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  1. We’ve noted requests for additional commands and are evaluating others that we may enable in the future.
  3. I've came up with a list of commands used by players with low end systems in an attempt to increase fps. Hopefully we can get a detailed reply if we can expect any of them to be re-enabled. All the descriptions I've added to the commands are made from the point of having your ingame video settings set to the lowest possible.
  6. dlight_enable "0"
  7. Removes the projection of dynamic lights from muzzle flash, ordance, etc. onto character models. Doesn't really affect visibility in any significant way that can "give players an unfair competitive advantage", but gives a nice fps boost. Or rather prevents fps drops during firefights. I, personally, think this should have always been in video settings.
  10. dof_enable "0"
  11. Turns off depth of field effect. This command used to reset on every map load, so people would usually bind it to something like inventory or map to execute it in every match. The thing is. On exclusively low video settings depth of field already does not cover anything except for your viewmodel (arms/weapon in ads mode). So having this turned off doesn't really change anything on your screen, but gives a small fps increase.
  14. fog_enable_water_fog "0"
  15. Removes the layer of fog above the water. That huge body of water that is outside of the playable map and, unless you spesifically look in that direction, can't be seen from the vast majority of places. Small fps increase.
  18. fog_enableskybox "0"
  19. Same as above but for the sky/mountains at the very background. Small fps increase.
  22. mat_diffuse "1"
  23. Now this is a weird one. Here is what source engine wiki says about it "When set to 0, shows specular map on models with $envmaptint values. Use with mat_fullbright to view specular on brushes." The default value for this cvar is 1, yet somehow having this in your config file gives a noticeable fps boost without literally changing anything graphics wise.
  26. mat_disable_bloom "1"
  27. This is a big one. Out of all the commands listed here this one probably gives the highest fps increase and is also the one that changes game image the most. Drastically lowers bloom effect from light sources and also removes that disgusting effect of having models partially covered with the layer of wet soap that is supposed to represent realistic projection of light upon objects. While disabling of this command is uderstandable, the question is why dont we have an option to turn this off in our video settings. Who likes that in multiplayer fps games anyway?
  30. mat_postprocess_enable "0"
  31. This one is questionable. Some say that it only works for the end-of-match screen and some that, on exclusively low settings, there's no postprocessing going on. Still, having this command in your config file gives a noticeable fps boost without changing the look of the game at all. Maybe it just lowers hardware load by turning off the layer of rendering that is already not used on lowest possible settings.
  34. mat_screen_blur_enabled "0"
  35. Turns off blur effect on menu overlays such as inventory, healing/ordance, main menu. Doesn't affect visibility or fps during actual gameplay but theoretically can prevent fps drops in rare situations such as "been shot at while having inventory open". Overall makes the game look cleaner (imo). But most importantly, this command used to fix "Consumable Wheel appearing blank" bug mentioned above. Can we please have it back?
  38. stream_drop_unused "1"
  39. Aggressively drops unused game assets. Some players report that this cvar gave them somewhat significant fps increase. For me, personally, it didnt change anything. Also, doesnt affect game image in any way, its more of a hardware setting.
  42. Now. I've seen a lot of people ask to bring back csm_enabled and r_lod_switch_scale. Well, both of them still work if you adjust the values in videoconfig file. Go get your fps back.
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