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  1. Boogu: Dear guildies
  3. Its been mentioned to me this evening that i am the main reason for not progressing in our fight against Azshara.
  5. I have to say that, I agree partially with this. And i would definitely like to share my thoughts in that process with everyone willing to kill that boss.
  7. Yes, this evening my dps was very very VERY BAD! Even more than usual.
  8. [12:24 AM] Boogu: HOWEVER!
  9. I would like to point out as per some articles i have read regarding ele shamans in this fight, it actually is not a COMPLETE dps fight. YES, we have specific points we have to meat and zerg things. 1st phase the method shaman actually said he's doing nothing (ergo low overall dps). And zerging at adds, PH2 points (that cannot boost my dps either)
  11. Anyway my actual point is the following:
  13. We have A LOT BIGGER problems ---> Staying alive in those phases. The actual problem is that ppl that CAN do the dps we need are dead. This means we have a mechanical problem, which eventually lead to not meeting the dps requirement (at some points), for which I am not responsible. Usually I am the last to die (apart 2-3 times this evening)
  15. Also for tonight ->> I am playing from my laptop, because I constantly travel around the country (Burgas - Sofia 400kms) couple of times per month.
  17. I have rehearsals and 3 concerts the following weekend. And the one and only reason I am torturing myself to play, is so another 19 ppl can supposedly have fun.
  19. I would gladly step down for another dps.
  21. BUT PLEASE realize this.... at this moment of progression we DO NOT HAVE a dps Issue.
  23. WE HAVE positioning, mechanics ISSUES that LEAD to not being able to go over that dps line.
  25. IT is VITAL to understand that. Survivability is WAY WAY more important at this stage.
  27. IF we have consistent wipes while we are all alive because of not meeting a dps requirement, than and only that it can be a dps issue :wink:
  29. Something else as well.. this is my off spec. And I do feel better as healer in mythic raiding. And that I am good at. You can also check my healing longs on this fight when I was doing this .
  31. I am writing all of this because I care about this fight and the people I play with. It is indeed a group effort and I feel that everyone needs to have point of view on this matter.
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