Sunset and Starlight

Mar 21st, 2018
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  1. >You're Anon
  2. >About four months ago Moondancer,an old friend, went psycho and tried to kill Sunset Shimmer, your current GF
  3. >All in some sick way of winning your affection.
  4. >Luckily for her, Sunset is really forgiving when she calms down.
  5. >She sweet-talked Principal Celestia into pulling some strings so she could still attend classes, but she had mandatory therapy sessions afterwards.
  6. >As for how you feel about her?
  7. >Eh, you're still on the fence.
  8. >Well, more like still deciding on whether to hop over the other side.
  9. >Sunset says she's a broken and misguided person who so desperately needs someone to care about her.
  10. >And you believe her, but after the chaotic mess she created back then?
  11. >You just wanted to keep your distance.
  12. >Anyway, enough of the bad news.
  13. >The good news is now you, Twilight, and Rarity have actually bonded ever since that whole ordeal.
  14. >You and Twilight hang out more by you "volunteering" to be a part of her experiments
  15. >And Rarity mainly uses you as living mannequin.
  16. >It may not be ideal, but who cares.
  17. >As for your love life.
  18. >It's never better.
  19. >You and Sunset hang out almost every day after classes.
  20. >You help her with whatever bs she got into that day.
  21. >And she watches crappy sci-fi movies with you.
  22. >She has been a little...paranoid and jumpy since then.
  23. >Some nights she wakes up screaming. Sweating like a madman.
  24. >Other than that things are good between the two of you.
  25. >Things were steady.
  27. >You walk from your art history class in a grumpy mood.
  28. >Apparently your teacher didn't appreciate how you thought a postmodernist piece looked like Godzilla eating a banana.
  29. >It's not like you even get a grade in that class, but still.
  30. >As you walked the halls over by your locker you caught sight of movement in the gym on your right.
  31. >Chairs were being set up.
  32. >Tables full of snacks and refreshments were being laid out.
  33. >And there was Sunset Shimmer, with a grin that could melt the ice off a polar bear.
  34. >She had her favorite leather jacket with the orange arrow marks on the sleeves.
  35. >A silky, teal colored sundress under that, and rocking some stylish jeans and leather boots.
  36. >To put it bluntly the bitch was looking fine
  37. >She was busy moving a table with Twilight and Rarity to notice you.
  38. >You get a devious idea cooking.
  39. >Carefully you look up and down the halls and see no one around.
  40. >Perfect.
  41. >You sneak your way up to the girls who are still talking among themselves, not noticing you.
  42. >Tiptoeing with upmost precision, you manage to get to a table opposite of the one they're moving.
  43. >While crouching you lean over and see your target.
  44. >Sunset's ass.
  45. >Operation B.U.T.T.B.O.O.P is a go.
  46. >You stand up slowly and inch yourself little by little until you are a good arm's length away from your goal.
  47. >You glance up and see the girls are still heavily engrossed in their conversation to even acknowledge you literally standing behind Sunset.
  48. >With a steady motion you place your hand palm facing Sunset's butt an inch hovering above it.
  49. >You draw it back until it's almost arced high above your head
  50. >It's go time.
  51. >-WHAP!-
  52. >The sound reverberated throughout the gym.
  53. >Sunset immediately tensed up.
  54. >You swear you heard her "Eep"
  55. >Twilight and Rarity are both giving you the "Get out while you can" look.
  56. >You just had a shit-eating grin.
  57. >Slowly Sunset turned around, her entire body was stiff as a board.
  58. >Her fists were clenched so hard you saw the veins in her arms pulse with fury/embarassment
  59. >"Anon?!" you heard a demonic-like voice speak.
  60. >Oh fuck.
  61. >She raises a fist behind her back.
  62. >You close your eyes so you can't see your approaching death.
  63. >Instead of death however, you just feel a little bump on your shoulder.
  64. >Gently, you open up your eyes.
  65. >You see a...smile?
  67. >Sunset just looks at you with an expression of slightly flustered, but overall not mad.
  68. >"Hey you asshole" she says with a hint of smug in her tone.
  69. >"I know I look good, but that's no reason to ruin my favorite pair of pants" she chuckles.
  70. >You catch a glance of Rarity and Twilight both looking at each other with raised eyebrows.
  71. >Puzzled looks on their faces.
  72. >"You were... uhh nevermind darling" Rarity cut herself short to save having to think things through.
  73. >"It's good to see you Anon!"
  74. >"I trust I can count on you to model my new "Green is Good" fashion line this Friday?" with a small giggle of glee she looks at you with sparkles in her eyes.
  75. >You rub the back of your head with your hand and look to the gym floor.
  76. >O-Oh, yeah totally Rarity" you put on a big fake smile.
  77. >You've been getting good at doing them with these two.
  78. >"Then how about on Thursday we can test my new hydro-electric printer?"
  79. >"It uses water instead of ink isn't that exciting?!" Twilight said with her usual nerd gumption.
  80. >"I'm down for that Twi" your big fake smile still plastered on your face.
  81. >You saw Twilight do a little fist pump.
  82. >Freaking dork.
  83. >A pressure around your waist draws you out of your thoughts.
  84. >Sunset brings you in close and looks at your eyes.
  85. >"Then how about Saturday for me?" she gave you that smile that could bake a potato, but in a cute way.
  86. >"I don't know I'm kinda booked this week..."
  87. >"Might have to move some appointments around to squeeze you in." you giggle as does Sunset.
  88. >You and her give a gentle, warm embrace to one another.
  89. >"Anything for you Sunny" you warmly say.
  90. >You feel her body let out a deeply contented sigh.
  91. >She felt so calm and peaceful.
  92. >Like this moment could last forever.
  93. >"Anon to the main foyer please!"
  94. >"Anon to the main foyer" came an announcement on the intercom.
  95. >You turn around and look at the clock.
  96. >Almost ten.
  97. >"Oh crap, I was supposed to show the new transfer girl around campus"
  98. >You gather up your things, give Sunset a quick peck on the cheek, and sprint away while waving behind you.
  99. >"Don't fall too hard for her" you hear Sunset shout.
  100. >That crazy girl.
  102. >Bounding down the halls with reckless abandon.
  103. >You finally catch sight of the foyer and what you assume to be the transfer student.
  104. >Slowing down so you don't scare her you casually walk down the hall.
  105. >Doing so you slowly start to see what kind of person this transfer is.
  106. >The first thing you notice is her hair.
  107. >It was straightened and orderly.
  108. >Not a single frizzied end.
  109. >It was a vibrant, but dark shade of purple with light blue streaks.
  110. >She had tied the back into a ponytail.
  111. >Which again was more fine-tuned than a radio in a magnet factory.
  112. >Her clothes were the same way..
  113. >Simple and organized.
  114. >Regular pinkish-purple t-shirt with an equal sign on it.
  115. >Regular blue jeans.
  116. >Regular shoes.
  117. >Nothing out of the ordinary
  118. >Then you saw her smile.
  119. >Okay, maybe something a little out of the ordinary.
  120. >You couldn't put your finger on it, but her smile felt fake.
  121. >Something disingenuous lurked behind it.
  122. >Her eyes were looking around at the various sights like lockers, passing students, and what not.
  123. >It looked like she was analyzing her surroundings, like a wild animal on the hunt.
  124. >Maybe it was just your imagination.
  125. >You approach her.
  126. >"Heya, sorry I'm a little late I got sidetracked on the way here"
  127. >You hold your hand out.
  128. >"I'm-"
  129. >Without warning she grasps your hand and firmly shakes it.
  130. >"Anonymous!" her smile plastered on her face.
  131. >You raised an eyebrow at her.
  132. >"...Uhh, yeah"
  133. >You pull your hand back.
  134. >You both just stare at each other.
  135. >Her face still wearing that uneasy causing grin.
  136. >You cough.
  137. >"...and you are?" you try to get the ball rolling again.
  138. >The girl gasped "Oh right, I knew I was forgetting something"
  139. >"You can call me Starlight, Starlight Glimmer" she flashed another smile at you.
  140. >You don't know what to think of her yet.
  141. >"Awesome, glad to meet you Starlight."
  142. >You heard her squee.
  143. >"Maybe it's just nerves" you think.
  144. >"Uhh, okay let's get on with the tour then?" you ask with an unsure expression on your face.
  145. >"Delighted to Anonymous!" Starlight's face beamed.
  146. >This was going to be a long tour.
  148. >Well actually it seems like you weren't the one giving the tour.
  149. >Before you could start talking about landmarks, history, or locations it seems Starlight knew them and then some.
  150. >"Great, a know-it-all" you rolled your eyes internally.
  151. >You point down towards a hallway.
  152. >"And this is the-"
  153. >"Computer lab/science wing!" Starlight excitedly finishes.
  154. >"Yup...that's...right" you took a glance at Starlight.
  155. >She gave a smile back.
  156. >You turn around.
  157. >"So...I guess we can finish this up by heading to Principal Celestia's office and then I'll show you the cafeteria" you calmly state.
  158. >"You probably know where both of those things are don't you?"
  159. >Starlight nods confidently.
  160. >"You're really well read about this place Starlight."
  161. >"It's almost like you built it or something."
  162. >Starlight puts her hand in front of her mouth and innocently giggles.
  163. >"Oh Anon, flattery will get you nowhere with me" she said with half-lidded eyes.
  164. >"Huh, my gf says the opposite to me" you shrug.
  165. >Starlight cocks her head to the side.
  166. >"You have a gf Anon?" she asked politly.
  167. >You were surprised she didn't know before you could tell her.
  168. >"Uhh yeah, Sunset Shimmer"
  169. >"She's head on the yearbook committee, and captain of the fencing team"
  170. >You don't know why you told her that.
  171. >Starlight looks at you.
  172. >Looking deep in thought.
  173. >Her eyes trained on you.
  174. >The way they stared at you reminded you of someone.
  175. >Then for just a moment it clicked inside your head.
  176. >That look in Starlight's eyes reminded you of...Moondancer.
  178. >You felt the hair raise on the back of your neck.
  179. >Your forehead broke out in a cold sweat.
  180. >You felt your mouth grow stupidly dry.
  181. >Starlight looked at you with concern.
  182. >"Something the matter Anonymous?"
  183. >Your brain travels a mile a minute.
  184. >Images of Moondancer's crazed obsessive eyes flood your head.
  185. >All you can think of is "I have to get the fuck out of here"
  186. >You start to slowly back up away from Starlight who is still looking at you confused..
  187. >"Anonymous?"
  188. >"I...I need to see the nurse" you nearly trip over yourself as you run as fast as you can away from Starlight.
  189. >You hear her shout after you.
  190. >"O-Okay, just be sure to come to the gym in a little bit!"
  191. >This only lit a fire under your ass and you practically galloped away.
  192. >You ducked inside a random room.
  193. >Hiding your presence behind the door.
  194. >You hear the sound of footsteps stop just outside the door.
  195. >Then after a painstakingly long minute you hear them walk away down the hall.
  196. >You let out a sigh of relief as your body feels twenty pounds lighter.
  197. >You hear the sound of someone clearing their throats.
  198. >You look to your left.
  199. >You see Rainbow Dash standing in front of an entire class giving a presentation.
  200. >On the board is a title called "Rainbow Dash: Yeah, I'm Awesome"
  201. >"Do you mind?" she gives you an annoyed glare.
  202. >Your face grows red as you start to sputter out an apology.
  203. >But it gets caught in your throat so you just leave as quickly as you arrived.
  204. >You stare at the floor and audibly groan once you're back in the hall.
  205. >You find a locker and press your back into it.
  206. >Slowly you slump downwards and think "Fuck"
  207. >Maybe you were just overreacting.
  208. >But you replay the memory in your head over, and over.
  209. >That psycho-glint twinkling for a just a second, but a second too long.
  210. >-BZZZT-
  211. >A vibration in your pocket chased those thoughts away.
  212. >You reached in your pocket and pulled out your phone.
  213. >There was a new message.
  214. >"Hey come down to the gym :)"
  215. >From Sunset Shimmer.
  216. >"...Huh" you react to Sunset's impeccable timing
  217. >You really didn't want to go down to the gym and possibly run into Starlight.
  218. >But if Sunset was there you'd at least wouldn't be with her alone.
  220. >You make your way to the gym and on your way there you hear a low buzzing noise.
  221. >"What the hell?"
  222. >As you get closer it starts to grow louder and clearer.
  223. >It was the sound of people.
  224. >A party of people to be exact.
  225. >You saw Soarin and Spitfire over by the punch bowl shooting the shit with everyone who passed on by.
  226. >"They're probably trying to spike the punch" you thought.
  227. >You caught a glimpse of Rarity's royal purple curl as she was doing what she always does at a Pinkie Pie party, flirt.
  228. >She must have got poor Twilight to be her wingman because she looked super uncomfortable with her "Someone end my misery please" look
  229. >The music was pumping throughout the place and everyone looked like they were having a good time.
  230. >"Hiya Anon!" came an overly ethusiastic voice
  231. >Speaking of pumping
  232. >To the side of you was the school's resident sugar addict, Pinkie Pie.
  233. >"Uhh, hey Pink-" she shoved her face directly into your personal bubble with that obnoxiously upbeat smile.
  234. >"So glad you could make it Anon"!
  235. >"There's cookies and punch around have some and live a little!" she said as she skipped towards the dj booth.
  236. >Classic Pinkie Pie.
  237. >Your mouth was still dry from your encounter with Starlight earlier.
  238. >So you decide to take her up on that offer.
  239. >You make it to one of the tables Soarin and Spitfire haven't been standing around.
  240. >Grab a paper cup
  241. >Get yourself a nice swig of punch.
  242. >Turn around and see Moondancer.
  243. >"Wait what?"
  244. >You feel your brain scratch like a record player.
  246. >Pale, white skin.
  247. >Natural red hair tied into that weird beehive bun with some blue streaks.
  248. >Thick rimmed glasses like Twilight's except less murder-y looking.
  249. >Black turtleneck sweater.
  250. >Unlike the last few times however she's actually wearing pants, grey sweatpants to be precise.
  251. >"H-Hi An-Anon" you saw her face blush upon saying your name.
  252. >Her eyes hid themselves from you as you felt an awkwardness in the air.
  253. >No words came to mind.
  254. >You didn't expect to run into her, of all people, here.
  255. >"L-Listen, I know-" she closes her eyes and lets out a deep breath.
  256. >She begins again a little calmer
  257. >"I know I'm probably the last person you want to see right now"
  258. >Her eyelids were nearly shut as she rubbed the side of her her arm with her hand.
  259. >"I really don't blame you"
  260. >"What I did was...just..."
  261. >"Insane?" you finish.
  262. >Moondancer let out a nervous chuckle.
  263. >She was pinching the sleeve on her sweater.
  264. >Her eyes lightly shimmered against the gym's lighting.
  265. >"I-I guess I was the psycho bitch everyone thought I was..."
  266. >She trailed off looking at the floor.
  267. >Her body slightly shaking.
  268. >You had no idea where this conversation was going except to dredge up old wounds.
  269. >She turned her head and looked at your chest.
  270. >"I owe a lot to...Sunset."
  271. >"Without her to smack some sense back into me I would have..." she chokes back a sob.
  272. >"A-Anyway, Anon I know you probably won't ever forgive me, and I don't really expect you too"
  273. >"I just-I just wanted to let you know I'm..." she looked up into your eyes.
  274. >And...nothing.
  275. >No chill down your spine.
  276. >No breaking out into a cold sweat.
  277. >No wanting to swallow your own tongue from fear.
  278. >In her eyes, you saw sincerity, and sadness.
  279. >That tense feeling gripping the air began to disappear.
  280. >"...I'm happy for you" the corners of her mouth curved upwards into a small, but nice smile.
  281. >"She's a lucky girl with a guy like you" she lets out a sigh and closes her eyes for a second.
  282. >You see her gaze look over to where some folding chairs are set up.
  283. >You look over and see Sunset happily enjoying the wealth of people and good vibes.
  284. >"A-Although, I"m starting to think you're the lucky one here.
  285. >Another awkward silence drapes over the conversation.
  286. >You shift your feet a little as you take another sip of punch.
  287. >"W-Well, I -sigh- enjoy the party Anon" she crosses her arms around herself turns around and begins to walk away.
  288. >Without explanation, you feel a tightness in your stomach.
  289. >"Hey Moondancer!" you shout after her.
