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  1.     I am sorry that I didnt respond till now. But after reading what you sent I didnt want to answer till I sat and thought about this. I also didnt really know if we should come to conclusions given how your day went and that it was possibly the worse day in your life up till now.
  3.     When we first met I didnt expect to become as close as I did with you. I could tell we had differences on lots of things but we had lots of similarities as well. It ended up working out well for the most part. I stayed mute in this game so long without even a thought of ever speaking or meeting real friends. I wanted to get away from what I had irl which was not much in terms of friends but I have been through this drama before like we had. Me and that friend were the closest I have been with someone in my life. We stoped talking multiple times for months and even years at a time. We still talk to this day without any drama but its not as often. The friend is the one you met on VRC that day. He was someone who had no friends in school and moved from a very rough town back in the day. Once we got to hanging out we became instantly close. Things started to get exactly how we are getting Fwua. I had friends I liked from way before me and him met and when he would see me with them he would just randomly get jealous or see them as a threat to our friendship which he cherrished so much and to a point where it was too much. When you started becoming similar to that I started to get stressed and worried. There were so many red flags similar to what happened with him that it started to wear on me but I kept going on just in case. The first flag was when you and joker just did not get a long. I can understand with him a little bit beacuse of how I got frustrated with him because of how open he is about his opinions. You would instantly get to the point where you didnt want anything to do with him and I looked passed it because me and joker got in a lil bind too so it didnt effect me as much. The first time where it was really bad though was when I started to hang out with burning more. You went off the edge when I accepted the silly marriage proposal thing and you said you were done and just left and started a huge scene and even cut that off almost imediatly. I was extremely confused. I did not understand why a marriage proposal in a game would set you off that bad. I am having fun and doing silly stuff. Roleplaying and having fun. But you took it more as real life like something so serious. That was the first time when I got quiet again because it threw me back into not wanting to open up more with you. Time went on and with burning out of the picture more or less because of how you handled that situation everything was "fine" again because it was just me and you. Then the Scum situation came. I met him and he was a lot of fun. He was like me in the sense of just wanting ot have fun and screw around. You tolerated him and said you liked him but then eventually the same thing happened. I got quiet and started to just do fun stuff and then probably the worst thing I have heard you say to me that threw me wayy back from wanting to talk to you as close as I did happened and you said something along hte lines of "If I find out you and scum are a thing or doing things on the side I will end you Kuruu." At that moment it almost broke the friendship for me because that was beyond something  anyone should really say. I went into silent mode again there and ofc eventually things got a lil normal because I came back around and opened up another chance to try and get things going again. But after that it was just ups and downs of you disliking people like lewy, cyan, and lots of most people. It was rough Fwua. When I wanted to ge ton and have fun and I would always have fun till something happend leading to you having problems with someone or something. All of these situations brought me to where I am today where its hard for me to feel comfortable around you anymore. Hard to look forward to happiness beacuse I am afraid you will have a problem wiht someone and make it awkward to even be in teh same room with you and everyone you dont want to be around. VRC and us dont work. I am going to be honest. The only time we ever have problems is when I dont give full attention to you and when we arent on vrchat. I wanted to make things work all the time becasue tbh I wanted to be a great friend for you beacuse of how it seemed like you had such a rough past. But things wont get better because it ends up the same no matter what. I dont know what else to say. Its how I have felt. Thats why my actions have been what they have been lately. I am just worn out and afraid to try because of how manytimes this type of thing has repeated.
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