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  1. Introduction
  3. Hey everyone, Wes here from Recommended Playing. I’m extremely excited to share with you this masterpeice born from hours of suffering. This is... Amy, All Achievements Step by Step.
  5. I’ll preface this guide by saying that you’re better off just avoiding Amy like the plague. There is no value here. Not as an entertaining video game, not even as something that’s so-bad-it’s-good. Amy is pathetic, and deserves no praise, and no sympathy. It deserves exactly the fate it got, rotting on the PSN and Xbox Live Arcade Marketplaces..
  7. There are 12 total achievements. 6 are from standard progression of the games story. 3 are locked behind the individual difficulties, one for easy, one for normal, and one for hard. These do trickle down, so by completing the game on Hard, you’ll also unlock the achievements for Easy and Normal… most of the time. Amy is a buggy, broken mess, so you shouldn’t be surprised if these trickle down achievements just… don’t activate.
  9. The final 3 only require slight deviation from the intended path through the game, but aren’t overly difficult to complete. I’ll be going over these individually at the best times to do them, but they shouldn’t be a problem to complete.
  11. This means the good news is it’s possible to do everything Achievement worthy in Amy in a single playthrough. The bad news is you have to play Amy… on hard mode.
  13. Before we start this emotional rollercoaster, you need to go into your settings and look for “Original Version”. Make absolutely sure that this is set to Deactivated. If you don’t have “Original Version” as an option, look for an update to Amy to make sure you have it.
  15. The “original vision” of the developers was that Amy had no virtually no checkpoints, and they reluctantly patched some in after extremely justified complaints from disgruntled customers.
  17. Amy is an absolute mess to get through in the intended way. It’s filled with obnoxious backtracking, and tedious stealth sections, with one hit kills. I’m going to gloss over the intended routes, and instead opt for strategies that primarily involve checkpoint hopping, and abusing glitches. If you’re a masochist feel free to attempt playing with the Original Version activated, but I would strongly, strongly recommend doing anything else with your time. Set it to deactivated and don’t look back.
  19. Also take a look at the control scheme if you want. It’s extremely obnoxious, with you having to do things like hold both shoulder buttons and mash the X button to run. Someone thought this was a good control scheme, and throughout your time with Amy, this will cause uncomfortable hand cramps.
  21. Before we start, you should familiarize yourself with the controls, I’ll bring up a screenshot as reference when you’re required to do something specific, like command Amy to p-p-p-push a button. I played on Xbox 360, so use the equivalent input if you’re playing on PS3.
  23. Finally, it may actually be worth playing at least a little bit of Amy on Easy or Normal to get yourself used to the controls and combat mechanics. Of course, jumping in the deep end on Hard will minimize your time with Amy, and that’s probably for the best, but Easy is a lot easier to deal with as you have much more forgiving combat and timing for puzzles.
  25. Expect the unexpected going into this. Amy is buggy, and you’re going to end up dying from things like enemies spawning extremely late, or coming from behind you. If I say in a section that 2 enemies should spawn here, I mean that as they -should- spawn. It’s extremely likely that enemies don’t spawn, or glitch out and don’t trigger, or trigger late, which can result in deaths by getting swarmed. Take your time, and make sure you’re safe before proceeding. Fighting more than one enemy at a time on hard mode is basically impossible unless you’re insanely lucky. You’ll also probably die to electric mines on Hard Mode, because I still don’t understand exactly how they work, and I’ve played Amy through like 12 times.
  27. Luckily, the buggy brokenness that is Amy can actually be a benefit to you. I will be providing alternate options for getting through some of the puzzles by utilizing glitches and as stated previously, a lot of checkpoint abuse.
  29. Thankfully, my journey with Amy is over. Unfortunately for you and your quest for All Achievements or Trophies, your suffering is just beginning… But don’t worry, I’m here to help. As the current (and only) Amy Hard Mode % (and All Achievements) Speedrun World Record holder… I know what I’m talking about.
  31. Game Start
  33. Brace yourself, and select Hard Mode. There’s no going back if you want all the Achievements in Amy. We’re going for them all in one fell swoop, come along for the ride.
  35. Chapter 1:
  36. Watch the cutscenes if you really want to, they’re pretty terrible, and more in the pathetic way, rather than a funny or entertaining way.
