Murder Mystery in a Timely Manor - Session 11-12

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  1. [13:03:25] <@sophos> A translucent pink dome surrounds a gaunt, ghoulish manor. It is trimmed with green copper, pockmarked with boarded-up holes and windows, and littered with gargoyles. Its stone is bleached and withered, much like the flora crawling up its sides. The shield's base consists of a short, cobblestone wall that rises into an arch at the entrance.
  2. [13:05:20] <Bandolier> "I knew that invitation was good news! This totally looks like treasure."
  3. [13:06:36] <Bandolier> I tucked the invitation back into my collar as I approached the pink haze.
  4. [13:07:11] <Bandolier> I extend a talon to touch it.
  5. [13:07:15] <@sophos> A small crowd is idling about near the stone arch. A Unicorn mare prods the magical shield with various electronic meters. Another looks out to the Eastern sea.
  6. [13:08:12] <@sophos> Bandolier's talon pierces the shield as if it was air.
  7. [13:10:00] <@sophos> "Whoa," says the Unicorn with the equipment. "Nothing I've tried has worked at all. And I heard-- from a reliable source-- that some group showed up earlier and got through."
  8. [13:10:40] <Bandolier> I chuckle in response.
  9. [13:11:18] <Bandolier> "Tut, tut. I smell treasure and there hasn't been anything yet that's kept me from finding it."
  10. [13:12:00] <Bandolier> "What's the crowd here for anyway?"
  11. [13:13:04] <@sophos> "Uh, we're just excited to see if the group makes it out." Her eyes dart from side to side.
  12. [13:14:35] <Bandolier> "Hey now, honesty is all to rare in the wasteland these days. If you'd like to trade some information I've got a doozy for ya, but you gotta come straight with me first."
  13. [13:15:17] <@sophos> A black cloud looms above the manor within its pink sphere, like a Nightmare Night snowglobe. A fork of lightning strikes above a tall, circular tower but no thunder is heard.
  14. [13:17:05] <Bandolier> 'Ominous... This is so perfect! I can't wait to get inside!'
  15. [13:17:28] <@sophos> The other Unicorn breaks her staring contest with the tide, and shambles to the manor entrance. "Why don't you just do whatever you came here to do, and we'll do the same?
  16. [13:17:33] <@sophos> "
  17. [13:19:35] <Bandolier> "Alright, maybe we can talk when I get back out here." I said as I attempted to step inside the pink cloud. A little risk is worth a lot of flair.
  18. [13:22:48] <@sophos> Bandolier steps through the barrier without resistance. The invitation in her pocket vibrates a moment and is left alarmingly warm.
  19. [13:23:51] <Bandolier> I wave a wing at the mare that blew me off and puffed my feathers for the crowd.
  20. [13:32:23] <@sophos> The crowd mouths words to each other and eventually share a few nods. Under the dome is a cobblestone walkway that leads to a large, over-carved door. A broken gargoyle lies meters from the entrance, as well as an old-- but well maintained motorwagon and a couple skeletal shrubs.
  21. [13:34:20] <Bandolier> I began walking towards the entrance taking care to examine my surroundings.
  22. [13:34:59] <Bandolier> 'A pity,' I thought, 'I wish I knew more about motorwagons. Don't see these around to often."
  23. [13:36:51] <@sophos> A heavy door-knocker is set in the center of the door, and a rope-- possibly a doorbell-- hangs to the right side of it.
  24. [13:38:07] <Bandolier> "This is definitely a bell moment. Treasure is always heralded by bells."
  25. [13:38:38] <Bandolier> I reach to the right and gave a gentle pull to the rope.
  26. [13:42:57] <@sophos> A bell tolls and a trap door slides open directly beneath Bandolier.
  27. [13:47:54] <Bandolier> 'This is totally a,' I flip back into the air as the trao door slides open from where I was standing, 'trap.'
  28. [13:48:27] <Bandolier> "Ha! A trap like that was in the FIRST Daring Do book. You'll have to do a hell of a lot better than that to get me excited!"
