripes (~Jack_Stri@Rizon-B8DD37AE.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  667. 01[23:28] <@BriDm> (heh. Actually counter is activated the turn AFTER you're hurt. Not the prior one but I'll treat that like Bind just this once~)
  668. [23:28] <+Maximilian> (Geez, I'm sorry.)
  669. 01[23:28] <@BriDm> Amunet your go~
  670. 01[23:28] <@BriDm> (no biggy. We're just getting used to the system after all right?)
  671. 06[23:28] * +Amunet takes aim at the nearest bug (Bug 2) and fires
  672. [23:28] <+Amunet> ,roll 1d8
  673. [23:28] <+Kenzie_> Amunet: 1
  674. 01[23:29] <@BriDm> ,roll 1d6
  675. [23:29] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 4
  676. 01[23:29] <@BriDm> your arrow only hits the tree routes that it twists around, not the quick little bugger itself.
  677. 01[23:29] <@BriDm> (Also remember guys you do have FATE POINTS if you ever need to reroll. Though you dont need to eat through them like candy either)
  678. 01[23:30] <@BriDm> Speaking of that bug... it closes on the party, rushing past the arrow and..
  679. 01[23:30] <@BriDm> ,roll 1d3
  680. [23:30] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 3
  681. 01[23:30] <@BriDm> going -straight- for the Northaner once again, thirsty for the blood spilling from him
  682. 01[23:30] <@BriDm> ,roll 1d8
  683. [23:30] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 7
  684. 01[23:31] <@BriDm> Brock you take -7- damage. You're down to 11/21 now... an das you grasp you wounds you can feel as if they're burning... each turn you get.. you'll suffering another 1 automaticly.
  685. 01[23:32] <@BriDm> ,roll 1d3
  686. [23:32] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 2
  687. 01[23:32] <@BriDm> The last of the little bastards goes straight for Maximilian, its rappidly moving from swaying around his shield and defences, Digging its teeth into his chest (Bypass fyi)
  688. 01[23:32] <@BriDm> ,roll 1d8
  689. [23:32] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 2
  690. [23:33] <+Brock> ((I was afraid as a tank they wouldnt attack me, but apparently THAT ISNT A PROBLEM))
  691. [23:33] <+Colm> ((You are just the tastiest of us, I'm afraid.))
  692. 01[23:33] <@BriDm> only a small wound though, as the instant it gets close the shield knight giving it a proper kick to the face right after as it flies back (thanks to bind)
  693. [23:33] <+Brock> ((The cold makes you delicious))
  694. 01[23:33] <@BriDm> Colm` your go
  695. [23:33] <+Amunet> (I think Brock has thast award actually)
  696. 06[23:33] * +Colm sings a jaunty tune, his voice lilting over the words, the odd tune seeming to raise his companions spirits while simultaneously mocking their foes, Colm's allies feeling as though warmth is flowing through their body as the lithe feline steps back over towards the archer. "Oh the wind blows high, the wind blows low, Chittering down the street you go, All the lassies cry, 'Hello!
  697. 06[23:33] * +Colm Daniel, where's your trousers?'" (Daniel uses Inspire, granting his allies a +2 bonus to ALL allies' rolls (every single roll) as long as he sustains it (up to three rounds), but he can't attack)
  698. [23:34] <+Colm> Go ahead whoever is nexst
  699. 01[23:34] <@BriDm> That would be Syd~
  700. [23:34] <+Syd> "OK my turn."
  701. 06[23:34] * +Syd pulls out dagger and takes a stance.
  702. 01[23:35] <@BriDm> (Remember the boost from Colms roll applies to the attribute/Stat. Not the roll itself.Sooo if your att is 6. Colms power boosts it to 8 so you roll 1d8)
  703. [23:35] <+Syd> ,roll 1d8
  704. [23:35] <+Kenzie_> Syd: 6
  705. 01[23:35] <@BriDm> ,roll 1d6
  706. [23:35] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 3
  707. 01[23:35] <@BriDm> (Normal attack Syd? No SM's I gather?)
  708. [23:36] <+Syd> (normal attack)
  709. [23:36] <+Syd> (Bug2)
  710. [23:36] <+Syd> (Or which ever bug is still alive)
  711. 01[23:36] <@BriDm> He gets a dagger for his troubles, the skreeing noise it lets out hurting your hears, though thankfully you have Colm to sooth them.
  712. 01[23:37] <@BriDm> And.. round over.. back To Brocky~
  713. 06[23:37] * +Brock turns to the next bug eating at him, reinvigorated by the song, and takes a whack at the bastard.
  714. [23:38] <+Brock> ,roll 1d7
  715. [23:38] <+Kenzie_> Brock: 7
  716. 01[23:38] <@BriDm> ,roll 1d6
  717. [23:38] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 6
  718. [23:38] <+Brock> ((Aww :())
  719. 01[23:38] <@BriDm> CONK! it falls back, but the attack seemed to do little but leave it dazed... of course Felix is next up to bat...
  720. 06[23:38] * +Felix_Kinsey gives a mighty roar a he Goes. Berserk. Hitting everything in sight (Multi Attack)
  721. 01[23:39] <@BriDm> (Roll att twice then~)
  722. [23:39] <+Felix_Kinsey> ,roll 1d11
  723. [23:39] <+Kenzie_> Felix_Kinsey: 8
  724. 01[23:39] <@BriDm> ,roll 1d6
  725. [23:39] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 4
  726. [23:39] <+Felix_Kinsey> ,roll 1d11
  727. [23:39] <+Kenzie_> Felix_Kinsey: 5
  728. 01[23:39] <@BriDm> ,roll 1d6
  729. [23:39] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 3
  730. 01[23:40] <@BriDm> They both get torn up good and proper as the berserkers axe flys across the forest, a few trees falling to it as well as his barage continues and the insects skrees continue to piece the knight, andddd Amunet~
  731. 01[23:40] <@BriDm> your go. heh ;p
  732. 06[23:41] * +Amunet fires her bow at bug 2 (It's 1d10 correct?)
  733. 01[23:41] <@BriDm> (1d10 now yeah~)
  734. [23:41] <+Amunet> ,roll 1d10
  735. [23:41] <+Kenzie_> Amunet: 7
  736. 01[23:41] <@BriDm> ,roll 1d6
  737. [23:41] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 3
  738. 01[23:42] <@BriDm> You decorate one of the trees with its corpse as it the arrow pierces all the way through... only one of the little skittering bastards left
  739. 01[23:42] <@BriDm> Maxy~ you rgo
  740. [23:42] <+Maximilian> (Alright~!)
  741. 06[23:44] * +Maximilian rests his shield alongside his jug, and holds the long sword with both hands, charging towards the remaining beast.
  742. [23:44] <+Maximilian> ,roll 1d7
  743. [23:44] <+Kenzie_> Maximilian: 5
  744. 01[23:44] <@BriDm> ,roll 1d6
  745. [23:44] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 6
  746. [23:45] <+Colm> ((Okay folks, I got to go. Bribri knows what Colm is up to))
  747. 01[23:45] <@BriDm> Sadly that swing goes too high. The bug having SOME sense of survival as it tries to rush towards the forward
  748. 01[23:45] <@BriDm> forest*
  749. 02[23:46] * +Colm (TD@1AF093AC.F24988FD.7B19A066.IP) Quit (Quit: Donald, where's your trousers? :3)
  750. 01[23:46] <@BriDm> Amunet~ seems it's up to you again... little bastards trying to get away. Skreeing at the top of its lunges, its twisted voice shouting out towards the forest around it.
  751. 01[23:46] <@BriDm> (or wait. I messed up there. Sorry haha)
  752. 01[23:47] <@BriDm> It's the bugs go. It spends its turn:RUNNING OH FUCK! Colm is inspiring you all.. so that leaves Syd to stop the bastard before it escpaes.
  753. 01[23:47] <@BriDm> Escapes*
  754. 01[23:47] <@BriDm> Syd?
  755. [23:47] <+Syd> (Hello)
  756. 01[23:47] <@BriDm> Your go~
  757. [23:48] <+Syd> (Do I still have the plus 2?)
  758. 01[23:48] <@BriDm> (yup)
  759. [23:48] <+Syd> (Double Attack)
  760. [23:48] <+Syd> ,roll 1d8
  761. [23:48] <+Kenzie_> Syd: 2
  762. 01[23:48] <@BriDm> (Roll it~
  763. [23:48] <+Syd> (...)
  764. 01[23:48] <@BriDm> ,roll 2#1d6
  765. [23:48] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 4;6
  766. 01[23:48] <@BriDm> (Roll again syd~)
  767. [23:48] <+Syd> (I hate luck)
  768. [23:48] <+Syd> ,roll 1d8
  769. [23:48] <+Kenzie_> Syd: 6
  770. 01[23:48] <@BriDm> (tow attacks after all)
  771. 01[23:49] <@BriDm> .. righ tthen.. the daggers fly.. but the bug evades them both quickly.. Amunet might get one more shot on it.. but it's a tricky one (At -2 ATT) getting further into the darkness as it is...
  772. [23:49] <+Brock> ((So a normal attack for her, then?))