  38. Once you gain control of Lana, exit the cabin, and head to your right. Follow this hallway all the way to the end, to find a deceased Train Conductor. Examine him to find a weapon, this is required, you can’t skip this part.
  40. Now double back, and follow the path to exit the train. Climb out, skip the cutscene to save a little bit of time.
  42. You’ll immediately get attacked. This is your first foray into Amy’s combat system, and obviously, it sucks.
  44. Combat Overview
  45. There’s really only one way to tackle Amy’s combat and that’s just to go for it. On Hard you’re dead in as little as two hits, so your best bet is to try and kill things as fast as possible.
  47. Lana has a three hit combo, and you should never, ever use it. The third hit leaves you extremely vulnerable to counter attacks and will more frequently than not be a detriment. Your best bet is to attack once, and then dodge back, to reset your swing, and go back on the offensive.
  49. Since Amy is so buggy, you can attack and dodge cancel. This means you can actually attack super fast by alternating attack and dodge rapidly. It’s pretty hard to pull off, but can be used to take out enemies really fast.
  51. Otherwise your goal is to take a swing, and then dodge the inevitable counter. Lana’s dodging skills are hot garbage, so expect to get hit and die even though you clearly successfully dodged an enemy’s attack. Thanks France.
  53. Do everything in your power to avoid fighting 2 enemies at the same time. The lock on freaks out and can’t handle it, and instead of focusing one enemy down, you’ll end up splitting your damage. It’s legitimately easier to just die and respawn than ever to engage fighting 2 enemies. Thankfully we’ll be able to avoid most of the intended multi-enemy encounters through fun and exciting glitches.
  55. That’s all there really is to combat. It’s rough, but you’ll eventually get a feel for it.
  57. Chapter 1: Continued
  58. Back on track, after you’ve dispatched the enemy ahead of you head towards the cart with a blue tarp on it. You’ll get a context sensitive action. Press and hold the button, and hold it down for a really, really long time until it stops moving.
  60. Now go ahead and run through your new path. This should trigger a checkpoint.
  62. Immediately on your left there’s another enemy. Take him out with swings and dodging. You really need to kill all these enemies here unfortunately.
  64. Once it’s dead, continue on your way, and turn right.
  66. Continue and turn right once you see the vending machines.
  68. There will be another enemy here for you to kill on your right, make sure to take it out before proceeding. I don’t know what it is, but every single enemy looks like Liev Shreiber.
  70. Once you’ve killed it, head to the fence. Take a right and follow this path to the end and turn left to find Marcello. His friends call him Cello. He is not our friend, he is going to annoy us for the rest of the level.
  72. Now we get to experience the greatest part of Amy’s amazing level design. Useless backtracking.
  74. You can follow Marcello, or you can just hoof it back to the Vending Machines. Realistically, you should stay close to him, as he does require you to be close by at a certain point. Now, if you continually mash the sprint button, Lana kind of glitches out in a funny way. Since we have to wait for Marcello, now is the best time to utilize this amazing trick.
  76. Once Marcello reaches the door, try the lock. He’ll go on some spiel about needing a genetic code, and give you a DNA Cracker.
  78. Now, half the fun of Amy is using the horrid radar and map to examine piles of peoples bodies to find the right DNA sequence to break the lock. It could be any of them! Of course, we get to skip all that because lucky for us, there is always a consistent solution to these puzzles.
  80. With your DNA cracker in hand, check the door. You’ll get a checkpoint, and now it’s time to find the correct DNA match. Head back to the very start of the level.
  82. Get on the train, and head to the back to where you found your weapon at the start of the game. You’ll find the conductor’s body is gone, but scan his blood to get the DNA code you need.
  84. This triggers the conductor spawning as another enemy and he will accost you in this hallway. You can get past him by sprinting and running into him and he’ll eventually get shoved out of the way, then continue sprinting to the end of the train car and leave. The alternative is to kill him, which is a waste of time since he cannot follow you outside of the train.
  86. Once you’re done, return to the DNA lock and enter the room. Inside, turn right and use the console to engage in a puzzle.
