Half-Moon in Equestria 10

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  1. You are outside, Powering the flame dragon, Rainbow Dash is flying straight up. Stopping the dragon, you have it look straight up at her, mouth open in a silent roar. As she climbs, you notice her wing beats getting weaker and weaker. Suddenly, she starts falling her wings waving in the wind. Panicking, you release the flame dragon and it explodes, fireworks shooting everywhere. Rushing forward, you dive, turning over to catch Rainbow in your chest, the impact knocking the air from your lungs. Looking down at her, you can see she has got slight burns all over her body, and wings.
  2. Wrapping her in a soft hug, she slowly regains conciousness. Looking into your eye's, she scooches forward, and leans into a Deep kiss. Her tongue shoots into your mouth, and begins fighting with yours for dominance. Reaching down with your hand, it runs along her back, down her flank to*
  4. "Gaaah!!" you cry out, sitting up quickly. You are on the floor, wrapped in blankets, just like last night, and also like last night, you notice Luna outside the window. Glaring at her, you see her rolling and laughing in mid air. Reaching out, you pull the curtains over the window, and fall back into the bed to sleep.
  5. You find yourself being woken up by Spike, who is shoving your shoulder.
  6. "Mornin Spike" You say, sitting up, rubbing the sleep from your eyes. "Any Idea who put me to bed last night?"
  7. "Dunno Anon, I was asleep before you guys got to the cleanup. It was probably one of the girls." Spike replies "Hey, you think you could make me another gem like yesterday for breakfast?"
  8. "Sure, no problem, just gimme a few minutes to get up". Standing, you hear some of your joints pop from the stiffness of sleeping on the floor. Looking around, you see Twilight looking at a pile of stuff on the table. Stepping over, you see that she is examining a pile of your notes as well as your gun, and is writing notes on them.
  9. "HEY!" You shout out "What do you think you are doing with those?". At the sound of your voice, she jumps straight up, almost to eye level with you.
  10. "These? I was just ummm copying them down, you know, in case something happens to them" She says, going bright red, knowing she had been caught doing something bad.
  11. Shaking your head, you say "Don't worry, I'm not mad at you, its just that some of those are dangerous, especially once I teach you Alchemy." Scooping up the notes, you store them away, and grab the book twilight had been writing in. Picking up the gun, you check the magazine, and see it is still full. "Good, you didn't use this".
  12. "Yeah" She says "I couldnt figure out how it worked".
  13. "Trust me" you say, stowing the gun away "Its much better that you didn't, adn still don't. If you had figured it out, You or someone else could have been seriouslt hurt of Killed."
  14. "Killed!" Twilight exclaims, backing away from you.
  15. Giving a nod, you say "Its a weapon, made in my country. I only carry it around in case of emergencys".
  16. Still looking a little nervous, she looks at spike, and motions him to the kitchen.
  17. "Anonymous said he would make breakfast today" Spike says, giving you a thumbs up.
  18. Nodding, you stand up and say "What do you want me to make you guys for breakfast?"
  19. Both of them think for a while, before Twilight says "Surprise us".
  20. Turning you make your way to the kitchen. Everything is low for you, considering it was meant for ponys. Pondering what to make, you rummage through the cupboards, till you come across a bag of pancake mix. A sudden idea hits you, and you grab the mix, some apples, a frying pan and a sauce pan. Taking the apples, you carve Transmutation circles in them, and turn them into Flame fruit, and Light blue Frost fruit. Cutting the flame fruit into small pieces, you mix it with pancake mix and water to make a pinkish mix. Cutting up the frost fruit, you put it in the sauce pan with some sugar, and begin heating it. The Frost fruit dissolve, and mix with the sugar to make a thin syrup. Finishing the pancakes, you stack them onto three plates, and coat them in the light blue Frost fruit syrup.
  21. Bringing the plates out, you set one in front of Twilight, and Spike, and sit down, and set the last plate in front of yourself.
  22. "Wow, what kind of pancakes are those?" Twilight asks looking at them.
  23. "They are Flame fruit pancakes, with Frost fruit syrup. They taste best when eaten as one" You say, Cutting into one of your pancakes. Taking a bite, you feel the flavours wash over you, the cool and heat covering your body in patches, before melding into an overall warm sensation.
  24. Seeing you eat, Spike and Twilight dig in. After a few bites, Twilight says "Im gonna have to tell the Princess about this in my next letter".
  25. Spike simply burps, releasing a small cloud of frost, and red and green fire.
  26. "Nice one Spike" You say, hoilding up a hand for a high five, which he completes. Twilight just shakes her head, before a small puff og frost and flame shoot out of her mouth. This causes the three of you to start laughing. Suddenly, you see Pinkie Pie beside you laughing along.
  27. Turning to her, you ask "So, Why are you here Pinkie?".
  28. "Well, I heard you guys laughing, so I figured I'd pop in and join you". Pinkie says, looking at you and Twilight.
  29. "Want some pancakes Pinkie?" You offer, holding up one of yours, still dripping blue syrup.
  30. "Oh boy, I love pancakes!" She exclaims, downing it in one bite. Suddenly her eyes go wide, and she starts changong color, her hide taking on an army camo patern made of pink, blue and red, before she opens her mouth to announce her surprise, and a small fountain of flame and frost shoot out. "Wowza, that was so cool, how did I do that?" Trying to do it again, Pinkie starts opening her mouth and pretending to breath fire.
  31. Grinning, you say "It was the pancakes Pinkie, I made them with special ingrediants that give you those feelings you felt, before they come out as bursts of fire and ice."