  773. 01[23:50] <@BriDm> (Normal attack yeah. basicly cancels out the song really ;p)
  774. [23:50] <+Amunet> ,roll 1d8
  775. [23:50] <+Kenzie_> Amunet: 8
  776. [23:50] <+Brock> ((Or does the song cancel out it? O_o)
  777. [23:50] <+Amunet> (YESSS)
  778. 01[23:50] <@BriDm> ,roll 1d6
  779. [23:50] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 2
  780. [23:50] <+Brock> ((YES))
  781. 01[23:50] <@BriDm> Nerk~ it seems Amunet is quite the decorator. such lovely things she's pinning here and there.
  782. 01[23:51] <@BriDm> .... the bugs now all dead.. the chiterring stopped.. Colm stops his singing.. and now just the rain.. just the rain and the thoughts this little encounter leave you with.
  783. 01[23:51] <@BriDm> http://www.youtuberepeat.com/watch/?v=gYS0kZHhBWY
  784. [23:51] <+Syd> "Well that's just great."
  785. 06[23:51] * +Amunet Gives a little smile as she whispers to herself "Still got it"
  786. 06[23:51] * +Brock laughs as he says "Amunet, you can watch my back any time!"
  787. [23:51] <+Maximilian> "Once again, I did nothing to support my comrades. My self-respect just dropped dramatically..."
  788. [23:52] <+Syd> "I wish I could paint that design the bug's remains left."
  789. 06[23:52] * +Brock stomps on daniels head
  790. 06[23:52] * +Felix_Kinsey is embarrassed and archer got more kills than him
  791. 01[23:52] <@BriDm> (Combat over. Brock you're not at 16 hp. Max. 11/12)
  792. [23:52] <+Syd> "Hey Max. It wasn't your fault. I missed as it was running away remember."
  793. 01[23:52] <@BriDm> (after you heal yourself a little of course ;p)
  794. [23:52] <+Brock> ((How come?))
  795. 01[23:53] <@BriDm> (Stamina rules remember?)
  796. 06[23:53] * +Maximilian takes his jug again, shaking it slightly as the sound of liquids starts get louder in it.
  797. 01[23:53] <@BriDm> (you recover 1/2 your missing hp after a battle. but no more then that even if healing is present.)
  798. [23:53] <+Brock> ((My health is 21, i get half health i lost back))
  799. [23:53] <+Brock> ((I should be at 16 then.))
  800. 01[23:53] <@BriDm> (Yeah. you're 16. Max is the 11/12)
  801. 01[23:53] <@BriDm> (Maximillian that is)
  802. [23:53] <+Brock> ((ok.))
  803. [23:54] <+Maximilian> (but still, let's act a little, eh?)
  804. [23:54] <+Felix_Kinsey> "That was fun wasn't it, glad to be rid of the little buggers though"
  805. 01[23:54] <@BriDm> Colm, much to Brocks surprise walks over to him right away, "Stay still for a moment would you friend..something I want to check..."
  806. 06[23:54] * +Felix_Kinsey laughs at his own stupid joke
  807. 01[23:54] <@BriDm> ,roll 1d10
  808. [23:54] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 8
  809. [23:54] <+Syd> "I could go for a drink right about now."
  810. [23:55] <+Brock> "Ok, but dont know if theres anything for checking."
  811. [23:55] <+Felix_Kinsey> "Sounds good Syd, think they'll let us back in the inn now that the real monsters are dead?"
  812. 01[23:55] <@BriDm> He seems to look over the wounds curiously before giving Brock one of his friendly smiles "Oh.. it's quite simple really. I'm checking for parasites."
  813. [23:55] <+Syd> "We need some proof first."
  814. [23:55] <+Brock> "What about daniel?"
  815. 06[23:56] * +Maximilian hands Brock the jug, now filled with a boiling red drink. "The taste is awful, but it'll make you get better tomorrow."
  816. 01[23:56] <@BriDm> "....we know these can turn a man into a shell of himself... seems like a good idea no?"
  817. 01[23:56] <@BriDm> "... not that I'm sseeing any... they must simply wear a corpse like some sort of... grusome puppet..."
  818. [23:56] <+Syd> "Maybe."
  819. 06[23:56] * +Brock nods his thanks to maximilian, before downing the drink, making a face.
  820. 01[23:56] <@BriDm> ANywho. IQ checks for those present~ Flat is fine.
  821. [23:56] <+Brock> "Ok."
  822. 01[23:56] <@BriDm> (please annouce if you succeed or partially success)
  823. [23:57] <+Brock> ,roll 1d10 vs 5 IQ
  824. [23:57] <+Kenzie_> Brock, vs 5 IQ: 10
  825. [23:57] <+Amunet> ,roll 1d10
  826. [23:57] <+Kenzie_> Amunet: 4
  827. [23:57] <+Amunet> success
  828. [23:57] <+Felix_Kinsey> ,roll 1d10
  829. [23:57] <+Kenzie_> Felix_Kinsey: 6
  830. 06[23:57] * +Brock hands the jug back to maximilian
  831. [23:57] <+Syd> ,roll 1d10 over 6IQ
  832. [23:57] <+Kenzie_> Syd, over 6IQ: 9
  833. [23:57] <+Felix_Kinsey> (Failed mine)
  834. 06[23:57] * +Maximilian gets the jug back.
  835. [23:57] <+Syd> FAIL
  836. [23:57] <+Maximilian> ,roll 1d10 vs IQ 5
  837. [23:57] <+Kenzie_> Maximilian, vs IQ 5: 1
  838. 01[23:58] <@BriDm> The dicebot really likes you doesn't it? Regardless Amunet notices the obvious. These insects... while big for insects granted.. are MUCH smaller then the shedded skin at the inn. You did NOT slay the big terrible beasty. Simply some of its... 'kids'. Which begs the question... where's the real one...? And... how many more people town are puppets like these?
  839. 01[23:58] <@BriDm> Max this thought strikes you as well~ While the barberians seem more interested in the reward they'll get for these three small ones.
  840. 06[23:58] * +Amunet conveys said information
  841. 01[23:58] <@BriDm> (Ah come on you could do it in character ;p Getting bored? )
  842. [23:59] <+Amunet> (Fine)
  843. 01[23:59] <@BriDm> (Not hard to be anti-social and mean about it while you're at it~)
  844. [23:59] <+Syd> (Haha. Conflict OUTSIDE of the game)
  845. Session Time: Sun Aug 08 00:00:00 2010
  846. 01[00:00] <@BriDm> (problem on your end Syd?)
  847. [00:00] <+Maximilian> "They're just children... the true beast is alive... it evolved, so it must be a giant moth or something right now."
  848. [00:00] <+Maximilian> "It's not over yet."
  849. [00:00] <+Brock> "I am thinking your right, their heads much tinier than bug head at Inn."
  850. [00:00] <+Syd> (Nah. My mom keeps telling me to do some chores at 10:30pm)
  851. [00:00] <+Amunet> "crap, we've got a bigger problem. These are NOT the monster we say at the inn, at most they're the children.  Who knows how many of these beasties are inside people in town too.  Our quest is far from over.
  852. [00:01] <+Syd> "Most of the towns people seem pretty normal from what I gather."
  853. 06[00:01] * +Maximilian nods
  854. [00:01] <+Syd> "I'm just wondering where Daniel's old man has gone to."
  855. [00:01] <+Brock> "I am thinking he is dead."
  856. [00:01] <+Syd> "That's what I'm thinking. I'll ask the guard later if he has seen Roger recently."
  857. [00:01] <+Maximilian> "Maybe Roger is a close 'friend' of the beast..."
  858. 06[00:02] * +Felix_Kinsey stops celebrating "You're kidding me? these are just the children?"
  859. [00:02] <+Brock> "However, sleep would be welcome."
  860. [00:02] <+Maximilian> "... maybe you're right, Brock...."
  861. [00:02] <+Syd> "I could go for some R&R for now."
  862. [00:03] <+Maximilian> "... but someone must stay awake."
  863. [00:03] <+Syd> "We gonna hit the inn or camp?"
  864. [00:03] <+Felix_Kinsey> "it would need to be somewhere safe though"
  865. [00:03] <+Brock> "I will take first watch, and i am thinking Amunet should take second."
  866. 01[00:03] <@BriDm> Colm points out the obvious arms crossed ".. the inn we were kicked out of?"
  867. [00:03] <+Felix_Kinsey> "Bring one of the heads, i'm sure they'll let us back in"
  868. [00:03] <+Syd> "Damn right. I could go for another drink."
  869. 06[00:04] * +Maximilian gets his shield and rests the long sword in it's place. "I shall stay awake. We'll sleep in 'Daniel's house' for now."
  870. [00:04] <+Amunet> "I'm not sure that a smart idea, we could be ambused at night by 'infected' villagers"
  871. [00:04] <+Brock> "I do not think finding our way out of woods in dark is good idea."
  872. [00:04] <+Maximilian> "Hum..."
  873. [00:04] <+Syd> "Yea. And the rain says Bye-Bye torches."
  874. [00:04] <+Brock> "Our best bet is here."
  875. 01[00:05] <@BriDm> Colm snaps his fingers, a small orb of light circling his hand "There are other ways you know~"
  876. [00:05] <+Brock> "Pile corpses over there somewhere and make camp. Rest will be good."