  88. This puzzle is pretty basic, but can be annoying. It’s randomized every playthrough, and its just a guessing game. You have a series of shapes and columns, and only a few attempts to get it right.
  90. Start off by swapping every column to a different shape, and hit confirm. You’ll either get a green checkmark for Correct Shape in Correct Spot, a Yellow Line for Correct Shape, in the wrong spot, or a Red X, for completely wrong. Your first attempt you should get at least one or two yellow lines. If you get some greens, great, don’t ever touch those again. From this first test, it’s just a process of elimination. Making adjustments to the positions once you get the 4 shapes. It’s not an overly difficult puzzle, but you can fail it. If you do, you’ll just have to start again from the beginning.
  92. It shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out. It’s just trial and error until you get it done.
  94. Once that’s done, you’ll get a checkpoint, and the electric gate will open.
  96. Head back to where you first went to find Marcello. This time there will be another Liev Shreiber stunt double in your way. Unfortunately, you do have to sit there and kill it, it’s too hard to avoid it on hard mode. Once it’s dead, use the button on the door and it will open. Head inside, then turn right and move towards the cart. Hold the button, until it’s stopped moving. Now enter the washroom and find Amy. This will get your first Achievement: Find Me. 1 of 12.
  98. Achievement 1/12 - Find Me
  100. I hope you enjoyed your alone time with Lana, because the most of the remainder of the game is Escort City, Baby.
  102. Grab Amy by the hand. This warrants special attention because Amy will just take forever to grab onto your hand. Make sure you have Amy’s hand before proceeding because my god, does it ever become infuriating. Exit the restroom, and head back to the gate. Pass it, and take the first right. Head to the sign that says “Main Street”
  104. You’ll find a small opening in the wall. Make sure Amy is holding your hand, and move towards it, and then use the button prompt to send Amy through. Watch the unskippable cutscene and cringe internally.
  106. Once Amy is on the other side, move around to the window. Look at the green button on the wall, and use the button prompt to get Amy to push it. This will open the door, and you can now enter.
  108. Inside Lana will put on some stupid radio harness thing that supposedly gives you some insight into your infection level and health but it has zero conveyance, so it’s effectively worthless. You’re dead in a handful of hits anyways so you don’t really need to use it. It’s basically just a cheap knock off of Dead Space’ health meter.
  110. Now grab Amy’s hand, and exit the door in this room.
  112. Run to the console, and use it while holding Amy’s hand. You’ll have to wait for her to Hack the system, so wait and listen to Marcello’s horrid story and voice acting. Once it’s open, grab Amy’s hand, and enter the door. You’ll get a checkpoint.
  114. Turn left and then turn right once you hit the gate. Leave Amy behind, and use the button prompt to get Lana to walk across the ledge.
  116. Once you’re on the other side, turn left, and left again. An enemy may or may not spawn here. I’ve had it happen before, but realistically, 9/10 nothing showed up. Be prepared, this is just the tip of the iceberg.
  118. Continue down this hallway and press the button to open the gate. Now grab Amy’s hand again.
  120. Head through, and to the next gate. Now turn left, and left again to find another hole for Amy to go through. Send her through, you can’t skip this animation so don’t even try.
  122. Now go back around to the window, and get Amy to press the button on the column by the second window. It will activate the gate that was previously blocking your path.
  124. Now head back to the hole, get Amy to come out, and grab her by the hand.
  126. Return to the gate, and enter it, and you’ll get a scene. Grab Amy’s hand again, and push the button at the end of the hallway. This will trigger a checkpoint. Get ready to give yourself a hand cramp by holding Amy’s hand and sprinting.
  128. Achievement Alert: Bodyguard.
  129. This part isn’t overly difficult, but is one of the easiest ways to get the Achievement Bodyguard, so make sure you get it at the end of this level.
  131. Make your way through the now open gate, and you’ll get a scene of monsters being released.
  133. Turn right, and follow this path past the first light, where you should turn left. Then immediately turn left and follow the path as it turns right.
  135. Turn left past the boxes, and then left again, and turn right past the light.
  137. Go straight on an angle to the other side near the shelves filled with boxes.
  139. At the end, turn left, and continue following this hallways for a very long time. This hallway is linear, and shouldn’t be a problem to navigate.
