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Fallout: Beyond Equestria 205: All Roads Lead... (Part 7)

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  1. [2016-12-14 13:20:29] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Previously...
  2. [2016-12-14 13:20:59] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Jugeote looks at Get_Lost, then at Snowhare.  To Shatara, she asks, "How long can it stay in my shadow before it will kill me if it leaves?"
  3. [2016-12-14 13:21:10] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Shatara answers, "I...I don't know..."
  4. [2016-12-14 13:21:36] <Mare-Do-Well> 3...
  5. [2016-12-14 13:21:43] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Bookwright frowns. "Longer is probably worse though. The mystery mare was completely disintegrated after a few hours. Snowhare died too, but she didn't turn into dust. Get Lost probably would have died as well except for her modifications. But none of them came to any harm until the shadow moved."
  6. [2016-12-14 13:21:51] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Golden_Dream feels silly. "Shatara, can y' ask her if th' shadowthing is speakin' to her or anythin'?"
  7. [2016-12-14 13:22:05] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Shatara asks, ""Can you talk to it? Or even feel something from it...?"
  8. [2016-12-14 13:22:12] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Jugeote shakes her head.  "Nothing like that.  It's not communicating with me.  I can't even tell it's there.  But... the way I feel... doesn't feel like I am used to.  It's like the thing's own emotions are staining mine."
  9. [2016-12-14 13:22:29] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session Two Hundred and Five: All Roads Lead... (Part 7) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fE0iBDl3NHw
  10. [2016-12-14 13:22:39] <Mare-Do-Well> 3--- Session Begins ---
  11. [2016-12-14 13:26:46] * Get_Lost "so... maybe that chaos spirit, whatwashisname, know about this kind of creatures? is there a way to contact him?"
  12. [2016-12-14 13:28:45] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Parlay beeps happily as Get_Lost finishes rebooting.  
  13. [2016-12-14 13:30:31] * Get_Lost patpats parlay "good girl, thank you" kisses her robot daughter and asks her "can you tke a couple of pictures of tht zebra?" points at jugeote "but without the flsh. i want a lot of pics of her shadow, thank you"
  14. [2016-12-14 13:37:40] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Parlay beeps again, sounding happy to have Get_Lost back, and starts taking pictures.
  15. [2016-12-14 13:43:08] * Golden_Dream looms over it. "We need t' keep a flashlight or something over Jugeote if we're gonna move her t' somewhere resembling quarantine."
  16. [2016-12-14 13:44:19] * CopyCat breathes a sigh of relief upon seeing Get_Lost standing and moving around again.
  17. [2016-12-14 13:44:26] * Mitzi stands up. "Uh cud escort her. Eet seems Uh'm tough enough tu... survive eet at least, unlike dose dust ponees."
  18. [2016-12-14 13:44:51] <Mare-Do-Well> 3In the pictures, Get_Lost notices the angle of Jugeote's shadow is not quite the same as everyone elses.
  19. [2016-12-14 13:45:33] * Get_Lost "okay, the whatever is somehow interacting with her shadow... maybe there's a relation?" shares the pictures with the others
  20. [2016-12-14 13:46:40] * Bookwright "Or it's replaced her shadow? Hiding where her shadow is to try to fool us? Can it even understand us?"
  21. [2016-12-14 13:47:49] * Get_Lost "no idea... we could try to comunicate?"
  22. [2016-12-14 13:51:20] * Golden_Dream addressed Get_Lost. "Tried that. Shadow gestures don't work. Only way we can communicate is through the slight empathic thing with Jugeote.
  23. [2016-12-14 13:51:52] * Get_Lost nodnods "sorry, missed that"
  24. [2016-12-14 13:57:28] * Get_Lost "if you are thinking quarantine, we could simply use this place for it. we surround it with something that produces light and leave her alone here... probably it wont' jump on something else if there's nopony to jump on?"
  25. [2016-12-14 14:01:09] * CopyCat rubs her chin with a hoof, pondering in Golden_Dream's direction. "When Effigy was brought in unconscious, did he look like one of the survivors of the Shadow's passing?"
  26. [2016-12-14 14:01:31] <Mare-Do-Well> 3"So, uh, what did you need me for again?" the armsmaster asks Shatara.  He looks at Jugeote, at her shadow and back to Shatara again.  "I've never dealt with anything like this before.  Not sure if 'shoot it' is the way to go... or even what you would shoot it with."
  27. [2016-12-14 14:03:01] * Golden_Dream blinks. "Oh, hey. Effigy's here? What's new with him?"
  28. [2016-12-14 14:06:46] * Shatara fidgets a bit. "Well, uh...we were looking for someone to take a look at the remains to rule out an energy weapon...but we seem to have progressed past that point..."
  29. [2016-12-14 14:21:48] * Get_Lost "not a conventional energy weapon anyway... maybe some weaponized spirit from the war? or simply some nasty stuff..."
