Some Kind of Relationship - 36

Jul 29th, 2019
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Some Kind of Relationship ~ Thanks to Markues &

Notable Characters:

Name / Nickname Situation Relationship
Dae Hyun (FMC) Employee Boss's Girlfriend
Kim / Lim Mi-Mo (FMC²) Model by Day, Whore by Night BF's Girlfriend
[N/A] (MC) Unemployed Single
[N/A] (BF) [N/A] MC's BFF & FMC²'s BF
Lee Su-Jung (Red) Model Single
Kyu Ho (Grey) Model Single
Seung Kyu (Boss) Boss FMC's Boyfriend
[N/A] (LB) Employee Single & FMC's BFF

Some Kind of Relationship - 36

Outside of the Studio Red x Grey

It's raining, Red is pissed because of the weather and asks why there is no snow when it's winter but a fucking rain.. Grey can only agree with her, Red puts her hands on her head shouting how today is really a shitty day. Grey tries to comfort her a bit then asks her what she intends to do about FMC² being the main model this year, Red says how she doesn't care because FMC² is ready to suck and fuck anyone but Red says how it's easy to be the main when you're doing this and says how she'll be the main model next week if she does it too. Grey is a bit shocked about her answers, Red continues saying how the year is long and asks her when is the next shoot. Grey says next week but she adds how it's not the only company they're working for..

Grey remembers having an umbrella in the studio and says to Red to wait for her return, Red looks down sighing..


Photographer's Office FMC² x Creep

Creep is fucking FMC² from behind on the couch. Her moans are covered by the sound of thunder.. Creep moves his head closer to her and lick her earlobe making her scream from pleasure, he grabs her by the neck and thrust it harder inside her, she moans a lot and Creep keeps pounding her like a madman. FMC² makes an ahegao face and Creep smiles hearing her loud moans.
The thunder rumbles lighting up the dark room..

Studio Hallway Grey x FMC² x Creep

Grey finds her umbrella and takes it, she hears the loud sound of thunder and says how it's pouring down a lot, she heads toward the exit but.. She hears some weird noise coming from the Creep's office, she sees the door isn't closed and heads toward it..

She looks through the little opening and blushes right away, she sees Creep banging FMC² like an enraged beast.. FMC² is moaning while Creep is doing the best he can to make her fall for him. He asks her what she's thinking now, to tell him if she wants his dick and if it's feels good, she keeps moaning and says how it fells good with two tears running down her cheeks.

He grabs her by her breasts and tells her to says it louder because he can't hear her because of the rain, she shouts his name and how good it feels. He pulls her arms and keeps fucking her until reaching climax.. He cums on her ass, FMC² stays still on the couch trying to catch her breath..

Grey is astonished by what she just saw thinking it's a scoop and says how the main model had already crossed the line. She takes a picture / clip of Creep x FMC² thinking how it's funny too see her like this saying she's already a well-natured bitch.

FMC's Workplace FMC x LB

FMC is chatting with Friend, LB sends her the pictures of FMC² last photo shoot. Blonde is surprised by FMC² pictures and says how she is pretty, her friend tells her how FMC² is the main model of the magazine Ladies and she'll do 18 shooting for them (A whole year). There is a lot of good comments on this article and this magazine was the best seller for this year (Little bio about FMC² being 25 years old and coming from Jungyang University). Blonde is really happy for FMC² because she really hits the jackpot with that and says how her sister (Nuna) is really pretty and her longtime role model.. She then says how it's because FMC² is a beauty that she doesn't have any celebrity / charm.

FMCx Boss

She is still chatting with her friend when Boss appears behind her asking her what she's doing, Blonde looks at him and tells him how it's awesome because her 'Nuna' is a famous model now and she wants to show him her pictures. Boss doesn't care at all and asks if she's aware that today is the deadline for a big contract. FMC calms down a bit and tells him she'll finish it today and will put it on his desk before leaving tonight.
He isn't really satisfied with her answer and says how because of her some workers will have to stay late to finish the job because she's delivering it only tonight, she lowers a bit her head apologizing

FMC is looking at the Boss chatting with another employee and she says how it's already been a month since she's dating Boss and she feels a bit sad because her secret relationship with him isn't romantic at all. She then says how she already made her choice and there is no reason to regret it now because she's Boss girlfriend. She tries to find an excuse with the overcharge of work and thinks it would be better later..

She looks at Boss thanking and making a big smile to one of her female coworker and thinks he's kind to everyone except her.

She then says how it's useless to lament now because it's already too late..

To be continued..
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