Pimp Command [Work In Progress]

xBqe Nov 2nd, 2017 159 Never
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  1. # Pimp [WIP]
  3. command /pimp <text> [<text>]:
  4.     usage: &e&l(!)&r&e /pimp <enchantment id> [<level of enchantment>]
  5.     description: Pimp your items with enchantments!
  6.     permission message: &e&l(!)&r&e You don't have permission!
  7.    permission: pimp.use
  8.    executable by: console
  9.        trigger:
  10.            if player has permission "pimp.use":
  11.                execute console command "/enchant %player% %arg 2% %arg 3%"
  12.                send "&e&l(!)&r&e Success"
  13.            else:
  14.                send "&e&l(!)&r&e You cannot enchant this item without the permission &6""pimp.use""&e."
  15.            if arg 1 is not set:
  16.                send "&e&l(!)&r&e You must specify an &6&nenchantment&r&e!"
  17.            if arg 2 is not set:
  18.                send "&e&l(!)&r&e You didn''t specify an enchantment level so we set the variable to &60&r!"
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