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  1. .lookup item <item name> - looks up a list of items with the name used
  2. .additem <item ID> - adds the item of whatever ID you added. Alternatively, you can shift left-click the item in the chat instead.
  3. .lookup cu <Item name> - looks up custom items only with the name used.
  4. .lookup itemset <Itemset name> looks up entire sets of items with the name used. For example, .lookup itemset Bloodfang will give you an ID to add the entire Bloodfang set rather than adding each piece one at a time.
  5. .additemset <Item ID> - will add the itemset of the ID used.
  6. .lookup spell <insert spell name> - Let's you look up a list of spells with whatever term you used.
  7. .learn <insert ID here> - let's you learn the spell of whatever ID you used.
  8. .unlearn <insert ID here> - Unlearns the spell of whatever ID you used.
  9. .money <insert value here> - will give you gold, as much as you want right up to the gold cap. You can't exceed the gold cap. You also can't trade items with people if one of you are at the gold cap.
  10. .t <insert location here> - it's a teleport command. You can teleport where ever you want, for example .t Stormwind. This command also recognises custom teleport locations, so for example .t AnotherNeutralPhase.
  11. .app <insert name here> - Basically, you appear to whoever's name you used. So for example .app Minori Duskmantle.
  12. .gm fly on - Lets you fly. That's it.
  13. .gm fly off - You don't fly.
  14. .gm on - Makes you invincible. A good way to avoid griefers and troll RPers.
  15. /camp - .toggles .gm on and .gm fly on at the same time
  16. .morph <insert ID here> - let's you morph into whatever the fck you want, as long as you have the ID for it. A classic example of the .morph command is .morph 22452. This command specifically turns you invisible.
  17. .demorph - it removes the morph you added. No ID necessary.
  18. .mod native <insert ID here> it changes your native morph. A native morph is whatever race you chose to play in the character selection menu. The Orc morph is - obviously - the Orc's native.
  19. .mod native off - Reverts you back to your original native morph.
  20. .rp list - Looks up any phases that's hosted their phase advert within the past 10 minutes.
  21. .ph join <Insert ID here> - Joins the phase of whichever ID you used. So for example .ph join 42460
  22. .ph leave - Leaves the phase.
  23. .ann <Insert text here - It's how you talk in the global chat for RPH. For example; .ann i walk up to u and slap ur girlfirends ass what u do????
  24. .rp ann <Insert text here> - This is how you advertise a phase. For example; .rp ann Come join my phase. It's great!!!!
  25. .ph ann <Insert text here> - This is how you talk in a global phase chat. Same rules apply to the previous two commands.
  26. .tog - It disables .ann chat so you no longer have to lose brain cells.
  27. .togglerp - It disables the .rp ann channels so you no longer have to see phases being advertised.
  28. .play <insert ID here> - Basically a command that makes your character perform an action of whatever ID you used. Here's a list of play ID's   (thanks erkor)
  29. .unaura <insert ID here> - it removes any one spell from your character, assuming you have the correct ID.
  30. .unaura all - removes all spells from your character. Including two forms if you're a Worgen.
  31. .lookup obj <insert name here> - Looks up a list of objects with whatever name you used.
  32. .gob spawn <insert ID here> - spawns the object of whatever ID you used.
  33. .gob select - Selects the closest object to you. Sometimes finding the right one can be a bitch.
  34. .gob delete - deletes your selected object.
  35. .gob au - It makes you automatically select the object you spawn, so you can delete it or whatever right away if necessary.
  36. .gob goto - Teleports you to your selected obj. Good for precision building.
  37. .gob activate - Actives the selected obj. So if you've selected a gate, .gob activate will open or close said gate.
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