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  1. [25.05.2019 16:14:38] Synth|Aubrey.McKnight: Hiya! Aubrey McKnight here.
  2. [25.05.2019 16:14:43] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: Who does it belong to?
  3. [25.05.2019 16:14:50] Synth|Aubrey.McKnight: I'm helping to command this operation. I understand there's an issue?
  4. [25.05.2019 16:15:02] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: Yes, your ships are not built for ferrying People
  5. [25.05.2019 16:15:12] Synth|Aubrey.McKnight: I think you misunderstand your situation.
  6. [25.05.2019 16:15:23] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: And i dont think your aware who i am
  7. [25.05.2019 16:15:45] Synth|Aubrey.McKnight: I'm under the impression that these people are willing to take necessary risks to escape the Bretonian death camps on Canaria.
  8. [25.05.2019 16:16:03] Synth|Aubrey.McKnight: If you'd prefer Synth Foods to cease our humanitarian aid at no cost to the Zoners, we will oblige.
  9. [25.05.2019 16:16:05] Velvet|Grey:: Death camps?
  10. [25.05.2019 16:16:09] Synth|SFV-Provider: JT: "It's a humani- yea..."
  11. [25.05.2019 16:16:24] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: There are no death camps on Canaria, The Bretonians are idiots, not tyrants
  12. [25.05.2019 16:16:50] Synth|Aubrey.McKnight: Tell that to Christie Macnamara, the little girl whose mother was shot in the head by the Bretonian invaders.
  13. [25.05.2019 16:17:00] Synth|SFV-Provider: JT: "Such a sad tale."
  14. [25.05.2019 16:17:07] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: Do not talk to me about what happend on Canaria
  15. [25.05.2019 16:17:25] Synth|SFV-Provider: JT: "Plus maybe Synth can help supply food to Pygar, you're still developing right?"
  16. [25.05.2019 16:17:27] Synth|Aubrey.McKnight: Then you should be wholly aware of what happens there, and you should be grateful Synth Foods is offering our support in these
  17. [25.05.2019 16:17:29] Synth|Aubrey.McKnight: trying times.
  18. [25.05.2019 16:17:29] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: Your all alike you Corporate types
  19. [25.05.2019 16:17:30] Velvet|Grey:: Both of us were there for Gran Canaria ya know
  20. [25.05.2019 16:17:47] Velvet|Grey:: Besides
  21. [25.05.2019 16:17:50] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: If you wish to assit Pygar, you can contact me and we will arrange something properly
  22. [25.05.2019 16:17:53] Synth|Aubrey.McKnight: If you'd prefer we pack up and return to supplying Synth Paste to the houses that require our product, we will.
  23. [25.05.2019 16:18:13] Velvet|Grey:: Since when do corp's care about anything other than bottom line?
  24. [25.05.2019 16:18:35] Synth|Aubrey.McKnight: Perhaps you're showing us the errors of our ways in caring about anything other than the bottom line.
  25. [25.05.2019 16:18:38] Death: TSB|Priozersk was put out of action by SCEC|CPRV-Plesetsk (Gun).
  26. [25.05.2019 16:18:41] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: If you wish to assit, then we do it properly. I do not appreciate your Corporation doign thigns behind my back
  27. [25.05.2019 16:18:52] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: I take it this base belongs to you also
  28. [25.05.2019 16:18:53] Synth|Aubrey.McKnight: Doing things behind your back? You mean rescuing your people?
  29. [25.05.2019 16:19:00] Synth|SFV-Provider: JT: "So you don't want the migrants being rescued?"
  30. [25.05.2019 16:19:03] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: Im more refering to the base
  31. [25.05.2019 16:19:28] Synth|Aubrey.McKnight: Yes, the base belongs to Synth Foods. We deployed it here purely as a temporary measure to assist in humanitarian aid.
  32. [25.05.2019 16:19:38] Synth|Aubrey.McKnight: It will be disassembled repackaged within the next week.
