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  1. [b][font=courier][color=#000]-- fallaciousPsychologist[/color] [color=#98F5FF][FP][/color] [color=#000]began pestering cynicalCanasian[/color] [color=#9E005D][CC][/color] [color=#000]at ??:?? -- [/color]
  4. [color=#98F5FF]FP: I have spent the entire day just giving presents to all the bad little boys and girls.
  5. FP: I feel like fucking Santa Clause right here.[/color]
  6. [color=#9E005D]CC: oh god what are you saying
  7. CC: did you really just spell claus with an e
  8. CC: and isn't it... like, not december 25th yet[/color]
  9. [color=#98F5FF]FP: Why yes, yes I did.
  10. FP: But I got a few copies of SBURB lying around, and the fucking thing spread like wildfire.
  11. FP: Now everybody's been crying "OMG I WANT A COPY OF SBURB PLZ"
  12. FP: And being the big pussy that I am, I have been giving them away. All of them.[/color]
  13. [color=#9E005D]CC: wow, so now you can't play with us now?
  14. CC: i guess that... sucks! :C i was kinda hoping that all of us would be able to play[/color]
  15. [color=#98F5FF]FP: What no.
  16. FP: I'm not THAT big of a pussy. I still haven't really given ALL of them away.
  17. FP: Uncle gave me enough spare copies to give to everyone.
  18. FP: He made me shoot them out of a tree, mind you, but I digress.[/color]
  19. [color=#9E005D]CC: ...
  20. CC: ...i'm still trying to get mine! it takes forever to get mail where i live[/color]
  21. [color=#98F5FF]FP: I can totally send you a copy if you want.
  22. FP: Like I said, Uncle gave me enough copies for everyone.
  23. FP: Which is creepy when you think about it. I get this image of him sneaking into my room, running PesterChum and counting up how many friends I have.
  24. FP: It's... kind of scary actually.[/color]
  25. [color=#9E005D]CC: i think i might be okay, i have a feeling that it'll come today!
  26. CC: heehee! did you see that, i rhymed.[/color]
  27. [color=#98F5FF]FP: Hehe, that's cute.
  28. FP: I should get around to installing mine. It's been sitting on my desk for about two weeks now. Just gathering dust.[/color]
  29. [color=#9E005D]CC: and here's me, waiting to get it.
  30. CC: either that or my stupid brother is 'confiscating it' because he probably thinks it's porn or something i don't know
  31. CC: he's so freaking weird sometimes o_o[/color]
  32. [color=#98F5FF]FP: He's just being protective of his little baby sister.
  33. FP: But really, unless your brother makes you hunt down your Christmas presents every year, and you have to shoot them down from an really high spot, you don't know 'weird'
  34. FP: Oh, and tough luck to me if I happen to miss the rope and hit the present.
  35. FP: Or run out of bullets.
  36. FP: Or time.
  37. FP: Did I mentioned I hate Christmas Day?[/color]
  38. [color=#9E005D]CC: the only reason why he wants to confiscate it is to have the porn for himself
  39. CC: god dammit
  40. CC: and have you seen our house? oops, not house! i mean GIGANTIC FUCKING MANSION[/color]
  41. [color=#98F5FF]FP: Why now, I can't say I have.
  42. FP: I live in a mansion in the middle of god damn nowhere.
  43. FP: Do you know what a bitch it was to get to school?
  44. FP: I had to wake up at four in the morning.
  45. FP: Well no, I lie. I had to be ready by four in the morning.[/color]
  46. [color=#9E005D]CC: random mansion on a random island that nobody knows
  47. CC: how am i still canadian anyway? oh right, we live near vancouver.
  48. CC: or i was born there or something. i don't really know anymore
  49. CC: oh god hold on a sec i can hear my brother screaming
  50. CC: dog's barking, wow the whole house is crazy right now!
  51. CC: lsadfkjjlalkwjefkljasjkljwlkdskljklgdjl
  52. CC: see that? that was my head against the keyboard
  53. CC: anyway i better deal with my brother... and dog...[/color]
  54. [color=#98F5FF]FP: Yeah, and I should get around to installing that Beta.
  55. FP: See you around then! -obligatory heart-[/color]
  56. [color=#9E005D]CC: okay! see you! <3[/color]
  59. [color=#000]-- fallaciousPsychologist [/color][color=#98F5FF][FP][/color] [color=#000]began ceased cynicalCanasian[/color] [color=#9E005D][CC][/color] [color=#000]at ??:?? -- [/color][/font][/b]
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