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Fallout Beyond Equestria Session Eleven

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  1. [2012-09-12 13:07:00] <Little_Gloom> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session Eleven: Darkness Falls (Part Two)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PPtEHWDca8&feature=youtu.be
  2. [2012-09-12 13:07:07] <Little_Gloom> 3Welcome.
  3. [2012-09-12 13:07:13] <Little_Gloom> 3From here, the road winds up to the base of the mountain waterfall, then snakes around behind it.  Hidden behind the sun-glinted, cascading water, the town of Darkness Falls awaits you.  
  4. [2012-09-12 13:07:21] <Little_Gloom> 3Darkness Falls is a fortress city of lights nestled in the darkness of a huge cave.  A bride behind a veil of shimmering, falling water.  A last beacon of ponykind in the edge of shadow.
  5. [2012-09-12 13:07:27] <Little_Gloom> 3The water from the falls forms a large pool inside the front of the cave, the road curving around it.  A somewhat crude statue of the Lightbringer stands on an island of rock; the scrap metal that forms her PipBuck houses a bright lantern, lighting the path.  
  6. [2012-09-12 13:07:34] <Little_Gloom> 3Beyond, the road ascends to meet towering doors of petrified wood set into a stone wall.  Lights from the city beyond glow over the guarded battlements.  A pony standing on an upper roost waves a friendly hoof.
  7. [2012-09-12 13:07:39] <Little_Gloom> 3Darkness Falls welcomes you.
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  9. [2012-09-12 13:10:46] * Mitzi points to the statue of Littlepip; "Dat's her, right? Leetle ponee who unveiled da blanket uv gems."
  10. [2012-09-12 13:11:22] <Little_Gloom> 3--- Session Begins ---
  11. [2012-09-12 13:12:16] * Get_Lost waves back at the pony, smiling "hey it doesn't look that bad here!"
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  13. [2012-09-12 13:13:11] <Little_Gloom> 3The party has recovered from the battle with the sniper griffin, and with an unconscious captive to show for it.  Meanwhile, Get_Lost pulled off a miracle save.  The gentlepony in the cart is alive, if not particularly well.  The guards are now pulling the carriage, it's previous drawers the only casualties in the battle.
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  17. [2012-09-12 13:13:58] * Crescendo_ nods in agreement. "I'll say. Much friendlier than our last destination."
  18. [2012-09-12 13:14:32] * Silva_Mane grumbles as she comes to. "What was the number of the skywagon that hit me?" moaning she sits up. "Owe, I hurt all over. . ."
  19. [2012-09-12 13:14:45] <Little_Gloom> 3The gentlepony's reaction to those around him as he slipped into unconsciousness was... unsettling.
  20. [2012-09-12 13:15:07] * Mitzi slings her magical energy rifle back over her back and lumbers alongside the wagon. They put a lot of work into protecting it so far, so she would continue keeping it safe. Ponies protect each other. Not so different from Hellhounds.
  21. [2012-09-12 13:15:59] <Little_Gloom> 3The guard pony disappears from the roost for a moment.  Then, as she reappears, the petrified doors begin to open with a mighty grinding sound.
  22. [2012-09-12 13:16:00] * Shatara waves somewhat absently to the guard. This place seemed friendly enough, but still somehow...off. Maybe he'd watched too many movies. Regardless, he keeps a top-cover position, scanning for trouble with rifle in hand.
  23. [2012-09-12 13:17:22] * Get_Lost covers her eard "that's what i call a door!"
  24. [2012-09-12 13:17:27] <Get_Lost> *ears
  25. [2012-09-12 13:17:36] * Silva_Mane makes her way to Effigy to check his condition. "How you holding up boss?"
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  28. [2012-09-12 13:18:06] * Mitzi and her dogs alike wince and groan at the grinding sounds; "Dat hurts."
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  30. [2012-09-12 13:18:12] * Mitzi covers her ears
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  32. [2012-09-12 13:20:13] * Get_Lost is wearing her winter outfit and her shades, she feels a bit like those ponies in the posters, the ones with the happy families going on the winter sports resorts and such...
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  35. [2012-09-12 13:22:09] * Silva_Mane after seeing that Effigy is still alive and breathing if barely she makes her way to the new comers. "Do you ponies got a medic with you? I might not have a lotta caps on me right now, but I'll pay ya if ya can fix me up."
  36. [2012-09-12 13:23:05] * Crescendo_ smiles. "I'm sure the lovely Ms. Lost here will see you right."
  37. [2012-09-12 13:23:51] <Little_Gloom> 3Effigy is quite unconscious, having suffered shock and trauma, not to mention a staggering loss of blood.  He's pale and his breathing is shallow, but the gentlepony is no longer on death's door, and his condition seems stable.
  38. [2012-09-12 13:24:22] * Get_Lost nods at Silva_Mane "yes i can see your wounds...."
  39. [2012-09-12 13:25:05] * Mitzi wants to distract herself from the noisy door, and makes her way over to Crescendo_ She had previously seen him using a magical energy weapon, so maybe he had an answer for her. She gently taps him on the shoulder.
  40. [2012-09-12 13:25:05] <Kid>  /me looked at the statue and felt that old familiar mix of pride, shame, and regret rise in her gullet. "Yup. That there is th' pony in th' sky." She looked at her prisoner to wipe her dillema clean for now. She was going to get answers. But first, she had a couple of letters to write.
  41. [2012-09-12 13:26:41] * Get_Lost "the problem is: i'm completely out of healing suppplies, i just have some bandages..."
  42. [2012-09-12 13:27:22] <Silva_Mane> "I have potions on me. Just get the bullets out of me for I drink em."
  43. [2012-09-12 13:27:22] * Crescendo_ jumps sightly as he is tapped, Mitzi could move surprisingly quietly. "Oh, hi Mitzi. You gave me a fright there."
  44. [2012-09-12 13:27:54] * Mitzi nods; "Uh'm sorree. Just wanted tu ask yu someting."
  45. [2012-09-12 13:28:02] <Kid> "Ya'll think there's a pony express out here? Need t' get some words back t' Nexus."
  46. [2012-09-12 13:28:45] * Get_Lost takes a look at the bullet holes "it will hurt and i have no med-x... you sure?"
  47. [2012-09-12 13:29:22] <Silva_Mane> "Yes I can deal with the pain, just rather not get lead poisoning."
  48. [2012-09-12 13:29:35] * Crescendo_ smiles. "Sure, ask away."