  33. [25.05.2019 16:19:39] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: It is in Violation of Zoner no Firezone Policy
  34. [25.05.2019 16:20:04] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: So it will be taken down, as soon as possible
  35. [25.05.2019 16:20:14] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: Corfu has been handling all relief supplies and efforts
  36. [25.05.2019 16:20:20] Synth|Aubrey.McKnight: Not very well, it would appear.
  37. [25.05.2019 16:20:36] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: Seems to have been doing an okay job to those who live here
  38. [25.05.2019 16:20:43] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: If you had contacted us you may have seen
  39. [25.05.2019 16:20:56] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: Now, im sure a caring corporation like yoruselves, who are wanting to help our plight
  40. [25.05.2019 16:21:09] Synth|Aubrey.McKnight: Yes, and the Pygar relief station has helped hundreds of thousands escape Bretonian tyranny already.
  41. [25.05.2019 16:21:11] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: Can spring for a couple of liners to ensure the Migrants suffering isnt continued on their flight here
  42. [25.05.2019 16:21:20] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: Ive had no reports of such activity
  43. [25.05.2019 16:21:32] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: And as its Coordinator you would think i would have some
  44. [25.05.2019 16:21:37] Synth|Aubrey.McKnight: Because we've been busy /helping/. When we see a people in need, we act first and talk later.
  45. [25.05.2019 16:22:00] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: Wonderful so now i have unacounted for Migrants on the surface of a harsh world
  46. [25.05.2019 16:22:17] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: Half Maji
  47. [25.05.2019 16:22:20] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Halt*
  48. [25.05.2019 16:22:24] Maji_1: hi
  49. [25.05.2019 16:22:36] Synth|Aubrey.McKnight: So you'd prefer they'd be living under the boot of the Bretonians rather than among their own people?
  50. [25.05.2019 16:22:41] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: Do not dock with that station, unload your Migrants in corfu
  51. [25.05.2019 16:22:57] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: Id rather they be transports in actual people carrying ships then cargo containers
  52. [25.05.2019 16:23:10] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: OSI were kind enough to commision liners for the cause
  53. [25.05.2019 16:23:15] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: As were other independent Captains
  54. [25.05.2019 16:23:20] Maji_1: why other base sell?
  55. [25.05.2019 16:23:21] Death: Core|WV-Caesar was put out of action by C::CNS-Andromache (Gun).
  56. [25.05.2019 16:23:26] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: Im sure a business as big as yours can do it
  57. [25.05.2019 16:23:42] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: Because this base is illegle
  58. [25.05.2019 16:23:49] Synth|Aubrey.McKnight: Oh, I'm sure we can. I don't have the ability to authorize such a transaction.
  59. [25.05.2019 16:23:55] Death: FuriousMailman was put out of action by a hostile vessel.
  60. [25.05.2019 16:24:05] Death: BAF|A-HMS-Richmond was put out of action by SCEC|CPRV-Plesetsk (Gun).
  61. [25.05.2019 16:24:14] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: Well im sure your company will spare any expense to help us Zoners wont it
  62. [25.05.2019 16:24:21] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: And remove this base from Orbit
  63. [25.05.2019 16:24:38] Synth|Aubrey.McKnight: We'll see.
  64. [25.05.2019 16:24:45] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: No, it will
  65. [25.05.2019 16:24:53] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: Either decontructed, or destroyed
  66. [25.05.2019 16:24:55] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: Your choice
  67. [25.05.2019 16:25:08] Synth|Aubrey.McKnight: Be my guest.
  68. [25.05.2019 16:25:12] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: Very well
  69. [25.05.2019 16:25:14] Death: SCEC|CPRV-Plesetsk has died
  70. [25.05.2019 16:25:32] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: Now, Provider, Maji, please dock with Corfu and allow the Migrants to disembark
  71. [25.05.2019 16:25:39] Synth|SFV-Provider: JT: "Hrm..."
