Anon - Partying with Moths

Jul 30th, 2014
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  1. [Untagged]
  3. >7:30pm sharp, and you’re already wearing your toga and wreath.
  4. >Apparently, moth pony society has a few similarities with home, one of those being fancy dress parties; and you’ll be damned if you don’t rock a costume better than you rock your civvies.
  5. >A year has switched about the way you see things and now you feel no inhibition towards your own libido.
  6. >In other words, tonight was the night Anon Jr. was going to touch down in this town…
  7. >… or so you’re forcing yourself to think.
  8. >Assuming that these weird – if a little adorable – equine aliens are as open minded as yourself is the best way to keep yourself sane, knowing that you’re the only human within a few universes of where you now reside.
  9. >You sip the sweet drink in your hand.
  10. >It tastes weird, probably due to how it is effectively fermented fruit, but that seems to be how the moth ponies go about getting drunk.
  11. >It was definitely a task to get accustomed to it, though the effort is worth avoiding permanent sobriety.
  12. >A loud clatter and thud emanates from the ceiling.
  13. >It would appear your housemate, the only moth who trusted you enough to take you in when you walked into town, has finished her shower in the room above.
  14. >Sepia makes a habit of knocking things over.
  15. >She also carries the remarkable capacity to knock herself over on occasion, which is what you suspect has just happened.
  17. “I’m okay!”
  19. >A call from upstairs comes a few seconds after the calamity.
  20. >Apparently, she’s okay.
  21. >She has a skull as thick as her… well… skull.
  23. >You smile a little bit as you give her time to ready herself.
  24. >Although she is anything but tactful and socially adept, she has a bit of a vain streak.
  25. >Perhaps you should have waited a little longer before you got ready.
  26. >You take another sip, pacing yourself to not be hammered before you arrive but to be relaxed in yourself.
  28. ~~~~~~~~~~
  30. >As the old-fashioned clock on the wall strikes eight, you hear hoofsteps navigating the staircase.
  31. >That took less time than you had expected.
  32. >The door opens and in steps Sepia.
  33. >Well lookie that…
  34. >After hearing her voice for the first time, you immediately thought of Betty Boop a la the thirties.
  35. >So, when she had asked a few weeks ago what she should wear for Caramel’s birthday bash, you jumped at the opportunity to dress her up just like that.
  36. >It seemed that Meisa, resident seamstress and proprietor of the upper class, shared your eye for fitting attire and had made both your costume and Sepia’s in impressive time.
  37. >That shared intuition has paid off, as Sepia looks the best you have seen her since you first met what seems such a long time ago.
  38. >A black tailcoat, red, tight, legging-shorts, a lace ring around her left-hind thigh, a red bow-tie and, to quite literally “top” it off, a black, small top hat that she wears at the most adorably skewed angle.
  39. >She looks a little unsure of herself.
  41. “Am I wearing it right, Mister?”
  42. >”Of course you are, and stick to Anon, Seps.”
  43. >So far, a year of constant training has done nothing to change what she calls you.
  44. “It looks good?”
  45. >The question rises towards the end, capped with a squeaky crack in her voice.
  46. >There is an air of bated breath around it.
  47. >You set your almost-finished drink down beside you, and stand, walking the few feet between you.
  48. >”It looks fantastic.”
  49. >You ruffle her hair with a sincere smile.
  50. >With a sharp blush and snort, she pulls her head away.
  51. “Don’t ruin my hair!”
  52. >The petite mare loosens up for a second.
  53. “B-but thank you, Mis-“
  54. >”Anon.”
  55. “-Mister Anon.”
  56. >Close enough.
  57. >The small mare spins in a small circle.
  59. “Does it look okay everywhere?”
  60. >You scan her lithe frame.
  61. >It does look very good, complementing her figure to a tee.
  62. >Meisa really outdid herself.
  63. >”I think you’re going to be talk of the town, half-pint.”
  64. “But I’m not a drink.”
  65. >”No… it’s just… forget it. You’ll knock ‘em dead, Sepia.”
  66. “I don’t want to hurt anyone!”
  67. >”I mean… uh… D’ya remember what I talked to you about earlier?”
  68. >You waste no time in moving the topic forwards.
  69. “Oh, yes M… Anon. The one about being your, um, wing-mare?”
  70. >”That’s the one. Do you remember your vows as my honorary wing-mare?”
  71. >She nods enthusiastically.
  72. “I gots ta help you court a mare of your choice. Anything that helps is permitted, right?”
  73. >”You got it!”
  75. >Stealing another glance at the clock, you look at Sepia with questioning eyes.
  76. >It’s not a long walk, but Caramel had said to arrive any time after eight.
  77. >You are keen to get going, as it has been far too long since you have been to a party.
  78. >Working as a labourer by day, and sitting in this cute-but-stifling cottage by night has been almost maddening.
  79. >It is time.
  80. >You throw a coat over your white costume, given how conservative its use of actual fabric is.
  81. >There is a chill in the air, tonight.
  82. >And yet, you feel like it’s going to be one of the hottest in your life.
  83. >Pepped and confident, with your appointed wing-mare at your side, you make your way towards the front door.
  85. ~~~~~~~~~~
  87. >Your little duo moves briskly through the streets.
  88. >The night air is indeed crisp and neither of you are big fans of the cold.
  89. >You'd expect Sepia, with all that extra fuzz around her chest and hooves, would be good at taking the chill, but apparently she’s worse with it than you are.
