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  1.     The current Brazilian adoption system can be considered flawed when compared to other countries like United Kingdom, since there is an effective lack of resources for an adoption become reality, simultaneously with a lack of communication between the child and his biological family.
  2.     Taking in consideration the aforementioned fact, it is notable that the lack of elaboration of criteria prior to adoption is derived from the consent of the integration of the process into Brazilian social values. Given that the adoption process isn’t a common value, the process end up resulting in the search for a profile that differs from the common children available for adoption in the Brazilian scenario, in this way there is a number of adopters that do not correspond to the number of adoptees. However, when observed in the United Kingdom adoption system there is a significant increase annually, according to NOS 4,734 children were adopted in 2011 6% more than in the previous year, coming from a greater dynamics in this process.
  3.     Besides that, there is a lack of an effective program that allows the adoptee to interact with his/her biological family, so the access to his "previous identity" becomes restricted. Given the current problematic scenario, it makes it difficult for the individual to be aware of his history, but when observed in countries such as the United Kingdom, it is noted that there is a prior planning program that allows the existence of a link between the adoptee and his origin family. The Equal Opportunity Act allows children who are given adoption to maintain their contact with their parents, even after adoption, as long as they wish.
  4.     Faced with these facts, the state should encourage the adoption of available children, through campaigns such as the "Esperando por você", which allows the adopters greater knowledge with the subject, so that the adoption rate becomes similar or better than the from UK. It is also incumbent upon the Legislature to create a law that allows adoptees to take notice of their origin - such as the Equal Opportunities Act in the United Kingdom - to help them recognize their history and thus improve the adoption process in Brazil.
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