  877. [00:05] <+Maximilian> "Stay here sounds a bad idea, but if everyone thinks it's the best to do for now... fine with me."
  878. [00:05] <+Felix_Kinsey> "Here it is then, I'm game"
  879. [00:05] <+Syd> "I guess it's here."
  880. 01[00:05] <@BriDm> Okay then~ as you all agree to rest, I'm going to pause the game for moment~
  881. 06[00:05] * +Amunet the battle over and the adrenaline no longer pumping through her body, she begins to feel the cold again.  She
  882. [00:05] <+Brock> "Wait, colm, if you can guide us to, lets say a clearing."
  883. [00:05] <+Syd> "Anybody got a tent or something of that nature."
  884. [00:05] <+Syd> (Alright)
  885. 06[00:05] * @BriDm pulls on the break.
  886. 01[00:05] <@BriDm> (And feel free to finish that line Amunet heh ;p)
  887. 06[00:06] * +Amunet she's not sure she could make the night in this, but she wouldn't say it  (Hit enter by accident)
  888. [00:06] <+Brock> (I wanted to get to a clearing, so that we may have good line of sight)
  889. 01[00:06] <@BriDm> Anyway. To put it quite simply. I'm aware the game has been a little slow and awkward tonight. So I've got to ask:How well are you five enjoying yourselves?
  890. [00:06] <+Syd> (Time to go smoke pot with Peter Frampton on a movie set.)
  891. [00:06] <+Syd> I'm content
  892. [00:06] <+Brock> (Im having a lot of fun, personally.)
  893. [00:06] <+Felix_Kinsey> (I'm having a good time here)
  894. 01[00:07] <@BriDm> First game. everyones still getting used to the system and playing in general so it isn't going to be perfect I realize.
  895. 06[00:07] * +Maximilian sighs. "I have been better, to be honest with you."
  896. [00:07] <+Brock> (But this is boss!)
  897. [00:07] <+Syd> Not bad for my first game using IRC
  898. [00:07] <+Amunet> (Pretty cool actually, just trying to figure out how to play anti-social, I should have made a slightly more social character)
  899. 01[00:07] <@BriDm> Yeah. It's pretty hard playing an anti-social. On the plus side you're the only GIRL in the party so the guys pay attention to you anyway.
  900. [00:08] <+Syd> I'm don't even have a type of animal yet for my character.
  901. [00:08] <+Syd> I missed that when making my character
  902. 01[00:08] <@BriDm> I've been sort of imagining you as a Korgie. but that's always my default.
  903. 01[00:08] <@BriDm> well
  904. 01[00:08] <@BriDm> not for my OWN Characters.
  905. [00:08] <+Brock> (Well, i mean, you can pull off an anti-social character with a big lump of a friend and a smart dude we could have wacky adventures! :D)
  906. [00:08] <+Syd> Fuck it
  907. [00:08] <+Maximilian> (You should have made someone in mid-term, like me.)
  908. [00:08] <+Syd> I'm a Finnish Spitz
  909. 01[00:08] <@BriDm> It also helps you keep making those damn perception and IQ checks to chat around.
  910. [00:08] <+Syd> Done
  911. [00:09] <+Amunet> hehe, being trained as a bodyguard has it's advantages
  912. [00:09] <+Maximilian> By the way, Bribri, can you change my character's Counter to Bind. I mistook the meaning.
  913. [00:10] <+Syd> Same
  914. [00:10] <+Brock> ((When i was growing up in north, we had no bodyguards! We guarded own bodies!))
  915. [00:10] <+Amunet> (Yes, well a pharaoh isn't expected to protect his own body now is he?)
  916. 01[00:10] <@BriDm> But yeah, the party actualy has... Two Husky like Dogs... a Sphinx cat (Being hairless sure sucks in the rain huh?) Max.. who is uh.. hm.. A dog.. German shepard right?
  917. [00:10] <+Maximilian> Yes.
  918. [00:11] <+Brock> (Alaskan malamutes are like huskys?)
  919. 01[00:11] <@BriDm> A little yeah?
  920. 01[00:11] <@BriDm> they're noted as often being confused for them
  921. [00:11] <+Brock> ((Ok.))
  922. [00:11] <+Felix_Kinsey> (My teacher has one and has brought it to class, they are)
  923. [00:11] <+Felix_Kinsey> (I was originally going to make one, but decided against it)
  924. 01[00:11] <@BriDm> While Colm is our pretty boy Ragmuffin big eared mix.
  925. 01[00:12] <@BriDm> Anyway good to know you're all enjoying yourselves.
  926. 01[00:12] <@BriDm> So we shall continue~
  927. [00:12] <+Brock> ((Well, it fit my character pretty well, considering how he does in the heat))
  928. [00:12] <+Brock> ((YES))
  929. [00:12] <+Syd> (Sure
  930. 01[00:12] <@BriDm> Colm seems a little against the camping plan though (TD pmed me some suggestions before he left fyi heh)
  931. [00:12] <+Amunet> ((indeed))
  932. [00:13] <+Brock> ((Id rather sleep in a clearing
  933. 01[00:13] <@BriDm> "..... I think we should finished this now.. dark or not... Who knows what other people are being replaced while we wait out here.... and if  it -knows- what we did..."
  934. [00:13] <+Brock> "What is suggested?"
  935. 01[00:13] <@BriDm> "I want to check that bard maid in particular... maybe she 'didn't survive her attack hm..? Would be a terrible shame but...."
  936. [00:14] <+Felix_Kinsey> "Yeah, but is traveling at night such a good idea? we barely found the way here with help"
  937. [00:14] <+Syd> "I choose the wait till morning option."
  938. [00:14] <+Brock> "Innkeeper would be out for heads."
  939. [00:14] <+Brock> "OUR heads."
  940. 01[00:14] <@BriDm> He glances around at those here. It seems our heroes much decide. Wait until morning where it's safer to travel... or go now as not to risk the enemy getting stronger while you wait?
  941. 06[00:15] * +Maximilian nods, concerned. "We should check it out... but you guys are willing to sleep, I'll stay vigilante."
  942. 06[00:15] * +Amunet is visibly shivering, but keeping quiet about it
  943. [00:15] <+Syd> "Meh. I'll set him straight." *pulls dagger out playfully*
  944. [00:15] <+Felix_Kinsey> "I'd rather stay here the night, but if you really think there's that much of a danger to the town, I'll go"
  945. [00:16] <+Brock> "Colm, what would have us do tonight if go?
  946. 01[00:16] <@BriDm> "...We could check the barmaid? The boys house for two? Find our what happened to his 'father'?... still it seems most of us are set on staying..."
  947. [00:17] <+Amunet> "I'm t-trained to go without sleep, I s-say we g-go to the b-bar"
  948. 06[00:17] * +Maximilian can easily feel negative emotions from people and didn't took long to look at Amunet.
  949. [00:17] <+Syd> "Somebody sonds like they need a drink."
  950. [00:17] <+Maximilian> "Same here. We should go to the bar."
  951. [00:17] <+Syd> "TO THE BAR IT IS THAN! Who's with me?"
  952. [00:17] <+Brock> "Then we go. Colm, lead the way."
  953. [00:18] <+Felix_Kinsey> "let's go then"
  954. 06[00:18] * +Felix_Kinsey follows
  955. [00:18] <+Brock> "Although, my friend amunet seems a bit shaky."
  956. [00:18] <+Syd> "Get her a shot of brandy. She'll be fine."
  957. [00:18] <+Amunet> "i'm f-fine, let's just go"
  958. 06[00:19] * +Syd starts walking towards the town.
  959. 06[00:19] * +Brock follows syd as he heads back
  960. 06[00:19] * +Maximilian places his hand on Amunet's shoulder, feeling how could she was. He follos the others as well.
  961. 06[00:20] * +Syd walks into the bar.
  962. [00:20] <+Syd> "BARKEEP."
  963. [00:20] <+Syd> "DRINKS!"
  964. 01[00:20] <@BriDm> (Wait a second now syd ;p)
  965. 01[00:20] <@BriDm> (let me describe the moving esh~)
  966. [00:20] <+Syd> (AWWWW)
  967. [00:20] <+Syd> (FINE)
  968. 01[00:20] <@BriDm> (it's a few hours away fyi~)
  969. [00:20] <+Syd> (xD)
  970. [00:21] <+Brock> ((Wtf?))
  971. 06[00:21] * +Brock takes the heavy northern coat off and throws it back to amunet, saying "Its too hot for me and cold for you, take it."
  972. [00:21] <+Brock> ((didnt show up the first time, wierd...))
  973. 01[00:22] <@BriDm> Colm smiles at the parties choice to move forward, for a moment it looks like he's about to offer his own cloak to the shivering furless feline, but it seems the Northaner has beat him too it. He makes his way towards the town next huming a tune as he walks~ (And no I can leave Colm alone for a bit thank heavens. Bri no like DM pcs)
  974. 06[00:22] * +Amunet knows better than to refuse the coat, she takes it with a quick "thanks"
  975. 06[00:23] * +Maximilian steps aside when Brock gets close, now walking a little away from them.
  976. 06[00:23] * +Syd yawns
  977. [00:23] <+Maximilian> "..."
  978. 06[00:23] * +Syd whispers to max
  979. [00:23] <+Syd> "Best to her huh?