  290. >Her body freezes.
  291. >You see her slowly shift her body and turn in your direction.
  292. >Surprise was etched into her expression.
  293. >You feel yourself smile as your body feels light as a feather.
  294. >"Thanks" you softly spoke
  295. >You swear you saw her mouth quiver.
  296. >Her eyes went as wide as dinner plates.
  297. >A tear rolled down her cheek.
  298. >You thought you saw she was hyperventilating.
  299. >But she looked to be in a state of bliss.
  300. >You heard her hiccup.
  301. >She nodded her head at you with tears in her eyes and happiness on her face.
  302. >You mentally pat yourself on the back for not making that anymore painful than it was.
  303. >But, it wasn't as bad as it could have been.
  304. >You watch her nervously walk back over to Sunset.
  305. >You see her give Moondancer an excited bear-hug.
  306. >Maybe you are the lucky one here.
  308. >After some mildly embarrassing dance moves you show off in front of Rarity.
  309. >You find yourself drawn to some of the chairs located near the bleachers.
  310. >Away from the crowd of people still attending this party.
  311. >You take a load off on a seat at random.
  312. >"Enjoying yourself Anonymous?"
  313. >You nearly jump out of your seat when you hear that voice.
  314. >Shocked you look over to your side and find none other than Starlight Glimmer.
  315. >Sitting with her hands interwined in her lap.
  316. >Looking on at the party with a smaller grin than she had earlier.
  317. >"Uhh, yeah"
  318. >You nervously rub the back of your head.
  319. >"Pinkie always throws a pretty damn good party" you state.
  320. >Starlight nods back at you.
  321. >"It certainly does seem that way"
  322. >You see her smirk a little.
  323. >Almost like she thought she was above stuff like this.
  324. >"I've never been one for parties"
  325. >Starlight sighs and stares at the gym's farthest wall.
  326. >She absentmindly taps her foot.
  327. >Another awkward silence between you two.
  328. >You steal a glance past Starlight when you thought you saw Soarin over by another punch bowl.
  329. >Instead your eyes found something new to focus on.
  330. >Starlight was slightly sweating.
  331. >The neck of her t-shirt was damp looking, but that's not what drew your attention.
  332. >To put it bluntly, she wasn't wearing a bra.
  333. >And Starlight wasn't exactly "not gifted"
  334. >Oh no, if anything she was "overgifted"
  335. >Every movement she made the fabric shifted along with her "gifts.
  336. >She stretched her arms upwards together and you almost passed out from lack of oxygen to your brain.
  337. >"You're awfully quiet over there Anonymous" you heard her say in a playful tone.
  338. >She relaxed her whole body back in the chair and let her arms dangle to her sides.
  339. >"I don't blame you"
  340. >"It is kind of hot in here"
  341. >"It's exhausting"
  342. >Each word sounded more perverse than the last.
  343. >You bit your bottom lip as sweat dripped down your face.
  344. >You tried to look away, but found yourself peeking slightly.
  345. >Starlight then stood up and stretched her body out some more.
  346. >"Oops, my earring fell off!" you heard her say.
  347. >She crouched on the floor right in front of you.
  348. >Her ass was wiggling before you as she looked around for her missing accessory.
  349. >"Thinkunsexythoughtsthinkunsexythoughtsthinkunsexythoughts" was your mantra.
  350. >You could feel your heartbeat going into overdrive.
  351. >You knew at any moment you were going to be posing awkwardly for..."reasons"
  352. >Your eyes caught a familiar sight.
  353. >Orange, red, and yellow.
  354. >Your gf Sunset Shimmer.
  355. >"That'stoobadStarlightokayseeyabye" you rambled off as you bolted from your chair.
  356. >Sunset was busy talking to some random guy to notice you running by and grabbing her by the wrist.
  357. >She yells in surprise.
  358. >You drag her out into one of the hallways that are empty.
  359. >You feel your heart exploding in desire.
  360. >Both of you stop right outside the bathroom.
  361. >"Anon, what the hell has gotten into yo-" you cut Sunset off with a kiss.
  362. >You felt her shocked reaction at first, but she slowly relaxed herself as you both passionately locked lips.
  363. >You pulled her in for a tender embrace.
  364. >She breaks off the kiss.
  365. >You can see she's walking on cloud nine.
  366. >And you just made out with Sunset because of Starlight Glimmer.
  367. >So needless to say you felt confused.
  368. >You replay the scene over and over in your head.
  369. >She was definitely flirting with you.
  370. >But how could you tell Sunset that?
  371. >You had no proof just a hunch.
  372. >No need to make Sunset all worked up about it.
  373. >You just try to enjoy the moment.
  374. >"Daww, what was that for?" Sunset's sweet voice brings you back to reality.
  375. >"Because a girl may have or may have not been flirting with me and it drove me freaking insane."
  376. >You didn't say that however.
  377. >Instead you say
  378. >"Because I couldn't go another minute without kissing those sweet lips of yours" you try your best to sound sappy.
  379. >If there was anyone who was weak against sap it was Sunset.
  380. >She giggles.
  381. >"Well, thanks for ravishing your wench"
  382. >"Just next time, give a little heads up"
  383. >She cocks an eyebrow at you and gives a smug smile.
  384. >You shrug with a neutral expression on your face.
  385. >Sunset rolls her eyes.
  386. >"You're such a dunce sometimes." she said as she turned around and walked back to the party.
  387. >She stops on a dime and turns around.
  388. >"Almost forgot"
  389. >She walks up to you and wraps her arms around you in an air-tight hug.
  390. >"Thanks for giving Moony a second chance" she said in a hushed tone.
  391. >You hug her back.
  392. >She breaks off the hug.
  393. >"She really appreciates it Anon" a warm smile appeared on Sunset's face.
  394. >And with that, she turns around and walks back into the party.
  395. >"Today was strange" you thought.
  396. >You decide to ditch school early and head home as a treat to yourself.
  397. >You've earned it after all.
  398. >The only thing you had going on tomorrow was going to see Sunset's fencing practice.
  399. >It's boring watching the other guys, but Sunset just has this flair to everything that makes fencing the most exciting thing in the world.
  400. >You fall asleep in your bed with thoughts of little Sunnybuns dancing in your head.
  401. >One of them had an equals sign t-shirt, but you paid it no mind.
  402. >After all, dreams don't make sense.
  404. >After a surprisingly good rest you wake up ready to conquer the day.
  405. >Too bad the day decided to strike first.
  406. >Nothing exciting happened.
  407. >No random run-ins with Starlight or anymore run-ins with Moondancer.
  408. >It gave you an odd feeling in the pit of your stomach, but nonetheless you soldiered on through the rest of your classes.
  409. >You aved at Twilight and Rarity as you walked through the halls.
  410. >They gave you a wave and a smile back.
  411. >Other than that it was just another day to you.
  412. >Finally after your last class let out you gathered up all your things and headed down to the gym.
  413. >It was time to watch Sunset stab others but with grace and upmost finesse
  414. >The sound of metal clanging and clashing filled your ears.
  415. >You looked around and saw two groups of two practice fighting while the rest did laps and other warmup exercises.
  416. >Typical fencing practice.
  417. >You didn't see Sunset, but you just figured she was getting changed or something.
  418. >Your gaze turned towards the bleachers.
  419. >A familiar black sweater makes you a double take.
  420. >Moondancer was nervously sitting in the bleachers.
  421. >By herself of course.
  422. >She was fidgeting with her sweater's sleeves as she looked very out of place.
  423. >You saw her eyes wander around the whole gym until they caught sight of you.
  424. >Again, she froze as sudden realization sparked onto her face.
  425. >Wanting to avoid an awkward situation you do what feels like the right thing.
  426. >You give a stiff smile and wave.
  427. >You swear you hear her hiccup as she waves a trembling hand back you.
  428. >She looked overjoyed.
  429. >If it wasn't for the fact she violated your mouth hole with her tongue you'd almost think she was adorable.
  430. >But, you don't feel as on edge as you used to feel around her.
  431. >Maybe that's okay.
  432. >A recognizable giggle draws your attention to a nearby hallway.
  433. >"Finally, here she comes" you reach into your bag and pull out a bottle of water.
  434. >When you look back up what you see causes your brain to BSOD.
  435. >Sunset Shimmer, and Starlight Glimmer were acting...chummy with one another.
  437. >Giggling, talking, and being friendly.
  438. >For the second time in your life you got a feeling that made your soul shudder.
  439. >Sunset glances over at you.
  440. >"Hey Anon!" her ethusiastic voice still not enough to make the wheels start spinning in your head.
  441. >Her and Starlight walk over to where you're frozen.
  442. >"Glad you could make it!"
  443. >She turned towards Starlight.
  444. >"I was just getting to know Starlight over here"
  445. >"She's a really awesome girl"
  446. >"Turns out we have a bunch in common"
  447. >Each sentence ripped another part of your insides in half.
  448. >"Starlight, this is-"
  449. >"Anonymous" her obnoxiously sweet voice rang in.
  450. >Her grin never seeming to fade from her face.
  451. >"We've met before Sunset"
  452. >"In fact, he's the one who showed me around yesterday" her grin turned slightly sultry, but just for a second.
  453. >Sunset looked back at you with wide eyes.
  454. >"She was the transfer student you had to show around?" she calmly asked.
  455. >Your brain no worked good at this point.
  456. >So you just nodded.
  457. >You involuntarily gulped.
  458. >"Well, I hope he didn't give you too much trouble Starlight" Sunset's smug expression not even untying the knots in your stomach.
  459. >You saw Starlight giggle and shake her head.
  460. >"Oh not at all"
  461. >"He was a proper gentleman, weren't you Anon?" Starlight looked at you with that insincere gaze.
  462. >You felt a nudge in your side.
  463. >Sunset was giving you the "Answer her so I know you're not brain dead" look.
  464. >Your eyes return back to Starlight.
  465. >Still smiling at you.
  466. >"Yes, good me was, gentle man." you saw Sunset out of the corner of your eye.
  467. >Her eyebrow was raised.
  468. >Before she could say anything though someone called her name.
  469. >"Oh right, practice"
  470. >She picks up her bag and grabs the water bottle from your hand.
  471. >"Later Starlight!" she waves back at her.
  472. >Now it was just you and her.
  473. >The girl who was still giving you the same smile as yesterday.
  474. >You feel like you're going to be sick again.
  475. >As you're watching Starlight you catch her steal a glimpse of something off to your side.
  476. >And her smile falters for a brief moment.
  477. >It's replaced by a hint of disgust
  478. >This smacked the reset button in your brain.
  479. >But as soon as you saw her face it immediately bounced back into a grin.
  480. >"Welp, gotta go now Anonymous!"
  481. >"See you around."
  482. >Before she leaves out the exit to the gym you swear you saw her blow a kiss back your way.
  483. >You feel like you're in a dreamlike trance.
  484. >A loud clang noise catches your attention.
  485. >You became aware of your surroundings again.
  486. >And you became aware Starlight was covertly flirting with you.
  487. >Right in front of Sunset.
  488. >You hold your head with your hands as it feels like it's being hammered with bricks.
  489. >You sit down on the bleachers.
  490. >You can't believe this is happening again.
  491. >You turned around and looked at the clock hanging on a nearby wall
  492. >Nearly 5.
  493. >But that's not the only thing that draws your gaze.
  494. >You see Moondancer still sitting on the bleachers.
  495. >Still looking like she was a fish out of water.
  496. >Your mind flashed back to earlier when you saw Starlight's face turn sour as she looked to your side.
  497. >Moondancer was the only other person on the bleachers with you.
  498. >"What the fuck?" was your only thought.
  500. >Your mouth was agape and you literally could not even.
  501. >Oh well, tomorrow is another day to start over.
  502. >You wait until Sunset's practice is over and drive her back to her apartment.
  503. >The car ride there has an awkward tension hanging over you both.
  504. >She turns to you and opens her mouth to start saying something.
  505. >But stops herself with a sigh.
  506. >And she turns back to looking out the window.
  507. >Sunset was bad at hiding when something was bothering her.
  508. >But you weren't sure if you were both ready to acknowledge it yet.
  509. >Was that a dumb way of thinking?
  510. >Probably, but you didn't want to have a fight.
  511. >It was around the evening when you pulled up to Sunset's place.
  512. >You turn to your side and look at Sunset.
  513. >She looks deep in thought.
  514. >You reach out and gently rub her back.
  515. >Her body tenses a little as she looks back at you.
  516. >A small smile forms from her lips.
  517. >She opens the car door and steps out still looking at you.
  518. >"...We're still on for Saturday right?" you broke the silence.
  519. >Without saying anything, Sunset nods.
  520. >At least you two will have that.
  521. >"Goodnight Sunny"
  522. >"Yeah, night" she turns around and walks towards her apartment door.
  523. >She steps inside and shuts the door behind her.
  524. >You let out a sigh.
  525. >You rub your eyes with the back of your hands.
  526. >Goddammit.
  528. >Another uneventful day at school.
  529. >You haven't seen a peek of Starlight or even Sunset.
  530. >Even during lunch you couldn't see either one of them.
  531. >You saw and waved at Rarity and Twilight, but before you could stop and ask what the hell they disappeared on you.
  532. >At least you'll get some time with Twilight after school today.
  533. >Maybe then you'll either get some answers or at least get your head cleared.
  534. >Your final class of the day lets out so you head on down to one of the science classrooms.
  535. >Outside the door you can hear all sorts of beeps, and boops, and other electronic noises.
  536. >"Perhaps some boring lectures on whatever the hell Twilight's got going today will hel-" as you turn into the door you catch a sight that almost makes your heart stop.
  537. >Starlight Glimmer was standing right next to Twilight
  538. >That goddamn equals sign and that goddamn mock of a smile are all you can see.
  539. >"Get the fuck out of here" you accidentally say outloud.
  540. >Twilight and Starlight luckily didn't hear exactly what you said, but they did turn in your directions.
  541. >Anonymous!"
  542. >Starlight held her arms out like she was going to hug you.
  543. >And that's what she did.
  544. >She walked over to where you were standing.
  545. >And wrapped her arms around your body.
  546. >Everything required for a hug.
  547. >Everything but a hug back.
  548. >You try to hide the annoyed look from your face, but it manifests as a pseudo half-smile.
  549. >"We have got to stop meeting up like this"
  550. >"I might start to think you like me or something" she giggled.
  551. >That awful giggle.
  552. >You look over at Twilight and she's deep in thought on the weird cube rectangle thing in front of her.
  553. >You feel Starlight's eyes looking at you.
  554. >Looking down you see what you can only describe as bedroom eyes.
  555. >Half-lidded windows of desire just trained on your face.
  556. >If it were literally anyone else you'd be mildly worried, but since it was Starlight it was goddamn traumatic.
  557. >"Starlight"
  558. >You heard Twilight's voice call out.
  559. >"Could you help me with this?"
  560. >Starlight was still staring into your eyes
  561. >"Sure, just give me a minute" she said with that perverted expression on her face.
  562. >Before you could react you hear her take a deep breath.
  563. >You're still wrapped in a hug while Twilight is still tinkering with the box thing.
  564. >"...Even her smell is nice" you barely hear Starlight mumble, but you do.
  565. >"What?" you don't even think before saying.
  566. >Starlight quickly pulled her arms away from you and hid them behind her back.
  567. >Her face was crimson red, but still bearing a smile.
  568. >You hear her nervously chuckle.
  569. >"Starlight?"
  570. >"Oh, hi Anon what are you doing here?" you look up at Twilight and she's giving you a confused stare.
  571. >"Uhh, you invited me to watch your new printer thing?"
  572. >Twilight's expression doesn't change.
  573. >"You even did your little fist pump?"
  574. >Her eyes widened.
  575. >"Ohhhhhhh, yeah"
  576. >She rubbed her hand on her chin and squinted her eyes.
  577. >"Sorry I forgot Anon, I ran into Starlight here and we kind of just...clicked" she shrugged.
  578. >"She's certainly helped me out with my printer here" she excitedly went on.
  579. >You looked over at Starlight.
  580. >She's smiling like nothing just happened.
  581. >Every time you see a crack in her armor she finds a way to cover it right back up.
  582. >You felt your head feel like it was being cracked opened.
  583. >"Hey, it's cool I'm not really feeling hot anyway" you say as you grab your bag and pack up.
