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  1. Greetings citizens of the world,
  3. We would like to cordially invite you to our annual million mask march this November 5th 2018. For locations in your area please search million mask march followed by your area in your browser or social media platforms. If such a event doesn't exist in your area, consider creating one and sharing it with everyone.
  5. Our goal is to remind the world what it has forgotten, that peace,love, freedom, liberty & privacy are more than just mere words. They are the essence of every human being on this planet. Our marches are always peaceful, absolutely no violence will be tolerated. Anyone seen wearing the mask of the idea engaging in such activities will immediately be outed by those that really support the idea. Violence never existed within the idea. Please be respectful of everyone as there will be children present.
  7. Bring appropriate memes for your locations. Topics include; Sick pedophilia normalization agendas, child sex trafficking that has turned into a business with approximately 5.5 million children being trafficked world wide and the united states being the number one producer and consumer of child abuse content in the world. We will of course be drawing major attention to elite control over all government and officials via the federal reserve and universal commercial code that effectually renders everyone a slave to a largely unknown and unseen sovereign power structure operating within most of the worlds governments. Also, Intelligence agencies that carry out that sovereign power structures agenda via false flags, bogus intelligence to go to war with other countries, covert operations to crash economies both foreign and abroad and up to but not limited to assassinations of both its own citizens and others abroad. The Use of covert brainwashing techniques developed over generations to influence and control vast amounts people by appealing to their political affiliations, fears and pleasures  through strategically worded social media posts as well as traditional media like television news in order to push self serving propaganda to establish the mass populations thinking and acting in ways they see fit.
  9. media companies whom they own and control through a vast network of corporations. Let us not forget gmo foods, fluoride in our water, the untested roll out 5G networks and the effect it has on the human body. Other topics of interest are the public schools indoctrinating our children with these political illusionary ideologies as well as ridiculous sexual education practices in classrooms of elementary school children. Not to mention schools being used as a front for child protective services to strip families of their children.
  11. If you will be joining us this November at our main target, the Vatican, as all roads lead to Rome, please see the video by our family anon d.k Entering the Gates of Mordor - Anonymous Marches on Rome as the laws are slightly different in Rome so we have amended our usual code of conduct. Please, if your joining us in Rome , don't forget those bubbles. We doubt it will be enough to cleanse the evil from that place but we can most assuredly try.
  13. Another world is possible, weather that's one of anarchy or simply seeing to it that all these elite provocateurs and central banking elite are arrested and humanity can return their countries to what they were meant to be, sovereign lands run by and for the people remains up to all of us. Are you ready?
  15. We Are Anonymous.
  16. We Are Legion.
  17. We Do Not Forgive.
  18. We Do Not Forget.
  19. Lets join together as brother and sister no matter who, what, or where you are or what you believe to let these one world government assholes do what they need to do, and that, is, simply,
  21. Expect us.
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