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  1. > Be the ADVENTURER!
  5. > Haha, too bad!
  7. daaaaaaaaaamnit.
  9. Your name is Racair Aussen and you are an ADVENTURER! Well, you would be if you didn’t have to stay around your hive.
  11. See, you are a LIMEBLOOD. You’re just a regular, normal limeblood. A limeblood with a taste for ADVENTURE! You have a great amount of WANDERLUST, which unfortunately just can’t be sated! It doesn’t help that your LUSUS is in no position to take care of itself.
  13. You see, your lusus is a simple howlbeast, or woofbeast depending on who you’re talking to. Unfortunately for you, he also has an EATING problem. When you were very young, it would go out of its way to bring back RIDICULOUSLY SIZED PREY, and then eat a very large portion of it. With the eating problem came a growing problem. As you grew, so did he, except he grew a little TOO LARGE.
  15. To be completely honest, you’re not entirely sure how he grew that large, but you’re not exactly one to question things. Regardless, it came to a certain point that he was just TOO DAMN BIG. After consulting a FRIEND, you came up with a plan. You would restrain him, and forcibly feed him smaller portions, until he became SMALLER.
  17. …What?
  19. …Why are you laughing?
  21. Anyways, you had to distract your lusus while your friend SPRUNG THE TRAP! Unfortunately for you, you lost your left hand in the incident. You’ve never really replaced it either, and you’ve learned how to do things without a left hand. On a side note… Your friends consider you a bit of a PUSHOVER. They don’t have to say much to get you to DO or TRY something, but then again, you love new CHALLENGES. When you do succeed, VICTORY IS SWEET. Your fetch modus is BOOMERANG MODUS. Your item is shot out and flies away, returning after a certain time. The time it takes to return depends on how heavy or large the item is.
  23. But, let’s get to your interests huh? You’re a bit of an ADVENTURER as stated before. At least you wished you were. It’s not like you lack the SKILL or anything, oh no, you just have to guard your lusus now that he’s TIED DOWN. To correct yourself, you don’t exactly guard him for his own safety, oh no, you guard him to make sure others don’t get near him. Tied down or not, he’s still a pretty large threat.
  25. But back to your interests… You have a passion for ADVENTURE! Unlike some other trolls, you would find it more fun if you could adventure with MORE PEOPLE! Co-operation makes everything better! I mean seriously, adventuring by yourself is great and all… But isn’t it more fun to share the THRILL?! You gotta have someone by your side to adventure, or else well, it just doesn’t seem as fun anymore.
  26. You are somewhat of a SWORDSMAN, ironically using a BASTARD SWORD even though you only have one hand to spare. When you aren’t guarding your lusus (hahahaaaaaa!), you’re practicing with your BLADE or practicing PARKOUR. Yes, you practice parkour. Albeit you are AWFUL at it, given that you only have ONE HAND. That and your hive doesn’t really give you many options there, as it’s relatively SMALL with not many points to use.
  28. Your trolltag is jollyCooperation and you tend TO DRAAAAAAAAAAG ON!
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