  584. >"Maybe I can check out that black box of yours some other time Twi"
  585. >As you back up from the two you feel your back bump lightly into something.
  586. >You turn around and see another person that won't be good for your growing headache.
  587. >Moondancer.
  588. >"S-Sorry" you hear her squeak out.
  589. >"It's okay" as soon as you speak her face promptly pops up from her sweater sleeve.
  590. >"A-A-A-hiccup-Anon?
  591. >"Heh, yeah it's me I was just getting out of here." you explain.
  592. >"Oh...well I just needed to finish up some homework and tinker with a science project." her eyes look over at an amalagmation of shapes and colors in the corner.
  593. >You noticed she wasn't stuttering as hard as usual.
  594. >"Well, good luck with that" you said as you gave a thumbs up and walked out the door.
  595. >"T-Thanks Anon, tell Sunset I said hi"
  596. >You look back and see Moondancer smiling at you.
  597. >Her face isn't intense, and her look isn't piercing holes in your brain.
  598. >A welcome change from the smile you've been seeing recently.
  599. >Speaking of, against your better judgement you look over at Twilight and Starlight.
  600. >Twilight is still elbow deep in her device.
  601. >And you see Starlight looking on at Twilight.
  602. >Almost as if her interest was fake.
  603. >She kept glancing towards you and Moondancer.
  604. >You knew that was your cue to get the hell out of there.
  605. >"I'll be sure to tell her" you returned a smile back to her.
  606. >Her reaction is more subdued than at the party, but you still see her eyes shimmer.
  607. >With a wave you walk out of the door.
  608. >Starlight still glancing at you both.
  609. >Once out of ear shot you sprint into a nearby restroom.
  610. >You take a look at yourself.
  611. >Still sweating slightly, but other than that nothing out of the ordinary.
  612. >Suddenly, you remember what Starlight said as she was hugging you.
  613. >Curious, you lift your shirt collar up and give it a quick smell.
  614. >Lilacs, and cocoa butter.
  615. >"No fucking way" your head felt hot and your heart was pounding like mad.
  616. >Starlight's face and her eyes burned into your memory.
  617. >That look of pure sexual lust that just made you cower in fear.
  618. >The pieces were starting to fall together.
  619. >But you needed more evidence before anything else.
  621. >Thank god it was Friday.
  622. >It went the same as the last few days.
  623. >No Sunset, Starlight, or Moondancer run-ins.
  624. >Your head was still swimming from yesterday.
  625. >Starlight Glimmer was putting on a show for some depraved reason.
  626. >But you were starting to see the strings she was setting up.
  627. >Maybe on your date with Sunset, Saturday you could clear the air with her.
  628. >But until then you had to go be fabulous.
  629. >You march down lethargically to where you and Rarity usually model her latest ensembles.
  630. >The school's band room.
  631. >Before you enter, you stop for a minute and pray to any god that is listening that you will not run into Starlight Glimmer.
  632. >Although with your luck this week you're pretty sure anyone upstairs isn't giving you mercy any time soon.
  633. >Closing your eyes you enter the room.
  634. >You don't feel like your soul is being ripped to shreds from Glimmer's presence.
  635. >"Anon?" came a calm, eloquent voice.
  636. >You cautiously open up one of your eyes.
  637. >You just see Rarity standing next to a rack of clothes.
  638. >No one else.
  639. >Your eyes open in surprise as you look around the room.
  640. >Not a hint of an equals sign anywhere.
  641. >You immediately give a sigh of relief.
  642. >"Are you feeling alright darling?
  643. >Rarity's question for some reason made you smile.
  644. >"Never better" you reply.
  645. >"So...what's on the agenda today?"
  646. >"Hats, scarves, shirts, shorts, or some other clothes thing?" you inquire.
  647. >Rarity just looks at you with a guilty expression.
  648. >For some reason this made your heart drop to your stomach.
  649. >"...I may have already had someone model for me" her voice went high pitched towards the end.
  650. >That was her tell she was guilty.
  651. >Your eyes lowered and you actually felt genunine disappointment.
  652. >"Oh, well that sucks."
  653. >"Wait, who else did you get to model for yo-"
  654. >You see a few of the pieces of clothing in a disturbingly familiar lavander tone.
  655. >You find yourself walking towards it almost in a trance.
  656. >"Anon dear, what is it?"
  657. >You ignore Rarity as your reach your hand out towards one of the shirts on the rack.
  658. >Your hand was trembling.
  659. >Feeling a heavy grip around your heart, you push some of the other clothes on the hangers back.
  660. >An equals sign greets you.
  661. >It mocks you.
  662. >"Get the fuck out of here..." you whisper to yourself.
  663. >A grip on your shoulder nearly makes you jump out of your skin.
  664. >The hand jumps back.
  665. >You hear Rarity almost stumble into a pile of discarded fabric.
  666. >"Anon!" she nearly shrieks.
  667. >"What's gotten into you?" she put her hands on her hips raised her brow at you.
  668. >"...Who did you get to help you Rarity?" you calmly ask.
  669. >Your stare still focused on the equal sign.
  670. >"Oh, I believe her name was Starlight"
  671. >Your stomach did a back flip.
  672. >"Starlight Glimmer"
  673. >"The girl had an exquisite eye for fashion"
  674. >You take a deep breath and let it out.
  675. >"Of course she did" you thought.
  676. >Turning around with a thousand yard stare you begin to walk out of the room.
  677. >"Why did you want to know Anon?"
  678. >You didn't answer.
  679. >You just kept walking.
  680. >"Anon?!" she asked a little louder.
  681. >You left the room and just walked down the hall.
  682. >Rarity still yelling after you.
  683. >But you just didn't say a word.
  685. >The day was Saturday.
  686. >You were hoping today would just be a nice, relaxing day with your girl.
  687. >Just sitting around eating junk and watching crappy sci-fi flicks.
  688. >The ideal Saturday night.
  689. >You texted Sunset around 3.
  690. >"What sounds better, mutant slugs, or killer eggplants?"
  691. >A minute passes and you hear a -ding-
  692. >"Whichever one isn't stupid :p"
  693. >You text back.
  694. >"That doesn't really cut down your choices"
  695. >Almost instanteously she replies back with
  696. >"Fineeeee, the eggplants I guess"
  697. >This causes you to bust out your biggest grin.
  698. >"Excellent choice, see you this evening!"
  699. >You put your phone down and put your hands behind your head.
  700. >This will be good for you and Sunset.
  701. >A chance to just talk normally, and not have everyone or anyone breathing down your neck.
  702. >So why did you have an itching suspicion in the back of your head something was going to go wrong?
  703. >You chalk it up to nerves from all the Glimmer you had to endure this week.
  704. >Tonight was all about Shimmer thankfully.
  705. >Making your way to Sunset's house you enjoy a delightful song on the radio.
  706. >You were beyond excited.
  707. >It was a beautiful starry night.
  708. >And the ride to Sunset's place was smooth as can be.
  709. >You pull into the apartment's parking lot and gather up your supplies.
  710. >You grab the keys and place them in one of the bags of snacks.
  711. >Carefully you make your way to the door of Sunset's apartment.
  712. >With your free hand you knock on the door.
  713. >You hear footsteps approaching.
  714. >Your body radiates happiness.
  715. >The handle turns and the door pulls inward.
  716. >You're greeted with a vision from your nightmares.
  718. >A light purple arm connected to a lavander shirt with an equals sign right on the front.
  719. >"Anonymous!"
  720. >"How are you tonight?"
  721. >The unexpected, but still grinning like a madman Starlight Glimmer asked you.
  722. >Her face bright and smiling like it almost always was.
  723. >You could feel the color drain from your face.
  724. >Your mouth was agape and you swear you felt a fly go in.
  725. >"...I-Is Sunset here?" was all you could say.
  726. >"Well of course she's here silly"
  727. >"This is her place after all"
  728. >Starlight says with a de facto grin.
  729. >Your jaw clenched so hard you could put a nutcracker out of business.
  730. >Suddenly you hear from behind her.
  731. >"Who is it Star?"
  732. >You are going to be sick.
  733. >"It's Anonymous, Sunset!" she yells back.
  734. >"Oh sweet, let him on in!
  735. >Starlight steps to the side and opens the door slightly wider.
  736. >"You heard the lady, come on in!" she said with her hand leading into Sunset's living room.
  737. >You practically floated through the door with how empty inside you felt at the moment.
  738. >Starlight's eyes were focused on you.
  739. >You hear footsteps coming from down the hallway.
  740. >In walks Sunset wearing her usual outfit
  741. >Her smile does set some of your nerves easy.
  742. >But the feeling of Starlight still being in the same room makes your heart race like you're defusing a bomb.
  743. >You nod your head over at Starlight.
  744. >"I thought this was our date night" your tone was curt.
  745. >Sunset looks over at Starlight and then back at you looking slightly guilty.
  746. >"Sorry, Star had an emergency and needed to come over and use my computer" she explained.
  747. >Hearing Sunset call her "Star" again makes your brain cringe.
  748. >You feel your eyes twitch.
  749. >"Relax, you won't even know she's here" Sunset leaned in and gave you a kiss on the cheek.
  750. >"Put in your movie and get comfy."
  751. >"I need to do something really quick like kay?" she fluttered her eyes at you.
  752. >You smile and nod.
  753. >She saunters off back to her bedroom.
  754. >You sigh and take the movie out of your bag.
  755. >"Evil Eggplants from Space 2: The Revenge"
  756. >A classic.
  757. >As you put it in Sunset's DVD player you had the strangest feeling that someone was watching your every moment.
  758. >"Oh right, her" you deadpanned in your thoughts.
  759. >You grab the remote and turn around facing Sunset's computer with a sitting, grinning Starlight Glimmer in the chair.
  760. >"What are we gonna watch Anon?" Starlight's obnoxiously sweet tone burning your ears.
  761. >"I thought you were leaving?
  762. >She wrapped her hands around her knee and fully turned the chair towards you.
  763. >"Aww, don't you want me around Anon?" her lip pouted out as she gave you big puppy dog eyes.
  764. >"...Do you really want me to answer that?" came your stony reply.
  765. >"Oh Anon..." her tone gave you an awful feeling in your stomach.
  766. >"Didn't your mom ever teach you how to treat a lady?" she pulled of a dramatic pose in her chair.
  767. >You hear Sunset still in her room doing whatever the hell she's doing.
  768. >Starlight relaxed and sat normally in the chair again.
  769. >You were hesitant to look in Starlight's direction.
  770. >"Aww, big and tough Anon's ignoring me" you heard her say while fake sobbing.
  771. >"Whatever shall I do-o-ooo" out of the corner of your eye you notice her get up from the chair.
  772. >"What the hell is your deal?" you coldly ask
  773. >Starlight got a cocky look in her eyes.
  774. >Like she threw out a line to catch a fish and you were the fish.
  775. >You felt a ton of knots get tangled in your stomach.
  776. >Anxiety, fear, and anger.
  777. >Not a good combination.
  778. >Your gut was just waiting for the trigger to explode.
  779. >She laughed snidely.
  780. >Her face leaned in and she whispered.
  781. >"She likes me more than you" her smug smile never fading.
  782. >"That's my deal, Anonymous" she crossed her arms in a victory stance.
  784. >And that's all it took.
  785. >"Listen here you fucking crazy bitch." your voice unable to not shout.
  786. >This just made Starlight smile even more.
  787. >Smug was practically oozing from her face.
  788. >Silence.
  789. >But suddenly you hear the sound of loud marching stomps towards you and Starlight.
  790. >You glance over at Starlight and see she's getting into a pose that looks like she's been crying her eyes out.
  791. >"What the hell is going on in here Anon?" Sunset's irritated voice yells at from behind you.
  792. >You hear her gasp as she hurries over to Starlight's side.
  793. >Starlight was sobbing and had tears rolling down her face.
  794. >Her eyes looked bloodshot..
  795. >Sunset looked extremely concerned as she put her hand on Starlight's back and patted it.
  796. >"Star, what's wrong?" Sunset's voice was full of worry.
  797. >Starlight looked up through her tears and messed up hair.
  798. >-Sniffle- "Ano-Anon, called me a fucking crazy bitch"
  799. >Her face went back to her hands as she cried more.
  800. >"I-I just wanted to hang out with you guys..."
  801. >"I didn't mean any ha-harm"
  802. >Sunset was still comforting Starlight when her gaze landed upon you.
  803. >Anger doesn't even describe it.
  804. >You imagine this is what a supernova felt like.
  805. >You suddenly find your voice again.
  806. >"Sunset, she's lying." you try to convey to Sunset.
  807. >"So you didn't call her a fucking bitch?" she respond curtly.
  808. >Your eyes went to the floor and your head as well.
  809. >You heard Sunset make a disappointing noise.
  810. >Everything in your body was screaming at you to fight.
  811. >"But she's been acting like a total psychopath!"
  812. >"Following me around, always watching me, and this sweet, lovable angel act she's pulling." you point a finger at Starlight.
  813. >She buries her face into Sunset's sleeve
  814. >"What the hell is wrong with you?" Sunset scolded.
  815. >"How is that anything like a psychopath Anon?"
  816. >You saw her right hand was clenched into a fist.
  817. >Sunset's face twisted into an almost snarl-like shape.
  818. >"She's been nothing but nice to you!"
  819. >You carefully took a step forward.
  820. >Starlight looked up from Sunset's sleeve and her eyes went wide in panic.
  821. >"Don't hu-hurt me Anon, I promise I won't bother you ever again" she dived away from the couch and landed near your bag.
  822. >Stumbling over herself she ran "crying" out of Sunset's front door.
  823. >You hear Sunset immediately get up from the couch.
  824. >The air was thick with rage.
  825. >It made it hard to think straight.
  826. >Sunset stepped over to where you were and got right in your face.
  827. >"What is your deal?" she hissed.
  828. >"How could you treat someone like that?!" Sunset said with fire burning in her eyes.
  829. >"Sunset, you don't understand" Sunset cuts you off.
  830. >"Yeah, I don't understand."
  831. >She squints her eyes until they're almost closed.
  832. >"She's been manipulating you, Rarity, and Twilight." you desperately try to get through to her.
  833. >You try to grab her shoulders but she swats you away with an annoyed expression.
  834. >"By being nice and friendly?" Sunset asked still annoyed
  835. >"Exactly!" you exclaim.
  836. >She raises an eyebrow at you.
  837. >"I don't know what she's up to, but I won't let it happen."
  838. >Sunset pinched the bridge of her nose with her fingers and groaned.
  839. >"Anon, is this about the other night?"
  840. >"The fencing practice thing?"
  841. >Her arms were still crossed and folded.
  842. >"Yeah, I was pretty peeved that my boyfriend was acting like an idiot over one of my friends, but I forgave you" she gave out a sigh.
  843. >You don't know how else to explain your point.
  844. >You're nearly at the end of your rope.
  845. >You decide to go last ditch effort and maybe hopefully save your ass.
  846. >"...She wasn't wearing a bra her first day" you express as if that would be the fact that saves your skin.
  847. >Sunset just looks on at you unamused.
  848. >A moment of silence passes.
  849. >...And that proves she's a manipulative psychopath because...?" Sunset said fishing for an answer.
  850. >"She-She stretched in front of me!" your last hope dying out.
  851. >"She wanted me to know she was going commando" you spoke with an anxious tone now.
  852. >Sunset lets out another heavy sigh.
  853. >"Anon, I"m really disappointed with how you've been treating Star."
  854. >"She's a good girl."
  855. >You interrupt.
  856. >"She reminds me of Moondancer"
  857. >Sunset's train of thought was derailed.
  858. >The shock on her face could only be described as "Really? You seriously went there?"
  859. >"That look in her eye Sunset"
  860. >"You never forget a look like that"
  861. >Sunset looked on at you with contempt in her eyes.
  862. >Speaking of, the lighting may have not been the best in Sunset's place, but it still found a way to illuminate the important aspects.
  863. >Dark bags were under Sunset's eyes.
  864. >Her crossed arms were trembling as if under some great emotional weight.
  865. >Her eyes sparkled against the room's lighting.
  866. >You hear her stifle a sob.
  867. >"I...I think you need to go"
  868. >Her expression was cold, and hurt.
  869. >You were getting a terrible case of deja vu.
  870. >You reach your hand out towards Sunset.
  871. >"Sunny...please"
  872. >She turned swiftly away from your hand so her back was towards you.