  30. [2016-12-14 14:23:48] * Bookwright nods firmly in agreement with Shatara. "I had a hypothesis that the deaths were the results of high power laser weaponry of some kind, and I wanted the opinion of an expert on the ashes of the remains. But as it turns out the cause of death is something altogether more strange. Sorry for interrupting your, er, gun polishing time."
  31. [2016-12-14 14:27:44] * Golden_Dream jerks up a little. Wait. Something's wrong. "Where's Summer Harvest?" She whispered out. Her eyes widened, looking around to anyone that would know.
  32. [2016-12-14 14:31:01] * CopyCat continues to tap her chin. "What I'm thinking is, the Lone Shadow could have arrived with Effigy. The changelings chasing him were taken out by the same kind of bright light-explosion that just caused the alert in this base which made the shadow scared and caused it to jump. If the bright lights are caused by a Seraph, maybe it's here looking for this Shadow?"
  33. [2016-12-14 14:32:48] * Bookwright "I don't really like the direction you're going with this CopyCat."
  34. [2016-12-14 14:35:23] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Jugeote cannot understand the conversation, and looks to Shatara for help.
  35. [2016-12-14 14:37:31] * CopyCat clears her throat. "My direction is that the Shadow may not be hostile, just scared. If we can stop the Seraph from chasing it then it might be easier to negotiate with the Shadow. Assuming we can find a way to communicate with it," she adds.
  36. [2016-12-14 14:39:33] * Shatara gazes back at the zebra, tearing up. He wanted to hug her. He wanted to hold tell her everything would fine. Maybe he should have. But it's probably too late for that now...
  37. [2016-12-14 14:41:01] * Mitzi decides to try something a little more direct. She raises a claw and extends it to jab into the ground where Jugeote's false shadow was. Considerng the bullet didn't do anything, she wasn't expecting much.
  38. [2016-12-14 14:43:14] * CopyCat thinks aloud, "If we can't talk to it with shadows, maybe it'll react to light? I don't want to try direct light though, in case that just scares it again."
  39. [2016-12-14 14:45:11] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Jugeote collapses with a gargled scream even before Mitzi's claw touches the floor... the moment when the shadow from Mitzi's claw touches her shadow.  By the time she hits the floor, she looks worn and malnurished, like she has suffered a wasting disease.
  40. [2016-12-14 14:46:34] * Get_Lost "ow that hurts..."
  41. [2016-12-14 14:46:36] * Mitzi frowns and withdraws her claw, stepping back from everyone else to avoid further shadow on shadow contact. She grimaces as she sees the zebra's condition, but... she was alive. "Git hur tu doctur, now!" She barks.
  42. [2016-12-14 14:48:55] * Get_Lost trots next to mitzi "i'm the doctor, but i know what got her and... well... i dont' think it will be easy to heal with conventional methods..."
  43. [2016-12-14 14:49:10] * Bookwright gives Mitzi the side eye. "Playing musical chairs with this shadow is only prolonging the inevitable and hurting people. I realize I was just disagreeing with CopyCat earlier but I think we're out of options now."
  44. [2016-12-14 14:49:39] * Mitzi steps back from Get Lost to keep distance. She nods to Bookwright and looks saddened. "Uh deedn't mean fur dat."
  45. [2016-12-14 14:51:31] * Get_Lost moves on jugeote, checking her "i could try something not usual, maybe?"
  46. [2016-12-14 14:51:46] * Golden_Dream stares at Mitzi. "Were y' not payin' attention when I said we needed t' keep her quarantined? It jumps from shadow t' shadow. Now we need t' quarantine you."
  47. [2016-12-14 14:52:50] * Mitzi nods to Golden_Dream. "Bettur me den her, Uh've shown Uh can survive eet bettur. Uh can last longer without dyeen, so yu hav more time tu figure eet out now."
  48. [2016-12-14 14:55:32] * Mitzi considers a moment, looking around the current confines of the crate. "Try turneen out da lights?"
  49. [2016-12-14 14:55:48] * Golden_Dream looks around. "It doesn't kill y' over time, it kills you /when it leaves/. And it leaves /when it touches shadows/. If shadows don't touch, it doesn't transfer. Please, pay attention when things impact more n' yer' own life, it's th' only way that yer' gonna be a good alpha."
  50. [2016-12-14 14:56:38] * Get_Lost hugs jugeote and slowly lulls her "it could take a while, but it should work..." then thinks for a while and adds "it's not... creepy"
  51. [2016-12-14 14:56:46] * Shatara cries out in terror as Jugeote wastes away before his eyes. It's a small mercy that she doesn't crumble to dust. He leaps to her withered form, clutching her close and sobbing into her neck.
  52. [2016-12-14 14:57:18] * Mitzi nods to Golden_Dream. "Oh. Uh misunderstood." She droops a bit.
