For Adrian James West that Faggot

Nov 14th, 2016
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  1. Sir Gentleman Doge
  2. Gender : Male
  3. Race : Doge
  4. Class : Bard
  5. Description : From the northern Sarnoth province of Lazy Town, Gentleman Doge is A gentleman in all respects. A fluffy ball of fur wearing chainmail and a long red cape. His vapeing technique is unreplicatable.
  7. Equipment
  9. Weapon : Axe Guitar: A fully functioning electric guitar, black with red trim. One side of the body has been sharpened into an axe.
  11. Pack :
  12. > Fingerbox
  13. > 10 Pounds Of Black Tar Heroin
  14. > Red Vape Pen ( matches cape )
  15. > A Big Box Of Cigars
  16. > Dog Treats
  17. > Shrunken Head, fresh off a shrunken human.
  18. > Fancy Brush ( for grooming his fur )
  19. > Food, and Water
  20. > Translation book
  22. Skills
  23. Pet Mastery: passive; you can control one additional minion. This skill can be taken multiple times to gain more minions.
  25. Inspire: You use song and performance to enthrall a crowd or rally your allies.
  27. Combat: Ray Ricin' that bitch; the entire party gains +1 to all rolls next turn, or +2 on a critical success; this bonus does not stack with repeated use.
  28. >Critical failure replaces the bonus with a -1 penalty to all rolls next turn.
  30. Noncombat: you perform for a gathered audience, and can garner reputation, favors, and resources as the GM deems appropriate
  32. Mimic Sound: You can mimic almost to perfection any sound you have heard, be it an orchestra playing or the growling of a wild beast. This skill cannot be used to imitate other sound-based skills.
  34. Smooth Talker: Can talk a non-hostile thing into not getting in the way, not make a fuss and generally not be an issue.
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