  90. >Something about her being a hawk moth and losing a lot of body heat.
  91. >She had told you about it before, though you were likely lost in thought at that stage.
  92. >After all, it had only been recently that the trauma of losing everything you ever knew had become bygone.
  93. >Trying to lighten the stony mood that the cold brings, you attempt to enthuse about the upcoming party.
  95. >”Oh man, everyone’s there tonight. It’s gonna be massive!”
  96. “I don’t think Caramel’s house is much bigger than mine…”
  97. >The brown mare seems more alien than you do sometimes.
  98. >”I mean that it’s going to be a big party, like, so many different ponies attending and shit.”
  99. “Oh my! Of course! I’m super excited! I can show everyone how I dance and talk and stay up much later than normal!”
  100. >”You can stay up as late as you like, you have your own house…”
  101. “But I don’t have parties at my house.”
  102. >”I suppose so… but anyway, I’m thinking we get a couple of drinks first and relax; give the party a chance to get going. The first hour is always pretty awkward.”
  104. “Not when you have the world’s best wing-mare!”
  106. >The small mare brushes against your side with a giggle; a giggle contagious enough to force you to smile beneath your palm.
  107. >Her enthusiasm is admirable, but you can’t help but wonder how useful she would actually be.
  108. >Nevertheless, you are grateful to have her present; she is certainly an asset in the friendship department.
  109. >You nudge her back.
  111. >”If we have enough to drink, who knows? Maybe I’ll be your wingman, hm?”
  112. “What do you mean?”
  113. >”There are plenty of stallions attending~”
  114. >You do your best to infer your meaning in your tone; a practice you should have learned does nothing when speaking with this one.
  115. “I know, lots and lots!”
  116. >”Sepia, I’m talking about you courting.”
  118. >That spawns a silence.
  119. >Fuck.
  120. >In all your time with her, you have never seen any semblance of sexuality from the small mare.
  121. >Perhaps she is prudish, perhaps she is asexual, perhaps she had a bad experience in the past…
  122. >You don’t want to go stepping on her toes considering how much she helped you find yourself in this strange place.
  123. >Uh… stepping on her hooves.
  124. >”I… I didn’t mean…”
  125. “It’s okay… I just… I don’t really think that’s worth thinking about…”
  127. >You’re itching to press the issue, but something keeps your tongue in check.
  128. >There is the possibility of opening some kind of wound.
  129. >”Forget I said it then, ha. I guess it means more focus on me.”
  130. >She comes back to life, hopping with a grin and hovering beside you.
  131. “Ooh! Who do you think the lucky mare will be?”
  132. >”I haven't given it much thought, to be honest. Who do you think I’d have a chance with?”
  133. “Mmmm… I don’t know.”
  134. >She shrugs in mid-air.
  135. “I don’t know why mares choose who they choose, they just do…”
  136. >Fantastic help, Sepia.
  137. “You do a lot of lifting for Meisa, maybe she likes you.”
  139. >Like a tea-sipper such as her would take a second glance at a monkey who lifts boxes.
  140. >”Em, she’s sure a looker but… I don’t know, Sepia. I think she might be a little out of my league.”
  141. “What is your league?”
  142. >”Uhh, sorta like when you’re not really good enough for someone to notice you, they’re out of your league.”
  143. “But she notices you all the time! She asks for your help and talks to you and things.”
  144. >With a roll of your eyes, you see the house coming into view, oddly quiet for the location of the party.
  145. >”Yeah, but not like that, Sepia. She would prefer to, uh, ‘court’ a handsome stallion like Virgo or something.
  146. “Nobody wants to court Virgo.”
  148. >Even Sepia knows.
  149. >That guy must have an STI or something.
  150. >You cast your thoughts to the other mares that you have met.
  151. >There is, of course, the birthday girl herself.
  152. >She has a flirty fire about her, but that fire could burn.
  153. >No doubt she’s a tease, however she seems to be the type to get you naked then snap a picture to giggle about with that friend of hers.
  154. >Golden Carnal, is it?
  155. >It may have been a good idea to get to know more than the odd few before attending a party with nearly the whole, damn village attending.
  157. “What about Goldie?”
  158. >”What about her?”
  159. “I don’t know, she’s very pretty though.”
  160. >That she is, although “pretty” is likely the wrong word.
  161. >She’s hot.
  162. >”Yeah, I might try it out.”
  163. “And then you’ll get married and I can be the bridesmaid!”
  164. >”Ha… Uh, yeah. Don’t get ahead of yourself, sport.”
  165. “Well, why else would you want to court her?”
  166. >”Well, uh… I-I…”
  168. >You stammer as you try to explain that you want to put it in one of her friends.
  169. >Thankfully, Sepia notices the house coming up on your left, and cuts across you just before you get to the painfully contrived euphemisms for sex.
  170. >The house is quiet, bar a few lights being on in different rooms.
  171. >It’s a modest, two-story affair with a thatched roof and an ornate, arched front door.
  172. >The garden is relatively well kept, to boot, and the gate before the path to the door has a small sign that reads “Caramel.”
  173. >Caramel had even signed her name with a little love heart at the end.
  174. >It is definitely Caramel’s house, evidenced by your memory of past visits and the sign on the gate.
  175. >Except, nothing is happening here.
  177. >”Uh… Sepia? Are you sure the party wasn't moved to somewhere else?”
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