  980. [00:23] <+Syd> Beat*
  981. 06[00:24] * +Maximilian turns his gaze to Syd. "It's good that someone had a coat for her..." He said faintly.
  982. [00:24] <+Syd> "If you say so..."
  983. 01[00:25] <@BriDm> the walk through the forest.. is thankfully a quiet one.....save the rain which slowly starts to die down a little... though never all the way. By the time you get to town it's -quite- dark. The light of Colms little orb thankfully still letting you see the path ahead.
  984. 01[00:25] <@BriDm> (And perception checks everybody~ -3!)
  985. [00:25] <+Amunet> ,rolls 1d10
  986. [00:25] <+Syd> (FUCK)
  987. [00:25] <+Brock> ,roll 1d10 vs perception 9
  988. [00:25] <+Amunet> ,roll 1d10
  989. [00:25] <+Kenzie_> Brock, vs perception 9: 7
  990. [00:25] <+Kenzie_> Amunet: 9
  991. [00:26] <+Syd> ,roll 1d10 vs per3
  992. [00:26] <+Kenzie_> Syd, vs per3: 1
  993. [00:26] <+Syd> (Seet)
  994. [00:26] <+Syd> (Sweet*0
  995. [00:26] <+Amunet> (Kenzie just made fun of me :()
  996. [00:26] <+Maximilian> ,roll 1d10 vs perceotion 7
  997. [00:26] <+Kenzie_> Maximilian, vs perceotion 7: 6
  998. [00:26] <+Brock> ((Syds need for drinks makes him super perceptive))
  999. [00:27] <+Felix_Kinsey> (sorry was in bathroom)
  1000. 01[00:27] <@BriDm> ... as you near the town.. Brock you notice something...only for a second something moving in the bushes near town... but then it's gone. You didn't see where it went.. or even what it was.. but -something- was there you're sure of it...
  1001. [00:27] <+Felix_Kinsey> ,roll 1d10
  1002. [00:27] <+Kenzie_> Felix_Kinsey: 7
  1003. [00:27] <+Syd> (Hey. Leave the drunk alone)
  1004. 03[00:27] * Spradic_Zoom (cgiirc@Rizon-411C0103.nwrk.east.verizon.net) has joined #BcBgames
  1005. 06[00:28] * +Brock moves toward colm, asking "Did you see?"
  1006. 01[00:28] <@BriDm> Colm quirks a brow stopping his little humming song ".. see what?"
  1007. [00:28] <+Syd> "Anybody see the orange cat just run by?"
  1008. [00:28] <+Brock> "Something in bushes- i saw only movement."
  1009. [00:28] <+Felix_Kinsey> "What's everyone on about now?"
  1010. [00:29] <+Syd> "Some kid just ran towards the inn."
  1011. 06[00:29] * +Maximilian gets closer to them. "I saw nothing."
  1012. [00:29] <+Syd> "Seemed like he was in a hurry. Let's check it out."
  1013. 01[00:29] <@BriDm> "Was he.... waiting for us?" Colm said with a quirk of his brow..."Yes -'check it out' we will"He rushes forward heading towards the inn first.
  1014. 06[00:29] * +Syd runs towards the inn
  1015. 06[00:30] * +Amunet drops the coat to move quicker and follows, her own senses at the ready
  1016. 06[00:30] * +Brock picked up the pace, following colm
  1017. 06[00:30] * +Maximilian arranges the sword on his shoulder and follows Colm.
  1018. 01[00:31] <@BriDm> Colm is the first to get to the inn, opening the door quickly... and... .. instantly getting a shovel slammed right into his face, stummbling back as his eyes roll into his head and into Brocks arms, the dog having been standing right behind him. As you skid to a stop the towns folk all poor out of the inn many holding swords, axes... a few pitchforks and the like. They do NOT seem happy to see you.
  1019. 01[00:31] <@BriDm>  swords, axes... a few pitchforks and the like. They do NOT seem happy to see you.
  1020. [00:31] <+Syd> "Mother. Fucker."
  1021. 06[00:31] * +Brock glares at the townspeople ferociously as he supports Colm
  1022. 06[00:32] * +Felix_Kinsey sees colm fall, and even if he can't see in the inn he draws his battleax and follows
  1023. [00:32] <+Syd> "Everybody RUN FOR IT."
  1024. 01[00:32] <@BriDm> After them all a large gray Cat steps out slowly. His face oh so tired... but oh so angry as well.
  1025. 01[00:32] <@BriDm> His axe in his hand he states bluntly ".... Where is my son."
  1026. [00:32] <+Brock> "Dead."
  1027. [00:32] <+Syd> (Bollocks)
  1028. 06[00:32] * +Amunet stops quickly and retreats, her bow in hand rather quickly
  1029. 01[00:33] <@BriDm> All the towns folk look at each other in shock... the innkeeper the first to be brave enough to say it... "So you admit it then... kid saw you take him out into the woods... you didn't come back with him... You KILLED him? You fucking bastards!"
  1030. 01[00:33] <@BriDm> (More perception checks~ Flat is fine)
  1031. 06[00:33] * +Felix_Kinsey smacks Brock in the back of the head "Even I have more sense than that!"
  1032. [00:33] <+Brock> ,roll 1d10
  1033. [00:33] <+Kenzie_> Brock: 2
  1034. [00:33] <+Felix_Kinsey> ,roll 1d10
  1035. [00:33] <+Kenzie_> Felix_Kinsey: 4
  1036. [00:33] <+Amunet> ,roll 1d10
  1037. [00:33] <+Kenzie_> Amunet: 3
  1038. 01[00:33] <@BriDm> (Anywho quick head check. Are the people 'running' simply backing up? Or going full speed the hell out of here?)
  1039. [00:33] <+Brock> "He was already dead, infected, there was no hope for him."
  1040. [00:33] <+Syd> ,roll 1d10 vsper6
  1041. [00:33] <+Kenzie_> Syd, vsper6: 8
  1042. [00:34] <+Amunet> (Backing up so that I can arch at a distance if nessesary)
  1043. 01[00:34] <@BriDm> heh.. I say enough made it. Among the crow of villagers... 12 or so.. you spot four.. that seem a little.. lets say 'off'
  1044. [00:34] <+Maximilian> ,roll 1d10 vs perception 7
  1045. [00:34] <+Kenzie_> Maximilian, vs perception 7: 5
  1046. [00:34] <+Felix_Kinsey> (I'm actually running TOWARDS the action)
  1047. 01[00:34] <@BriDm> "... Infected...? What in gods name ar eyou talking about...!"
  1048. [00:34] <+Brock> ((Including roger?))
  1049. 01[00:35] <@BriDm> (And.. CHarisma check Brock. Why are they letting you do the talking? lol)
  1050. 01[00:35] <@BriDm> (3+Roger yeah)
  1051. [00:35] <+Brock> ,roll 1d10
  1052. [00:35] <+Kenzie_> Brock: 8
  1053. 01[00:35] <@BriDm> (The 'little old lady' you saw at the start? THAT AINT NO LITTLE OLD LADY!)
  1054. [00:35] <+Syd> (OHSHI-)
  1055. [00:35] <+Brock> "Its kids takes over bodies of people. He was infected. He attacked us. There was no hope for him."
  1056. 01[00:35] <@BriDm> (Another is a a kid.. no older then 10... another just a simple farmer Cat... hat and all.. but yeah... )
  1057. [00:35] <+Syd> (Plot twists)
  1058. 06[00:36] * +Brock hands colm to felix and free's his hands.
  1059. 01[00:36] <@BriDm> The 'odd' folk are quick to say ".... We should stop them now.. they're lieing.. murdering bastards...."
  1060. 02[00:36] * ZiViZ (cgiirc@Rizon-355CF0D8.washdc.fios.verizon.net) Quit (Quit: Done observing, have fun)
  1061. 01[00:36] <@BriDm> It eems brocks 'diplomacy' isn't working very well, the towns folk are getting ready to attack... if slowly and cautously.. swords and pitchforks pointed outwards.
  1062. 01[00:37] <@BriDm> the 'infected' seem to be playing it smart.. keeping nearer to the back... letting the towns folk act as their shields...
  1063. [00:37] <+Brock> "Look at the back, wierd."
  1064. 06[00:37] * +Maximilian sighs, arranging the sword on his shoulder once more. "You guys are really blind, right?"
  1065. 01[00:37] <@BriDm> So to put it bluntly folks:What do you do?
  1066. [00:37] <+Brock> "They seems llike daniel did, dont they."
  1067. [00:37] <+Felix_Kinsey> "Listen everyone, that bug, it wasn't alone, it seems like it uses people to travel.  These people seem to act strange, tired all the time.  There are some of you like that right now"
  1068. 06[00:37] * +Syd readies dagger.
  1069. [00:37] <+Maximilian> "You all keep blaming us, when the truth is right behind you."
  1070. 06[00:37] * +Amunet thinks: I wonder if I can make one come out by shooting it
  1071. [00:38] <+Maximilian> "does anyone else suspected of that sick-looking expression in a few people here?"
  1072. [00:38] <+Felix_Kinsey> "Roger, the man speaking for all of you is one of them.  LOOK AT HIm, does he look right to you?"