  873. >Her body was quivering like a dog out in the cold.
  874. >Your heart sank.
  875. >Your spirit was shot.
  876. >So you did the only thing you could think.
  877. >Go.
  878. >With a heavy heart you gather up your stuff and step through the door.
  879. >You consider turning around to say goodbye.
  880. >You don't
  881. >You close the door behind you and somberly walk to your car.
  882. >You dig around your bag for your keys.
  883. >But they weren't in the spot you put them last.
  884. >You dug around everywhere for them and finally found them in the front pocket.
  885. >At least no one stole your ride.
  886. >You step into your car and start the engine.
  887. >You gaze back at Sunset's apartment.
  888. >Starlight Glimmer is standing on her doorstep.
  889. >Eyes locked on you.
  890. >She gives you the most sinister face you've ever seen.
  891. >And smugly waves you goodbye.
  892. >You curse very, very audibly and drive off.
  893. >Your heart and pride in pieces.
  895. >Monday morning.
  896. >You didn't know why you even bothered to go to school today.
  897. >Starlight had alienated you from your close friends and your girlfriend.
  898. >You felt like a rat in a maze.
  899. >But everywhere you turn the exit appears further and further away.
  900. >Anyway, you tried to put on a brave face and saunter through.
  901. >But those kind of thoughts weighed on your heart all day.
  902. >Again, no sign of Rarity, Twilight, Starlight, or Sunset.
  903. >You'd even happily take an encounter with Moondancer at this point.
  904. >Last class of the day and you are just ready to go home and lie face down somewhere.
  905. >Maybe the couch, but probably the floor.
  906. >As you are putting your books and shit in your locker you accidentally drop a paper on the floor.
  907. >You curse gravity.
  908. >You kneel down and promptly grab the paper when leather boots come into your field of vision.
  909. >A feeling like a dark cloud was hanging over your head appeared with them.
  910. >You turned your head up, mouth slightly opened, and came face to face with a immensely pissed off Sunset Shimmer.
  911. >Now, when other people get upset they are generally loud, and make it known they are mad.
  912. >After a certain point with Sunset however, her righteous fury becomes a white hot flame.
  913. >Generally not that noticable, but actually a lot more dangerous than it looks.
  914. >It's the presence.
  915. >People move out of her way to avoid being in her path.
  916. >The air becomes dense and harder to breathe in.
  917. >It was the calm before the storm.
  919. >She was looking down at you.
  920. >Her pupils were black.
  921. >No sign of any sort of love or compassion.
  922. >A shiver goes up your spine.
  923. >Your eyes unable to look away from her gorgon-like gaze.
  924. >She turns her head away and unzips her backpack.
  925. >She ruffles around and pulls out something that makes you very confused.
  926. >You stand up ahd keep looking at the item in her hand.
  927. >It was black, and looked like a sweater.
  928. >You notice Sunset's face still glowering and intensifying with each second gone by.
  929. >She finally breaks the silence.
  930. >"What is this?" her cold hiss made you shake.
  931. >You tried to not stir the pot anymore, but you honestly had no idea what she was holding.
  932. >"Uhhh...looks like a...sweater or something?" your tone not hiding your confusion.
  933. >You saw Sunset's teeth clench into a hard, grimace.
  934. >Her left eye twitched.
  935. >She starts up again in the same fridgid tone.
  936. >"Yes, it is a sweater"
  937. >She shifted it around and showed you the inside of the collar.
  938. >You squinted at the tag.
  939. >"Property of..."
  940. >You stopped a dry-heave in your throat as you saw the name.
  941. >"Finish it" Sunset prodded.
  942. >You gulped as sweat dripped down your face.
  943. >"Pr-Property of...Moon-Moondancer"
  944. >Upon closer look it is the turtleneck sweater Moondancer is always wearing.
  945. >It even still has her aroma on it.
  946. >Thoughts rushed through your head.
  947. >You wondered why Sunset was showing you this, but with how she was acting you wish she wasn't.
  948. >"Good, now that, that's cleared up..." she started.
  949. >Her hand shoved the sweater in your face.
  950. >"Why did I find this in the back seat of your car?
  951. >"...What?"
  952. >It was the only thing you could think to say.
  953. >"Why did I find this, Moondancer's sweater, in the back of your goddamn car?"
  954. >Every word she spoke was bitter and full of hate.
  956. >Her stare was slowly losing its icy effect and starting to turn into straight up rage.
  957. >"I don't know" you shook your head.
  958. >Sunset let out a burst of air from her nostrils like she just read something mildly amusing.
  959. >Except it wasn't.
  960. >"Why were you in my car?
  961. >You really weren't in any position to start asking questions.
  962. >But you did.
  963. >Sunset's eye twitched again.
  964. >She clenched the sweater in her fist.
  965. >Her chest was heaving as the rage filled breath escaped her lungs.
  966. >"Because I left something in there..." her tone growing more and more belligerent.
  967. >"And I didn't expect my goddamn boyfriend to have the goddamn sweater of one of my goddamn best friends just thrown in the back!"
  968. >Sunset was in full-on rage mode.
  969. >Her breath was heavy as she looked at you.
  970. >The pit in your stomach grew deeper and deeper with each passing second.
  971. Sunset bowed her head so you couldn't see her face.
  972. >"...Tell me you didn't fuck her." her voice grew quiet
  973. >Your shock was genuine.
  974. >"Wha-" her face abruptly barged into your vision.
  975. >"Tell me you didn't fuck her!" she practically shouted.
  976. >Tears were welling up in her eyes.
  977. >She was biting her lip so hard you saw a dribble of blood.
  978. >Her face was a wreck.
  979. >You wanted to shout back at her.
  980. >You wanted her to feel ashamed for how little faith she had in you.
  981. You wanted to scream at the top of your lungs that you love her.
  982. >But you didn't
  983. >You were hurt.
  984. >The cards were stacked against you.
  985. >You felt like no matter what words came to mind nothing would help.
  986. >Sunset was still clinging onto any hope she could.
  987. >She wrapped her arms around herself as her body shivered.
  988. >You heard her subtley start to sob.
  989. >Her head was shaking as if she couldn't believe the reality in front of her.
  990. >Her hands reached up to her hair as she almost started to pull at it.
  991. >But she stopped and went back to hugging herself.
  992. >You saw her mouth move and try to form words or even a sentence.
  993. >No sound came out.
  994. >Nothing but sobs.
  995. >Slowly, she took a step back.
  996. >Her legs shaking as bad as her hands.
  997. >And in a split second.
  998. >She turned around, and ran.
  999. >You felt numb.
  1000. >And realized the exit to Starlight's fucked up maze was almost all but gone.
  1001. >You were lost.
  1003. >So you wander the maze some more.
  1004. >You don't even care if you see the exit at this point.
  1005. >You just walk for the sake of it.
  1006. >Sunset's soul-crushed expression is all you can see when you shut your eyes.
  1007. >And you continue to just walk.
  1008. >You find yourself a stopping point and look around.
  1009. >You're back over by your locker, and more importantly back over by the art room.
  1010. >Memories flash before your eyes.
  1011. >How you almost lost Sunset once before.
  1012. >How against all odds the power of love miraculously saved the day.
  1013. >You had a feeling that wouldn't be the case this time.
  1014. >Heading inside the room, it still looks the same.
  1015. >Chairs at every table, and various artworks aligned on the walls.
  1016. >A tenseness in your gut draws your attention.
  1017. >You think of Starlight's smug grin.
  1018. >The tenseness grows thicker.
  1019. >Your hand balls into a fist.
  1020. >What you wouldn't give to just smack that smile right from her self-fufilled mug.
  1021. >"Daww, did you come in here to cry?"
  1022. >Wish granted.
  1023. >You quickly swing your body around and see Starlight Glimmer.
  1024. >Leaning against the door to the art room.
  1025. >Ominiously grinning at you like she always did.
  1026. >You turn away from her.
  1027. >Unable to think straight.
  1028. >"What the hell do you want?"
  1029. >You heard footsteps coming towards you in response.
  1030. >You glanced back at Starlight.
  1031. >She shrugged and closed her eyes.
  1032. >"I came to see how my "best friend" Anon was holding up"
  1033. >She emphasized the best friend part.
  1034. >The disturbing twinkle still in her eyes.
  1035. >"Especially after his big fight with the woman of his dreams" her teasing continued.
  1036. >You slowly looked up, your brow began to furrow.
  1037. >"And to think all it took was an ugly sweater" her giggle like knives in your ears
  1038. >You vision starts to turn red.
  1039. >Your mind flashes back to Saturday Night.
  1040. >Starlight running out the door.
  1041. >Her landing near your bag.
  1042. >Your keys not being where you put them.
  1043. The puzzle was starting to come together.
  1044. >"Are you ignoring me again Anon?" Starlight's rotten voice drew you back to reality.
  1045. >You could feel your heart threatening to jump out of your chest.
  1046. >Adrenaline was pumping throughout your body.
  1047. >Fight or Flight mode?
  1048. >The choice was obvious.
  1049. >Fiercely grabbing Starlight by the shoulders you run her back into a nearby wall.
  1050. >Knocking the wind out of her as she makes contact.
  1051. >You raise your fist behind your head and prepare to do what you've been wanting to do the last week.
  1052. >Starlight looked up at you.
  1053. >Still wearing a pleased expression.
  1054. >Her laugh like a hyena.
  1055. >"Do it Anon" her voice sounding more wicked than usual.
  1056. >"Give me a free pass down to Principal Celestia's office"
  1057. >Your fist began to tremble.
  1058. >Starlight put on her big puppy dog eyes and pouted lip.
  1059. >"H-He, just came at me!"
  1060. >"I was so terrified"
  1061. >She was terrifyingly convincing
  1062. >But she went back to her gloatful expression in an instant.
  1063. >Your teeth clench as your brain went into full panic mode.
  1064. >You let go of Starlight and held your head with your hands.
  1065. >It feels like it will separate in two.
  1066. >"That's what I thought" Starlight said as she folded her arms.
  1067. >She wiped the dust off her shirt and pants.
  1068. >And gave you a cocky stare.
  1069. >A moment of silence passes.
  1070. >Sweat still falls from your brow.
  1071. >You notice Starlight glance over at the clock in the room.
  1072. >She makes what sounds like a satisfied grunt.
  1073. >"Speaking of knowing their place"
  1074. >"Shouldn't be too long now before Sunny puts that bitch out of her misery" Starlight's self-gratified tone assaulted your ears.
  1075. >You were struck dead and didn't know how to react.
  1076. >"Well?"
  1077. >"Are you just going to stand there and think about punching me or are you going to go and save your fuckbuddy Moony?" her words were dry and sharp.
  1078. >For a second you hesitate.
  1079. >This is what you've been wanting to do for a while now.
  1080. >The thought of Starlight's face smashed in gave you a sick sense of relief.
  1081. >But that nagging voice in the back of your head was shouting above those thoughts.
  1082. >"Save Moondancer"
  1083. >That's all it said.
  1084. >And so that's what you set out to do.
  1085. >You walked past Starlight without making eye contact.
  1086. >You opened up the door and stepped through.
  1087. >"See you tomorrow Anonymous"
  1088. >You stop for just a moment, but you take a deep breath and soldier on.
  1089. >You dare not look back.
  1090. >For now you were on a mission.
  1092. >Your spite for Starlight fueled your search for your dear friends.
  1093. >You thought of everywhere Moondancer and Sunset could be.
  1094. >Only one spot came to mind, the gym.
  1095. >Good thing you were close by.
  1096. >You raced through the halls and ran down the stairs to the gym.
  1097. >Looking everywhere you didn't see a technicolor hair in sight.
  1098. >You walked over to the bathroom.
  1099. >You heard a small noise that sounded like someone crying.
  1100. >All the adrenaline pushed you as fast as you could.
  1101. >The noise becoming louder as you approached a dimly lit corner of the hallway.
  1102. >"P-Pl-Please, Su-Su-Sunset" you heard a familiar voice choke out.
  1103. >You rounded the corner and stopped frozen in your tracks.
  1104. >Sunset Shimmer had tears streaking down her face, her hair was a disaster, and her fist ready to break Moondancer.
  1105. >Sunset had a firm grip on the collar of Moondancer's turtle neck.
  1106. >Her breath was ragged and heavy.
  1107. >Every time Moondancer begged you could see Sunset's eye twitch even more.
  1108. >You saw Sunset glance behind her.
  1109. >"What do you want?" she bluntly said.
  1110. >You took a deep breath and just began talking.
  1111. >"Sunny...don't do this" you saw Sunset's body flinch.
  1112. >"This isn't you"
  1113. >"You don't hurt the people who love you"
  1114. >Every word you said just made her body quake like she would fall apart at any moment.
  1115. >She turned her head sharply away from Moondancer and to you.
  1116. >Eyes full of hurt and anguish.
  1117. >"What if they hurt me first?" she shouted at you.
  1118. >"What if they take advantage of my trust?"
  1119. >"What then?" more sobs came from Sunset as her voice broke on nearly every word.
  1120. >You saw Sunset's fist was shaking.
  1121. >She was having doubts.
  1122. >"Sunny" you say moving closer to them.
  1123. >"The only person who took advantage of your trust was Starlight" you held your hands up by your chest.
  1124. >Sunset choked back a sob.
  1125. >"She manipulated you into thinking she's this perfect friend who is never wrong, but she's not"
  1126. >"She's lied to you."
  1127. >Her head sunk low as her chest heaved in and out.
  1128. >"...How do I know you're telling the truth?" Sunset asked coldly.
  1129. >You slowly put out your hand in front of her.
  1130. >She looked at your hand, and then up to you.
  1131. >"Sometimes we need a guiding hand when we're lost Sunny"
  1132. >She loosened her grip on Moondancer and fully turned to face you.
  1133. >She wiped her face on her jacket sleeve.
  1134. >"That's what you always told me"
  1135. >You saw her cautiously put her hand out.
  1136. >She looked terrified.
  1137. >The tips of her fingers gently rest on top of yours.
  1138. >You squeezed them lightly.
  1139. >Sunset's head bobbed back as her eyes turned pure white
  1140. >Then in a flash they went back to normal.
  1141. >Pure shock was the only way you could describe how Sunset looked.
  1142. >With all the tears you saw her shed just recently you thought she was dried out.
  1143. >But more welled in her eyes as she tried to repress the urge to sob.
  1144. >She dropped to her knees on the cold, tiled floor.
  1145. >The weight of everything finally catching up with her.
  1146. >You saw she looked at her hands.
  1147. >As if she had murdered someone.
  1148. >Her pupils shrunk.
  1149. >Her face grew a deep rose red.
  1150. >And then, she cried.
  1151. >A mighty wail that stung the hearts of those who heard it.
  1152. >She cried like a little girl who lost her mother.
  1153. >Months of repressed feelings just pouring out of her.
  1154. >Out of the corner of your eye you see Moondancer.
  1155. >She was huddled up just watching the events unfold in front of her.
  1156. >But when she saw Sunset's full emotional break.
  1157. >Well, she knew what had to be done.
  1158. >She crawled to where Sunset was on the floor.
  1159. >And she hugged her convulsing body.
  1160. >Sunset wrapped her arms around Moondancer tightly.
  1161. >Her tears staining her turtleneck.
  1162. >But she didn't care.
  1163. >Her friend needed someone.
  1165. >You carried Sunset to your car with Moondancer in tow.
  1166. >She had exhausted herself crying her heart out and was sleeping hard.
  1167. >A million thoughts raced in your head.
  1168. >What to do about Starlight.
  1169. >You didn't just want to let her get away with all the shit she pulled.
  1170. >But maybe getting even with her is what she wants?
  1171. >You don't know.
  1172. >Your hands grip the steering wheel tightly.
  1173. >Moondancer is sitting beside you wearing a sullen expression.
  1174. >Her face looking out the window not really paying attention to anything.
  1175. >You let out a hefty sigh.
  1176. >Sunset snored a little in the back.
  1177. >Your eyes were focused on the road.
  1178. >But your mind was elsewhere.
  1179. >Out of your peripheral vision you see Moondancer's pale hand.
  1180. >It reaches out and lightly grasps your shoulder.
  1181. >And those millions upon millions of thoughts dwindled down.
  1182. >Where there was fear you could feel hope starting to rise.
  1183. >And this is from Moondancer of all people.
  1184. >Four months ago she was standing over you ready to kill for your love.