  49. [2012-09-12 13:30:11] * Get_Lost "well, then we need a slab, a table or a place where i can work"
  50. [2012-09-12 13:30:26] * Mitzi unslings her magical energy rifle and pulls out the Micro-Sparkle pack, showing it to Crescendo; "Uh'm not sure how manee shots dis eez. Wondered eef yu knuw."
  51. [2012-09-12 13:32:02] <Silva_Mane> "Uh. . . I forget is there a town near by so we can stop and get fixed up? Not to mention dump our unwanted tied up predatory friend."
  52. [2012-09-12 13:32:15] <Little_Gloom> 3Beyond the door, Darkness Falls is an eclectic city of odd fortress structures interlaced with newer and more makeshift construction.  Lanterns and strings of lights illuminate the maze-like thoroughfare as it winds between kiosks, animal pens and old battle placements.
  53. [2012-09-12 13:33:04] * Get_Lost "sounds good to me... we will have to buy some campiing stuff too, like tents and something to make a fire...."
  54. [2012-09-12 13:33:43] * Get_Lost "and some more healing potions, i'm completely out but i think i already told that"
  55. [2012-09-12 13:33:56] <Silva_Mane> "Plus I need Effigy there alive if I am to expect any pay out'a this job."
  56. [2012-09-12 13:34:33] * Crescendo_ studies the rifle. "Ah, these cells are larger than the ones I use but I think they work the same. There should be a part you can hold and that uses body heat or something to show how much charge is left. We may need to eject the cartridge first though."
  57. [2012-09-12 13:35:37] * Get_Lost "if we find a quiet place i can check him too... so far he seems stable"
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  59. [2012-09-12 13:36:40] <Silva_Mane> "Good."
  60. [2012-09-12 13:36:45] * Shatara glances nervously between buildings. It's just a town...why did it freak him out so much?
  61. [2012-09-12 13:36:51] * Kid whistles. Looks like home. A little. Except darker. And colder. Kid hated the cold. "An' ah think we'd best check in at Crimson Caravans. Thinkin' we can get sommathat pay we need t' buy all that."
  62. [2012-09-12 13:37:09] * Mitzi pulls out the energy pack and looks it over fir such a thing. She really didn't understand how it worked. She'd seen regular guns before, but counting bullets was easy, even for her
  63. [2012-09-12 13:38:21] * Crescendo_ presses everything that doesn't look like a trigger until the MFC come out. "This button? No. How about if we twist this... oh, I don't think that's supposed to do that. Err... Yes you got it!"
  64. [2012-09-12 13:39:46] * Mitzi spies a small charge meter on one side of the energy pack, but the display is in Equestria writing which she didn't know how to read. It said '8/24' She points it out to Crescendo_ "Dis?"
  65. [2012-09-12 13:43:36] * Crescendo_ nods. "Yep. You're getting pretty low there. Another eight shots for a beam rifle. If we find somepony who sells ammo you need to ask for 'MFC' and they'll know what you're talking about."
  66. [2012-09-12 13:46:03] * Mitzi pulls out a Gem-Pack (Small Energy Cell) from her pocket from the damaged energy pistol she had previously procured. "What abotu dis?" This pack had a full charge; 30/30
  67. [2012-09-12 13:46:37] * Kid nods and smiles at Mitzi. "Ya'll just leave th' barterin' t' me. Ah know juuuus' how t' piss 'em off in th' right way."
  68. [2012-09-12 13:49:42] * Crescendo_ looks over the Gem-Packs. "Those'll fit a smaller magic weapon like a pistol. I'm pretty sure you can also use them to charge up a MFC as well, but you'd need somepony good with Science to do it. With unskilled hooves you could lose your eyebrows."
  69. [2012-09-12 13:49:55] * Silva_Mane snorts at Kids comment. "Yeah I have the worst luck when comes to talking with merchants, something about them always tends to piss me off, money grubbers the lot of em."
  70. [2012-09-12 13:50:44] * Mitzi nods; "So, dis (the Small Gem Pack), won't work in dis? (The rifle)."
  71. [2012-09-12 13:51:52] * Crescendo_ shakes his head. "I don't think so. Probably won't even plug in properly."
  72. [2012-09-12 13:53:12] * Mitzi nods and puts the Micro-Sparkle Cell back into the rifle and returns the Small Gem Pack to her pocket before slinging the rifle back over her back. "So, Uh need more gloween packs to keep useen magic gun. Gotcha."
  73. [2012-09-12 13:54:55] * Kid looks at Silva with a playful smile on her face. She just found her entertainment for the evening. "Hey. Whatchu got against money-grubbers, huh?"
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  75. [2012-09-12 13:57:13] <Silva_Mane> "Uh, um well my paw always said that they'd sell ya there own mother if'd make em a bit, and stuff like that so um. . . Yeah."
  76. [2012-09-12 14:00:41] * Get_Lost "we need a place where to put this poor guy... can we book a room in the tavern, or something like that? so i'll be able to heal those that need help while the others barter stuff..."
  77. [2012-09-12 14:02:19] <Kid> "An' what kinda attitude is that? Ah'll have you know that th' prices fer moms 've skyrocketted due t' all th' orphanages poppin' up. You sayin' that they don't need mommas?"
  78. [2012-09-12 14:02:56] * Get_Lost mutters "i never had a mom..."
  79. [2012-09-12 14:03:32] * Kid fixes t
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  82. [2012-09-12 14:04:22] <Little_Gloom> 3Darkness Falls offers plenty of options.  Kiosks form shops for clothing, weapons, food and other general goods.  The smell of baking pies and cooking meat mixes with the reek of manure from the radhog pens.  
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  86. [2012-09-12 14:05:41] * Mitzi smells things; "Gud smells und bad smells together. Not sure what uv."
  87. [2012-09-12 14:06:38] <Little_Gloom> 3All three of the major caravan companies have outposts here, with Crimson Caravans' being the most humble.  In addition, there is the Lightbringer Inn.
  88. [2012-09-12 14:06:55] <Crescendo_> "It's not like orphanages are cheap either." He shakes his head. "Always needing more caps."
  89. [2012-09-12 14:07:56] <Silva_Mane> "I uh ah um. . . Of horse apples."
  90. [2012-09-12 14:08:07] * Kid sticks her tongue out. She's kidding, of course. "C'mon. T' pay fer some o' this', we need t' pay ol' Crimson a visit." She tips her roughed up straw hat and starts heading for the humblt
  91. [2012-09-12 14:08:11] * Get_Lost takes a look at the inn "let's hear how much they want for a room with a table and a bed..."