  29. [14:04:10] <@sophos> The trapdoor slides shut with all the pleasentness of stone grinding against stone.
  30. [14:07:35] <Bandolier> I hover closer to the door and put my ear to it.
  31. [14:08:47] <@sophos> Sounds like wooden door.
  32. [14:09:15] <Bandolier> "Guess I'll just let myself in."
  33. [14:09:38] <Bandolier> I give the door a tug.
  34. [14:14:06] <@sophos> The door opens to an atrium with a large, red stain on the ground. It's otherwise quite tidy and clean. Decorative plants sit in each corner next to a bright lantern. Across from the door is a desk with several items laid neatly on its surface. A round, flying robot with two broken eyes greets the Gryphon.
  35. [14:15:47] <Bandolier> I approach the robot.
  36. [14:16:26] <Bandolier> "Well hello robot thing. So tell me a little about this place."
  37. [14:19:59] <@sophos> The robot scans the Gryphon with its one good eye, and says, "I'm Benson," there's a pause then a popping sound, "mum. I see you have your invitation, but you are quite late. A quarter of the night is done and the party has not been going well."
  38. [14:22:19] <Bandolier> "Don't worry, I'm on time. Just not your time. Besides, now that I'm here, maybe I can liven up this party a bit. Right now it's looking kind of, well, dead."
  39. [14:22:26] <Bandolier> I chuckle a bit at my own humor.
  40. [14:28:09] <@sophos> "A bit of pluck might serve you well around here. Anyway, the other guests tend to stay in the dining room. It's the second door on the left past this door here." The robot points to the door beside the desk. "Please remember to sign in on the guestbook before you go looking for them."
  41. [14:30:05] <Bandolier> I take a quick look at the items on the desk.\
  42. [14:34:33] <@sophos> On the desk is a yellowed newspaper, a guestbook with a pen, and a telephone.
  43. [14:35:52] <Bandolier> I lift the newspaper to read after I sign the guestbook quickly. My signature still looks like a lewd scribble.
  44. [14:36:52] <@sophos> The newspaper reads...
  45. [14:42:56] <Bandolier> I check the date on the paper.
  46. [14:45:20] <@sophos> The date is too worn to see clearly.
  47. [14:48:15] <Bandolier> I shrug, putting down the paper. I walk towards the dining room
  48. [14:49:02] <Bandolier> I make a mental not to check out that first door later.
  49. [14:56:06] <Bandolier> I open the Dining room door.
  50. [14:58:20] <@sophos> The Dining room is the gaudiest room yet. Wall to wall there are decorative swords, mounted heads of dangerous beasts, and a obtrusively large portrait. The portrait is that of a plump, beautiful, and gray mare with a few gray streaks in her dark mane. At it's center is a dining table covered in red velvet and fine dishes; a candelabra at its center. A fireplace burns at one end of the room, and several doors stand at the other.
  51. [15:01:36] <Bandolier> I whistle loudly in the room.
  52. [15:02:05] <Bandolier> "Impressive~."
  53. [15:04:21] <Bandolier> I take a step forward into the room as I look around.
  54. [15:05:32] <Bandolier> A little hop later and I hover high enough to clear the table
  55. [15:06:33] <Bandolier> "He mentioned something about other guests in here..."
  56. [15:07:11] <Bandolier> I slowly drift forward to see if I can't locate some of these 'other guests.'
  57. [15:09:10] <Bandolier> I drift higher towards the portrait and take a closer look for anything unusual.
  58. [15:10:53] <@sophos> The portrait is rather large, but nothing truly unusual. Light flashes through the door to the courtyard, which is wide open. And thunder follows.
  59. [15:12:19] <Bandolier> "Looks like the powers that be want me to go that way. Well, then I'm certainly not one to disappoint."
  60. [15:12:45] <Bandolier> Just for good measure I see if I can't pull one of these decorative swords from the wall before I go.
  61. [15:13:31] <@sophos> The swords can be removed easily, but none are sharp.
  62. [15:14:23] <Bandolier> 'Hmmm, can't be used as a weapon but might make a nice distraction.'