  1185. >Now, she's become a dear friend of yours.
  1186. >For the second time.
  1187. >You couldn't help but laugh at the absurdity of the situation.
  1188. >"Moony" you didn't see her face, but you're pretty sure she blushed when you called her that.
  1189. >"People may have called you a psycho bitch, and you certainly did act like one" you saw her start to pinch at her sleeve.
  1190. >You pulled into the parking lot of Sunset's place
  1191. >You looked over at Moondancer who was still fidgeting with herself.
  1192. >Clearly waiting for you to say something to cut her tension-filled thoughts.
  1193. >Her eyes refusing to make contact with you from guilt.
  1194. >Without thinking twice, you place your hand on her sleeve.
  1195. >Your face giving a comforting smile.
  1196. >Moondancer's eyes were frozen on your hand.
  1197. >You could feel her heartbeat bump a mile a minute
  1198. >You saw her lip quiver and heard her swallow a gasp.
  1199. >"But that's not who you are anymore"
  1200. >Your voice was soft.
  1201. >Moondancer had a look of awe.
  1202. >Those big, plum colored eyes full of bliss.
  1203. >If you didn't see her chest inflate with her breath you could have swore she passed out.
  1204. >She breathed heavily as tears began to pool..
  1205. >With quickness she nearly tackled you against the door with a hug.
  1206. >Her tears of joy flooding from her face.
  1207. >You hugged her back
  1208. >Your eyes peer to the backseat where Sunset was still fast asleep.
  1209. >You swear you saw her smile for just a split second.
  1210. >"Maybe I am the lucky one here" your thoughts drifted.
  1212. >You and Moondancer carry Sunset from your car into her apartment.
  1213. >You tuck her into bed and kiss her forehead.
  1214. >You head out to her living room ready to head to your home for your bed, but you see Moondancer curled up on the couch snoring.
  1215. >"Looks like Sunset's having a sleepover" you laughed to yourself.
  1216. >And almost immediately you're out like a light.
  1217. >When you next open up your eyes the room is bright and the birds are chirping.
  1218. >Dried drool is caked on the side of your mouth.
  1219. >You stumbled getting up.
  1220. >Your back and legs were sore from sleeping on Sunset's floor
  1221. >Your eyes widened.
  1222. >You remember all of last night.
  1223. >You turn to see Moondancer still sleeping on the couch.
  1224. >Footsteps approach.
  1225. >Turning around you see Sunset.
  1226. >Her eyes puffed up and red.
  1227. >Giving off an immense tired feeling.
  1228. >But she still finds the energy to softly wave at you.
  1229. >You give her a nod back
  1230. >She walks over to her kitchen table groggily and pulls out a seat.
  1231. >Then she sits down and rests her head on the table.
  1232. >This is when you decide to get up and stretch a little.
  1233. >You walked over by the table.
  1234. >Feeling exhausted yourself.
  1235. >You decide to grab the seat across from her and relax.
  1236. >Sunset mumbles something.
  1237. >"Hmm?"
  1238. >You gently prod her head with your finger.
  1239. >She groans as she lifts her head off the table.
  1240. >Her hand holding her chin up.
  1241. >"I said, why does the Sun have to be so bright?" Sunset whined
  1242. >That got a chuckle out of you
  1243. >Good to know her sense of humor is still there.
  1244. >You heard her sigh.
  1245. >Silence passed between you two.
  1246. >You didn't know where to even start.
  1247. >Before you can even speak however.
  1248. >Sunset starts.
  1249. >"Anon, I don't...I don't even know where to begin" her tired voice spoke.
  1250. >"I'm...I'm...I'm sorry" her eyes pleading at you for forgiveness.
  1251. >"You know I don't blame you for what happened right?" you spoke.
  1252. >"That manipulative little witch is to blame here" your hand firmly grasped hers.
  1253. >You gave a reassuring smile.
  1254. >She didn't return it.
  1255. >"Not that, I'm...sorry I've been holding all that inside of me and acting like I"m okay when I'm not"
  1256. >"I just didn't know..." she trailed off and sighed.
  1257. >"No one tells you how to react to life, Anon" she said as she crossed her arms over her chest.
  1258. >Her gaze turned to Moondancer.
  1259. >She was still looking dour, but you saw a small smile creep onto her face.
  1260. >"...But I like to think I did some things right, you know?"
  1261. >You nod in agreement
  1262. >"We just need to start doing things...more righter" you tell her.
  1263. >She facepalms while trying to hide her smirk.
  1264. >"That's not a word you dumbass" she snickers.
  1265. >You wrap your arm around her shoulder and pull her in for a hug.
  1266. >She rubbed her cheek against your shoulder.
  1267. >You had a good feeling about today.
  1268. >You kissed Sunset's forehead and looked down into her eyes.
  1269. >Beautiful aquamarine orbs.
  1270. >Like relaxing oceans.
  1271. >"You ready to confront Starlight today?" you asked.
  1272. >She nods without hesistation.
  1274. >You shake Moondancer awake, quickly brush your teeth, and grab a simple breakfast from Sunset's kitchen.
  1275. >Today was the day you guys were finally going to get some closure.
  1276. >You get your asses into high gear to make it to school on time.
  1277. >It seems like the universe knew you were on a mission.
  1278. >Almost no traffic, and nothing to stop you from pushing the pedal to the metal.
  1279. >The three of you make it through the entrance with almost a minute to spare before the first bell.
  1280. >You nod at Sunset and Moondancer.
  1281. >"We'll make a plan at lunch okay?"
  1282. >They both nod back
  1283. >Moondancer looks a little more reserved and awkward.
  1284. >Well, more than usual.
  1285. >Save it until lunch was all you thought.
  1286. >"Later guys" Sunset walked to her first period class
  1287. >Moondancer was fidgeting with her sweater and opened up her mouth to say something.
  1288. >But she caught herself.
  1289. >"You alright?"
  1290. >Moondancer still fidgeted with her sleeve.
  1291. >"Y-Yeah, just...just nervous about the whole Glimmer thing" her eyes full of anxiety.
  1292. >She stared at the floor.
  1293. >"Hey, me and Sunset won't let anything bad happen" you stretch out your hand and place it on her shoulder.
  1294. >You would think you'd be used to Moondancer's reactions to physical comfort.
  1295. >But they always find a way to surprise you.
  1296. >Like how this petite, pasty, former psycho, nerd instanteously went from bleak and hopeless to crying tears of joy.
  1297. >You hate to admit it though but it is an endearing trait of hers.
  1298. >After what seems like forever she breaks off the hug.
  1299. >You two smile at each other.
  1300. >The first bell rings.
  1301. >"I'll see you at lunch then?" you ask the still shivering from happiness Moondancer.
  1302. >She nods her head so much it looks like it would come off.
  1303. >"Later Anonymous" she turns around and practically skips down the hall.
  1304. >You wave her goodbye, and let out a deep breath.
  1305. >It's go time.
  1307. >Classes were still the same as they were before.
  1308. >Nothing of importance.
  1309. >You nearly jumped out of your seat when the lunch bell rang.
  1310. >So you put your game face on and raced down to the cafeteria.
  1311. >Your mind was too focused on finding Moondancer and Sunset to eat.
  1312. >Everywhere you looked you did not see one inch of red or black.
  1313. >You saw Rarity, and Twilight sitting together
  1314. >By Pinkie, Fluttershy, Rainbow, and Applejack of course.
  1315. >You stumble over to their table.
  1316. >Rarity and Twilight avert their eyes from your presence and pretend they can't see you.
  1317. >"Oh right, they probably don't know yet" you think.
  1318. >"Hey, anyone seen Sunset or Moondancer?"
  1319. >"I was supposed to eat lunch with them, but I haven't seen any sign of baconhair around"
  1320. >Silence
  1321. >Awkward silence.
  1322. >All the eyes were off you.
  1323. >You looked over at Pinkie and she was rubbing her chin.
  1324. >Next to her you can just see Rainbow Dash just eating like nothing was happening.
  1325. >Fluttershy was hiding behind her hair like anytime you would try to talk to her.
  1326. >And Applejack was just giving you a "I wish you would die, and come back to life so I can kill you again" look
  1327. >Feeling defeated you let out a sigh
  1328. >"Alright, well just...let them know I'm looking for them" you shuffled somberly away from the table
  1329. >-GASP-
  1330. >You flinch in response to what you believe is a rampaging bloodcrazy goat.
  1331. >But all you see is Pinkie Pie like she just solved cold fusion.
  1332. >"Anon!"
  1333. >She tackled you, but you dodged just in time.
  1334. >She instead grabbed a hold of your leg and looked up at you with those big, ole eyes of hers.
  1335. >"What's gotten into you Pinks?" you try to shake her off.
  1336. >"Anon, I know where Sunset and Moondancer are!
  1337. >Joy fills your heart.
  1338. >"Really?" excitement shows on your face.
  1339. >"Yeah!"
  1340. >"They went off that way with Starlight Glimmer!" Pinkie's words hitting you like rubber bullets.
  1341. >You spoke too soon about the whole joy thing.
  1342. >"Heh, yeah and Starlight must have been practicing her robot impression"
  1343. >You cocked an eyebrow at Pinkie.
  1344. >"She kept making a BZZZZZT noise!"
  1345. >"She must have been shortcircuiting" Pinkie giggles.
  1346. >Words escape how you're feeling.
  1347. >Only one comes to mind
  1348. >"Fuck!" you accidentally shout
  1349. >The girls at the table all look up at you with varying looks of concern.
  1350. >Pinkie looks up at you like you just spat on a cupcake she made for you.
  1351. >Your instincts were starting to take over.
  1352. >"I gotta go" your scared tone worried Pinkie.
  1353. >She reluctantly let go of your leg and you broke off into a full sprint.
  1354. >Things were certainly not looking good.
  1356. >Maybe Pinkie was just hearing things.
  1357. >That's all you could think as you barrel down the halls by the cafeteria.
  1358. >Keeping an eye out for any sign of that purple haired bitch.
  1359. >-Hiccup-
  1360. >You stopped on a dime, and looked around.
  1361. >-Hiccup-
  1362. >You would recognize that hiccup anywhere.
  1363. >-Hiccup-
  1364. >You follow the sound as the hiccuping becomes louder.
  1365. >Pretty soon you are in science wing territory.
  1366. >All the doors are shut and locked it seems.
  1367. >Everyone is probably still at lunch.
  1368. >-Hiccup-
  1369. >Closer and closer until the hiccups sound like they're right beside you.
  1370. >You see a light coming from a door.
  1371. >Looking through the window it takes every ounce of willpower to not just charge in guns a blazing.
  1372. >Starlight Glimmer was standing over Moondancer while Sunset looked on pissed but shocked.
  1373. >Your teeth grit and grind.
  1374. >Your blood feels like it's boiling.
  1375. >However, you failed to notice you were pushing the door forward with how much your hands were clenching.
  1376. >The door makes a squeaking noise.
  1377. >You see Starlight glance over her shoulder.
  1378. >"Ah, right on schedule" her smug tone still lingering in her words.
  1379. >"Come on in Anonymous, we were just about to start"
  1380. >Sunset looks over at the door and meets your glance.
  1381. >You see her eyes nod over to Starlight's side.
  1382. >Your forehead broke out into a sweat and you gulped loudly.
  1383. >Starlight was packing a fucking taser.
  1384. >Pinkie was right.
  1385. >Goddammit.
  1387. >Your legs felt like they were made of stone.
  1388. >You couldn't lift them up even if you wanted to.
  1389. >"Anon, please don't keep me waiting"
  1390. >"If I get bored...well" her playful tone sickening to listen to.
  1391. >"It won't be pleasant"
  1392. >You saw her reach down to her side and she grabbed the small, black taser.
  1393. >She looked between the taser and Moondancer who was currently in a fetal position in front of her.
  1394. >-BZZZZT-
  1395. >The sound gave you goosebumps.
  1396. >Your legs found strength to pump themselves into a full-on run through the door.
  1397. >You nearly skidded into a nearby desk.
  1398. >"Don't!" you yelled.
  1399. >Starlight turned her head.
  1400. >"So glad you've decided to join us Anon"
  1401. >"Won't you take a seat so our little group session can begin?"
  1402. >She gestures towards an empty desk over by Sunset.
  1403. >The crazy glint in her eyes still shining like a beacon.
  1404. >You put your hands up
  1405. >"Look, Starlight just let us go-" you were interrupted by Starlight's taser.
  1406. >You saw Moondancer flinch and whimper.
  1407. >Sunset just got more angry.
  1408. >"Anonymous, group discussion isn't until after the introduction" Starlight lectured.
  1409. >"Now, sit" her finger angrily pointing over at that desk.
  1410. >You didn't see another way to deal with this crazy situation.
  1411. >So you carefully walked over to the desk.
  1412. >Your eyes trained on Starlight and hers on you.
  1413. >You take a seat.
  1414. >Sunset follows in suite
  1415. >Starlight's self-fufilled smile spreads even wider.
  1416. >"Good"
  1417. >"Now, we can begin" she started.
  1419. >Starlight began to pace slowly around Moondancer's shivering form.
  1420. >"Can anyone tell me why we're all here today?"
  1421. >You wanted to say something, but it'd probably just make her more unhinged.
  1422. >"Anyone?" she glanced over at you and Sunset.
  1423. >"Sunset?" she asked.
  1424. >Sunset's icy glare not changing a bit.
  1425. >Starlight made her way over to the desk she was at.
  1426. >Each stride displaying her cocky attitude.
  1427. >She stood before Sunset as if she were a statue high on a pedestal.
  1428. >You saw Starlight lean over and put her hands on Sunset's desk.
  1429. >Getting way close into her personal space.
  1430. >Glimmer's eyes were lidded.
  1431. >She bit her lip and you saw her hands clench slightly.
  1432. >"Oh, I think you know why I gathered everyone here Sunset" her voice growing more sultry.
  1433. >You saw Sunset was avoiding looking at Starlight because she was presenting her "assets" through the simple t-shirt she had on.
  1434. >Starlight reached out her hand and grabbed the side of Sunset's face lightly.
  1435. >She turned Sunset's head towards her.
  1436. >It was at this point you realize your mouth was wide open.
  1437. >Starlight caressed the side of Sunset's face and you could tell it took everything for her to not just slug her right then and there.
  1438. >Sunset's look could not get anymore disgusted.
  1439. >"C'mon Sunny" Sunset cringed in response.
  1440. >She moved Starlight's hand away from her cheek.
  1441. >Starlight still looking on lovingly at Sunset.
  1442. >"We found out you're actually a manipulative little witch and you can't handle someone knowing the real you?" Sunset hissed.
  1443. >Starlight's smile deflated.
  1444. >A sternness flashed on her face for just a moment, but was replaced by the usual fake smile.
  1445. >"Well, you're half-right Sunny" she beamed
  1446. >"But I bet Anon can guess the other reason" she glared at you with that smug grin you hate.
  1447. >You had no idea what she was implying.
  1448. >You shrugged nervously.
  1449. >Starlight let out a sigh.
  1450. >"Oh Anon, you really are oblivious aren't you?" she smirked.
  1451. >"The reason will become clear to you in time" Starlight turned around and walked back to Moondancer.
  1452. >You saw she crouched down right beside Moondancer's face.
  1453. >Moondancer's body trembled as she attempted to hide her face.
  1454. >Her eyes were shut tight.
  1455. >Sobs and hiccups the only sounds she made
  1456. >With a disdainful expression, you saw Starlight grab and pull on Moondancer's hair bun forcefully.
  1457. >You heard Moondancer yelp in pain.
  1458. >Sunset was steaming with fury.
  1459. >"You know what you did" Starlight whisper yelled at Moondancer.
  1460. >Her sour expression not changing.
  1461. >The mask of her true face slowly cracking.
  1462. >"You know why you're here right?" Starlight's voice took a sinister tone.
  1463. >"Moondancer through her pain-filled sobs shook her head.
  1464. >Starlight made a sound of extreme disgust.
  1465. >You saw her just let go of Moondancer's hair and let her fall back to the floor.
  1466. >Moondancer's cries were starting to get to you too.
  1467. >But you know if you or Sunset try anything she would make her suffering a lot worse.
  1468. >"You're here Moondancer" Starlight said her name as if it were the most despicable thing to utter.
  1469. >"Because you do not appreciate what is right in front of you"
  1470. >You and Sunset both share a confused look.