  1073. [00:38] <+Maximilian> "Why do you all just say 'they are just a tad odd'..."
  1074. 06[00:39] * +Syd moves over to Felix
  1075. [00:39] <+Maximilian> "Heh... I don't buy that."
  1076. [00:39] <+Brock> "You are all willing to die for eachother, no? Send out those in the back. They will fight and die just like any of us if they are truely not different.  If you trust eachother so much, why do they hide?"
  1077. [00:39] <+Syd> "I personally think we should just attack the infected."
  1078. 01[00:39] <@BriDm> "... sick looking what are you...? Of course they're unhappy! People are dead!..." The innkeeper yells. The Guard is with the group looking at Roger "... ou expect a man to smile when his son is -dead-.. The keeper is right..." (one Cha check more guys. Max you've got the best Cha. Try it~ flat~)
  1079. [00:39] <+Syd> "they'll pop out when attacked."
  1080. 01[00:39] <@BriDm> (Or the ranged users can try to hit the infected.. but they have a def bonus due to the crowd infront of them remember)
  1081. 01[00:39] <@BriDm> (Oh and fyi your SM's ARE recharged. Just so you know.)
  1082. [00:39] <+Maximilian> "Not exactly. I expected him to be furious, not sad.
  1083. [00:40] <+Brock> "I dont expect him to be happy. But looking like walking corpse? He is infected."
  1084. [00:40] <+Brock> "So was daniel. So are they. They have no hope."
  1085. 01[00:40] <@BriDm> "... this isn't -zombies- boy... These are giant stupid mindless bugs... how in the world is.."
  1086. 06[00:40] * +Amunet notches an arrow if someone can't convince them soon, she'll fire without missing a beat
  1087. [00:40] <+Maximilian> ,roll 1d10 vs charisma 6
  1088. [00:40] <+Kenzie_> Maximilian, vs charisma 6: 5
  1089. 01[00:40] <@BriDm> Roger frowns. "... we all greeve in different ways......"
  1090. [00:41] <+Brock> "Who was daniel, the conquering hero, greaving for?"
  1091. [00:41] <+Brock> "The man who saved his town? Why so glum?"
  1092. [00:41] <+Brock> "No man would be."
  1093. [00:41] <+Brock> "He was infected. He had no hope."
  1094. 01[00:41] <@BriDm> The crowd starts to second guess itself a little. Glancing at Roger.... and the others... The Guard says ".. No this is stupid... Daniel was always an odd boy. He just didn't like the attention tis all..."
  1095. [00:41] <+Brock> "That spark in a man's eye, the one that means he thinks and acts on his own."
  1096. [00:42] <+Brock> "He didnt have that. He had NO HOPE."
  1097. [00:42] <+Brock> "He was dead before we came."
  1098. 01[00:42] <@BriDm> The crowd doesn't seem completely convinced... but they take a few cautious steps away from roger.... seeming to not be sure anymore... a nice clear shot now...
  1099. 06[00:42] * +Amunet Fires at him
  1100. 01[00:42] <@BriDm> (roll it~)
  1101. 01[00:42] <@BriDm> ,roll 1d6
  1102. [00:42] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 2
  1103. [00:42] <+Amunet> ,roll 1d8
  1104. [00:42] <+Kenzie_> Amunet: 8
  1105. [00:42] <+Brock> ((never miss plz k thx))
  1106. 01[00:42] <@BriDm> (She doesn't really NEED never miss does she?)
  1107. [00:42] <+Brock> ((Nvrm LOL))
  1108. [00:43] <+Amunet> (I was gonna use FP is nessesary)
  1109. 01[00:43] <@BriDm> The arrow slams right into his chest. The man just stands there at first. As if he doesn't notice it. The towns folk are ready to raise their arms at a moment.....
  1110. 01[00:43] <@BriDm> until they notice the black blood oozing from the wounds... and their mouths just gap open...
  1111. [00:44] <+Brock> "You are dead, too. You have no hope. Now you die."
  1112. [00:44] <+Maximilian> "As we once said..."
  1113. 01[00:44] <@BriDm> Colm starts to wake up now shaking his head... holding It "... ugh.. what in the world was...."
  1114. [00:44] <+Brock> "Now you sleep."
  1115. 01[00:44] <@BriDm> of course he gets up just in time to see as ALL the 'odd' towns folk start to shake furiously. Their entire bodies convulsing.... falling apart... but this time NOT because oof one HUGE bug coming out
  1116. 01[00:45] <@BriDm> but countless.. Three foot long ones. Swarms of nasty littl ebugs pooring out of the three.... save 'Roger' whos body splits as the man-sized bug tears itself free.
  1117. [00:45] <+Brock> ((Roll intiative?))
  1118. 01[00:45] <@BriDm> Some of the townsfolk nearby panic at the sight running! Others get caught in the sudden swarm of insects and quickly start to fall....I dare say it's fighting time folks~
  1119. 01[00:45] <@BriDm> (yup~)
  1120. [00:45] <+Felix_Kinsey> ((Oh Shi-)
  1121. 01[00:45] <@BriDm> Initive~!
  1122. 01[00:45] <@BriDm> ,roll 1d4
  1123. [00:45] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 3
  1124. [00:45] <+Brock> ,roll 1d10
  1125. [00:45] <+Kenzie_> Brock: 6
  1126. [00:45] <+Amunet> ,roll 1d10
  1127. [00:45] <+Kenzie_> Amunet: 6
  1128. [00:45] <+Maximilian> ,roll 1d10
  1129. [00:45] <+Kenzie_> Maximilian: 10
  1130. 01[00:45] <@BriDm> roll 5#1d10
  1131. [00:45] <+Felix_Kinsey> ,roll 1d10
  1132. [00:45] <+Kenzie_> Felix_Kinsey: 9
  1133. [00:46] <+Syd> ,roll 1d10
  1134. [00:46] <+Kenzie_> Syd: 10
  1135. [00:46] <+Maximilian> (Who~!)
  1136. 01[00:46] <@BriDm> ,roll 5#1d10
  1137. [00:46] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 1;5;4;4;1
  1138. [00:46] <+Syd> (Fuck yea)
  1139. [00:46] <+Felix_Kinsey> ((This is how we roll))
  1140. [00:46] <+Felix_Kinsey> ((/badpun))
  1141. [00:46] <+Brock> "I will give Roger peace. The rest of you- crush the little ones."
  1142. [00:47] <+Maximilian> "Roge!"
  1143. [00:47] <+Syd> "That's fine with me."
  1144. [00:47] <+Maximilian> (*Roger, sorry.)
  1145. 06[00:47] * +Syd chugs down a drink left on the table.
  1146. 01[00:47] <@BriDm> Turn Order: Max-10 Syd-10 . Felix-9  Borkc-6 Amunet-6 Swam 1-5   Swam 2-4. Swam3-4 Colm-3  ????-1 'Roger'-1.
  1147. [00:47] <+Syd> "I'm ready."
  1148. 01[00:47] <@BriDm> Gooo Maxy~
  1149. 01[00:48] <@BriDm> (Bugs initive suckeddddd)
  1150. 01[00:48] <@BriDm> http://www.youtuberepeat.com/watch/?v=gqwc6fgW9c8&
  1151. 06[00:49] * +Maximilian quickly swings his sword out of his shouder and attacks the closest swarm (1) in a flash.
  1152. [00:49] <+Maximilian> ,roll 1d5
  1153. [00:49] <+Kenzie_> Maximilian: 1
  1154. [00:49] <+Maximilian> (Geez...)
  1155. 03[00:50] * Russell_ (~chatzilla@Rizon-89584677.psci.net) has joined #BcBgames
  1156. 01[00:50] <@BriDm> ,roll 1d2
  1157. [00:50] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 2
  1158. [00:50] <+Maximilian> (¬¬)
  1159. 01[00:50] <@BriDm> Yeah Max stabs the ground, and hits not one of the little skittering insects, despite his efforts
  1160. 01[00:50] <@BriDm> Syd!
  1161. [00:51] <+Syd> (Double attack)
  1162. [00:51] <+Syd> (Swarm 1
  1163. 01[00:51] <@BriDm> ,roll 2#1d2
  1164. [00:51] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 2;1
  1165. 01[00:51] <@BriDm> (give us your hurt)
  1166. [00:51] <+Syd> ,roll 2#d6
  1167. [00:51] <+Kenzie_> Syd: 4;2
  1168. 01[00:52] <@BriDm> As quickly as Syd can he gets to turning those blasted insects into mush. Feet stomping, and dagers twisting against the few who twist up his leg..as he tries to get close, biting at his legs and leaving nasty marks (Swarm 1 has activated BIND. Take 3 damage Syd)
  1169. 01[00:52] <@BriDm> Felix~
  1170. 06[00:53] * +Felix_Kinsey seems to breathe heavy for a moment before letting out a bloodcurtling scream.  He rushes forwards, hacking, slashing, kicking and whatever else he can do to kill his enemies (Multi Attack)
  1171. [00:53] <+Syd> (BTW. I gotta leave in an hour)
  1172. [00:53] <+Felix_Kinsey> (Roll how many times?)
  1173. 01[00:53] <@BriDm> (We should be done by then (I hope) Remember folks decide what you're doing while you wait for your turn!)