  63. [15:15:00] <Bandolier> I take the sword anyway and make my way to the courtyard door.
  64. [15:16:37] <@sophos> The black cloud haunting the manor looms overhead; the bright, full moon shines down onto the courtyard through whatever opening it can find. Directly ahead is a tall, overgrown hedge-- a wall in a maze.
  65. [15:19:06] <Bandolier> "Oh excellent. This looks like it's getting fun."
  66. [15:19:45] <Bandolier> I drop to the ground and begin to prowl towards the hedge. I look around as I approach it.
  67. [15:24:04] <@sophos> Bandolier can see a trail of discarded chips on the ground.
  68. [15:25:52] <Bandolier> 'Curious. Poker chips. I guess the previous guests came through here.'
  69. [15:26:51] <Bandolier> "Reminds me of a story about breadcrumbs. Good thing I don't gamble with chips else I might be tempted."
  70. [15:27:28] <Bandolier> I start to follow the trail of chips, careful to check my corners and surroundings just in case.
  71. [15:29:53] <@sophos> The chips lead to a dead end, back around, and then further into the maze. Bandolier can hear a voice call out, "I TOLD YOU!" as he reaches a part in the path with a group of aggravated Ponies.
  73. *********
  75. [13:20:03] <~sophos> A fork of lightning strikes above the tower. And the following thunderclap rings in the party's ears.
  76. [13:21:47] Stellar_Ascent holds his ears shut and moans. "Stupid bad weahter and its stupid noisyness."
  77. [13:24:49] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace glances behind him. "Um. Can someone give me a hoof here?" he asks, still embracing the stone seapony.
  78. [13:25:16] Mistress_D shakes her head, her concentration broken at the sudden thunder clap "Uh, yes dear." turning around she walks back to the colt
  79. [13:25:54] Mistress_D seeing him.....she tilts her head
  80. [13:27:48] Stellar_Ascent looks at Ace as well, raising an eyebrow. "What are you doing there?"
  81. [13:28:36] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace holds up the half-key with his tail. "I'd much rather discuss it after I'm, you know, off the fountain."
  82. [13:31:12] Mistress_D nods and hovers over to Ace and picks him off the fountain before gently putting him down on the ground "This seems to be becoming a common thing." she smirk refering to her picking him up
  83. [13:32:38] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace makes a face, mocking Mistress_D, before sticking his tongue out at her.
  84. [13:33:15] <Ace_Moonlight> The young stallion continues through the maze.
  85. [13:33:46] Stellar_Ascent looks at Mistress D and shrugs. "Shall we follow?"
  86. [13:33:48] Mistress_D shakes her head but continue through dropping a poker chip to mark she was here
  87. [13:34:02] <Mistress_D> "Yes we shall."
  88. [13:36:01] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace walks up to a second gargoyle, and looks it over.
  89. [13:36:43] Stellar_Ascent nods and calmly follows the young stallion, who seemeed to have recovered from... several shocks. "Stupid puzzles..."
  90. [13:37:17] Mistress_D follows behind Ace looking to the gargoyle as well "I glaced at this earlier. Seems to be a theme."
  91. [13:39:26] <~sophos> The party comes upon an alabaster sculpture of a dragon. Its mouth is agape enough to hold a lantern.
  92. [13:40:49] Mistress_D looks down to Ace "Need another lift?" she smirks bemused
  93. [13:41:08] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace glares at the pegasus, but nods acceptingly.
  94. [13:41:48] Mistress_D takes a hold of him and lifts him to the dragons head
  95. [13:42:05] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace sparks his lighter and holds it to the lantern.
  96. [13:44:30] <Ace_Moonlight> [redact last post]
  97. [13:45:03] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace inspects the statue's mouth, once lifted up.
  98. [13:46:04] <~sophos> There's an insignia on the dragon's tongue, but there isn't enough light to make it out.
  99. [13:47:32] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace sparks his lighter and holds it closer to the statue's mouth.
  100. [13:51:41] Stellar_Ascent basically just waits there for them to be done.