  1471. >"You saw beauty in this dreary world of ours and your first instinct was to destroy it it" Starlight stopped in her tracks.
  1472. >Her back to you and Sunset.
  1473. >She knelt down and cupped Moondancer's chin in her hand.
  1474. >She moved it so Moondancer's eyes were staring straight into hers.
  1475. >"But the world didn't like that did it?" Starlight rhetorically asked.
  1476. >Tears continued to fall down Moondancer's cheeks.
  1477. >A shadow of rage fell upon Starlight's face.
  1478. >"You tried to take away the sunshine from my world you little worthless whelp" Starlight said through gritted teeth.
  1479. >Her grasp tightening around Moondancer's cheeks.
  1480. >Pieces of a puzzle slowly started to fit itself together in your mind.
  1481. >Why Starlight and Sunset were hanging out so much.
  1482. >Her reaction to how you smelled that day with Twilight.
  1483. >Her calling Sunset, "Sunny"
  1484. >And her hatred for Moondancer.
  1485. >Starlight's monologue made it all come together to form an awful truth.
  1486. >Your stare was frozen on the nearby wall.
  1487. >But your mouth couldn't help itself.
  1488. >"...You're in love with Sunset"
  1489. >"That's why you're doing this" you coldly stated.
  1490. >A forboding silence swept the room.
  1491. >Not even a whimper from Moondancer.
  1492. >You couldn't see Sunset's face, but you imagine she's experiencing at least five different emotions.
  1493. >A slow clap draws everyone's attention to the center of the room.
  1494. >Starlight was slow clapping with a satisfied smirk on her face.
  1495. >"Good job Anon, for a minute I was starting to think you were the one with brain damage"
  1496. >"No offense Sunny" she shot an apologetic look to Sunset.
  1497. >You felt a massive punch to your gut.
  1499. >Starlight continued her monologue.
  1500. >While you stole a peek over at Sunset.
  1501. >Her pupils were shrunk.
  1502. >Her eyes were wide.
  1503. >You couldn't imagine what she was even thinking about but her face said it all.
  1504. >Each thought twisted her expression even more horrible than the last.
  1505. >"I...I let you sleep in my home" Sunset was starting to hyperventilate.
  1506. >It was at this point Starlight stopped her rambling and paid attention to Sunset.
  1507. >Sunset's panicked eyes look between Starlight and Moondancer.
  1508. >She brought her hands to her head.
  1509. >It looked like she was trying to stop it from spliting wide open.
  1510. >"What's the matter Sunny?" Starlight's sweet voice felt like poison to your soul.
  1511. >You saw the whites in her knuckles.
  1512. >Starlight looked between Moondancer and Sunset for a second.
  1513. >"How...how can you say that" Sunset's voice cracked as it intensified.
  1514. >"And treat the people I care about like garbage!" her fists slammed against the desk.
  1515. >For a moment you saw a weird expression on Starlight's face.
  1516. >Surprise.
  1517. >But like all the times before she covered it back up before it could linger.
  1518. >"Care?" Starlight's glare increased in magnitude.
  1519. >It almost rivaled Sunset's.
  1520. >Keyword is "almost"
  1521. >Starlight's hand darted out and grabbed Moondancer vigorously by the arm.
  1522. >"How can you care about trash like this Sunny?" Moondancer just accepted her fate.
  1523. >"She almost killed you!" her voice cracked as she shouted.
  1524. >You saw her hand clamp down even harder on Moondancer's arm.
  1525. >Moondancer cried in pain again.
  1526. >You saw the vein on the side of Sunset's neck pulse.
  1527. >She was getting close to losing it.
  1528. >"Stop that!"
  1529. >"You're hurting her" the anger in Sunset's voice highly noticable
  1530. >Her nostrils were flared.
  1531. >But Starlight reacted like Sunset just told her to stop breathing.
  1532. >"She deserves it" was all she said in return.
  1533. >You saw Starlight toss aside Moondancer again.
  1534. >You heard her cough.
  1535. >"N-No...m-m-more...pl-plea-" she was cut off as Starlight's shoe made direct contact with her ribs.
  1536. >It made a sickening thud.
  1537. >Moondancer's eyes went wide as she clutched her side.
  1538. >Starlight pulled her leg back for another kick right into Moondancer's side.
  1539. >A sound from your side causes you to glance over.
  1540. >Sunset's hands were gripping the front of the table.
  1541. >It looked like she was preparing to launch herself.
  1542. >The appearance of a wolf preparing to attack.
  1543. >And that's what Sunset looked like.
  1544. >She bared her teeth as you heard a growl escape from her throat.
  1545. >Starlight was all focused on Moondancer to notice.
  1546. >This time Starlight brought her foot back a little further.
  1547. >Her face a combination of sick pleasure and excitement.
  1548. >Moondancer was still holding her side just trying to shield herself as much as possible.
  1549. >Starlight's kick found a home again in Moondancer's ribs.
  1550. >Instead of a thud you swear you heard a slight crack.
  1551. >You turned to your side to see how Sunset was taking it and find her seat empty.
  1552. >"...Oh shit"
  1553. >You heard a terrifying scream of raw anger and the sound of bodies thudding to the floor.
  1554. >Like a whip, you turned your head where the noise came from.
  1555. >You saw Sunset on top of Starlight.
  1556. >Pinning her arms down to her side.
  1557. >Starlight's legs were rapidly kicking underneathe Sunset's weight.
  1558. >But Sunset was at her boiling point so each hit was basically like fluffing a pillow to her.
  1559. "Sunny!" Starlight shouted under Sunset's hold.
  1560. >"I don't want to hurt you!" her voice struggled as Sunset applied pressure to Starlight's arms.
  1561. >"Don't worry, you won't" Sunset growled.
  1562. >As much as you wanted to watch Sunset beat the fuck out of Glimmer.
  1563. >That little voice in the back of your head started to scream again.
  1564. >"Save Moondancer!"
  1565. >Running on adrenaline, you get up from your seat and jog over to Moondancer's side.
  1566. >Starlight was still too focused on Sunset to do anything.
  1567. >On the way over your foot kicked something, but your instincts made you ignore it.
  1568. >Saving Moondancer was all you could think and do.
  1569. >You slid over to Moondancer's side.
  1570. >"C'mon you" your hushed scared tone got her attention.
  1571. >You let her arm drape around your neck.
  1572. >"One, two, and three" on three you lift Moondancer up with all your might.
  1573. >She's thankfully as light as she looks.
  1574. >All you can see is the door.
  1575. >That exit became your only focal point.
  1576. >Anxiety coursing through your veins as each step you both made got your hopes up higher and higher.
  1578. >Your heart felt like it was instantly frozen.
  1579. >You both stopped nearly mid-step.
  1580. >The sound of a body falling to the floor spiked your blood pressure.
  1581. >Without thinking, you swing yourself and Moondancer around.
  1582. >And see an extremely outraged Starlight standing over Sunset's still slightly convulsing body.
  1584. >The only sound in the room was Starlight's spite-filled breaths.
  1585. >Her scowling face fixated on Moondancer.
  1586. >"Look what you made me do!" she said through her clenched teeth.
  1587. >A vein on her forehead looked like it was throbbing.
  1588. >Gone was the act.
  1589. >Her hair was ravaged during Sunset's attempt to tear off her arms.
  1590. >The sleeve on her shirt was slightly ripped exposing her bare skin.
  1591. >Dirt, and scuff marks from the brawl earlier covered the rest of her.
  1592. >Starlight's true colors were exposed.
  1593. >The restraint vanished as eyes concentrated on you and Moondancer with murderous intent.
  1594. >She brought her hand up so you could see her brandishing the taser.
  1595. >"I should have got rid of you both a long time ago"
  1596. >You weighed your options while Starlight approached you, menancingly.
  1597. >Starlight would hit you with the taser before you could get a hit in.
  1598. >And if you tried to run you risk Moondancer getting tazed.
  1599. >You felt like you were drowning under the pressure.
  1600. >That little voice inside though was starting to get louder.
  1601. >It just kept saying "Save Moondancer!"
  1602. >Starlight was getting dangerously close now.
  1603. >But that voice inside was building a fire in your gut.
  1604. >"Save Moondancer, and Sunset!" it started to cheer.
  1605. >And that was your catalyst.
  1606. >Something inside of you just switched into "Getting shit done" mode.
  1607. >With a determined look you gently shove Moondancer behind you.
  1608. >Your arm acting as a shield.
  1609. >Starlight's eyes narrow at you like she was trying to burn a hole through your heart.
  1610. >"You want her?"
  1611. >"You gotta go through me Glimmer"
  1612. >Your expression as firm as a boulder.
  1613. >You cross your arms and ready yourself for her attack.
  1614. >Starlight's eye twitches.
  1615. >"I'll go through this entire school if I have to!" she shouted to the heavens.
  1616. >"Nothing will stop me from claiming Sunset's heart, Anon!"
  1617. >You wince from how much of a blowhard she's sounding like
  1618. >"And you think you'll be able to do that after the shit you've pulled?" your frustrated voice asked.
  1619. >Without hesistation Glimmer retorts with
  1620. >"I'd do it all again in a heartbeat"
  1621. >"Anything to erase that mistake" Glimmer's tone was cruel as she pointed to the Moondancer cowering behind you.
  1622. >All you could do was return a smug grin.
  1623. >"What?"
  1624. >"What do you have to smile about?" Starlight looked confused.
  1625. >"I'm going to kill your friend!" her words coated in venom.
  1626. >Suddenly, you saw Starlight freeze up.
  1627. >Her eyes widened.
  1628. >And she did the second most retarded thing you've ever seen someone do
  1629. >She turned around.
  1630. >-SMACK!-
  1631. >Starlight was sent flying on her back and landed face first on the floor.
  1632. >Her eye immediately swelling up.
  1633. >You turned back to facing forward and saw Sunset Shimmer.
  1634. >Still in her punch pose.
  1635. >Looking very stateuseque.
  1636. >She shut her eyes and let out an easy breath.
  1637. >Her body relaxed as she collapsed against the floor.
  1638. >Moondancer followed suite.
  1639. >You dashed over to Sunset's side.
  1640. >Despite everything that just happened she was smiling up at you.
  1641. >You returned the smile and gently grasped her hand.
  1642. >For a moment you just looked at each other.
  1643. >You saw Sunset had her phone in her jacket pocket, but before you could ask what for a wave of deja vu hit you
  1644. >A feeling like all this had happened before.
  1645. >You couldn't help but chuckle.
  1646. >"People need to stop turning their backs on you" you say as you help Sunset up.
  1647. >Sunset let out an exhausted laugh.
  1648. >Both of your adrenaline supplies were running low.
  1649. >So you decided to skip the jokes and just get down to Nurse Redheart's office.
  1650. >As Sunset walks past Starlight you can feel your heart cringe as you have a good feeling what's coming next.
  1651. >But, she doesn't even stop to look at her.
  1652. >She just walks by like Starlight wasn't even there.
  1653. >You watch her help Moondancer to her feet, and walk her out the door.
  1654. >Leaving a very confused you behind.
  1655. >Before catching up with them you take a look at Starlight who is still flat down on the floor.
  1656. >She was curled up in the same ball as Moondancer was just a bit earlier.
  1657. >However that's all she was doing.
  1658. >She wasn't crying, or pouting, or threatening to murder everyone you've ever known.
  1659. >Her stare was vacant.
  1660. >You took a quick look around and saw the taser pushed off to the side.
  1661. >An immense pressure grabs a hold of your heart.
  1662. >Uncertainity reigns inside your thoughts.
  1663. >"Oh for fucks sake" you berate yourself for doing this.
  1664. >You get a good grip on Starlight.
  1665. >She doesn't even try to fight your touch.
  1666. >And you lift her up towards your chest so no one gawks at her swollen eye on the way to Redheart's
  1667. >You see her hand inching towards your neck.
  1668. >You stop dead as her hand keeps reaching up and finds a place to grab onto by your shoulder.
  1669. >But instead of being choked out or clawed or her trying to rip your throat out.
  1670. >Her hand just rests on your shoulder.
  1671. >You look down and see the same vacant expression on Starlight's face.
  1672. >Even though she almost succeeded in a plan that would have resulted in Sunset's trust being broken beyond repair.
  1673. >There was an inkling of pity inside your body for this girl.
  1674. >You shake your head and curse hanging around Sunset.
  1675. >Too much empathy.
  1677. >With a still quiet Starlight cradled in your arms.
  1678. >You try your best to catch up to Sunset and Moondancer.
  1679. >Luckily you didn't run into anyone you knew along the way.
  1680. >But you did get some sideways glances from some random students.
  1681. >You really don't care at this point.
  1682. >Just outside of Redheart's office you can hear a loud exclamation.
  1683. >So you can assume Nurse Redheart has taken a look at Moondancer.
  1684. >You hurried inside.
  1685. >"Got another one for you doc" you said in a flash.
  1686. >And you very gently slipped Starlight into an empty cot.
  1687. >The hairs on the back of your neck stand up.
  1688. >It feels like someone is burning the back of your head.
  1689. >With a quick neck turn you Sunset being examined by Nurse Redheart and giving you the most evil eye you could imagine.
  1690. >Moondancer was in the cot beside them.
  1691. >Out like a light.
  1692. >"Look, Sunny I know you're mad"
  1693. >"Oh, I am way beyond mad" she interrupted.
  1694. >Her stone-cold glare still intense even now.
  1695. >You saw Nurse Redheart's eyes go back and forth between the two of you.
  1696. >Her eyes then fell upon Starlight.
  1697. >She looked like she was just given a ticket out of the crossfire brewing.
  1698. >As she walked over to Starlight's side she began to speak.
  1699. >"Thank god for you and Sunset, Anon or else I'd be bored out of my mind down here"
  1700. >You forgot how unprofessional she was, but that worked in your favor since she didn't like to ask questions.
  1701. >"How's Moondancer?" your eyes rested on her sleeping form.
  1702. >Anything to not meet Sunset's direction right now.
  1703. >"Well, there is some minor swelling around her face, and scratches and cuts around her arms" she started.
  1704. >"That's not the worst part though." her hand was gently dabbing at Starlight's swollen eye with a cloth.
  1705. >"From just looking at her I think she might have a bruised rib"
  1706. >"Poor thing" her sympathy washed over Starlight as she tried to make herself disappear.
  1707. >You saw Redheart slide over in her chair and grabbed an ice pack out of her drawer.
  1708. >She pressed it against Starlight's eye
  1709. >"But, she'll just need to take it easy for a couple of days"
  1710. >"It wasn't as bad as it could have been lemme tell ya" she giggled awkwardly
  1711. >You saw Sunset out of the corner of your eye.
  1712. >Her eyes turned to Moondancer.
  1713. >Still sleeping and breathing thankfully.
  1714. >You saw her close her eyes and bow her head.
  1715. >Sorrow mixed with the roaring miasma that was her hatred.
  1716. >Her eyes opened back up and you could instantly tell Sunset was out for blood.
  1717. >"Uhhh, hey Redheart, how about you go down and grab some food from the cafeteria?"
  1718. >Your big fake smile pointed directly at her.
  1719. >She looked at Sunset and then to you, and then to Starlight.
  1720. >A moment goes by and you could clearly see her eyes widen.
  1721. >"Ohhh, yeah smart idea Anon!"
  1722. >"I'll-I'll go do that...thing" Nurse Redheart casually but very awkwardly slinked out of the room and shut the door behind her.
  1723. >Leaving you alone with a sociopath, a hothead, and a sleeper.
  1724. >Needless to say you felt the tension.
  1726. >You saw Sunset begin the process of standing up from her cot.
  1727. >Her legs looked like they would buckle out from under her in a second.
  1728. >"Hey, relax you're going to break something" you went to her side and tried to ease her back into the cot.
  1729. >She glared up at you as soon as your hand touched her shoulder.
  1730. >Her fist ready to fly.
  1731. >You gulped, loudly.
  1732. >"Not on me please" you manage to squeak out.
  1733. >She pushed your arm away and tried to lift her body from the cot once again
  1734. >Sunset tried to steady herself, but she was still too weak to fully move.
  1735. >Every moment resulted in another grunt or groan.
  1736. >"You took a lot of juice Sunny"
  1737. >"Just try to calm down okay?"
  1738. >You don't know if the worry in your voice made her lie back down or if she was thinking about what to do with Starlight.