  1174. 01[00:53] <@BriDm> (There's four of them. So four times Felix
  1175. 01[00:53] <@BriDm> ,roll 3#1d2
  1176. [00:53] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 2;1;2
  1177. 01[00:53] <@BriDm> ,roll 1d6
  1178. [00:53] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 1
  1179. [00:53] <+Felix_Kinsey> ,roll 4#d9
  1180. [00:53] <+Kenzie_> Felix_Kinsey: 3;7;6;8
  1181. 03[00:54] * Jack_Stripes (~Jack_Stri@Rizon-B8DD37AE.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) has joined #BcBgames
  1182. 01[00:55] <@BriDm> The BArberian charges in slaming the flat of his axe down to cover the maximum area as he squisehs countless of the bugs, cutting down their numbers to a scattering few.... which are quick to gather together as one 'swam' to crawl up his legs and start chomping away (BIND activated, They deal 8 total damage as you whipe you out. But there is now only one swarm left)
  1183. 01[00:56] <@BriDm> Roger seeing the barberian get close rushes at him, teeth barred, but Felix is quicker, and decides to put the bladed part of yee hold axe to use. It going straight into the beasts head, splitting it in half down the middle~
  1184. 01[00:56] <@BriDm> Brocks go~ One Swarm left. You guys are destrying these surprisingly quickly... this feels all too easy....
  1185. 06[00:57] * +Brock moves over the corpse of roger and swipes his maul at the last swarm
  1186. [00:57] <+Brock> ,roll 1d5
  1187. [00:57] <+Kenzie_> Brock: 3
  1188. [00:57] <+Felix_Kinsey> ((I do not like the sound of "too easy")
  1189. 01[00:57] <@BriDm> In the corner of your eye, out of the darkness you can see the old wooden shack of the lumber jacks starting to shake........ tearing out from the roof comes the TRUE beast your were hunting for.. and uh lets say 'two horses big' doesn't cut it anymore... more like FIVE or so Horses worth hmm? I think 'oh fuck' qualifies here'
  1190. 01[00:58] <@BriDm> ,roll 1d2
  1191. [00:58] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 1
  1192. 01[00:58] <@BriDm> The Northaner manges to remove osme of the nasty biting insects from Felix.. though a few deicde to taste him instead (2 damage Brock)
  1193. [00:58] <+Syd> (... Fuck)
  1194. 01[00:58] <@BriDm> the swarm is almost dead, barely any left.. but as you can all see from the huge screaming beast. 'mamas' on her way.
  1195. 01[00:59] <@BriDm> Amunet your go~
  1196. 06[00:59] * +Amunet slows her breathing as she notches another arrow.  She takes acreful aim at Roger and is about to fire, when she sees the new beast, she changes her aim and let's loose an arrow (regular attack)
  1197. [00:59] <+Amunet> ,roll 1d8
  1198. [00:59] <+Kenzie_> Amunet: 4
  1199. 01[00:59] <@BriDm> ,roll 1d6
  1200. [00:59] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 3
  1201. 01[01:00] <@BriDm> the arrow hits... and leaves a tiny little mark on the huge beasts skin. It does not seem impressed.... And it turns its huge head, towards the group....
  1202. [01:00] <+Amunet> (well Fuck)
  1203. 01[01:00] <@BriDm> Only one swarm left... And given it's already munching on the Northaners...
  1204. 01[01:00] <@BriDm> ,roll 1d2
  1205. [01:00] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 1
  1206. 01[01:00] <@BriDm> Chomp chomp brock the bugs just LOVE your taste
  1207. 01[01:00] <@BriDm> ,roll 1d6
  1208. [01:00] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 3
  1209. 01[01:00] <@BriDm> (Def roll my friend.)
  1210. [01:01] <+Felix_Kinsey> (me?)
  1211. 01[01:01] <@BriDm> (Brock needs it ;p)
  1212. 01[01:01] <@BriDm> (to roll def that is)
  1213. [01:01] <+Felix_Kinsey> (My DEF is 1, I don't think I need to roll...)
  1214. [01:01] <+Brock> Huh
  1215. 01[01:01] <@BriDm> (Def roll There brocky~)
  1216. [01:02] <+Brock> ,roll 1d7
  1217. [01:02] <+Kenzie_> Brock: 3
  1218. 01[01:02] <@BriDm> You manage to kick the little buggers off before they do any real damage
  1219. 01[01:02] <@BriDm> Colms go.... and of course he doesn't seem one bit afraid of what he faces, infact he starts to sing, the magic of his music filling you all with energy~
  1220. 01[01:02] <@BriDm> (and yeah he requested I make him say this next bit~)
  1221. 01[01:03] <@BriDm> Colm continues to sing the bizzare tune he only hummed on the path, standing watch next to the archer, hoping that his presence with bared blade will keep any attackers from pouncing on her, as he continues to send his voice through the woods. "I went to a fancy ball, It was slippery in the hall, I was afread that I may fall, Because I had no trousers"
  1222. 01[01:03] <@BriDm> Colm seems to be grinning at Amunet for the following verses, his eyes glinting mischievously. "The lassies love me every one, But they must catch me if they can, You cannot put breeches on a Sillitie man, 'Colmy, where's your trousers?'"
  1223. 01[01:03] <@BriDm> (Everyone gets +2 to all their ATT Sides. Have fun~)
  1224. [01:03] <+Syd> (Yay)
  1225. 01[01:03] <@BriDm> you'll need them as here comes MOM~
  1226. [01:04] <+Amunet> "OOOooh dear"
  1227. 01[01:04] <@BriDm> She leaps out of the building, rushing across down at a speed you wouldn't think possible for such a huge creature. Her countless legs moving her at a galloping rate..... and unluckly for you... it seems you're on the tracks of this rape train.
  1228. 01[01:04] <@BriDm> ,roll #5d10
  1229. 01[01:04] <@BriDm> err
  1230. 01[01:04] <@BriDm> ,roll 5#1d10
  1231. [01:04] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 8;5;6;6;3
  1232. 01[01:05] <@BriDm> (defence rolls -everyone- Amunet. You're at -2 due to archer)
  1233. 01[01:05] <@BriDm> (hey it's been giving you +2 damage almost all game. Sue us here huh?)
  1234. [01:05] <+Brock> ,roll 1d7
  1235. [01:05] <+Kenzie_> Brock: 4
  1236. 01[01:05] <@BriDm> Brock you take 1 damage~
  1237. [01:05] <+Syd> ,roll 1d7
  1238. [01:05] <+Kenzie_> Syd: 2
  1239. [01:05] <+Felix_Kinsey> (Does the song affect our DEF rolls?)
  1240. [01:05] <+Brock> ((i forgot, what am i at?))
  1241. 01[01:06] <@BriDm> (Naw. It's not actually suppose to effect both. But yeah)
  1242. [01:06] <+Syd> (Damn dice. I suck at rolls.)
  1243. 01[01:06] <@BriDm> Syd you take.. 1 damage as well
  1244. [01:06] <+Syd> Cool
  1245. [01:06] <+Syd> (I'm at 17/21)
  1246. 01[01:06] <@BriDm> (you're at... 13 hp Brock)
  1247. [01:06] <+Maximilian> ,roll 1d8
  1248. [01:06] <+Kenzie_> Maximilian: 1
  1249. [01:06] <+Brock> ((Ok.))
  1250. 01[01:06] <@BriDm> Max? .. well felix doesn't need to roll Amunet need one from you though.
  1251. [01:06] <+Maximilian> (MAN!!!)
  1252. 01[01:06] <@BriDm> max takes 4 damage owy
  1253. [01:06] <+Amunet> ,roll 1d5
  1254. [01:06] <+Kenzie_> Amunet: 1
  1255. 01[01:07] <@BriDm> Amunet takes 7 ouch~
  1256. 01[01:07] <@BriDm> While felix takes 6
  1257. [01:07] <+Brock> ((What are felix and Amunet at?))
  1258. [01:08] <+Felix_Kinsey> (uhh, 19/27)
  1259. [01:08] <+Amunet> (8/15 :()
  1260. 01[01:08] <@BriDm> so that's everyone. A whole lot of pain all round. The creature quite litterly RUNS YOU ALL OVER. rushing past, and getting ready to turn around and bite down on whoever looks the tastiest~
  1261. [01:08] <+Brock> ((FUCK))
  1262. 01[01:08] <@BriDm> MAx's go~
  1263. 06[01:08] * +Maximilian takes the clay jug from his belt and starts to shake it in circular motion, soon making the sound of water waves come from it. He takes a deep breath and starts to drink the golden liquid. Soon his body started to emanate some golden light and he placed the jug back to his belt, arranging the sword on his shoulder once more. (Omni Boost)
  1264. [01:08] <+Brock> ((Amunet do you think it warrent a heal?))
  1265. 01[01:09] <@BriDm> (Also remember guys. DEfensice PM's if you have them can be activated when you roll a defence roll ;p)
  1266. 01[01:09] <@BriDm> (Also Max. Omni boost doe snot take up your turn. You're free to still act)
  1267. 01[01:09] <@BriDm> (With the boost applied~)
  1268. [01:09] <+Maximilian> (Woo-hoo~!)
  1269. [01:09] <+Amunet> ((Not yet I don't think)
  1270. [01:09] <+Brock> ((Ok.))