  101. [13:58:13] <~sophos> The insignia is some kind of maker's mark that an famous, pre-war stoneworker slapped on everything he made.
  102. [14:01:18] <~sophos> A pair of red eyes catch the light from Ace's lighter from within the dragon's mouth. And the rodent attached to them leaps at his face.
  103. [14:07:29] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace smacks the rodent away as he jerks to avoid it, forgetting the lighter was still lit.
  104. [14:08:58] Stellar_Ascent notices Ace wiggling and looks at him concerned. "What's wrong?"
  105. [14:11:18] <~sophos> The gray rat squeals as it is hit and-- as soon as it touches ground-- scurries away. It leaves a patchy trail of flames as it exits.
  106. [14:12:08] <Ace_Moonlight> "Stupid rats and stupid puzzles. Mistress, wanna try and bring that lantern over here?" Ace asks.
  107. [14:15:22] Mistress_D puts Ace down with a bemused look not from him fighting the rat but from Ace actually calling her mistress "Yes, it seems like a good idea to try. I'll go get it." she turns down the hall to retrieve said item."
  108. [14:16:08] <~sophos> A flame creeps up a hedge wall, and the clouds above begin to shift. Rain falls, snuffing the fire before it can really start. And soaking the party.
  109. [14:17:31] <Stellar_Ascent> A rat? Well... there had been worse thus far. For example a stream of rain making everyone look like wet dogs. "Urg..."
  110. [14:19:16] Mistress_D seems almost relieved at the rain finally having something to wash her coat but continues on grabbing the latern and taking it back to the others
  111. [14:24:28] <Stellar_Ascent> "What now?" He asks the others, still being confused by the puzzle.
  112. [14:25:15] Mistress_D looks to Ace and stellar "I can dry you guys off later if you want?" she walks to the dragon and places it in its mouth
  113. [14:32:27] <Mistress_D> "And Stellar I don't know what will happen but these statues are all connected somehow so just stay alert, incase one comes to life or something"
  114. [14:33:12] <Ace_Moonlight> "Well, it can't be too bad." Ace muses.
  115. [14:53:26] <Stellar_Ascent> "Yeah...drying souns neat." He responds calmly before nodding his head. Statues coming to life? That seemed terrible. But he would keep one hoof close to his rifle just in case.
  116. [14:55:45] <~sophos> The dragon's mouth dips with the weight of the lantern. And a squeal can be heard in the distance.
  117. [14:56:54] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace's ear's perk up. "Bet that was the door!" he says, excitedly. He turns and hurries back through the maze.
  118. [14:58:13] Mistress_D nods to Stellar to follow as she walks towards the sound of the squeals general direction.
  119. [15:00:49] <~sophos> As the party makes it to a fork in the maze, a growl like a rattle can be heard. Ace runs head first into an unseen obstruction.
  120. [15:02:53] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace bounces back onto his rear. "Ow..." he says, rubbing his head. "What in the..." he says, looking up.
  121. [15:06:38] Mistress_D follows behind Ace "Did you trip dear?" asking unaware of the obstruction
  122. [15:07:13] <~sophos> Ace can see a faint outline of water droplets in the shape of a winged creature. The drizzle ends and the form dissapears from sight.
  123. [15:09:48] <Ace_Moonlight> "Not fair..." is all Ace can manage. He quickly comes up with an idea, the Mint-als still coursing through his system. He quickly digs out his last Fancy Buck Cake and throws it at the invisible entity.
  124. [15:12:15] <~sophos> His preserved pastry falls onto the damp ground, right next to a flattened rat.
  125. [15:12:46] Mistress_D walks behind Ace "What are you doing?"
  126. [15:13:54] <Ace_Moonlight> The colt points to where the creature was. "It was there, but it wasn't there, and then I threw the thing at the whatever, but it's not there, and I don't know where it went, but I couldn't see it, but it was there!"
  127. [15:16:30] <Mistress_D> "......" is silent as she dead stares at Ace before bringing her hoof to her chin as she thinks out loud "Hmm, I heard of PTM's cause hallucinations but never this fast."