  141. Marcello will tell you to go to the end of the hall and turn left.
  143. Once you get there you’ll find a button. Wait for Marcello to come through, and then press it to lower the gate.
  145. Follow Marcello and he’ll open the door on your right.
  147. This is the first, but definitely not last elevator puzzle in Amy. Get used to these mind crushing, brain meltingly difficult puzzles. Don’t even question why the button to open the door requires you to go up an elevator, that requires you to raise it from the other side of the room. Just.. don’t.
  149. Immediately turn left, and walk onto the platform with Amy. It’s marked by a green circle. Then tell Amy to wait on it.
  151. Then turn around, and climb the ladder directly behind you. You can skip ladder climbing animations, but it’s basically the same length regardless because sometimes it just doesn’t skip the animation.
  153. At the top, push the button to raise the elevator for Amy. The development team apparently don’t know how elevators work, because they put the controls for them on the other side of the room constantly. Get used to it.
  155. Once Amy’s at the top, tell her to press the other button with the prompt. Once she’s finished, tell her to get back on the elevator, and then turn around press the button to send it down again.
  157. Head back down the ladder, skip the cutscene and reunite with Amy. Hurray.
  159. Grab her by the hand, and head through the now open door.
  161. Marcello will block your path. Go ahead and head into the office, and hide under the desk, this is the last input of the chapter.
  163. That’s one down, and 5 more to go. You should get the achievements Bodyguard if you didn’t let an enemy drain Amy’s health, and All Aboard for Chapter 1 completion here.
  165. Achievement 2/12 - Bodyguard
  166. Achievement 3/12 - All Aboard
  168. Chapter 2
  169. From here on out, we’re going to be abusing whatever we can to speed up this process, or make it as painless as possible. It’s going to involve a lot of checkpoint hopping to skip nonsense. The intended route through Chapter 2 is a joke of level design, so skipping as much as we can actually makes it way easier.
  171. Watch the cutscenes if you want.
  173. From here on out, whenever you don’t have Amy you’ll slowly start to get contaminated. It’s not a huge deal, but it is worth noting. Just be quick whenever Amy isn’t with you. If you get too contaminated, you’ll die, but it has some other interesting benefits, like being able to just walk past enemies. It’s maybe the only interesting, and unique aspects of Amy. Too bad it’s severely underutilized, and when you do have to use it, it’s frustrating as heck.
  175. Head forward to the corpse by the gate and grab the keycard.
  177. Then turn around and use it on the door behind you.
  179. Avoid the red puddles on the floor. On hard mode they will most certainly kill you in a few microseconds. Turn right when you can, and then turn right a second time at the end of the hall.
  181. Now turn left again, and look in the locker to find Amy. You’ll get a checkpoint and an unskippable cutscene. Don’t worry, this may seem strange but this is how real humans talk.
  183. Head towards the gate to find a monster. If its face glitches out don’t worry, that’s clearly working as intended.
  185. Once it leaves, press the button to raise the gate and head through.
  187. Turn left and enter the room the monster just came from. Turn on Amy’s lamp, and proceed down this hallway to the end. Pick up the stick here, and then head back through the hallway to the start of the level.
  189. Avoid the puddles of red and continue onwards. There’s a glyph on the wall which lets Amy use some kind of Demon powers. This glyph means Mute. You don’t actually need to use Mute ever in the entirety of Amy, so feel free to skip it.
  191. Turn left here, and use the stick to smash the window. You’re supposed to use Mute here to mute the sound of the glass breaking to avoid the big monster coming after you, but I guess they just forgot to program that part. That big monster will just sit there and never come for you in all my attempts of this.. Even if the monster did come, smashing the glass is a checkpoint, so it wouldn’t matter because you could just reload it.
  193. Now you’ll have to fight a Tier-2 Enemy, which looks kinda like WIllem Dafoe in that awful Netflix adaptation of Death Note.
  195. These guys are a lot more resilient than Liev Schreibers, so take your time. Make sure to dodge after every successful attack and you should eventually be able to kill it. There’s no difference between Liev Shreibers and Dafoes. THey handle exactly the same, Dafoes just have more HP.
