Billson Heckalrin the LEGENDARY Farmer!

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  1. A farmer of legend, they say Billson Heckalrin was an incredible fighter as well when it came down to it as no one could match against his impressive endurance. He had made his family proud as his only weapon was a Pitchfork. Rumors would spread only by peasants and farm-hands about how Bill could do feats that he probably couldn't do, but as they were stories, they had encouraged them to work hard, maybe to get to the level he was. Besides this, Bill was incredibly warm to others, even towards enemies, Bill would not have killed anyone, but only scare them to the point of not doing anymore wrong. Would this work is up to debate, but what was definitely known was his impressive endurance. He could survive, what seemed to be fatal to a normal person, but not to him so much.
  3. However, Bill did not like the thought of fighting, he did like adventuring, but it was never in his blood to go out and explore, instead, he stayed at his farm. He tended to the different kinds of vegetables as well as animals, he made his money with his siblings and parents.
  5. Time went on, and so did Bill, he settled down with someone, although unknown to who, he loved her dearly. He took over the farm as his parents had passed, keeping the lineage of the farm, doing it the old way was better even when new technology was made, Bill would always deny it and continued with his old ways. He died from the old age of Ninety-Eight with a healthy amount of family members. He was at peace for his final days.
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