  128. [15:17:08] <Stellar_Ascent> "Oh maybe there is someone using stealth-technology? Considering everything... seems not too unlikely." He speaks his mind, wondering what other mysteries this place contains.
  129. [15:17:52] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace grabs Mistress_D's face and turns it to the flattened rat. "There. Was. Something. Here."
  130. [15:18:38] <~sophos> A growl rattles through the hedges, and a gust can be felt by the party as something streaks by.
  131. [15:19:51] Mistress_D extends her wings on reflex as the wind brushed her brow "Ok...maybe there is something here."
  132. [15:21:13] Stellar_Ascent readies his rifle and aims through its sight. "Come on... don't be a projection this time..."
  133. [15:21:51] <~sophos> Rough claws drag across Mistress_D's foreleg and Stellar_Ascent's chest.
  134. [15:23:06] Stellar_Ascent shutters and swallows, unable to believe ewhat he is feeling
  135. [15:24:34] Mistress_D winces as a claw cuts her skin and a small stream of blood oozes out "Guh."
  136. [15:25:43] Stellar_Ascent makes noises of pain and strong fear, barely unable to keep his compsure
  137. [15:26:38] <Ace_Moonlight> "I TOLD YOU!" Ace shouts, as he drops to the ground. He hastily digs through his bags in search of anything to help them.
  138. [15:27:09] Mistress_D looks to Stellar_Ascent and Ace_Moonlight "You two hop on the statue NOW!"
  139. [15:29:18] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace grabs a length of rope from his bags and drapes it over the closest hedge. He hastily attempts to light it.
  140. [15:32:11] <Bandolier> "Told me what?" I said, walking up to whom I assumed were the other guests.
  141. [15:32:12] <~sophos> A Gryphon walks into view as Ace flicks away at his lighter.
  142. [15:34:19] <~sophos> The unseen creature growls, and then another creature joins it. The sounds reverberate with each other in a unpleasent harmony.
  143. [15:34:28] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace jumps at the sight of the gryphon, dropping his lighter. "Who are you? How'd you get in here? Was it you that did this?! How'd you cloak? ANSWER ME!"
  144. [15:35:34] Mistress_D hesitates for a second about to tackle the griffon before the sounds of growling grew in number.
  145. [15:36:21] <Bandolier> "Hey now squirt. Simmer down." I drop close to the ground and part my wings a bit as I glance left to right. My ears twitch left to right with my eyes trying ascertain the source of the growling.
  146. [15:36:38] <Bandolier> "it sounds like you have other friends here.
  147. [15:36:40] <Bandolier> "
  148. [15:40:46] <Mistress_D> "Ace stay near me, the griffon doesn't have blood on his claws but whatever did this is moving through the brushes."
  149. [15:42:59] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace picks up his lighter and once again, fights with it to light the rope.
  150. [15:46:14] Mistress_D takes to a hoover her body sparking as she prepares to fire a bolt
  151. [15:47:39] Stellar_Ascent is only midly fazed by the griffon, who might be another being trapped. But yes... it did not seem responsible for the attack. "G-Guys... I think we should run asap." He suggested, feeling a thousand shivers down his spine.
  152. [15:47:52] <~sophos> The rope catches; flames lick embers into the sky. The clouds overhead shift and drop thin sheets of rain. The water douses the flames, and a pair of winged figures become outlined in the rain.
  154. >>>>>
  156. [13:27:53] <~sophos> The smell of burning fibers is masked then replaced by that of iron and wet stone. The rain seeps into the party's coats and feathers, weighing them down. The two, winged figures outlined by rain growl at the tresspassers.
  157. [13:36:49] Mistress_D bounces back keeping a distance from the invisible figures "What in the world?'
  158. [13:45:48] Stellar_Ascent does not hesitate to draw his rifles and takes long steps backwards. "Stealth?"
  159. [13:47:05] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace's eyes go wide. "Nopenopenopenopenopenopenopenope....." he says, hastily digging through his sack.
  160. [13:56:24] <Mistress_D> "GET BACK" she yells as she charges from turning her body to deliver a buck square center as she can make it out.