  92. [2012-09-12 14:09:15] <Kid> Humblest of stations*
  93. [2012-09-12 14:09:18] <Silva_Mane> "I'm in agreement with Ms. Lost here."
  94. [2012-09-12 14:10:05] <Little_Gloom> 3Hanging bridges swoop between some of the higher structures and second-floor establishments.  Ponies mill about both above and below.  A couple of griffins fly overhead, landing at a tavern (that appears to have once been a military barracks) with entrances only reachable from the second level.
  95. [2012-09-12 14:10:29] * Mitzi follows behind Kid. She would need more pony money if she wanted to procure more ammunition for her new favourite toy.
  96. [2012-09-12 14:12:04] <Silva_Mane> "Huh a sky bar haven't been ta one of those places in awhile, wonder if any of paw's ole friends are in there drinken away there sorrows.
  97. [2012-09-12 14:12:08] <Silva_Mane> "
  98. [2012-09-12 14:12:54] * Kid spots the tavern out of her rather limited peripheral vision. She almost took it as a challenge.
  99. [2012-09-12 14:13:59] * Shatara lands somewhat nervously, following close to Kid as he glances around.
  100. [2012-09-12 14:14:32] <Silva_Mane> "Maybe someone up there knows our griffen friend?"
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  105. [2012-09-12 14:17:29] * Crescendo_ heads for the inn along with Lost figuring the others could handle themselves.
  106. [2012-09-12 14:17:55] * Kid considers that for a moment. "Yer prolly right. If they don't know him, they'd know th' mark on 'im."
  107. [2012-09-12 14:18:53] * Silva_Mane follows Get lost, and motions for the others in her caravan to follow along with. "Come along little ponies, this medic is our best shot at securing our meal ticket."
  108. [2012-09-12 14:19:47] <Little_Gloom> 3"Good afternoon," a pony says causally as he passes you by.  
  109. [2012-09-12 14:20:55] <Silva_Mane> "Uh-huh back at'cha stanger. Better keep your distance though."
  110. [2012-09-12 14:21:20] <Little_Gloom> 3The stranger gives Silva_Mane an odd look but continues about his business.
  111. [2012-09-12 14:22:53] * Kid smiles."Howdy hi. We're th' group headed fer th zebra lan's. Where d' we sign in?"
  112. [2012-09-12 14:25:18] <Little_Gloom> 3Lightbringer Inn has a  warmly lit lobby with a few chairs and a desk behind shich the innkeeper smiles in greetings.  Above, balconies ring lines of rooms.  Ramps made of welded scrap metal form walkways up to the balcony.  (The original stairs, if there were any, appear to have vanished.)
  113. [2012-09-12 14:26:23] * Get_Lost waves at the pony, but seems a bit confued by the looks they're getting "ah.... good day mister owner... we need a room, possibly with a table..."
  114. [2012-09-12 14:28:51] * Crescendo_ joins in. "A couple of rooms actually. We have some friends looking around town who will be joining us later. Care to knock a few caps off for a group booking?"
  115. [2012-09-12 14:30:21] <Little_Gloom> 3The mare behind the desk gsmiles warmly, "Well, then you've come to the right place.  Welcome to Lightbringer Inn.  And welcome to Darkness Falls."
  116. [2012-09-12 14:30:39] * Mitzi decides to let Kid do the talking; ponies didn;t normally like doign business with Hellhounds, even if she had been specifically hired
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  118. [2012-09-12 14:31:35] * Get_Lost decides trhat leting Crescendo_ do the talk is the best option and just listens
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  122. [2012-09-12 14:34:40] * Crescendo_ smiles back at the innkeeper. "And what a lovely welcome it is too."
  123. [2012-09-12 14:34:41] * Little_Gloom 3mare turns to a book, flipping a few pages with her teeth and perusing the contents.  "Why yes, I..." Her eyes catch the hellhound and lock there, her breath faltering for a moment.  But she recovers with a fair amount of grace and continues, "I do have two adjacent rooms available, and I can toss you a first-time visitor's discount."
  124. [2012-09-12 14:35:00] <Little_Gloom> 3"That will be 50 caps per room, per night.
  125. [2012-09-12 14:35:04] <Little_Gloom> 3"
  126. [2012-09-12 14:36:07] <Silva_Mane> "I can cover the cost of the rooms as payment for the medical treatment."
  127. [2012-09-12 14:37:57] * Little_Gloom 3mare turns to a book, flipping a few pages with her teeth and perusing the contents.  "Why yes, I do have two adjacent rooms available, and I can toss you a first-time visitor's discount.  That will be 50 caps per room, per night."
  128. [2012-09-12 14:39:22] * Silva_Mane russsles though her saddle bags, and produces the caps. "He'e ya go."
  129. [2012-09-12 14:40:50] * Crescendo_ turns to Silva. "Thank you, err, sorry I don't think I caught your name?"
  130. [2012-09-12 14:41:07] <Little_Gloom> 3Meanwhile, Mitzi and Kid arrive at the small Crimson Caravans office.  There isn't much to it.  A front business room and a back storeroom -- barely an outpost for the company, unlike the other caravan hubs here.  Although it does at least have the benefit (unlike DDD) of being accessable at street level.  
  131. [2012-09-12 14:41:14] <Silva_Mane> "I'm Silva_Mane."
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  133. [2012-09-12 14:42:19] <Little_Gloom> 3The stallion inside quickly hides away his magazine and stands at attention before looking Kid and Mitzi over.  He checks a notice pinned to the wall behind him and looks them over again.  "Ah, y'all would be the expedition caravan from Nexus, right?"
  134. [2012-09-12 14:43:24] <Little_Gloom> 3The innkeeper smiles and takes the caps, then delivers between her teeth two sets of brass keys.
  135. [2012-09-12 14:44:00] <Little_Gloom> 3Still smiling, she points a hoof towards the balcony.  "Your rooms are 16A and 16B."
  136. [2012-09-12 14:44:05] * Mitzi gestures to Kid, hoping she knew how to do the talking
  137. [2012-09-12 14:44:13] * Kid smiles and walks in, looking for a receptionist or manager of some kind. "Howdy hi, yes sir, we are." She said, smirking her cocky smirk and tipping her hat slightly. "M' name's Sugar Whiskey. Th' rest are all out gettin' tucked in at th' local inn. Ya'll got somethin' fer us?"
  138. [2012-09-12 14:45:03] * Shatara fidgets near the door.
