Breakfast - Peanut Pancakes

Feb 20th, 2014
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  1. >You thought for quite some time.
  2. >If you were able to put all of your thoughts into a box, that box would be so dense, you wouldn't be able to lift it.
  3. >But enough about boxes, you have a decision to make.
  4. >You're too entranced to even get out of bed.
  5. >Shimmer is probably waiting for you.
  6. >But...
  7. >That decision...
  8. >...
  9. >You might be in love with her.
  10. >You don't know for sure, all of the abuse may have gotten to you, but you're humoring the thought.
  11. >How will you be sure?
  12. >... It'll come to you when the time is right.
  13. >And if it doesn't, it probably isn't there at all.
  14. >Either way, you have breakfast to get to.
  15. >You peel yourself out of bed and make your way to the kitchen.
  16. >... You're there after an eternity's walk.
  17. >Time certainly is taking its... time.
  18. >You almost threw up from that one.
  19. >You peek in through the door frame.
  20. >She's cooking something on the stove again.
  21. >If you sneak well enough, you might be able to startle her.
  22. >... That's mean...
  23. >"Anon!"
  25. >Well, she noticed you at some point, that much is obvious.
  26. >She looks so happy...
  27. >And beautiful.
  28. >Goodness, it looks like the world is sparkling around her.
  29. >You make your way to her side.
  30. "Good morning, Shimmer. What do we have today?"
  31. >She's practically bouncing.
  32. >"It's a surprise!"
  33. >The surprise looks a lot like pancakes.
  34. >... Well, that is surprising. You don't usually eat the same thing multiple times before you run out.
  35. >Though that hasn't been happening recently...
  36. >She flips the last pancake onto a plate for you.
  37. >They're really fluffy, just like last time.
  38. >This is going to be-
  39. >"Anon, wait!"
  40. >She flutters over to a cabinet and pulls out the peanut butter. She opens the lid and spreads it across your pancakes with a knife she had around.
  41. >For some reason.
  42. >Calm down, it was only a butter knife.
  43. >She could only kill you with it if she was really trying to.
  44. >... You're not sure if you should still be scared of that being a possibility.
  45. >Either way, your pancakes now have peanut butter on them.
  46. >She backs away, allowing you to dig in.
  47. >She looks so happy...
  48. >You know these pancakes will be amazing.
  49. >With her as cook, you have no doubt.
  50. >...
  51. >After eating them, you have a few things to clarify.
  52. >You don't doubt her cooking, but she spread way too much peanut butter on them.
  53. >Also, there were chocolate chips in the pancakes.
  54. >... But you hardly tasted them over the power of the peanut butter.
  55. >There wasn't even a lot on...
  56. >It looked like such a small amount, how was it so overpowering?
  57. >You look over to her.
  58. >You shouldn't have.
  59. >Her expression is tearing you to pieces.
  60. >She isn't mad.
  61. >She isn't trying to hurt you.
  62. >She's the one hurt.
  63. >At some point, you must have given away the pancakes weren't as good as you'd hoped.
  64. >Either that or she rolled really high for reading your emotions.
  65. >And you rolled a really low save.
  66. >She dejectedly looks to the floor.
  67. >"I'm sorry, Anon. I just wanted to make something special for you..."
  68. >You're five seconds away from crying your eyes out.
  69. >This mare, the one you've fear, now the one you possibly love, is disheartened.
  70. >Oddly enough, it's not actually your fault.
  71. >Probably.
  72. >... Either way, you're not going to stand by and let it affect her.
  73. "Shimmer, the only thing wrong with it was the amount of peanut butter."
  74. >Her eyes meet yours. She still looks sad, but she appears more confused now.
  75. "It took over the taste. It didn't taste bad, it just didn't taste like a pancake. Kind of like I was eating just peanut butter."
  76. >And now she's back to looking sad.
  77. >You have to save this.
  78. >... But you have no bonuses to this roll!
  79. >The Difficulty Class is probably, like, 15 or something crazy like that!
  80. >... But you have to try.
  81. >Roll to save.
  82. >...
  83. "But I'd be happy to stay here with you and test until it's perfect."
  84. >She looks surprised.
  85. >Then happy again.
  86. >Natural 20.
  87. >The two of you made great pancakes all day.
  88. >You're almost certain she's the one for you.
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