  161. [14:01:57] Mistress_D Putting enough power but alas her buck barely gazes the invisible beast, using her natural grace she catches her self from falling to take her fighting stance
  162. [14:04:08] Mistress_D and delivers two punches another barely gazeing, fuels her frustation and she predicts where it will move next where she follows up with a upper cut hitting home, hearing an audioble thump. Quickly spining away she keeps her senses trained on the two and readies two parries
  163. [14:07:23] <~sophos> The form lets out a gutteral noise as it retracts its wings. Rain drops burst midair as it charges at Mistress_D.
  164. [14:15:42] <~sophos> The creature rams itself into Mistress_D's shoulder, but she keeps her footing easily. The figure's feet splash haphazardly on the ground, but it remains upright. It retreats with a hiss.
  165. [14:17:58] Mistress_D Buffers the blow, this isn't the first time something has tried to get the best of her through raw power.
  166. [14:20:09] <Stellar_Ascent> While he usually was more of a reserved, resourceful guy, he had already felt the talons of these bests, so he decided to not hesitate and give that thing that had already attacke the Mistress a run for his money. Firing 4 Plasma beams, the last slightly less precise, he hoped that they would decimate that beast.
  167. [14:27:57] <~sophos> The plasma cracks and sizzles against creature's hide, and water rises off of it as steam. The figure makes more gutteral noises, but seems otherwise unfazed.
  168. [14:32:08] <Stellar_Ascent> "Well... buck me..."
  169. [14:34:17] <Ace_Moonlight> The small stallion produces a cherry bomb and lighter from his bags. Wide-eyed and afraid, he lights the fuse and throws the explosive at the closest creature.
  170. [14:38:49] <Ace_Moonlight> As the cherry bomb flies through the air, its fuse catches a rain drop perfectly, rendering the miniature explosive useless just before it strikes the creature in the face. "Nopenopenopenopenopenope," Ace continues to chant as he lights yet another cherry bomb and tosses it.
  171. [14:42:46] <Ace_Moonlight> The second explosive strikes the creature in the chest before dropping to the ground, exploding under the thing's foot.
  172. [14:49:00] <~sophos> The creature growls then shields itself with its wings as it hunkers close the hedges. The other figure drops low then disappears. Overhead the clouds shift and grumble threats.
  173. [14:57:42] <~sophos> Lightning strikes the ground between the party and courses up Bandolier's and Ace_Moonlight's legs.
  174. [15:02:04] <Ace_Moonlight> "SONOFABITCH!" Ace shouts, jumping at the pain.
  175. [15:14:05] Bandolier attempted to jump away for the strike but moved a second to late. He shivered as the lightning ran it's course through his feathers. He could probably handle a few more of those but it's definitely not something he likes.
  176. [15:29:26] Bandolier brandished his talons while he leapt the short distance to the winged creature. He raked down the length of what he perceived as it's body as he landed and twisted to rake back across. He followed with another rising claw then another rake as he came down and finally he spun one more time raking across the creature's figure.
  177. [15:44:23] <~sophos> The creature shrieks at each drag of Bandolier's claws. The Gryphon's last strike catches air, but something catches it.
  178. [15:54:02] <~sophos> Bandolier yanks his claw away in and the sound of crumbling corse glass can be heard over that of the rain. The figure falls to pieces and washes away, but its claw remains around Bandolier's wrist.
  179. [15:57:34] <Bandolier> "Hey! It looks like this thing is glass!"
  180. [15:59:27] Mistress_D looking us notices the subtle changings in the clouds parting, spreading her wings she takes to the sky going in for another buck
  181. [16:02:05] Mistress_D bolting to the beast to fast she overshoots, coming back down to strike it again with both hooves again but again misses, cursing under her breath she catches herself and readies a parry to defend herself
  182. [16:10:26] <Stellar_Ascent> It made no sense to Stellar Ascent. Their hooves and claws were so much more effective than his plasma rifle. WHY? Well there was no sense in attacking the best now, so he made a quite retreat several feet away. "Go get it!"