  139. [2012-09-12 14:46:27] <Little_Gloom> 3She adds politely, "There is a table in each room, as well as a large bed and a comfort bench.  16B also has a landing perch on the back.  Rooms come with complimentary coffee."
  140. [2012-09-12 14:47:35] <Little_Gloom> 3The Crimson Caravan stallion shifts, looking a little abashed.  "Good, good.  I'm happy you made it safely.  And yes... that is, we will."
  141. [2012-09-12 14:48:22] * Mitzi just stands there quietly, not touchign anything. Perhaps she looked like a bodyguard or something
  142. [2012-09-12 14:49:12] * Crescendo_ stares off dreamily. "Ahh coffee... giver of life. You've really thought of everything here, thank you very much. Come on Get, let's check out the rooms."
  143. [2012-09-12 14:50:16] * Kid raises her good eyebrow. Wait a minute. "What's this about 'will'?"
  144. [2012-09-12 14:53:00] <Little_Gloom> 3The stallion fidgets then admits, looking a little bashful, "Your payment -- 200 caps each at this point, according to our records -- is being delivered by a representative of the client, along with instructions.  That representative was due to arrive yesterday evening, but we have been informed that there will be a slight delay."  The stallion nickers.
  145. [2012-09-12 14:53:12] <Little_Gloom> 3"So we will have your payment... any hour now."
  146. [2012-09-12 14:54:28] * Shatara turns towards the clerk and the others, quirking a suspicious brow.
  147. [2012-09-12 14:55:46] <Little_Gloom> 3The cobbled sheet-metal walkway up to the balcony flexes under your weight with a metallic moan, but holds steady.  Once on the balcony, it is easy to circle about until you find rooms 16A and 16B.  They are just past the Stalliongrad's Finest vending machine.
  148. [2012-09-12 14:55:50] * Get_Lost smiles and starts checking her medical instruments "perfect, ah... does somepony have the caps for this?"
  149. [2012-09-12 14:55:53] * Mitzi looks contemplative; "Dis rep-re-sen-ta-tive (she felt proud for sounding that word out, it was a big one), eez dey a fancee pony in uh carriage?"
  150. [2012-09-12 14:56:12] * Kid lengthens her expression, rather unimpressed with how sour this business got. Then again, she bet she knew what happened to him. "What's his name? Who does 'e work fer, if ya'll are allowed t' indulge?" She was happy to know that Mitzi was on the same page.
  151. [2012-09-12 14:59:40] * Get_Lost without thinking too much, the mare takes the keys and goes towards the room "okay let's see what i can do... ah, by the way, if somepony by the name of -states the names of the rest of the party- comes looking for us, send them to the room, okay?"
  152. [2012-09-12 15:00:09] <Little_Gloom> 3The stallion checks a notebook.  "The representative is a stallion by the name of Effigy."  Looking to Mitzi, he admits, "I do not know his means of transportation.  But he comes from Stalliongrad, so it's not far."
  153. [2012-09-12 15:00:56] <Little_Gloom> 3The innkeeper nodes to Get_Lost.  "I certainly will."
  154. [2012-09-12 15:03:21] * Get_Lost moves in the room and starts preparing her things to work on silva's wounds and to perform a complete check on effigy
  155. [2012-09-12 15:03:45] * Crescendo_ trots back downstairs waves in the caravan guards carrying Effigy and the unconcious griffin. He attempts to flirt with the innkeeper to avoid questions about their trussed-up turkey.
  156. [2012-09-12 15:07:51] * Kid milled her tongue around in her mouth. Effigy. That's the name Silva called the guy! "... Ah' think we found 'im. Ah also think ya'll ain't payin' us enough fer th' hazard cost if th' way we found 'im means somethin'."
  157. [2012-09-12 15:11:31] * Mitzi notes; "Uh griffon tried tu shoot him comeen into town. We saved him, he shud be at da inn."
  158. [2012-09-12 15:14:27] * Shatara nods in agreement.
  159. [2012-09-12 15:21:13] <Little_Gloom> 3The pretty innkeeper mare is easily distracted by the quite handsome, flirtatious stallion.
  160. [2012-09-12 15:22:22] <Little_Gloom> 3The Crimson Caravans stallion worriedly asks, "What?  How... how did you find him?  Is he all right?"
  161. [2012-09-12 15:23:20] * Mitzi nods; "He's not dead, barely. Ur medic saved him. Uh tink he's still out uv eet thought."
  162. [2012-09-12 15:25:53] <Little_Gloom> 3The stallion looks measurably relieved.  "That's good.  Where is he now?"
  163. [2012-09-12 15:26:28] * Mitzi blinks; "Friends took him tu Inn. Thought I said already." She shrugs, used to ponies not exactly paying attention to her
  164. [2012-09-12 15:26:43] * Kid removes her hat and scratches her red mane. "He's pretty well off fer two .308's in th' brainpan."
  165. [2012-09-12 15:26:48] <Little_Gloom> 3Get_Lost examines her patient...
  166. [2012-09-12 15:27:55] <Little_Gloom> 3The stallion looks aghast.
  167. [2012-09-12 15:28:31] * Mitzi looks down to Kid; "Didn't he get shot in chest?"
  168. [2012-09-12 15:29:01] * Get_Lost doesn't seem to worry too much; she opens the bag and starts getting all the equipement she needs for the job
  169. [2012-09-12 15:29:23] * Kid shrugs. "I dunno. There was a lot of blood! I ain't a doctor!"
  170. [2012-09-12 15:30:56] * Mitzi shrugs; "He's alive tho'. Dat's what matturs."
  171. [2012-09-12 15:31:50] <Little_Gloom> 3It takes about half an hour of solid doctoring, but Get_Lost is able to fix the damage to the gentlestallion enough that he can begin to truly heal.  He now sleeps, getting some real rest, and should be conscious in a few hours.
  172. [2012-09-12 15:34:16] * Kid sits down and folds her forelegs, closing her eyes in thought. "Right. Hey, mister. Does Crimson Caravan cover courier services? I need t' send word n' a few things back t' Nexus about a few lil' tiny matters."
  173. [2012-09-12 15:34:39] <Shatara> "...we should probably go see how they're doing..."
  174. [2012-09-12 15:36:23] <Little_Gloom> 3The stallion nods.  "We can certainly do that.  It will go out on our next caravan headed in that direction."  He looks over his books then nickers with a blush.  "Aw hell, consider it on the house.  A freebie, considering the inconvenience of delayed pay."