  32. "Neato, you are gonna have to teach me to make it sometime, Im sure my customers would love to be able to experience that."
  33. "Alright Pinke" You say, nodding your head "Ill teach you later this week okay".
  34. "Okie Dokie" Pinkie responds, before jumping straight up, her hair flying everywhere "Oh my gosh, I totally forgot, Im gonna be late. Sorry guys I'll see you later" And with that, she vanishes in a puff of pink smoke. By the time you look back to the table, it has been cleaned, presumably by Spike, and Twilight has a notepad out and looks like she is waiting for you to finish with Pinkie.
  35. "I think we should start gathering infromation on you, to make a report for Princess Celestia. Lets start off with your name"
  36. Setting your hands on the table you reply "Keeping this preofessional huh, ok. My Name is Anonymous, The Half-Moon Alchemist."
  37. "Species?"
  38. "Human"
  39. "Occupation?"
  40. "I am a Certified State Alchemist"
  41. "Place of Origin?"
  42. "I come from Amestris, more specifically a small village near the border of Ishball"
  43. "Personal History?"
  44. " That would be a long story to go into, so to make it short, I was born in a small town bordering on Ishbaal, was raised by caring parents, learned alchemy at a young age, found I had a talent for it, and tried out for the State Alchemist Exam. Of course I Passed, and became a fully certified alchemist, but besides that, there's not much to talk about."
  45. "Reason for being here?"
  46. "An Alchemy accident, specifically a translocational doorway, that failed in a sense"
  47. "Interesting. How does your countrys social structure work?"
  48. "I dont know the specifics, but it is ruled by a leader that is usually elected, but may also follow a bloodline into power"
  49. "Well, I guess thats enough questions for now, I can make a preliminary report for the Princess. Feel free to spend the rest of the day as you wish, just be sure to be back before sundown."
  50. Nodding, you stand up, releasing the tension in your legs. As you leave the door, you bump into a grey pegasus carrying what looks like a mail bag.
  51. "Sorry" you say, helping the Pegasus up.
  52. "Oh, its no problem, I bump into things all the time" the grey mare says, one yellow eye focused on you, the other, on a flower.
  53. "Its nice to meet you, My name is Anonymous, and you must be the mail delivery pegasus"
  54. "Yep" she says, "my names Derpy Hooves".
  55. Stepping past her, you say "It was nice meeting you, though I have something I must do, so I have no time to chat, Bye"
  56. "Bye Mr Anonymous" You hear her call back, but you dont notice her wings rising up, even though she is ground bound.
  57. Making your way back out to the field, drawing only a few stray glances from Ponies, you see your circle remains untouched. Nodding, you pick up the rock, and move it two feet inward towards the center of the circle. You begin the process of drawing another giant circle withing the other you drew.
  58. After three and a half hours, you are done, and hungry. going to the stream, you drink some water, feeling refreshed as the cool liquid flows down your throat. Going to a nearby tree, you remove some leaves, and transmute them into some peanuts and grapes, trying to avoid meat, as you wouldnt want to freak out anypony if they walk past. Walking back to your cirlces you sit down and eat, before you notice that there are three fillys coming your way. As they approach, you can see they are the three you met the other day, the Cutie Mark Crusaders.
  59. As they approach you wave to them, and see them jump up and wave in return.
  60. "How are you doing today?" You ask looking down at the trio.
  61. "Good, Mister Anon, we figured we would see if we could help you out here, and maybe earn our Cutie Marks." Applebloom says, bouncing up a bit.
  62. "Im sorry, I dont think you are strong enough to help with this" you say, and Immediately get dejected looks from all them "But, If you want to help, I need somepony to get me some fruit, the bigger and healthier the better. I would even be willing to give you a special snack in return.
  63. Nodding quickly, the CMC rush off back to town, and you turn back to your rock. Next stage, a square within the smaller circle. After about an hour, you hear the Girls return, and turn to see them carrying a couple fruit each in saddlebags. Quickly inking a Transmutation circle on your palm, you sit down, and accept the fruit the Girls offer you.
  64. "Now watch this" You say mysteriously. Wrapping your hands around an apple, a faint glow appears, and as you open your hand, a smaller round red fruit sits there. The girls Ooooh at this. taking some more of the fruit, you procede to make several more of them, bfore proffering one to each of the girls. They gratefully accept them, but before they bite in you say "Wait a moment. Before you try them, you should understand what these fruits are. They are called flame fruit, when eaten, they warm the body of the eater, and them release it in a small burst of flame from the mouth. They are quite fun to eat, because they make you look red while they warm you. Just be carefull not to hurt anypony with the flames that come out."
  65. Nodding, the three carefully take a bite, while you convert some of the others into more flame fruit, storing them in a pocket for later. Looking at the CMC, you can see they have all turned red, before they release their flames in synchronysity.
  66. "That was pretty neat, you three, releasing all at the same time."
  67. "You think so?" Scootaloo asks, looking at you.
  68. You nod and say "Yeah, you three could put on quite a show if you practiced."
  69. "Hey thats a great idea" Sweetiebelle says "Do you think you could give us more of those fruit? Please?"
  70. "Please?" The other two ask in unison with Sweetiebelle
  71. "How could I say no" you say, grinning. you turn the remaining fruit into a couple dozen smaller flame fruit, and hand them back to the girls, who hop off excitedly.
  72. Turning back to your work, you finish the first square, before going back to the river, grabbing a dring, and then cleaning off, still oblivious to the grey wingboner that forms in a nearby bush.
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