  1739. >She reached into her jacket pocket, and pulled out her phone.
  1740. >"Go get her attention" she ordered.
  1741. >You take a quick look over at Starlight.
  1742. >She's curled up in a ball on the cheap looking cot.
  1743. >Ice pack still on her eye.
  1744. >She's just looking at a nearby wall.
  1745. >As if it held all the answers to fix this mess.
  1746. >You took one step towards her.
  1747. >"Leave. Me. Alone" was her curt reply.
  1748. >You nervously looked back at Sunset.
  1749. >Her eyes were glued to her phone.
  1750. >Her finger tapping every few seconds.
  1751. >That's when you heard "it"
  1752. >"I'll go through this entire school if I have to!"
  1753. >Your first instinct was to slowly turn around.
  1754. >And there Sunset Shimmer was.
  1755. >Holding her phone with the screen facing Starlight.
  1756. >Proudly displaying her true colors in a video she took.
  1757. >"I'd do it all again in a heartbeat"
  1758. >"Anything to erase that mistake"
  1759. >You heard the sound of movement coming from behind you.
  1760. >Your head quickly darted back towards Starlight.
  1761. >She was sitting up in the cot.
  1762. >Eyes wide in panic.
  1763. >Sweat dripping down the sides of her face.
  1764. >She was hugging her knees as she was helpless to look at Sunset's phone.
  1765. >There she was in all her glory.
  1766. >Threatening to murder Moondancer.
  1767. >Proclaiming her love of Sunset.
  1768. >All in one video.
  1769. >"...What do you want?" was all Starlight could say.
  1770. >Sunset's stare remained stoic, intense, but you were sensing a little smugness.
  1771. >She had caught Glimmer in her trap this time, and boy was she enjoying it.
  1772. "There is a lot I want Glimmer" Sunset started.
  1773. >You could tell this was going to be a doozy.
  1774. >So you sat down by Moondancer.
  1775. >Hoping the bloodshed wouldn't be that violent.
  1776. >But you don't know why you decided to speak up.
  1777. >An idea popped into your head.
  1778. >"Wait, Sunset" you said as she took a sideways glance in your direction.
  1779. >"Why don't we just give this to Principal Celestia and let her handle this?"
  1780. >"The sooner she's out of our hair the better right?" you questioned.
  1781. >Sunset remained stonefaced.
  1782. >You couldn't tell what she was thinking, but you could tell she thought long and hard about it.
  1783. >She takes in a deep breath, and lets it out.
  1784. >"No" she calmly stated.
  1785. >To say you were dumbfounded was an understatement.
  1786. >"...I'm confused then"
  1787. >You scratched the side of your face and gave a quizzical eyebrow over to Sunset.
  1788. >"Let me put it this way" her tone still cold but growing fiery.
  1789. >She raised the phone up a little.
  1790. >"This" her finger pointed straight at the video.
  1791. >"This is what will get posted on every social media outlet, and sent to every news outlet within twenty miles of here"
  1792. >"Everyone will know the real Starlight Glimmer like we do"
  1793. >You felt uneasy seeing Starlight's face actually expressing an emotion besides happiness or anger.
  1794. >It was clear to see she was on the verge of freaking out.
  1795. >"Unless you meet my demands" Sunset folded her arms against her chest.
  1796. >Having just put Starlight in checkmate.
  1797. >You saw Starlight's body shiver.
  1798. >She was gripping her sides as the ice pack slid off her face.
  1799. >"Wha-What do you want from me?" her voice was beginning to crack.
  1800. >For a moment, you saw a smirk light up on Sunset's face.
  1801. >"For you to stay at CHS for one"
  1802. >And on that note, that's when your eyes nearly bug out of your head.
  1803. >"Uhh, Sunset you wanna run that one by me one more time?" your anxious tone doesn't budge Sunset's stance an inch.
  1804. >"She's staying Anon, I've made up my mind" her voice sounded absolute.
  1805. >Meanwhile Starlight looked at her extremely perplexed, but still an anxious mess.
  1806. >"She would love to get expelled and find another school or someplace so she can do this all over again I bet" Sunset shook her head.
  1807. >Sunset looked over at Moondancer and sighed once more.
  1808. >"If I can prevent this from happening again..." she trailed off while her mournful eyes stayed focused on Moondancer.
  1809. >Sunset's face turned to glare over at Starlight.
  1810. >She began once more this time with more conviction.
  1811. >"You don't get a free pass out of here to hurt or injure anyone else" her finger pointed straight at Starlight.
  1812. >"You have to live with this, Glimmer"
  1813. >Starlight was speechless.
  1814. >But strangely, it looked like she found her own hidden tap of confidence.
  1815. >"So you can try and fix me is that it?" Starlight shouted.
  1816. >"I'm just another broken puzzle that the great and kind Sunset Shimmer can put back together?" the vein in her neck pulsed.
  1817. >Her nostrils flared.
  1818. >Her breathing was heavy.
  1819. >"Just like her right?" she aggressively waved her hand over at Moondancer.
  1820. >Even you knew that was a bad move.
  1821. >Sunset's demeanor didn't change, but it was almost as if the room had gotten colder.
  1822. >"Glimmer, if it weren't for Anon over here you wouldn't even be in this room"
  1823. >"You'd still be lying face first on the floor"
  1824. >You saw Starlight's expression change.
  1825. >It was a slow realization of the sorts.
  1826. >"I don't do this so I can help you"
  1827. >"I do this to protect people from you"
  1828. >Starlight went back to hugging her sides.
  1829. >Her head fell forward and her eyes shut.
  1830. >This is when Sunset leaned forward.
  1831. >You have to give credit to Sunny here.
  1832. >She remained consistent, and firm throughout whatever this was.
  1833. >"I don't care about you Starlight"
  1834. >"You've hurt me, my boyfriend, and one of my best friends in ways that are just... despicable" she spat from her mouth.
  1835. >"Stay away from us and the rest of my friends, or you'll have to worry about a lot more than a black eye"
  1836. >And with that, Starlight said nothing in return.
  1837. >She didn't react, or make a face, or do anything.
  1838. >Starlight curled up in a ball on her cot.
  1839. >And just started to stare at the wall again.
  1840. >Trembling every few seconds.
  1841. >You look over at Moondancer and see her wincing in her sleep.
  1842. >Her hand was out of the bed.
  1843. >You gently grasped it in your hand.
  1844. >It was warm, and a bit sweaty.
  1845. >But a small smile appeared on her face.
  1846. >And that was worth it.
  1848. >After what seemed like hours, Nurse Redheart finally returned carrying a brown paper bag.
  1849. >"Who's hungry?" her glee was met with absolute silence.
  1850. >Redheart's big fake grin an inspiration to awkward assholes like yourself.
  1851. >"I'll take something over here" you raise your hand.
  1852. >She just looks at you like you saved her cat from falling off a ledge.
  1853. >With a smile she walks over and hands you the bag.
  1854. >It's actually heavier than it looks.
  1855. >"Heh, I just sorta grabbed a little of everything" Nurse Redheart chuckled.
  1856. >"No kidding" you say as you grab an apple and bite a chunk out of it.
  1857. >Noises come from the cot beside you.
  1858. >You curiously turn your head and see Moondancer's eyes beginning to open
  1859. >She coughed a little, and her breathing was slightly wheezy.
  1860. >Her eyes traveled around the room as if she were trying to understand what the hell happened the last few hours.
  1861. >You saw her attention divert to her left hand.
  1862. >You look down at it as well.
  1863. >It was at this point you realized you were still holding it in yours.
  1864. >A slightly wheezy hiccup was all you could hear from her.
  1865. >Her face blushed a deep tomato-red.
  1866. >You heard her voice whisper.
  1867. >"Than-Thank y-you, A-An-Anon"
  1868. >Moondancer's body relaxed on the cot.
  1869. >She looked behind you and her smile grew even wider.
  1870. >You followed her look and saw Sunset Shimmer.
  1871. >Who had just reminded you how she used to run this place with an iron fist.
  1872. >Giving Moondancer the warmest smile.
  1873. >"Th-Thank yo-you too, Sun-Sunset"
  1874. >Sunset wiped her eyes with the sleeve of her jacket.
  1875. >"Anytime Moony" her voice almost cracking from joy.
  1876. >Hearing another small hiccup you turn back to Moondancer and see her fidgeting with her sweater sleeves again.
  1877. >Poor girl still isn't used to people caring about her in a positive light it seems.
  1878. >Another awkward silence fills the room.
  1879. >You remember you have food in your hand and you have some sick patients to look after.
  1880. >You jump up from your chair and swing over by Sunset.
  1881. >You drop off what appears to be a PB&J without crusts and a juice box.
  1882. >Then you swing back around to Moondancer and give her some crackers and a water bottle.
  1883. >That leaves some animal crackers and a milk carton for
  1884. >Starlight.
  1885. >Carefully you approach the side of her cot.
  1886. >She was still curled up and motionless.
  1887. >Her ice pack still off to the side.
  1888. >You open your mouth to say something.
  1889. >But you figure it's probably better you didn't.
  1890. >You just leave the bag on the small table beside her.
  1891. >Her eyes stayed focused on the wall however.
  1892. >Not moving an inch.
  1893. >Whatever, not your problem.
  1894. >You did all you could.
  1895. >With a shrug you head back and sit down right beside Moondancer again.
  1896. >You saw Nurse Redheart over by Sunset taking her temperature and doing some last-minute inspections
  1897. >"Well, Sunset I'd say you're good to go" you heard Nurse Redheart say.
  1898. >"Just take it easy and get plenty of rest" she looked over at you and gave a thumbs up.
  1899. >You awkwardly gave one back.
  1900. >"Same goes for, uhh, Starlight was it?"
  1901. >Starlight once again did nothing.
  1902. >"Uhh, right" her eyes looked down at her clipboard.
  1903. >"You're free to go too hun"
  1904. >No reply once more.
  1905. >"...Or I guess there's nothing wrong with staying just a little while longer" she shrugged.
  1906. >"I'll even call you a cab when you're ready" her voice grew soft as to not disturb her.
  1907. >And this is where you clearly see the bleeding heart of Nurse Redheart.
  1908. >She may not be what many would call "ethically sound" but she cares and sometimes that's all that matters.
  1909. >It just seems like you attract those kind of people.
  1910. >Or maybe it's all just a coincidence.
  1911. >Who knows?
  1913. >You heard more rustling behind you.
  1914. >With a quick look you see Sunset attempting to try and stand up once more.
  1915. >You start to stand up and make sure she doesn't break something.
  1916. >"Don't" you heard her say.
  1917. >"I'm fine" she had her hand out.
  1918. >Her legs still wobbled slightly, but you could tell she was determined to stay up this time.
  1919. >She had a small limp every other step.
  1920. >But she was still smiling over at Moondancer.
  1921. >You sit back in your chair and nod at her.
  1922. >Sunset hobbled over to Moondancer's cot.
  1923. >She leaned over and gave her a nice little hug.
  1924. >"We'll come back first thing in the morning alright?" you heard Sunset tell her
  1925. >"Mhm" Moondancer nodded back.
  1926. >Her face still in Sunset's sleeve and her arms wrapped warmly around her back.
  1927. >"You feel cold Moony"
  1928. >"Hey Anon, grab my jacket" she said while still hugging her.
  1929. >"But she's got that thick ass sweater o-" you abruptly stopped as Sunset shot you a death glare.
  1930. >"Right away M'am" you salute.
  1931. >You take a look back at the cot Sunset was in and see her favorite leather jacket.
  1932. >Lying right on the bed.
  1933. >You carefully grab it and walk over to Sunset who had her hand oustretched.
  1934. >With one motion you put the jacket in her hand.
  1935. >And she breaks off the hug.
  1936. >"It's not the warmest thing" she draped the jacket around Moondancer like a blanket.
  1937. >"But it's better than nothing" she smiled.
  1938. >To hear Sunset Shimmer, the girl who loves that jacket sometimes more than life, itself admit that.
  1939. >And for her to, without second thought, give it to the girl who almost turned her into a vegetable.
  1940. >Inside you felt the knots of tension begin to untangle.
  1941. >Just thinking about this situation is never not funny.
  1942. >So you let out a small giggle.
  1943. >Sunset and Moondancer looked at you slightly confused.
  1944. >You wiped a tear from your eye.
  1945. >And cleared your throat.
  1946. >"You two are something else" you tone cheerful.
  1947. >You got a "Daww, you big sappy baby" look from Sunset and Moondancer's face was about to turn purple from all the blushing.
  1948. >With as much ease as someone who just got tazed can muster.
  1949. >Sunset sprung back to her feet and hugged Moondancer one more time
  1950. >You saw her eyes fall upon the corner.
  1951. >After she stopped hugging Moondancer you saw her face fall slightly.
  1952. >And she closed her eyes and lifted her head back up.
  1953. >Walking around you and Nurse Redheart she was making her way towards the bedside of Starlight Glimmer.
  1954. >Sunset looked over Starlight's form.
  1955. >Her ice pack was starting to melt.
  1956. >Her eyes never tore away from the wall.
  1957. >"Do we have an understanding?" Sunset's cold voice returned.
  1958. >Without looking away from the wall, you saw Starlight's head somewhat move.
  1959. >Sunset had reached out her hand towards Starlight.
  1960. >You saw her pick up the leaking ice pack and set it on the table with the brown paper bag from earlier.
  1961. >For a moment all Sunset did was just lose herself looking at Starlight.
  1962. >As if there were a million tiny things crossing through her head.
  1963. >And knowing Sunset, that was a good possiblity.
  1964. >"Good" was all she said as she began to make her way back over by your side.
  1965. >One step into her journey however you see her foot slip up.
  1966. >She stumbles backwards into Starlight's cot.
  1967. >Her hand landing on the piece of her bare arm.
  1968. >Before you could react you already saw Sunset's eyes glow bright white.
  1969. >You bounded from your seat as quick as you could
  1970. >And you snagged Sunset's hand away from Glimmer.
  1971. >However, you also slipped and brought Sunset down with you.
  1972. >You heard a small gasp behind you.
  1973. >And your elbow was going to feel that one tomorrow.
  1974. >Your arm was around Sunset.
  1975. >She groaned as she tried to process what had happened.
  1976. >Starlight remained in her position.
  1977. >No movement except for her breaths.
  1978. >You were waiting for Sunset to lose her shit again after what she saw.
  1979. >But, instead of rage her expression was unsure.
  1980. >As if what she saw doesn't make sense with reality as it is.
  1981. >Her eyes were half lidded, and she wore a cross between a scowl and a frown.
  1982. >You helped her up while Nurse Redheart got some paper towels.
  1983. >"Let's go" you heard her murmur.
  1984. >She gave a small wave to Moondancer and stepped through the door.
  1985. >A weight fell on your chest.
  1986. >It was a little of everything.
  1987. >Uncertainity, anxiety, and a little fear here and there.
  1988. >"Uhh, thanks again doc" you say to Nurse Redheart as she's wiping the floor.
  1989. >"Just send me the bill in the mail" and you ducked out of the room after Sunset.
  1990. >Not before giving a small wave to Moondancer.
  1991. >She's earned it.
  1993. >You jogged out into the well-lit hallway.
  1994. >Looking back and forth and up and down you spot Sunset about to head through the entrance doors.
  1995. >"Sunset!" your shout causes her to turn her head.
  1996. >Her hand was still on the door handle.
  1997. >As you approach her you can see a struggle in her eyes.
  1998. >They shimmer under the fluroscent lighting just a tad.
  1999. >You take a glance at her side and see her hand not clenched into a fist.
  2000. >"...You okay?"
  2001. >It was the only thing you could think of ask.
  2002. >But, seeing Sunset's reaction made you think it was at least the right thing.
  2003. >She rubbed the side of her arm with her hand.
  2004. >Her eyebrows fell.
  2005. >You heard her let out a heavy breath.
  2006. >"No, Anon"
  2007. >"I"m not"
  2008. >The reply was unexpected
  2009. >But she was still closed off from you.
  2010. >Her eyes not meeting yours
  2011. >Instead they were focused on the door handle.
  2012. >That tightness from before started to reemerge in your gut.
  2013. >"What Starlight did to Moondancer isn't your fault."
  2014. >"You know that right?"
  2015. >Sunset nodded her head weakly.
  2016. >Silence grabbed a hold of your tongue.