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  178. [2012-09-12 15:38:10] * Mitzi smiles. Free was good
  179. [2012-09-12 15:43:27] * Kid smirks and starts pulling out a few things. A hooffull of old data nodes littered the counter. "... Mitzi, ya'll best head on back. I'm sendin' Herald his audio tapes back." She frowns a little, a deep solemn feel filling her heart. "It's th' least he deserves fer' livin' like that as long as he did." She blinked. "... Oh, an' go up an' get that poster that Get has! I hate t' admit it, but...
  180. [2012-09-12 15:43:29] * Kid ...those fuckin' hippie flankfaces that wanna take our guns away 'r th' best shot we got t' put Barnstormers under with all th' proof we found!"
  181. [2012-09-12 15:46:06] * Shatara frowns. "I dunno about that..."
  182. [2012-09-12 15:46:45] * Mitzi nods; "Okay." SHe turns around and heads out of the Caravan outlet and back over to the Inn. She looks around, wondering where the group had gotten to."
  183. [2012-09-12 15:51:08] * Kid sighs. "Well, they're th' only folk that -want- t' put away th' place anyway, and it'll kinda be poetic jussice fer' all th' shit we tried t' help 'em out by makin' 'em go away. That, an' they're th' only chance we got." She looks at the parchment in th' back and smacks her lips. "... In th' meantime, sir? I'd like t' take a letter." She was already planning it out.
  184. [2012-09-12 15:52:31] <Kid> "Dear Herald,"
  185. [2012-09-12 15:53:27] <Little_Gloom> 3THe stallion hoofs over ink and a quill, then sets a few sheets of paper on the desk in front of Kid.
  186. [2012-09-12 15:56:10] * Shatara scratches somewhat impatiently as Mitzi wanders off.
  187. [2012-09-12 15:58:22] * Mitzi walks up to the desk of the Inn and rings the service bell (Orknocks on the counter if there isn't one)
  188. [2012-09-12 15:58:38] <Noble_Heart> The sound of wings in the air followed by a heavy 'thump' of hooves touching the ground was audible outside the Crimson Caravan Company, a moment later a familiar purple Alicorn dipped her head enough to pass through the pony-sized doorway into the shipping offices. She strides past Kid, finding a piece of counter down a ways from him. Patiently she waits until recognized by the
  189. [2012-09-12 15:58:39] <Noble_Heart> attendents. "We wish to send a letter. It is very important."
  190. [2012-09-12 15:58:46] <Kid> "It's me again. The one little filly that made you supper a little while back. You might not remember me. I guess I have one of those forgetful faces. We had a talk about Gaia Valley, and since we found some unfortunate things back there. We also found some old things of yours you might have forgotten. Enclosed are a bunch of old sound pegs. Sorry for not including the player, that's why I'm...
  191. [2012-09-12 15:58:48] <Kid> ...sending you thirty caps for one over there. Enjoy them, because I'm a cheapskate and I'm already missing their familiar jangle."
  192. [2012-09-12 16:00:00] <Kid> "The reason why is that I know what it means to be lonely. And I'd like to at least send you some old memories, even if they seemed bad at the time."
  193. [2012-09-12 16:00:15] <Kid> "Sincerely, Kid."
  194. [2012-09-12 16:01:46] * Shatara jumps at the sudden thump of nearby hooves, almost going for his pistol before he sees the familiar form of the party's resedent alicorn. "Oh...its just you...heya...eheheh..." He goes back to fidgeting in the corner.
  195. [2012-09-12 16:02:07] <Kid> "P.S. Also, if a bunch of hippies come to you for some proof of some Barnstormer scandal, please share it with them! Those fuckers are killing innocent hard-working folks and stealing their guns!"
  196. [2012-09-12 16:04:55] * Noble_Heart bows her head briefly to Shatara. "We are pleased that Our companions are well. Is there a reason you are so terrified?"
  197. [2012-09-12 16:05:07] <Little_Gloom> 3As Kid finishes up her letter, the stallion on duty passes the ink and quill to Noble_Heart, as well as mouthing over some fresh sheets of parchment.
  198. [2012-09-12 16:05:40] * Kid nods approvingly at her hoofiwork, mouth stained a little with ink. A well-wrote letter, if she said so herself. She folded it into a package, tied it with twine. And then Snooty Ms. Uptightflank walked in. "How ya'll doin', princess?" She groaned.
  199. [2012-09-12 16:05:41] <Shatara> "I...well...I dunno. Somethin about this place, I just cant put a talon on it..."
  200. [2012-09-12 16:05:49] =-= YOU are now known as Scorch_Mechanic
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  202. [2012-09-12 16:06:31] * Get_Lost takes a look at Crescendo_ "ah... do you have a plan with the overgrown chicken?"
  203. [2012-09-12 16:06:42] <Little_Gloom> 3The stallion casts a glance at Shatara, then pauses, taking her in.
  204. [2012-09-12 16:07:21] <Little_Gloom> 3"What's the matter, miss?" he asks.
  205. [2012-09-12 16:07:52] =-= Mode #FalloutEquestriaPNP2 +v Bookwright by Get_Lost
  206. [2012-09-12 16:08:30] * Noble_Heart levitates up one of the sheets of parchment and a pen, writing with careful and measured strokes. She had excellent penmanship, especially considering the lack of education in the wasteland. "We are quite well. Have you recovered from the journey through Gaia Valley? A place like that might leave scars on a young pony like yourself." It's hard to say whether she was
  207. [2012-09-12 16:08:31] * Noble_Heart genuinely concerned, being condescending or both.
  208. [2012-09-12 16:10:14] * Shatara glares a little at the clerk. Why do these ponies always...nevermind, not important. He waves a talon. "Nothing, just watched too many wierd films back in the stable I guess..."
  209. [2012-09-12 16:13:50] * Kid rolled her eyes. "You worry about yerself. Ah ain't too young, and ah ain't made o' glass!" She huffed, folding her legs and blowing an errant strand of mane hair out of her vision. "What reason do you have t' write a letter?"
  210. [2012-09-12 16:14:51] * Get_Lost looks at Crescendo_ "uh.... you don't feel like chatting? maybe some rest?"
  211. [2012-09-12 16:17:18] * Noble_Heart looks down as she pens the letter. "We have words We would speak to a pony too far away from Us to speak to." She gave Kid a brief look of sadness. "It is deplorable the state of education in the wasteland. We hope Our new mother may yet see a new era of teaching blossom upon these lands." Back to writing again as she finishes. Giving the letter a moment to dry as she sets
  212. [2012-09-12 16:17:19] * Noble_Heart it upon the counter. "We wish to send this to Velvet Remedy in Junction Town. As fast as possible."
