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Feb 27th, 2013
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  1. Imagine going to buy a wedding cake from a cake shop, and the cake takes over a quarter of a year to be baked to become of standard that it actually looks like some sort of product, only the cake specifications were not followed, and you were given a multicoloured loaf of bread instead because the baker wanted to be creative and try something very new and different despite your specifications and expectations given the name 'wedding cake'. Then when you complained, the baker said "well don't worry, we are very concerned about customer feedback and want to know how we can remedy this." So fair enough, you tell them "I want the wedding cake I paid for, and a tray to carry it out with" and they contemplate this over a month whilst you make multiple complaints requesting some sort of a response, at which point when they finally do respond, they ask repeatedly "Well, what would you even use the wedding cake and the tray for?" And one circular argument with obvious answers later they suggest that "We want to go the right way about reaching this objective and we still wan't to do our thing. So tell you what; we will put some icing on your loaf of bread for a small price to improve it, totally optional, we are really good at icing bread and the more you pay the better the icing will be, and we can let you rent the tray for a small time, for a modest reasonable fee too." Of course you are disappointed, firstly the baker has missed the point once again on why you were disappointed, and now they want you to pay more money toward a partially finished product which wasn't what it was advertised to be when you saw its name and purchased it in the first place. At which point your patience has ran thin, you leave that baker and you take your business elsewhere to someone who can deliver. And that is exactly what has happened with much of the community.
  3. ..and then Illimvra stands at the door and yells "nothing pleases you does it you miserable bastard!" as you walk out.
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