  197. Once it’s dead, grab Amy’s hand and shove her through the hole.
  199. Now leave this room, and head right twice past the Mute Glyph to the Window. Tell Amy to grab the blue keycard from the window, then return to the hole.
  201. Get Amy back, and then head straight through the door.
  203. Now the intended solution here is to sneak around the boxes to avoid the enemy and reach the door. That’s stupid, and we aren’t going to bother.
  205. Grab Amy’s hand, and just start sprinting straight for the door. It doesn’t even matter if you walk on the glass. Enter the door, and get Amy to access the terminal.
  207. Once you’ve accessed the terminal, you get a checkpoint. Just die to the enemy, or reload your checkpoint and we’re in the next area of chapter 2.
  209. Achievement Alert: “Where are you?”
  210. This is the easiest part to get the “Where Are you?” Achievement.
  212. Head forward, and you’ll be haunted by the ghost of Marcello. That’s too spooky for me man.
  214. Sneak past this inept guard and run to the broken wall and enter it. Leave Amy near the locker and try and use the phone. The noise will make the security guard come running towards you.
  216. Wait for him to pass you, and then come out, start sprinting, run into him, shoving him in the process, and then sprint back into the locker and hide with Amy.
  218. This may take a couple of attempts because these guards do one hit kill you.
  220. You should get the achievement “Where are you?” here. If not, you can reload the checkpoint and try again, but you’ll have another opportunity later.
  222. Achievement 4/12 - Where are you?
  224. Once you have the achievement, go ahead and restart at the checkpoint, we’re going to skip most of this level through checkpoint abuse.
  226. This time, instead of sneaking around, just leave Amy behind and start sprinting.
  228. Head into the room with the guard, shove him out of the way and quickly take a look at the DNA encoder on the panel. This will trigger a checkpoint. You’ll probably die immediately after, but it’s a heck of a lot easier than actually luring the guard away, and attempting sneaking back in here.
  230. Reload your checkpoint, and look at that, the guards are gone and the doors open. What a great feature.
  232. Head out of the room, and follow the hallway. Run through the now open gate.
  234. Now you will have to sneak past the guard now that he’s moved. It’s a real pain, and you will likely die a few times attempting it. Thankfully, we just hit a checkpoint a second ago.
  236. Just wait around the corner for the guard to turn around, and then walk down the hallway. You shouldn’t even need to sneak, just walk past him, and enter the next room.
  238. This room is filled with Electric Mines and these are insanely obnoxious to cross. On Easy, you can easily just run through them suffering minimal damage.
  240. On Hard Mode, they seem to trigger if you go even slightly faster than Lana’s slowest speed. You’ll get a feel for it eventually, but you’ll likely still also trigger them randomly. Crouch, and very slowly walk through the electrical mines. I mean barely push your stick forward, because otherwise you’ll trigger the mines and probably end up dead.
  242. Hug the wall on the left side. Once you’re clear, head through the door directly in front of you, and get Amy to use the console.
  244. These are cleverly disguised loading screens, so just wait for the door to open.
  246. Once it’s open, move forward and smash the glass with your beating stick. Then move forward into the new giant room.
  248. This is kind of a crapshoot but its likely a Willem Dafoe spawns here. If you’re lucky he’ll be on the other side of the electrical mine. You can use this to your advantage to get extra hits on him while he’s crawling towards you. Realistically you should be able to get the Achievement “High Voltage” here, but I assume it’s just not programmed in at this point. I’ve never been able to get it, we’ll have to wait for Chapter 3.
  250. Take him out, and then crouch, and slowly walk past the electrical mine yourself. If he’s not there, you’ll have to just move forward, and fight him if he comes around, which he might just not do.
  252. Continue forward until you see another set of Electrical Mines. Instead of going through them head up the small staircase on your right, and examine one of the bodies in the fire. You’ll get the DNA passcode. By the way, you can go over to that area, but there is literally nothing of value, it’s just dead space.
  254. Now, go ahead and start heading back to the beginning of the level. Slowly cross the electrical mine, run through the busted window, and get Amy to use the console to open the door. You’ll get another checkpoint here.
  256. You can either wait, or just reload the checkpoint. I’m positive reloading the checkpoint is actually faster, which is kind of hilarious.