  213. [2012-09-12 16:18:18] <Little_Gloom> 3The stallion nods.  "You're from a Stable?  I was just going to say Darkness Falls must feel like a piece of home, but I guess not."
  214. [2012-09-12 16:18:39] * Crescendo_ joins Get_Lost back in their rooms. "Sorry Get I was distracting our hostess and got distracted myself."
  215. [2012-09-12 16:19:59] * Bookwright produces the audio player/recorder from his saddlebags. "Oh, Kid? We /can/ include the player device. Here, unwrap that package...  ... ...that's got it. Now he can have his memories back. I've transcribed them all. They won't be forgotten, I won't allow it."
  216. [2012-09-12 16:20:09] * Get_Lost takes a look at Crescendo_ and pouts a little "yeah, i noticed... you have a... a special touch, with mares, do you?"
  217. [2012-09-12 16:24:49] * Kid just stared at Noble. Her cheeks flowed red through her olive greed fur. "Why yes, Bookie! Ah -will- include that in th' package an' th' letter ah wrote! It's almost as if I ain't stupid and know how t' fuckin' read an' write! It's almost as if I read a lot, more than an alicorn ah know!" She shouted, her tone indignant and somewhat offended, modifying the letter and taking the thirty caps...
  218. [2012-09-12 16:24:50] * Kid ...out of the package. "Can't read or write, what th' hell does she take me fer?"
  219. [2012-09-12 16:25:58] * Crescendo_ smiles, looking around the room for the first time. "Yes," he answers distractedly, " we tend to get on quite well. How's the patient?
  220. [2012-09-12 16:26:45] * Shatara shrugs a little. Geez, how long ago was the stable, now? He snaps out of a bit of a daze as he notices his companions seem to be arguing. Ungh, more problems...
  221. [2012-09-12 16:28:16] * Get_Lost "he's fine, he will recover: he just needs some rest and he'll be as good as new... well, with a hole in a lung, but fine... ah... not dead, and that's already a lot, considering how he was faring before"
  222. [2012-09-12 16:29:00] * Bookwright is a little taken aback. "No... I mean that I've written them all down. They're of local and historical interest, they tell the tale of Gaia Valley as it was transformed. They're /his story/ and the story of this land, and it is my purpose that they be remembered, and not forgotten."
  223. [2012-09-12 16:31:39] * Noble_Heart blinks, chuckling slightly at Kid's angry reaction. "We are sorry. We were merely joking. We do have words We wish to send to Velvet Remedy, Our new mother. She should know of what happened in Gaia Valley." She carefully folds up the letter once it was dry and offers it to the stallion behind the counter. "How much do We owe for this service?"
  224. [2012-09-12 16:32:42] * Get_Lost trots next to Crescendo_ "so.. shall we check the other room?"
  225. [2012-09-12 16:35:58] * Crescendo_ let's out a sigh of relief. "Phew, lucky he was in such skilled hooves. Yeah, let's check next door. No pony seems awake in here."
  226. [2012-09-12 16:36:57] <Little_Gloom> 3The stallion watches the exchange, taken a bit aback.  He decides to wisely stay out of it... whatever it is.
  227. [2012-09-12 16:38:00] <Little_Gloom> 3He does, however, take Noble_Heart's letter with a nod.  "That will be fifteen caps, miss."
  228. [2012-09-12 16:38:47] * Kid evens out a bit. She was kidding. Of course she was. Even she couldn't be that much of a bitch. She rubbed the back of her red mane, looking away awkwardly. "Um. Sorry. Just, um. I'm used t' ponies thinkin' that jus' because o' my draw or because ah'm from Froggy, that I'm..." Wait, is she seriously apologizing to Noble? /Noble?/ No, fuck that. She takes the quill and ink and scribbles...
  229. [2012-09-12 16:38:48] * Kid ...something down to the Sisterhood. Barnstormers was going down. "She's wi' me. Couple 'a ponies dropped from the contract a while ago."
  230. [2012-09-12 16:40:09] <Little_Gloom> 3The stallion looks a little unsure, but nods.  "Okay, free for you too then," he says to Noble_Heart.  "I take it you've picked up the contract?"
  231. [2012-09-12 16:40:33] * Get_Lost looks a moment at the prisoner griffon and shrugs "i guess silva will take care of him..." smiles satisfied "well... listen, i'm considering a lot of things before saying this, but... in the next weeks we will be traveling in unconfortable places... so... there won't be many chances of... youu know.... getting comfortable... so..."
  232. [2012-09-12 16:42:25] * Noble_Heart nods her head to the stallion. "We came on business of Our own, but We will be staying for the duration." She trots to Kid and pats the filly on her head. "We are sorry. We have learned your skills are not to be underestimated. We did not realize you had such common problems with other ponies assuming you are worse than they simply because of where you were born. We
  233. [2012-09-12 16:42:26] * Noble_Heart recognize it is not your fault for where you once called home or what you are, and so We shall not be unhappy with you for it." She trots past towards the door. "Now We are going to find some lunch. Would you care to join Us?" Looking back towards Shatara, Bookwright and Kid.
  234. [2012-09-12 16:43:10] * Bookwright looks up from doodling in a book. "Lunch. Lunch. Lunch! Right, that thing that... Yes! I would like Lunch. Lunch would be good. Yes. Lunch."
  235. [2012-09-12 16:45:47] |<-- Mitzi has left irc.canternet.org (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
  236. [2012-09-12 16:48:32] * Shatara ponders a little. Maybe some food would help relax. "...sure."
  237. [2012-09-12 16:50:18] =-= Arcane_Eating[A] is now known as Arcane_Scroll
  238. [2012-09-12 16:51:15] * Kid was alright with what Noble said if it weren't for that last bit. She squinted. Seriously, is she still calling her stupid, or is she stupid herself for not noticing that she suggested she was? She narrowed her vision. "Alright, Princess." She thought for a little bit. "Actually, ah think ah know where ah wanna eat!" She grinned toothily. Oh, does she have enough rope? She hopes that she has...
  239. [2012-09-12 16:51:16] * Kid ...enough rope. "There's a tavern where th' entrance is always on th' second story. How 'bout we crash th' party an' figure out where th' hell that merc came from?"
  240. [2012-09-12 16:51:51] * Bookwright coughs, "I... uh. I don't have any caps for food..."
  241. [2012-09-12 16:52:23] * Get_Lost looks at Crescendo_ waiting his reply, but the shy smile she was wearing at the beginning is slowly turning in a frown "ah..."