  53. [2016-12-14 14:57:43] * Get_Lost leaves jug to shatara and waits for him to cry and then go back using the phoenix implant on the zebra. "no hurry, really... cry as much as you need then i'll go back to the treatment"
  54. [2016-12-14 15:13:42] * CopyCat also gives Shatara and Jugeote space, though she casts a disapproving glare at Get_Lost's deadpan response. "Get! You need to work on your bedside manner."
  55. [2016-12-14 15:14:41] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Jugeote stirs slightly and mumbles something incoherent to Shatara, leaning against him.
  56. [2016-12-14 15:15:11] * Get_Lost frowns "what? hey, i'm just trying to do my job here. and... well, my job is to hug jugeote until she recovers at least a bit..."
  57. [2016-12-14 15:18:34] * Golden_Dream just wallowed in the thought that pony-pile on the zebra was, for the first time ever, the solution to a problem.
  58. [2016-12-14 15:19:07] * Shatara drags Get_Lost in with a wing. Yay for extra limbs!
  59. [2016-12-14 15:24:02] * Get_Lost is hugging the patient and  catbirb. that's okay for her
  60. [2016-12-14 15:28:41] * CopyCat smiles as Get_Lost hugs too. "That's better!"
  61. [2016-12-14 15:37:25] * CopyCat approaches Mitzi (staying clear of her shadow) while Get_Lost hugs Shatara and Jugeote. "Do you feel any different Mitzi?"
  62. [2016-12-14 15:38:48] * Mitzi shakes her head. "Not right now."
  63. [2016-12-14 15:48:49] * CopyCat nods. "Okay, well let us know if you experience any strangeness, Mitzi. Emotions feeling strained or anything unusual like that. We should try to get you somewhere isolated, without the risk of it jumping to another shadow. And lets hope that whatever caused that explosion doesn't come back for more."
  64. [2016-12-14 15:52:31] * Bookwright "Or maybe we should hope. We're getting nowhere fast with this shadow creature, and the serendipity of it being associated with the light creature is too intriguing to dismiss."
  65. [2016-12-14 15:53:32] <Mare-Do-Well> 3"If the thing outside can be shot, it would be a fool to try to breech the city," the armsmaster notes.  "Plenty of ponies in here who know how to shoot and have the hardware to back it up."
  66. [2016-12-14 15:53:45] <Mare-Do-Well> 3"Assuming, that is, there's something to shoot."
  67. [2016-12-14 15:56:03] * Golden_Dream points at the pony armsmaster. "Mind pointin' us in the direction of a place we can quarantine Mitzi?"
  68. [2016-12-14 15:59:59] <Mare-Do-Well> 3"Do you need a lot of light?  If not, one of the storage chambers should do.  We used to use those for guest housing, but now a lot of that is moving outside."
  69. [2016-12-14 16:05:14] * Bookwright "Either a lot of light, or perhaps none at all. Are there lamps in the storage chambers?"
  70. [2016-12-14 16:06:53] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The armsmaster nods.  "Nothing much, but enough to see by.  You could turn them off though.  And the rooms can be sealed, so no light leaking from outside."  He pauses, "Hey, didn't you folks live in one of those for a while?"
  71. [2016-12-14 16:07:45] * Bookwright "Just a few days while we were fixing the computers to move the city, yeah. Not the most comfortable of places to bed down, but the mattresses helped."
  72. [2016-12-14 16:13:19] * Golden_Dream grumbles. "Remind me t' write y'all a guide 'r somethin' on what y' can and can't eat around here. There's lots of little weird differences y' need to keep an eye out for."
  73. [2016-12-14 16:20:10] * Mitzi stands still and waits, saddened that she'd been reckless, but glad at least that she was keeping the rest of her friends, and their acquaintances, safe for the moment.
  74. [2016-12-14 16:31:32] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The armsmaster leads the group to the familiar hallway where their own stay had been, choosing the storage unit where the crystal ponies had stayed.  "This should be cleaned out."
  75. [2016-12-14 16:36:51] * Mitzi follows very carefully, making sure her shadow doesn't even touch anyone else's
  76. [2016-12-14 16:45:16] * Golden_Dream nods. "Could y' pass down th' chain t' get her to a shipping crate safely?" Then she looks back at Copycat. "Now tell me what th' hell happened t' Summer Harvest."
  77. [2016-12-14 16:50:03] * CopyCat trots along after Mitzi and the armsmaster, taking care to give Mitzi space and ready to give a warning to any pegasus they met to keep them away from the party's shadows. Given the pegasi's natural avoidance of going near a hellhound, and that the alarm had recently been sounded, it was unlikely this would be a problem. Before setting off though she replies to Golden_Dream. "I'm not sure what happened to Summer Harvest.
  78. [2016-12-14 16:50:04] * CopyCat You may have to talk to Effigy. But... I don't think there will be good news."
  79. [2016-12-14 16:57:59] * Mitzi steps into the room alone and moves to the back
  80. [2016-12-14 17:07:12] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The armsmaster closes the door, sealing Mitzi inside.
  81. [2016-12-14 17:07:13] <Mare-Do-Well> 3--- End of Session ---
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