  1271. 01[01:09] <@BriDm> Also remember that one swarm is still alive the little bugger.
  1272. 01[01:10] <@BriDm> (Also Amunet. Your Archery bonus to damage doesn't apply, but you will not suffer a penality. It's not like you're trying to parry sword blows here.)
  1273. 06[01:10] * +Maximilian frowns and holds his sword tightly, charging towards the giant beast.
  1274. 01[01:11] <@BriDm> ,roll 1d6
  1275. [01:11] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 6
  1276. 01[01:11] <@BriDm> (Roll ATT there max ;p)
  1277. [01:11] <+Brock> ((Oorah))
  1278. [01:11] <+Maximilian> ,roll 1d7
  1279. [01:11] <+Kenzie_> Maximilian: 4
  1281. 01[01:11] <@BriDm> TINK!... your sword hits its hard shell and bounces back.. as do you... it roars in your general direction its breath making you gag... Sometimes having a dogs nose sucks like hell.
  1282. 01[01:12] <@BriDm> Syds go~
  1283. [01:12] <+Syd> (Leech on mother centipede thing)
  1284. 01[01:12] <@BriDm> (k. remember the +2 bonus to ATT from the song)
  1285. [01:12] <+Maximilian> (That's it! I'll stick with healing from now on. >:I)
  1286. [01:12] <+Syd> ,roll 1d8
  1287. [01:12] <+Kenzie_> Syd: 7
  1288. 01[01:12] <@BriDm> ,roll 1d6
  1289. [01:12] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 5
  1290. [01:12] <+Syd> (Hell yea)
  1291. 01[01:12] <@BriDm> 2 damage. You heal 2 back as well~
  1292. [01:12] <+Maximilian> (Hey, hey, hey, wait!)
  1293. [01:13] <+Brock> ((Loaded dice IMO))
  1294. [01:13] <+Maximilian> (I forgot to add the dance one!)
  1295. 01[01:13] <@BriDm> Syd gets to digging his daggers deep, the tiny blades having an easier time finding a way past the thick armor.
  1296. 01[01:13] <@BriDm> (Fine fine MAx. reroll ;p)
  1297. [01:13] <+Maximilian> ,roll 1d9
  1298. [01:13] <+Kenzie_> Maximilian: 2
  1300. [01:13] <+Brock> ((LOLOL))
  1301. 01[01:13] <@BriDm> (Kenize hates you doesn't she?)
  1302. [01:13] <+Amunet> (Oh... wow bad roll)
  1303. 01[01:14] <@BriDm> (Felix's go~)
  1304. 06[01:14] * +Felix_Kinsey charges head first at the great beast, planning on putting his great battle axe to use (Time to put my 11 ATT to use again BOOYEAH)
  1305. [01:14] <+Felix_Kinsey> ,roll 1d11
  1306. [01:14] <+Kenzie_> Felix_Kinsey: 1
  1307. 01[01:14] <@BriDm> ,roll 1d6
  1308. [01:14] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 2
  1309. [01:14] <+Felix_Kinsey> Fate point
  1310. [01:14] <+Felix_Kinsey> reroll
  1311. 01[01:14] <@BriDm> (k~)
  1312. [01:14] <+Felix_Kinsey> ,roll 1d11
  1313. [01:14] <+Kenzie_> Felix_Kinsey: 10
  1314. [01:14] <+Brock> ((LOL))
  1315. 01[01:15] <@BriDm> (Much better~, you bury your axe DEEP into its stomache. It screeches as the black blood spews out in spades. Covering felix in a black bath~
  1316. 01[01:15] <@BriDm> Brocks go~
  1317. [01:15] <+Syd> (Kinky)
  1318. 06[01:15] * +Brock takes another swipe at those annoying buggers
  1319. [01:15] <+Brock> ,roll 1d7
  1320. [01:15] <+Kenzie_> Brock: 3
  1321. 01[01:16] <@BriDm> (The Swarm you mean?)
  1322. 01[01:16] <@BriDm> ,roll 1d2
  1323. [01:16] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 2
  1324. [01:16] <+Brock> ((Yes))
  1325. 01[01:16] <@BriDm>  heh, you ALMOST finish them off.. there's only a few scattered ones left (1 hp left hohoho)
  1326. [01:17] <+Brock> ((GEY))
  1327. 01[01:17] <@BriDm> Amunet your go~ I do belive you still have a SM to toss out?
  1328. 06[01:17] * +Amunet Notches an arrow and fires at the great best, but fires another one at the remaining swarm for good measure (Multi)
  1329. 01[01:17] <@BriDm> k~
  1330. 01[01:17] <@BriDm> ,roll 1d6
  1331. [01:17] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 3
  1332. 01[01:17] <@BriDm> ,roll 1d2
  1333. [01:17] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 2
  1334. [01:17] <+Amunet> ,roll 1d8
  1335. [01:17] <+Kenzie_> Amunet: 2
  1336. [01:17] <+Amunet> ,roll 1d8
  1337. [01:17] <+Kenzie_> Amunet: 8
  1338. [01:18] <+Brock> ((Second one goes at the beastie))
  1339. [01:18] <+Brock> ((>>))
  1340. 01[01:18] <@BriDm> Well the arrow does little more then bounce off the mother, but the first rids the group what's left of that nasty little swarm.
  1341. [01:18] <+Brock> ((:())
  1342. 01[01:18] <@BriDm> Colms still singing of course, and trying to be a better target then Amunet is.... While Mom hmm lets see who here is tasty~
  1343. [01:18] <+Amunet> "Everybody seperate or it'll run us all over again"
  1344. 01[01:19] <@BriDm> ,roll 1d4
  1345. [01:19] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 4
  1346. 01[01:19] <@BriDm> It doesn't seem much interested in that. Infact. It's huge head just comes down hard and fast, aimed directly at a certain knife wielding orange doggie~
  1347. 01[01:20] <@BriDm> DEfence roll syd~
  1348. 01[01:20] <@BriDm> ,roll 1d10
  1349. [01:20] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 8
  1350. [01:20] <+Syd> ,roll 1d7
  1351. [01:20] <+Kenzie_> Syd: 6
  1352. [01:20] <+Syd> (Damn)
  1353. [01:20] <+Syd> (Back 18/21)
  1354. [01:20] <+Syd> (back to*)
  1355. 01[01:21] <@BriDm> you are quite litterly crushed into the dirt by its giant head before being lifted into the air by its huge mandibles and shook about above your friends in a terrifying display... despite it all you're not so bad... (4 damage total infect. Double damage attack~)
  1356. [01:21] <+Syd> Oh crap
  1357. [01:21] <+Syd> (Than 16/21)
  1358. 01[01:21] <@BriDm> (err you're 12/18 dude. you ahve 6 vit. Not 7)
  1359. [01:21] <+Syd> Oh fuck
  1360. [01:21] <+Maximilian> (How many HP does I still have?)
  1361. 01[01:21] <@BriDm> (dont worry you'll live~)
  1362. 01[01:21] <@BriDm> (7/12 Max)
  1363. [01:21] <+Maximilian> (Thanks.)
  1364. 01[01:22] <@BriDm> speaking of~ It is MAx's turn~
  1365. [01:22] <+Maximilian> (Also, the Omni Boost is gone now, right?)
  1366. 01[01:22] <@BriDm> (The ATT part is gone, but the DEF part can still be used when it comes up)
  1367. 06[01:24] * +Maximilian after recovering himself from the foul breath, he rests the long blade on his shoulder and gets his jug, making squared motion and then "drinking" from it. He starts to walk towards the Leech. (Bind.)
  1368. 01[01:24] <@BriDm> (You do know SM's take three turns to regenerate yah? You can't use them every round)
  1369. 01[01:24] <@BriDm> (unless you spend a FP to auto recharge them)
  1370. [01:24] <+Brock> ((Theyre not at will power LOL))
  1371. 01[01:25] <@BriDm> (It's cool though. Getting used to the system dude~)
  1372. 01[01:25] <@BriDm> (takes a little bit)
  1373. 06[01:25] * +Maximilian after recovering himself from the foul breath, he rests the long blade on his shoulder and jumps towards the Leech, swinging his blade vertically.
  1374. [01:25] <+Brock> ((Only Bribri got that reference huh ._.))
  1375. 01[01:25] <@BriDm> (Though on that note. Anyone who used their SM the first round? It's not recharged)
  1376. [01:25] <+Maximilian> (There, then.)
  1377. 01[01:25] <@BriDm> ,roll 1d6
  1378. [01:25] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 4
  1379. 01[01:25] <@BriDm> Give us some damage rolls~
  1380. [01:25] <+Maximilian> ,roll 1d7
  1381. [01:25] <+Kenzie_> Maximilian: 4
  1382. [01:25] <+Maximilian> (Err...)
  1383. 01[01:25] <@BriDm> Dicebot hates MAx with a thousand suns.
  1384. [01:25] <+Brock> ((derp))
  1385. 01[01:26] <@BriDm> Your sword bounces off once again, It knocking you away as it trashes about with poor Syd in the air.
  1386. [01:26] <+Brock> ((Give us back our drunk!))
  1387. 01[01:26] <@BriDm> Speaking of Poor Syd. It's his turn!