  242. [2012-09-12 16:52:27] * Crescendo_ looked at Get_Lost again. She was beautiful, young and trusting. Sometimes he hated himself. "You know, things are probably going to get even more dangerous on our journey. Anything could happen to either of us. But if your talking about a little fun while we have the chance... I'd be more than happy to oblige."
  243. [2012-09-12 16:52:41] * Kid shrugs. "We're gettin' paid by that one pony. Who's at th' inn. So how 'bout we jus' go there fer lunch?"
  244. [2012-09-12 16:53:05] * Noble_Heart taps her chin and nods in agreement to Kid. "That sounds enjoyable. We can carry you. It will be no trouble." SHe trotted out of the doorway and waited for the others to join her before she would take to the air. "It is fine, We have some caps. We can pay your share, little brother."
  245. [2012-09-12 16:54:00] * Get_Lost 's smile comes back in less than 0.01 seconds flat "yes, why not... give me just the time to write a 'do not disturb' sign and to wear apair of socks"
  246. [2012-09-12 16:54:32] * Kid shakes her head. "Naw. Naw, ah got this!" She gave Noble a crazy smile and produced a good twelve yards of rope.
  247. [2012-09-12 16:54:41] * Bookwright hesitates, recalling disused courtesies. "Ah, thank you, Sister. Forgive my manners, it's been a while since I was last in contact with 'civilized' ponies."
  248. [2012-09-12 16:55:45] * Noble_Heart looks down to Kid curiously. "Are you certain you wish to use such a dangerous way to reach a simple location? We shall accompany you in either case, to be sure. We would hate for you to be harmed because We were not vigilant enough." Either she's implying that Kid's clumsy, or she's actually worried about her friend's health. With her it was always hard to tell.
  249. [2012-09-12 16:58:10] * Crescendo_ chuckles. "Socks? Oh my."
  250. [2012-09-12 16:58:47] * Get_Lost hesitates "ah... on the book it said that socks are... ah... a must"
  251. [2012-09-12 16:59:51] <Little_Gloom> 3The tavern is situated on the second floor of what appears to have once been a barracks.  The barracks itself has no ground-level entrances, possibly for defense.  The upper level, however, boasts a large terrace that now is filled with tables made from cart wheels and nailed cloth.
  252. [2012-09-12 17:00:49] -->| TenMihara (coolsmile@Pony-0d0hnc.cable.rogers.com) has joined #falloutequestriapnp2
  253. [2012-09-12 17:00:50] =-= Mode #FalloutEquestriaPNP2 +h TenMihara by ChanServ
  254. [2012-09-12 17:01:28] <Little_Gloom> 3There are two bridges of ropes and planks that allow ponies to access the tavern from other upper-level walkways, but it's not immediately apparent in the maze of the city just where to access those from.  Without wings, getting to the tavern is possible, but only truly easy for locals who know the layout of the city.
  255. [2012-09-12 17:02:21] * Get_Lost checksthe various drawers of the two rooms in search of something a mare can wear in these special moments "ah... just hold on a second! there must be something here! it's a bedroom after all!"
  256. [2012-09-12 17:02:30] <Little_Gloom> 3At least half the patrons seem to be of the winged variety, including all the staff.
  257. [2012-09-12 17:03:18] * Kid rolls her eyes. "Pff. Ya'll are suggestin' that I didn't grow up with a pegasus brother. When he started playin' tag fer keeps, so did I." She was sure that she'd be able to handle it either way. If she fell, she was sure Miss McGoodysocks Flankface could handle it. If not, well. She was sure it would be an entrance they would never forget.
  258. [2012-09-12 17:04:19] * Shatara blinks towards Kid as he spreads his wings, getting a better look at the various patrons from the air.
  259. [2012-09-12 17:05:51] * Bookwright frowns upwards. "I could teleport, but that seems like a waste of energy. Would one of our winged friends please ascertain the point of ground-entry?"
  260. [2012-09-12 17:06:23] * Little_Gloom 3opens a drawer and finds a clean pair of socks and a copy of The Book of Littlepip (Abridged)
  261. [2012-09-12 17:06:46] * Kid pff's. Lack of energy. Like that was the fun way to do it, anyway.
  262. [2012-09-12 17:06:50] * Noble_Heart trots alongside Kid and Bookwright towards the tavern. She looked up at the entrance a few moments. "We could carry you, if you wish. Though We are uncertain about where the entrance might be for those who lack Our gifts." She frowns a little and tilts her head to one side. "For a tavern seeking to sell services to travelers, this one is poorly designed."
  263. [2012-09-12 17:07:41] * Bookwright grits his teeth. "Or maybe, /sister/ you could just figure out where the ground level entrance begins."
  264. [2012-09-12 17:07:46] =-= TenMihara is now known as Mitzi
  265. [2012-09-12 17:08:34] <Little_Gloom> 3Kid spots an old cannon on one corner of the tavern's terrace.  A perfect place to lasso... so long as the cannon stays put.
  266. [2012-09-12 17:11:22] * Noble_Heart bows her head to Bookwright, "We shall inquire." Spreading her wings she flew up towards the establishment, intent to ask one of the local workers where the easiest entrance to the building was, for those who couldn't fly.
  267. [2012-09-12 17:11:39] * Kid took a long breath, lifting her chin, folding her legs, and nodding in approval. It wouldn't hold much weight, but she didn't weigh much anyway. Challenge accepted, tavern.
  268. [2012-09-12 17:13:25] * Get_Lost the mare calls from inside "ah, you can come in!" she is blushing and not looking directly at the stallion, and wearing a pair of missmatched striped long socks... one red and yellow, the other green and the other green and white and everypony knows that gryffindor and sytherin must be keept separated
  269. [2012-09-12 17:19:11] * Crescendo_ finds /himself/ blushing when he sees Get_Lost in her socks, which is something he hadn't done in a long time. "Wow," is all he can manage before closing the door behind him.
  270. [2012-09-12 17:20:24] * Get_Lost keeps looking down and mutters "ah... just... make sur the door is locked, okay?"
  271. [2012-09-12 17:31:45] * Kid gets as high as she can as close as she can to the cannon. She licks her lips and raises her lasso high, then swings it around her head until a perfect circle formed. It was physics. It was trigonometry. It was beautiful. One. She tried to figure how much muscle to put into it and how far she would have to throw. Two, her hind legs grounded themselves deeply in the ground. Her breathing...
  272. [2012-09-12 17:31:47] * Kid ...became forced through her nose. She bit down on the hemp rope ever tighter. Three. She threw it. She hoped for the best...
