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  1. New Features in ComputerCraft 1.76:
  3. * Ported to Minecraft 1.8
  4. * Added Long Range Modems
  5. * Fixed handling of 8-bit characters. All the characters in the ISO 8859-1 codepage can now be displayed
  6. * Added some extra graphical characters in the unused character positions
  7. * Added support for the new commands in Minecraft 1.8 to the Command Computer
  8. * The return values of turtle.inspect() and commands.getBlockInfo() now include blockstate information
  9. * Added commands.getBlockInfos() function for Command Computers
  10. * Added new "peripherals" program
  11. * Replaced the "_CC_VERSION" and "_MC_VERSION" constants with a new "_HOST" constant
  12. * Shortened the length of time that "Ctrl+T", "Ctrl+S" and "Ctrl+R" must be held down for to terminate, shutdown and reboot the computer
  13. * textutils.serialiseJSON() now takes an optional parameter allowing it to produce JSON text with unquoted object keys. This is used by all autogenerated methods in the "commands" api except for "title" and "tellraw"
  14. * Fixed many bugs
  16. Type "help changelog" to see the full version history.
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