  72. [25.05.2019 16:25:47] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: Miss Mcknight, if you could let yoru higher uprs know to contact me in regards to Pygar so we can set up something more
  73. [25.05.2019 16:25:50] Synth|SFV-Provider: JT: "Aubrey?"
  74. [25.05.2019 16:25:54] Synth|SFV-Provider: JT: "Should I?"
  75. [25.05.2019 16:26:09] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: solid
  76. [25.05.2019 16:26:18] Synth|Aubrey.McKnight: I think it would be best to defer to the Zoners for the moment. We'll disassemble our base and return all operations to Liberty
  77. [25.05.2019 16:26:27] Synth|SFV-Provider: JT: "Okey dokey."
  78. [25.05.2019 16:26:34] 2019-05-25 16:26:31 SMT  Traffic control alert: Maji_1 has requested to dock
  79. [25.05.2019 16:27:18] 2019-05-25 16:27:15 SMT  Traffic control alert: Synth|SFV-Provider has requested to dock
  80. [25.05.2019 16:28:05] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: Dont get me Wrong, i appriciate ships ferrying migrants, but you have the choice to use the right ships to carry them
  81. [25.05.2019 16:28:13] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: Your not some, independent trader just doing his best
  82. [25.05.2019 16:28:42] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: However your, claim to Death camps as farfetched as it worrysome at the same time
  83. [25.05.2019 16:28:45] Synth|SFV-Provider: JT: "There you go, did it."
  84. [25.05.2019 16:29:03] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: if you have proof of such things, id like to see it
  85. [25.05.2019 16:29:26] Synth|Aubrey.McKnight: Then go to the planet and look for yourself. I've been running these people nonstop for days now.
  86. [25.05.2019 16:29:34] Synth|Aubrey.McKnight: Risking my ship and my own hide to save yours.
  87. [25.05.2019 16:29:53] Synth|Aubrey.McKnight: The thanks I get from those people more than make up for the grief you're causing them.
  88. [25.05.2019 16:30:02] Velvet|Grey:: We never asked you to put your life on the line
  89. [25.05.2019 16:30:08] Velvet|Grey:: Your choice there
  90. [25.05.2019 16:30:09] Synth|Aubrey.McKnight: But I suppose I get to the be the one to explain to the ones still in the staging area on Canaria that we can't pick them up
  91. [25.05.2019 16:30:10] Synth|Aubrey.McKnight: any longer.
  92. [25.05.2019 16:30:33] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: Your attempt at guilting me is noted
  93. [25.05.2019 16:30:53] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: But i assure, you have been part of this and seen more and involved is more then you can imagine in regards to Canaria
  94. [25.05.2019 16:31:04] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: i have been part of*
  95. [25.05.2019 16:31:30] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: I dont think its alot to ask fo rthat the Suffering migrants be transports in ships your company can easially afford
  96. [25.05.2019 16:31:45] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: Your not having to make do with transports, any humanitarian worth his salt would of done that
  97. [25.05.2019 16:31:59] Tip: To interact with other players, open up your Chat Window (default button Y). The default chat type for all players is LOCAL and will be visible to all players currently on your scanner. You can privately message another player by selecting their name in the Chat Window.
  98. [25.05.2019 16:32:25] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: If even Corsairs can manage a single passanger, or people carrying ship, im sure Synth can
  99. [25.05.2019 16:32:26] Synth|Aubrey.McKnight: Do you recognize the operational costs of operating a Liner? We are performing this service to you /for free./
  100. [25.05.2019 16:32:41] Velvet|Grey:: See the bottom line
  101. [25.05.2019 16:32:46] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: Can you put a price on these peoples lives?
  102. [25.05.2019 16:32:46] Synth|Aubrey.McKnight: There is no payment being asked or accepted from your people.
  103. [25.05.2019 16:33:01] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: You said so yourself, yoru doing it to help these people
  104. [25.05.2019 16:33:14] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: So im sure a simple thing such as money and running costs pales in comparison
  105. [25.05.2019 16:33:24] Synth|Aubrey.McKnight: Exactly. And by moving as many of them as possible, as quickly as possible, we alleviate the suffering of more individuals.