  183. [16:14:25] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace fiddles around in his bags momentarily, whipping out a... fork...
  184. [16:15:11] <~sophos> As the clouds part, a stray ray of moonlight shines upon the piece of silverware.
  185. [16:16:15] <Ace_Moonlight> "C'mere," Ace says to the griffon. He grabs the griffon's arm and clangs the fork against the glass claw. The young stallion holds the fork to his ear and hums a note.
  186. [16:18:33] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace quickly delves back into his pack and pulls out his harmonica. "Maybe... just maybe..." he mutters before putting the instrument to his mouth.
  187. [16:21:21] <~sophos> The harmonica issues a note, but it's just a measure low compared to the glass.
  188. [16:21:36] Bandolier smirks as he realizes what the little guy is attempting. "Clever pony~"
  189. [16:23:26] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace furrows his brow at his failure. "Not quite..." he muses before trying once more.
  190. [16:25:05] <~sophos> Ace_Moonlight manages to make a noise akin to a loud fart.
  191. [16:25:21] <Ace_Moonlight> "Uh... That was the harmonica... I promise..."
  192. [16:26:09] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace clears his throat, shakes some of the water off of himself, and once more tries to hit the blasted note.
  193. [16:28:16] <~sophos> Ace hits the note perfectly, and the creature flying overhead begins screech. It's body can be heard slintering into pieces as it shatters overhead.
  194. [16:30:27] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace cheers, looking up to the sky before realizing his error, he drops to the ground and covers his head.
  195. [16:31:50] Bandolier likewise shielded his head with his wings.
  196. [16:36:27] <~sophos> Glass shards perforate Mistress_D, and a sheet of what might have been the creature's wing breaks over Stellar_Ascent's head.
  197. [16:37:10] Stellar_Ascent feels the heavy hit on his head and collapes to the ground, most of his senses broken from the impact
  198. [16:39:21] Mistress_D winces at the shards slashing her skin but her eyes remain covered so she is okay with the situation as longs as the creature died
  199. [16:41:29] Mistress_D lands next to Stellar putting a wing over him to guard from the rain "Stellar!"
  200. [16:42:20] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace uncovers his head once the glass stops falling. Upon seeing Stellar_Ascent on the ground with a assortment of broken glass around his head, the colt's mouth falls open. "OH MY GODDESSES! I'M SO SORRY!" he yells, running over to Stellar.
  201. [16:42:31] Bandolier dislodges the glass claw from his own and shrugs as he carefull places it inside his pack. "Might be valuable or maybe even useful."
  202. [16:43:43] Stellar_Ascent barely recognizes a sound coming from what appeared to be the Mistress. The voice of Ace was the same, unrecognizeable. He felt like... closing an eye.
  203. [16:43:49] <Ace_Moonlight> The colt digs through his bags, until he pulls out a healing potion. "I'm so sorry, so sorry. Didn't think that through. I mean... I did, but not all the way, but Mentats, and... Nevermind. Here," he says, holding out the bottle.
  204. [16:47:34] <Ace_Moonlight> "Stellar?" Ace asks, nudging the pony.
  205. [16:49:07] <Stellar_Ascent> "Huh... I see... raining... glass..."
  206. [16:49:43] Stellar_Ascent shakingly waves his hooves at whatever Ace attempts to give him, thinking it is the mosnter trying to feast on him.
  207. [16:50:33] Mistress_D takes the potions from Ace and holds Stellar "It's ok Stellar you are safe."
  208. [16:51:22] Bandolier shakes bits of glass particles from his plumage before sauntering over to the rest and waiting patiently for them to finish treating Stellar.
  209. [16:51:52] Mistress_D would try to feed him the potion
  210. [16:53:16] Stellar_Ascent just takes it, unable to truly resist it. "Nuka... Cherry..."
  211. [16:54:49] <Stellar_Ascent> He feels his senses slowly returning to him, causing him to groan and blink. "Huh... What... happened?"
  212. [16:55:09] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace rubs the back of his head. "Not... Quite... Forget it. Sorry, guys..." The colt chews on his bobby pin, and looks around before noticing Mistress_D's wounds as well. He reaches in his bags with his tail and pulls one more potion out, offering it to the pegasus.
