Tournament souls won so far

Feb 26th, 2018
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  1. Berserker:
  2. Offense: Rage; passive: You gain +2 Normal Attacks [Cleave, Dual Attack, etc]. You cannot use Weapon skills.
  3. Defense: Juggernaut; passive: You may perform actions while Helpless. Attacks against you still deal Wounds, and you must roll as an action to recover.
  4. Utility: Show Them That You Rock
  6. Pugilist Soul:
  7. Offense: Knockout Punch; recharge 2: On success knock the enemy Helpless, they gain -2 to recover. This applies to others helping them recover, we well as skills like Tumble.
  8. Defense: Outboxer Style; passive: DR 3 against melee attacks. Doesn't effect Ranged, spells, etc.
  9. Utility: Shatter [Noncombat Uses Only]
  11. Warlord:
  12. Offense:: Glorify
  13. Defense:: Rally; Instant Recharge 1: Remove Helpless from one Ally. They may act immediatly.
  14. Utility: Inspire
  16. Gambler Soul:
  17. Offense: Graceful Dice; instant/automatic recharge 4: Roll a d4, add the result to your rolls this turn
  18. Defense: Skull Dice; instant/automatic recharge 4: Roll a d4, subtract the result from enemy target's rolls this turn.
  19. Utility: Lucky Number; passive: If you crit a roll while in combat, you can 'pocket' the crit. Your roll instead counts as a minimum success, and you store the crit for later use. At any time, even during a later combat, you may choose to invoke the stored crit instead of rolling. You must declare you are doing this BEFORE rolling an action. You can only pocket one crit at a time
  21. Swordsage:
  22. Offense: Enchanted Blade; passive: Select two Elemental Effects you have access to through Skills or Souls. You may apply them to your normal attacks.
  23. Defense: Cut Magic; instant recharge 2: On a success negate one Spell targeting you this turn [if it is an AoE it is negated for all targets].
  24. Utility: Adaptible Style: Once an encounter you may reselect all your Souls as though out of combat.
  26. Ghostknight:
  27. Offense: Spirit Strike; weapon recharge 1: Sacrifice 1 wound, this attack gains +3 to its roll.
  28. Defense: Spirit Regeneration; instant/automatic recharge 1: Sacrifice 1 Wound to regain all Hits.
  29. Utility: Commune
  31. Warblade:
  32. Offense: Great Cleave; weapon recharge 2: Hits all enemies nearby.
  33. Defense: Iron Heart Surge; recharge 1: Negate all status effects currently effecting you [including Helpless]. This skill may be used while Helpless.
  34. Skills: Tactician; instant: On success you know all an Opponent's Skills [except those granted by Souls].
  36. Myrmidon:
  37. Offense: Close-In; instant/automatic recharge 3: When you roll a 10 to attack you may immediatly make a normal attack [Attack, Cleave, Dual Attack, etc].
  38. Defense: Parry; automatic/instant recharge 2: Reduce the damage of an incoming attack by the damage you deal this turn [highest single damage if multiple targets or attacks]
  39. Utility: Hawkeye
  41. Thief:
  42. Offense: Sneak Attack; weapon recharge 3: On a success you become Stealthed.
  43. Defense: Narrow Escape; recharge 4: This skill can only be used while Helpless. On success, recover and become Stealthed.
  44. Utility: +2 Thief Actions [Pickpocketing, Stealing, Lockpicking, etc]
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