  106. [25.05.2019 16:33:50] Synth|Aubrey.McKnight: Perhaps you're not particularly good with numbers, it's understandable. The more people that get moved, the more people end up
  107. [25.05.2019 16:33:55] Synth|Aubrey.McKnight: out from under the heel of the Bretonians.
  108. [25.05.2019 16:34:00] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: By stuffing them in like tuna cans
  109. [25.05.2019 16:34:11] Synth|Aubrey.McKnight: You act like I'm some Liberty Rogue hauling slaves.
  110. [25.05.2019 16:34:27] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: Right ill tell you this
  111. [25.05.2019 16:34:40] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: The amount of Flak we As ZONERS got for transporting migrants in whales when the first waves fled
  112. [25.05.2019 16:34:40] Melissa.Jones: // FML :\
  113. [25.05.2019 16:34:54] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: We all Piched in and got some sort of passanger cragy
  114. [25.05.2019 16:34:55] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: craft*
  115. [25.05.2019 16:35:17] Velvet|Grey:: And this was with Coalition and Red hessians attacking and robbing people mind you
  116. [25.05.2019 16:35:27] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: I will buggered if we went through all that Taxing *beep beep* to have a Liberty Corporation get away with it
  117. [25.05.2019 16:35:39] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: We went through hell and high water when the annexation happend and none of you were there
  118. [25.05.2019 16:35:44] Synth|Aubrey.McKnight: And with the situation having calmed down significantly, I've seen no evidence of Hessians or Coalition in the Omegas.
  119. [25.05.2019 16:35:57] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: No, but a president has been set
  120. [25.05.2019 16:35:57] Synth|Aubrey.McKnight: Or maybe everyone stopped caring about the people on Gran Canaria once it ceased to be big news.
  121. [25.05.2019 16:36:22] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: If Synth wants to help, do it right, you have the resources
  122. [25.05.2019 16:36:37] Velvet|Grey:: See you seen none of it because you werent there
  123. [25.05.2019 16:36:47] Synth|Aubrey.McKnight: Synth is going to do it in a way that helps the largest number of people possible.
  124. [25.05.2019 16:36:57] Synth|Aubrey.McKnight: That's the MO of our entire organization. We help people.
  125. [25.05.2019 16:36:58] Velvet|Grey:: But I seen Hessian Cruisers blowing away Ships packed with Migrants
  126. [25.05.2019 16:37:13] Synth|Aubrey.McKnight: And I have yet to see a single Hessian, period. They're busy with the Rheinlanders.
  127. [25.05.2019 16:37:18] Velvet|Grey:: Now yes
  128. [25.05.2019 16:37:21] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: Not a risk worth taking
  129. [25.05.2019 16:37:21] Velvet|Grey:: Not before
  130. [25.05.2019 16:37:22] Synth|Aubrey.McKnight: And what good will a Liner do against a Vidar?
  131. [25.05.2019 16:37:28] Synth|Aubrey.McKnight: Oh, right, nothing.
  132. [25.05.2019 16:37:30] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: More then your mastadon
  133. [25.05.2019 16:37:37] Synth|Aubrey.McKnight: Doubtful.
  134. [25.05.2019 16:37:39] Synth|SFV-Provider: JT: "Hrmph"
  135. [25.05.2019 16:37:46] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: Take down the base, and we will see about looking the other way about the transport ships
  136. [25.05.2019 16:37:49] Velvet|BK-Kaldra: Von: Fair?
  137. [25.05.2019 16:37:55] Synth|Aubrey.McKnight: Do you know how many Liners I've seen the Liberty Security Force blow out of the sky over some tiny infraction?
  138. [25.05.2019 16:38:04] Synth|Aubrey.McKnight: They don't make it more than a few kliks before things get explody.
  139. [25.05.2019 16:38:08] Velvet|Grey:: I seen mastodons like that being torn apart by Lone bombers that just wanted credits
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