  213. [16:56:41] Mistress_D looks at the potion and shakes her head "Save it, also long as we don't fight anything else soon, I'll be fine."
  214. [16:58:25] <Stellar_Ascent> "Oh yes. Those two... stealthed thingies... they gone?"
  215. [16:58:50] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace pouts slightly before putting the bottle away. Suddenly, a thought occurs to the colt. He turns to the griffon, "Who are you and how did you get in here?" he says, pointing an accusitory hoof in the griffon's direction.
  216. [16:59:24] Mistress_D looks back down "Yes they are gone." before turning her head to the griffon
  217. [17:02:22] <Stellar_Ascent> "Good..." He more sighs and says, slowly getting up on his feet. oh yes... the griffon. "H-hey... give that griffon a break. He gave them quite a beating after all."
  218. [17:03:31] <Ace_Moonlight> "That's not the point. In case you forgot... WE'RE IN A GIANT MAGICAL DOME! How in the fuck did he get in here?!?!"
  219. [17:04:01] <Stellar_Ascent> "Point taken. Don't be so loud please." He responds, taking heavy breaths and holding his head tight. "Ouch..."
  220. [17:04:27] <Ace_Moonlight> "Sorry..." the colt says, hanging his head down.
  221. [17:04:28] Mistress_D pats Stellars head
  222. [17:05:23] <Stellar_Ascent> *murrs a bit at the gently petting* "No worries, Ace."
  223. [17:05:44] Bandolier grins widely as he puffs out his chest and spread his wings wide.
  224. [17:06:22] <Bandolier> "My name is Bandolier and I'm a treasure hunter! A pleasure to meet you troubled ponies!"
  225. [17:06:43] Bandolier offered a claw in greeting.
  226. [17:07:39] <Bandolier> "And who might you three be to happen upon my next treasure hunt?"
  227. [17:09:15] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace gives Bandolier a quick nod. "Ace Moonlight. But... Still... I thought we were the only one's who got in here... How..." he closes his eyes and shakes his head. "Mistress," he says pointing to the pegasus. "And Stellar Ascent is the one with the headache."
  228. [17:12:58] <Stellar_Ascent> "Stellar Ascent." He responds. He reached out his hoof, but was too staggered, so he simply nodded. "A pleasure."
  229. [17:14:35] Bandolier presents his claws, palm side up. He slides them through the air, turning them to show there are no tricks. He snaps with his right and appears to shake his left fist. After a moment of pause, he reaches his right into the ball of his left and pulls from it a very familiar paper.
  230. [17:14:36] Mistress_D would offer a hoof to shake once he got close enough as she was still holding stellar "Mare Death. Charmed.'
  231. [17:14:47] <Bandolier> "The invitation."
  232. [17:15:55] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace's jaw drops, his bobby pin clattering to the ground. "How'd you do that?" he asks, cocking his head. "I thought griffons couldn't do magic..."
  233. [17:19:23] <Bandolier> "Silliness! Real magic is in adventure! Of course I get plenty of that," Bandolier said smugly. He tucked the invitation back into his collar.
  234. [17:21:23] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace picks up the bobby pin, brushes it off and returns it to his mouth. "Well... Welcome to Tartarus.." the colt says, his forehooves spread wide. "This place is a death trap."
  235. [17:22:45] Mistress_D pick place Stellar on her back so he can rest
  236. [17:23:05] <Bandolier> "Excellent! What's a treasure hunt without a few good traps!" he said as he lifted his gaze to the sky over the center. "You know, this is a maze, we might find a minotaur in the center."
  237. [17:23:13] <Mistress_D> "In lack of better words, it is quite annoying."
  238. [17:23:49] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace winces at the word 'minotaur'. "Yea... Something like that..."
  239. [17:32:26] <~sophos> The clouds continue rumbling overhead, and one of them spits lightning into a corner of the maze.
  240. [17:33:16] <~sophos> The time is: 21:48
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