Kaila's New Determination

Kazuki-Kun Oct 23rd, 2019 75 Never
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  1. Key: Kazuki Alter
  2. Character: Kaila
  3. Applying for: T3 Guardians of Light
  5. Reasoning: After Kaila fought Turvie she has realized that there will be a time where she'll have to fight him again without mercy and or Sherbet. One of the only other Weapon Soul users on her side. She told him to follow his path and that she will continue hers. She needed to. One reason being that she wanted to impress Pwcca by being better than Zachary, her last student, and to gain more strength as she fears that if she doesn't she will somehow be killed within Deradora's army. However, now within a contract with Halle one of Kusiri's loved ones. She feels a bit safer.
  7. TLDR: Kaila will achieve this art by continuously doing what she was taught by Pwcca while also finding her to train once more. Her power was rising and she could feel that by finding the hate for High Hops now, it will only continue but on a darker path. It's what Pwcca wanted and taught her.
  9. The things Kaila will do after achieving is aim to use her power to take down the other keyblade user to prove her strength. Afterward, she will one day like she foretold and fight the Weapon Soul users of High Hops once again. She will hope for a different outcome this time. Her anger was only continuing to flow and fueling her power. She hoped to continue to break her limits and with her heart, raise the power of her own keyblade and the day she will inherit Pwcca's keychains will be a day that will matter to her for how hard she worked towards it.
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