  1388. [01:26] <+Maximilian> (Man, next time, I'll stick with a white mage! >:I)
  1389. 01[01:26] <@BriDm> And he's getting pretty sick feeling up there.
  1390. [01:26] <+Syd> (Yay)
  1391. [01:26] <+Syd> (Do I still got my counter?)
  1392. [01:27] <+Brock> ((I dunno, he has some interesting character development going on))
  1393. 01[01:27] <@BriDm> (you still get your turn. Though you used your SM for healing thus far~)
  1394. 01[01:27] <@BriDm> (for leech that is. You can't use counter until it recharges)
  1395. [01:27] <+Syd> (Alright)
  1396. [01:27] <+Syd> (Counter on mother ant thing)
  1397. 01[01:27] <@BriDm> (Which will be next round if my memory is right)
  1398. 01[01:27] <@BriDm> (Err you can't use Counter yet  SM hasn't recharged)
  1399. [01:28] <+Syd> (Oh ok)
  1400. 01[01:28] <@BriDm> (It takes three turns... so it's like SM-Attack-Attack-SM. If you use it contantly and only attack anyway)
  1401. [01:28] <+Syd> (Normal Attack)
  1402. 01[01:28] <@BriDm> (k~ roll it)
  1403. 01[01:28] <@BriDm> ,roll 1d6
  1404. [01:28] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 1
  1405. [01:28] <+Syd> ,roll 1d5
  1406. [01:28] <+Kenzie_> Syd: 2
  1407. [01:28] <+Syd> MEh
  1408. [01:28] <+Brock> ((At first i thought he was gonna bitch slap it- then i saw a two and lol'd.))
  1409. 01[01:28] <@BriDm> in your awkward position your stab doesn't go deep.. but some blood still oozes out....
  1410. 01[01:29] <@BriDm> Felix~
  1411. 06[01:29] * +Felix_Kinsey hoping for another great hit like the last one, he rushes at the bugger again
  1412. [01:29] <+Felix_Kinsey> ,roll 1d11
  1413. [01:29] <+Kenzie_> Felix_Kinsey: 7
  1414. 01[01:29] <@BriDm> (oh Felix. Your SM is recharged fyi)
  1415. [01:29] <+Felix_Kinsey> (Not using it anyways)
  1416. 01[01:29] <@BriDm> (k~)
  1417. 01[01:29] <@BriDm> ,roll 1d6
  1418. [01:29] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 4
  1419. 01[01:30] <@BriDm> another mighty below from the barberian. it doesnt get quite as deep but the mother isn't looking so hot now.. covered in her own black blood and slowing down....
  1420. 01[01:30] <@BriDm> Brock~
  1421. [01:30] <+Brock> ((Any healing required?))
  1422. [01:31] <+Felix_Kinsey> ((I'm good))
  1423. [01:31] <+Amunet> ((none here for now))
  1424. [01:31] <+Maximilian> (I'm okay, no need for healing.)
  1425. 06[01:31] * +Brock charges at the giant centepede and takes a powerful swing with his maul
  1426. [01:31] <+Brock> ,roll 1d7
  1427. [01:31] <+Kenzie_> Brock: 2
  1428. 01[01:31] <@BriDm> ,roll 1d6
  1429. [01:31] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 1
  1430. 01[01:31] <@BriDm> heh ;p
  1431. 01[01:31] <@BriDm> what do you know
  1432. [01:32] <+Maximilian> (pfffffh...)
  1433. [01:32] <+Brock> ((FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUU- wait lol))
  1434. [01:32] <+Felix_Kinsey> (That was both incredibly lucky and unlucky)
  1435. [01:32] <+Maximilian> (Agreed.)
  1436. 01[01:32] <@BriDm> Brocks blow isn't a perfect one, but the beasts shell is already torn... the hit still amanages to make the huge beast shake...
  1437. 01[01:32] <@BriDm> Amunet~?
  1438. 06[01:32] * +Amunet prays to the Gods of FATE as she whispers the spell of wind to her bow, she fires it, kowing that it will once again hit true (Never Miss used Fate Point to get it back)
  1439. 01[01:32] <@BriDm> (roll the 1d8 then~)
  1440. 01[01:33] <@BriDm> ,roll 3#1d6
  1441. [01:33] <+Kenzie_> BriDm: 1;5;5
  1442. [01:33] <+Amunet> (Is the song still going, cause if so it's 10)
  1443. 01[01:33] <@BriDm> (yeah it is. Go ahead~)
  1444. 01[01:33] <@BriDm> (And well bugger me)
  1445. [01:33] <+Amunet> ,roll 1d10
  1446. [01:33] <+Kenzie_> Amunet: 5
  1447. 01[01:33] <@BriDm> In other news Amunet loves racking up the kills doesn't She?
  1448. [01:34] <+Amunet> you're shitting me?
  1449. 01[01:34] <@BriDm> The arrow flies up.. Slaming through the things neck, and exiting from the other side in a sudden shot....
  1450. [01:34] <+Brock> ((Like i said, she can watch my back any day.))
  1451. [01:34] <+Amunet> ((4 kills total this game saweet))
  1452. 01[01:34] <@BriDm> Syd suddenly finds the beasts mandibles being pulled back..... he falls.... back to the earth, landing on his back with an 'oof' as the entire thing jus tcoloposes in a heap, dust, and dirt flying up with it. the huge things blood slowly starting to paint the earth as it spreads out...
  1453. 01[01:34] <@BriDm> http://www.youtuberepeat.com/watch/?v=FFiFTwXRDSE
  1454. 01[01:35] <@BriDm> ;p
  1455. [01:35] <+Syd> "I'm free bitches!"
  1456. 06[01:35] * +Amunet almost laughs, but holds it in (unprofessional) when she sees the grat beast fall by her arrow
  1457. 01[01:35] <@BriDm> One by one the villages start to come out again... seeing the beast fallen.. and.. as you can imagin.. looking just maybe a bit guilty and awkward right about now. Staring at you all rather batterned and beaten but still standing.
  1458. 01[01:35] <@BriDm> battered*
  1459. 06[01:36] * +Brock puts the maul back upon his back "Haha, like any bug, it go squish!"
  1460. [01:36] <+Felix_Kinsey> "Ha, well I'll be damned, our archer did it again!"
  1461. 06[01:36] * +Maximilian sighs in annoyance for his constant lack of usefulness in the group and faces the beast's corpse. "Once again, I were nothing more than a dead weight."
  1462. 06[01:36] * +Felix_Kinsey puts his battleax back on his back
  1463. 01[01:36] <@BriDm> the inn keeper glances aside... not being able to bring up the bravery.. though it seems Lacy manages it.. stepping forward and bowing.
  1464. 01[01:36] <@BriDm> "... I'm... we're..... very.. VERY sorry..... you saved us all."
  1465. [01:36] <+Brock> "Now it's dead. It has no hope. Amunet- you are bane to all things moving!"
  1466. 06[01:37] * +Maximilian turns to Lacy. "It's alright. That's our work."
  1467. 06[01:37] * +Syd points to the bar keep.
  1468. [01:37] <+Syd> "Now give me a damn drink."
  1469. 01[01:37] <@BriDm> "... but we were about to back there..."
  1470. 06[01:37] * +Amunet scratches the back of her head in embarassment "what can I say, just doing what I was trined to"
  1471. 06[01:37] * +Brock pats max on the back "Don't worry, my friend, there will be more adventures!"
  1472. 01[01:37] <@BriDm> the in bar keeper blinks then stares at the dead best ant nods to syd "... yes sir!" rushing into the inn quickly...
  1473. 01[01:38] <@BriDm> the tavern rather~
  1474. 06[01:38] * +Syd looks to the rest of the party
  1475. 01[01:38] <@BriDm> (Once you all enter the inn the game will comes to a close for the night~)
  1476. [01:38] <+Syd> "Now can we rest?"
  1477. 06[01:38] * +Maximilian mutters under his breath. "Next time, I'll be ready..."
  1478. 06[01:38] * +Felix_Kinsey head into the inn shouting "I need a drink, someone get me a beer"
  1479. 01[01:38] <@BriDm> Colm chuckles "Yes my friend now we can rest~" He heads on inside the inn with his usual smile~
  1480. 06[01:39] * +Syd head inside yelling to the bar keep to keep the drinks cold.
  1481. 01[01:39] <@BriDm> half the towns folk head inside... the other half start the messy work of cleaning up the corpses as our adventures go to have a nice sit down and a proper drink after a long long night~
  1482. [01:39] <+Maximilian> "Alright, everyone! I am more than tired. Even I need some sleep at times, so I'm gone."
  1483. 06[01:39] * +Amunet heads over to where she dropped the coat, now ruined due to being run over a few times "oops"
  1484. 06[01:39] * +Maximilian head towards the inn.
  1485. [01:40] <+Brock> "Its alright, i can replace coat. Come, even heroes need rest."
  1486. 06[01:40] * +Maximilian turns to Amunet and Brock before going in the inn.
  1487. [01:40] <+Maximilian> "*sigh*"
  1488. 06[01:41] * +Amunet blushes a little, unused to being in the centre of attention, but follows Brock into the tavern
  1489. 01[01:41] <@BriDm> And...~ That's game
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