  2017. >You both just stood there.
  2018. >Unsure where to go to next.
  2019. >"Anon, what if..." Sunset trailed off.
  2020. >You were waiting anxiously for the rest of her thought.
  2021. >You saw her bite her lip.
  2022. >She looked straight out the door into the dark night.
  2023. >"Was I too hard on Starlight?" came her somber voice.
  2025. >If you were drinking anything.
  2026. >You would have spat it out all over Sunset's face.
  2027. >The only thing you could hear was your heart pounding in your ears.
  2028. >You didn't like where this conversation was going.
  2029. >It was so hard to not give Sunset a face like she just dropped kicked a sack of puppies in front of you.
  2030. >"This is Starlight Glimmer we're talking about right?"
  2031. >"The same Starlight who manipulated you and your friends into hating me?"
  2032. >"The same Starlight who was going to pounce on an emotionally vulnerable you?"
  2033. >"The same Starlight who tried to murder Moondancer?"
  2034. >"That Starlight Glimmer?" you couldn't help but have an exasperated tone.
  2035. >But there was no way you were going to let Sunset go soft on this.
  2036. >You saw her shoulders fall after your little rant.
  2037. >It feels like an arrow finally hits a bulls-eye upstairs for you.
  2038. >"What did you see?"
  2039. >Sunset's head tilted towards you slightly.
  2040. >"Because you were fine with how you were treating her before your little slip and grab back there" you gestured to Redheart's office.
  2041. >She turned her head back towards the door.
  2042. >A draft could be felt from the crack between them.
  2043. >You could only see Sunset's face in the reflection of the door.
  2044. >It remained stoic, but stony.
  2045. >A minute passes.
  2046. >"She was crying"
  2047. >"Alone"
  2048. >"Scared
  2049. >Sunset punctuated each word with a few seconds of silence a piece.
  2050. >You watched as Sunset put her hand on the glass of the door.
  2051. >As if she were trying to comfort her mirrored self.
  2052. >"She was screaming at the top of her lungs."
  2053. >"Reaching out towards someone in a blinding white light"
  2054. >The air grew colder.
  2055. >You were actively listening to Sunset's invasion of Starlight's inner thoughts.
  2056. >"It was like she was calling out to someone"
  2057. >You saw her hand slide away from the glass.
  2058. >"But I couldn't see who"
  2059. >You took a minute to process everything Sunset just told you.
  2060. >Granted, you could see why she's having doubts, but whatever emotional baggage Starlight has is no excuse for how she acted.
  2061. >You open up your mouth to speak.
  2062. >"I still hate her"
  2063. >But Sunset beat you to the punch.
  2064. >"I still can't stand the sight of her"
  2065. >You saw her fists clench.
  2066. >"I just want to never have to do anything with her ever again"
  2067. >Her arms wrapped around herself in a hug.
  2068. >You saw her shoulders shiver.
  2069. >"Then why do I feel bad for her?" her voice almost cracked.
  2070. >It was then you knew what you had to do.
  2071. >You step towards Sunset.
  2072. >And gently lay your hand on her back.
  2073. >Giving it small pats.
  2074. You feel her body tense up as she looks over at you.
  2075. >Eyes still conflicted.
  2076. >But she manages a small smile.
  2077. >"Because you got a big heart Sunny" you say as you pull in her closer.
  2078. >You give a gentle hugging squeeze.
  2079. >"Who knows, maybe she'll change"
  2080. >"A firm dose of Sunset Shimmer to the face usually changes a lot of people's tunes around here" your sly smirk makes Sunset giggle.
  2081. >She leans her head on your shoulder.
  2082. >You're both just watching the night through the glass of the school doors.
  2083. >It's oddly romantic, and relaxing.
  2084. >We'll keep an eye on her, okay?" you lean your head forward and kiss the top of Sunset's head.
  2085. >"Mhm" she gives in response.
  2086. >"Until then, let's just enjoy this"
  2087. >Your hand rubbed Sunset's back as you heard her give a contented yawn.
  2088. >You did as well.
  2089. >Life was good.
  2091. >You remember how you said life was good.
  2092. >Well for once you were actually right.
  2093. >The next day you came to school not really expecting much.
  2094. >You were looking forward to seeing Moondancer, but other than that and Sunset there wasn't much.
  2095. >Before you head off to lunch you make a quick stop by your locker.
  2096. >You shove some books in and take out your brown bag of lunch.
  2097. >A paper falls from the top part of your locker and lands on the ground by your feet.
  2098. >"Ugh" you groan.
  2099. >You kneel down and swipe the paper in your hand.
  2100. >Six pairs of shoes enter your field of vision.
  2101. >This causes you to look up.
  2102. >As soon as you do you're glomped by a fast pink object.
  2103. >It's tight, vicelike grip threatening to break your spine.
  2104. >The smell of cotton candy fills the air.
  2105. >Oh it's Pinkie.
  2106. >"We're so super glad you're okay Anon!" Pinkie half cried, and half yelled into your ear.
  2107. >"We're also so super sorry we all treated you like day-old spongecake"
  2108. >Your bulging eyes looked behind Pinkie's hair.
  2109. >You saw Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy, Twilight, and Rainbow Dash.
  2110. >And Rainbow actually looks like she gives a shit.
  2111. >And you actually think you're going to pass out.
  2112. >"P...ink...ie. Ca...n't...breathe" you wiggle your arms in her grasp.
  2113. >You see her frown and as quickly as she grabbed you she retracted her arms.
  2114. >Your lungs try to get in all the air the Pink menace made you lose.
  2115. >It looked like you were panting like a dog.
  2116. >"Anon, dear" a concerned eloquent voice began.
  2117. >"Sunset told us...well, everything"
  2118. >Your breathing started to slow down and return to normal.
  2119. >As you got up from the floor to dust yourself off you finally saw the rest of the girl's faces.
  2120. >Regret, and sadness.
  2121. >Even on Dash.
  2122. >"We had no idea Starlight was the one playin' us all fer fools" Applejack stated
  2123. >She sighed.
  2124. >Fluttershy looked like she was on the verge of crying.
  2125. >"We shouldn't have turned our backs on you, and for that Anon" Rarity placed her hands over her heart.
  2126. >"We offer you our deepest apologies" the rest of the girls all sadly nod with Rarity's kind words.
  2127. >"Please find it in your heart to forgive us Anon" Rarity pouted out her lip.
  2128. >"Done" was all you said with a shrug and a smile.
  2129. >To say they were surprised was an understatement.
  2130. >Twilight looked at you like you were high.
  2131. >It was like they were all expecting you to put up a fight about accepting their apology.
  2132. >"Ladies, Starlight screwed with us all pretty good"
  2133. >"You thought you were protecting your hurt friend and that's pretty sweet" their faces began to light up from your words.
  2134. >"But hey, if you still want to make it up to me I can think of...one thing" a sinister grin popped on your face.
  2135. >"W-What's that Anon?" Rarity gulped loudly.
  2136. >"Pizza" you confidentally announce.
  2137. >A collective sigh is let out of all the girls.
  2138. >You take a glance at a nearby clock.
  2139. >"Oh shit" you say under the breath.
  2140. >You were supposed to meet Sunset at Nurse Redheart's office in five minutes.
  2141. >"Pizza party later girls"
  2142. >"I gotta run"
  2143. >You bolt down the hall and wave behind you while doing so.
  2144. >"Take care Anon!" you heard Rarity yell after you.
  2146. >Since Redheart's office was on the other side of the school.
  2147. >You ran like Flash when someone mentions Twilight around him.
  2148. >Like a crack head jonesing for their next fix..
  2149. >As you approach her office you can spot a slightly annoyed Sunset Shimmer leaning against a nearby locker.
  2150. >She's got her second favorite leather jacket on.
  2151. >Well, she calls it a jacket, but you always call it a vest looking thing.
  2152. >With those edgy spikes around the collar.
  2153. >She always gets pissy when you say that.
  2154. >Instead of a sundress, Sunset had her shoulderless orange top on.
  2155. >Shorter than average purple skirt to cover up the important parts.
  2156. >And it's all complete with leather high-heel boots adorned with some sparkly sequin shit.
  2157. >Seperately, all these pieces sound really dumb and would look off on anyone.
  2158. >But, maybe Sunset's been hanging around Rarity too much.
  2159. >Because it surprisingly all comes together on her.
  2160. >"You're late" her bluntness snapped you back to reality.
  2161. >Instinctively you rubbed the back of your head.
  2162. >"I uhh, was being crushed by Pinkie in an apology hug"
  2163. >You looked at Sunset and saw no sympathy in her eyes.
  2164. >Her arms were crossed.
  2165. >Your judgement was close at hand.
  2166. >But you saw her mouth try to conceal something.
  2167. >Her lips quivered and before you know it she was laughing.
  2168. >She slapped the side of her skirt as she continued.
  2169. >"Oh Anon, you are so fun to screw with sometimes I swear" her laughter adorable, but enraging.
  2170. >Before you could give a reaction to that Sunset gave you a quick peck on the cheek.
  2171. >"I"m just giving you a hard time you dumbass" she softly whispered in your ear.
  2173. >Her hand lightly rested on your shoulder.
  2174. >She closed in and embraced you.
  2175. >Her soft hair pressed against your chest.
  2176. >"I"m glad the girls forgave you"
  2177. >And that's where you returned the embrace.
  2178. >"I am too" you say as you stroke Sunset's head
  2179. >"And I"m glad to see you've got your charming personality still" your grin widened
  2180. >You look up and see Nurse Redheart through the window on the door.
  2181. >She's got this "Holy shit this is so precious" look going on.
  2182. >You can practically see the hearts coming out of her eyes.
  2183. >"We better share some of this love with Moondancer huh?"
  2184. >A sentence that if you said it last year you were pretty certain you'd gone insane.
  2185. >You hear Sunset agree and you break off the hug.
  2186. >Walking through the door you see a form in a dash run to the other side of the room.
  2187. >Out of the corner of your eye you can see Nurse Redheart fumbling with model of a human heart.
  2188. >You roll your eyes with a smirk.
  2189. >"H-Hey, you guys" sounded a familiar mousey voice
  2190. >You saw Sunset rush over to the cot in front of her.
  2191. >The one with the girl with the red homemade hairbun, librarian glasses, and more bruises than a tipped over barrel of apples.
  2192. >Plus Sunset's favorite jacket still wrapped around her.
  2193. >You waved at her, but Sunset was in the way giving her a big bear hug.
  2194. >"Hey you!" Sunset excitedly said
  2195. >"Did you sleep well?"
  2196. >"You didn't get too chilly did you?"
  2197. >"Was the cot comfortable?"
  2198. >"I knew I should have brought some extra blank-
  2199. >You rest your hand on Sunset's shoulder.
  2200. >"Breathe. Sunset" you told her.
  2201. >She took in a deep breath and exhaled.
  2202. >"I know, I was just...worried about her" she let out a nervous laugh.
  2204. >You look from her to Moondancer.
  2205. >Her left cheek was still very purple and swollen.
  2206. >As was parts of her forehead.
  2207. >But other than that she looked like she was on the road to recovery.
  2208. >You could still hear a little wheeze in her breathing, but it didn't sound as harsh as it was last night.
  2209. >Moondancer noticed you looking in her direction because she gave out a little hiccup.
  2210. >"H-Hey, Anon" she said as she tried to hide behind her hair.
  2211. >"Hey Moonbutt" Sunset nudged you in the side.
  2212. >"I mean, hey Moondancer how are you?" you forced a big peppy smile.
  2213. >You saw Sunset facepalm and snicker slightly.
  2214. >Moondancer moved her hand over her mouth and giggled and hiccupped.
  2215. >"I-I'm fine Anon"
  2216. >"I'm pretty sore from...yesterday still" her eyes fell.
  2217. >Sunset grabbed her hand and held it in hers for comfort.
  2218. >Another hiccup came out of her mouth.
  2219. >"K-Kinda tired still too..
  2220. >She pulled the jacket around her more snugly.
  2221. >Sunset's motherly concern came back.
  2222. >"I knew this cot was uncomfortable"
  2223. >"Look, it looks like you're sleeping on cardboard" Sunset said as she poked the material of the cot.
  2224. >You turned and glanced over at Nurse Redheart.
  2225. >She's pretending, not very well, to have not heard that.
  2226. >-Hiccup- "N-no, it wasn't the cot..." Moondancer spoke up.
  2227. >Her eyes drifted to the other side of the room past Redheart.
  2228. >Your spirits dampened a little.
  2229. >Starlight Glimmer.
  2230. >You almost forgot about her.
  2231. >Meanwhile Sunset looked about ready to drag her ass out of bed.
  2232. >"What did she do to you?" she coldly spoke as her fists clenched.
  2233. >Her pupils the size of bullets ready to fire.
  2234. >Moondancer's eyes shot open in worry.
  2235. >-Hiccup- "N-N-No, she didn't do an-anything to me"
  2236. >"I sw-swear" -hiccup-
  2237. >She calmed her voice.
  2238. >"She was just...noisy"
  2240. >"Noisy?" you cocked an eyebrow at Moondancer.
  2241. >"Yeah"
  2242. >You noticed she wasn't shaking as much as she usually is.
  2243. >But talking about Starlight won't be easy for her anytime soon that's for sure.
  2244. >"I woke up in the middle of the night" Moondancer started.
  2245. >"She sounded like she was rustling around...and saying stuff"
  2246. >Sunset's attention was grabbed so she got beside Moondancer's cot and knelt down by her.
  2247. >"What kind of stuff Moony?" Sunset's concern was growing.
  2248. >As was yours.
  2249. >You anxiously looked back and forth between Moondancer and Starlight.
  2250. >Hoping that Starlight didn't choose an unopportune time to wake up.
  2251. >Moondancer paused for a moment.
  2252. >"I-It sounded like a name"
  2253. >You saw Moondancer close her eyes and concentrate.
  2254. >Sunset gently squeezed her hand.
  2255. >"A-And it sounded like she was crying" her brow furrowed.
  2256. >"Crying while she said it..." Moondancer was still trying to think.
  2257. >"What did she say Moony?"
  2258. >Sunset was almost pleading for an answer.
  2259. >Moondancer opened her eyes and stared straight towards Starlight's cot.
  2260. >"...Trix-Trixie"
  2262. >That name didn't get a reaction from you, but you slowly saw the pieces aligning in Sunset's mind.
  2263. >You saw her breathing get a little more hurried.
  2264. >It wasn't until Sunset looked up into your eyes that you understood what that name meant.
  2265. >"It was like she was calling out to someone"
  2266. >"But I couldn't see who" your mind echoed from yesterday night.
  2267. >You gulped.
  2268. >You felt your eyes grow wide from fear.
  2269. >Which meant to Sunset that you understood the situation.
  2270. >You looked over at Starlight.
  2271. >Her eyes were shut.
  2272. >And her mouth was slightly open.
  2273. >As if she was trying her hardest to not think about it.
  2274. >Yesterday you were so sure of things.
  2275. >You and Sunset worked through some problems.
  2276. >You earned your friend's trust back.
  2277. >And you were slowly starting to come around to that pale dork lying in bed.
  2278. >But now, you're unsure of where things will lead you.
  2279. >For the last two years it just seems like every door you and Sunset shut
  2280. >A million windows seem to open in its place.
  2281. >Uncertainity clouded your thoughts
  2282. >When will the ride stop?
  2283. >Where will you end up?
  2284. >Who will be by your side?
  2285. >All these questions and more swirled around your brain like an angry typhoon.
  2286. >You heard rustling from behind you.
  2287. >Turning around you see a sight that almost stops your heart.
  2288. >From cuteness.
  2289. >Moondancer was hugging Sunset with her favorite jacket.
  2290. >Sunset leaned her head on Moondancer's shoulder.
  2291. >And they just both comforted each other.
  2292. >You hear a sniffle from beside you and see Redheart with an immense smile on her face.
  2293. >A twinge in your heart grabs your attention.
  2294. >It was as if it was answering your earlier questions.
  2295. >It doesn't matter when the ride stops or where you will be.
  2296. >You'll have your friends and the ones who care about you through thick and thin.
  2297. >Especially Sunset.
  2298. >And you're sure Moondancer and her feel the same about you.
  2299. >And you know what?
  2300. >That's actually pretty okay for right now.
  2301. >Let tomorrow be fought tomorrow.
  2302. >But let today be enjoyed.
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