  273. [2012-09-12 17:38:02] * Noble_Heart flew back down to Bookwright, pointing a hoof towards a nearby building. "We believe that the entrance may be within. The bridges connect, there must be a way up from there." She trots in the direction of Kid's lassoo. While she could follow Bookwright and help find the stairs, right now she was more interested in her small friend.
  274. [2012-09-12 17:38:38] * Bookwright nods. "Right then, sister. Have fun with the Kid. I'm going to head on up."
  275. [2012-09-12 17:38:49] * Bookwright heads for the building and the stairs presumably within.
  276. [2012-09-12 17:39:33] * Mitzi follows Bookwright because she had to follow somepony she guessed. Also, she still wanted to arrange for reading lessons
  277. [2012-09-12 17:47:56] <Little_Gloom> 3After getting some altitude, Shatara notices some of the symbols atop a few of the older, more militaristic buildings.   Looking over the architecture of the older structures -- with roosts, lack of ground entrances, and upper-floor balconies -- he quickly realizes that before Darkness Falls became a cramped, bustling pony town, it was a griffin fortress.
  278. [2012-09-12 17:49:25] |<-- Strifer has left irc.canternet.org (Quit: It's a dud! It's a dud! It's a du...)
  279. [2012-09-12 17:50:02] <Little_Gloom> 3The ponies on the tavern's terrace are shocked to be addressed by an alicorn.  But after a moment of fright, they helpfully point out the ways up to the Tavern.  One requires passing through the interior of two different, connecting stores.  The other is a path of bridges and walkways whose closest ramp from ground level is in an alley three blocks away.
  280. [2012-09-12 17:51:54] * Shatara looks over the town, and what the bartender said kind of clicked. "So *that's* what he meant by 'feel right at home'...." He wonders if he could atribute the odd feeling of unease at the place to this fact as well, but he still wasn't quite sure...
  281. [2012-09-12 17:53:19] * Shatara repaces 'bartender' with 'clerk', derp.
  282. [2012-09-12 17:54:53] <Little_Gloom> 3It's clear that the ponies moved in at some point, taking over the existing buildings, and then adding more... and more... wherever there was room, or someplace sturdy to build off of.  With space at a premium in the cave, they got inventive, but in a rather chaotic fashion.
  283. [2012-09-12 17:58:20] * Kid throws... And it comes up short a few yards.
  284. [2012-09-12 17:58:56] * Kid huffs and goes for it again!
  285. [2012-09-12 17:59:19] * Kid ... And it comes up even further short.
  286. [2012-09-12 18:00:22] * Kid looks like a filly who's been denied a bit of cotton candy at the carnival. "Fine." She grumbles. "I'll go th' normal, borin' way."
  287. [2012-09-12 18:06:44] * Noble_Heart blinks and watches Kid hurl the lassoo... And miss. And miss again. She trots up to the disappointed filly. "Do not feel bad. Hitting such a small target at such a long distance must be quite difficult. Would you like Us to help you?"
  288. [2012-09-12 18:07:09] |<-- Get_Lost has left irc.canternet.org (Quit: Leaving)
  289. [2012-09-12 18:08:37] * Kid folds her legs and tries to look away. "No! I... Um. I'll... I'll find some way up there! Jus'..." The filly was kind of disappointed in herself, but more disappointed that she fudged it in front of Noble. And now she was offering help. Which she'll totally tell other ponies about later. "Ah'll be along, jus... I dunno. Have fun."
  290. [2012-09-12 18:10:47] * Noble_Heart reaches out a forehoof to pat Kid on the head. "We would not abandon one of Our friends. Especially not one who looks so unhappy. Our New Mother speaks much of kindness, and We understand that We should help and protect those we can. So We wish to assist you, however We can."
  291. [2012-09-12 18:13:15] * Kid blinks. Wow. Uh. That almost sounded humble. She debated it, and rolled it around in her mouth a little. You know, maybe she has been a little harsh on her. Maybe she's not that bad when you get warmed up to her. And you're supposed to welcome everypony, right? You're supposed to make everypony feel welcome, even if you don't really like them. "... Aw, fine. Jus' don't tell anypony." She mumbles.
  292. [2012-09-12 18:14:47] * Noble_Heart bows her head and smiles, wrapping the rope in her magic she moved it to loop around the cannon and pulled it tight. "Like this, yes? That is what you were trying to do..?" She wasn't sure this was quite what Kid intended, but she was willing to make the attempt. Especially if the filly was.
  293. [2012-09-12 18:16:54] |<-- DancingOnTheAshes has left irc.canternet.org (Connection closed)
  294. [2012-09-12 18:17:45] * Kid blushed a little. Well, shit. Now she's got your stubborn pride. On the one hoof, she's being really nice. On the other, she was a cocky little... She looked up at the rope and then at her face and sighed, pulling down the rope. "... Naw. Naw, I ain't got nothin' t' prove."
  295. [2012-09-12 18:19:07] * Noble_Heart nods her head, slowly lowering to the ground. "Then We shall carry you instead. The path to the tavern is quite circuitous it seems. We know that We are hungry, and would not wish to eat without Our new friends. So We shall help, however We can, with the problems facing Our friend."
  296. [2012-09-12 18:21:58] * Kid looks away and agreeably follows her around. Here comes the part she didn't want to say. "... Thanks fer tryin' though. I didn't... I wanted t' prove that I didn't need y'. And I guess I got carried away, an'... I guess I don't have t' prove nothin'."
  297. [2012-09-12 18:22:22] =-= YOU are now known as Scorch_Mechanic
  298. [2012-09-12 18:25:07] * Noble_Heart reaches out a forehoof to pat Kid's head, wrapping her in magic. "Ofcourse you did not have to prove anything. We understand your limitations. We merely wish to help." She takes to the air and carries Kid to the balcony above, gently setting her down. "Now. Let's get lunch."
  299. [2012-09-12 18:25:22] =-= Noble_Heart is now known as Ilushia
  300. [2012-09-12 18:26:18] * Kid 's eye twitches. "Ah don' have no fuckin' limit-" Oh, forget it. She gets one free pass. One.
  301. [2012-09-12 18:26:23] =-= Kid is now known as Fridge
  302. [2012-09-12 18:27:23] =-= Mitzi is now known as TenMihara
  303. [2012-09-12 18:35:54] <--| TenMihara has left #falloutequestriapnp2
  304. [2012-09-12 18:35:58] <Little_Gloom> 3--- End of Session ---
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