  258. Now you need to be pretty fast here, of course, you have to cross a field of electrical mines. Hug the right wall, and minimize your time in them.
  260. As your approaching the end of the mines, a Willem Dafoe will appear. Once you’re clear of the mines, start sprinting like crazy down the hallway, and back to the start of the level. Feel free to leave Amy behind, we don’t need her right now.
  262. Shove Dafoe out of the way, and he’ll eventually get wasted by the Security Guard.
  264. Our plan hasn’t changed, just keep sprinting to the DNA lock at the start of the level and you should make it.
  266. Once you’re in the room, use the DNA lock, and enter the room. You’ll get a checkpoint here, but will also likely get killed by the security guard since they were on your tail.
  268. Cut out the middle man and just reload once you hit the checkpoint. It will despawn the enemies.
  270. Head to the consoles, and find the green keycard on your left. Make sure you pick this up as it is required.
  272. Now there’s a legit way to do this, and a fast way to do this. Since we want to minimize our time playing Amy the fast way is the way to go. Go ahead take Amy by the hand, and exit the way you came in, then start sprinting. Shove the security guard out of your way and sprint into the room with the busted down wall by the gate. Now continue through the door, and head down the hallway the guard used to be patrolling. You should get a checkpoint here.
  274. Again, this may take a few attempts but you should be fine.
  276. From here it’s just a matter of continuing to sprint. First head left, and then take the first right. You’ll want to use Amy’s lantern is she’s still with you to avoid the puddles of corruption on the ground.
  278. Then head right at the end of the hallway. Finally, enter the door on your right.
  280. Use the console and you’ll engage in another game of Mastermi-, Oh wait sorry. Just do the basic trial and error to solve this puzzle.
  282. Once you finish, you’ll also be done with Chapter 2. You’ll get the Achievement. “Loud and Clear”.
  284. Achievement 5/12 - Loud and Clear
  286. Chapter 3
  287. Chapter 3 is where things start to get really obnoxious with Amy, but it still should be manageable.
  289. You’ll start off in an elevator. Grab Amy by the hand, get off it, and immediately head to your left.
  291. You’ll want to head left again to enter an alcove filled with boxes. At the end, on the wall is a glyph. Take Amy to it, and use the button prompt. After Amy scribbles it down on her tablet, you’ll get access to the shockwave power. One of Two powers in the game, and the only one you actually have to use. All those other spots for Amy’s powers fortunately don’t get filled, so don’t worry about it.
  293. Once you have Shockwave, you’ll want to backtrack out of here to the beginning of the level, and head straight to the wall.
  295. Turn left, pass the console, and turn left again.
  297. Now you’ll need to climb a series of boxes and scaffolding. This is really obnoxious, just make sure you’re holding Amy’s hand the whole time. You’ll need to repeat this three times, because the developer hates us.
  299. Once you’re at the top, let go of Amy, and head right to press the button to call down the elevator.
  301. Now, you need to use Amy’s Shockwave Ability to break the boards covering up the doorway. Why can’t you just climb over the railing? I don’t know. Respect the artistic vision of the developer.
  303. You have control of the projectile while it’s flying, so you can move it around a little bit. It’s very similar to Heavenly Swords after touch. You’ll be getting intimately familiar with Shockwave, and it’s controls shortly.
  305. Once you’ve broken the boards, grab Amy by the hand, and take her to the Elevator.
  307. Once she’s on, leave her there, and send her up.
  309. Now since you’re separated from Amy, you are on a bit of a time crunch, but you should be able to make it. Wait for Amy to reach the top, and tell her to press the button, which will trigger the elevator on the other side of the train station to go down. Why this elevator’s controls are on the other side of an entire building is beyond me, but maybe things are different in France.
  311. Once that’s done, you need to start hoofing it. Run through the now open doorway, and down the stairs.
  313. Then head left up the ramp, and up the ladder. Skip the cutscene, you might not actually get to skip it.
  315. Now use the button prompt to shimmy across the ledge, and once you get to the other side, use the ladder and head down.
  317. Climb down the rubble, and use the button prompt to go down further.
  319. Crouch, and head straight towards the Electrical mines. You’ll be extremely infected at this point but you should be able to make it.
  321. Head to your right, towards the fallen tree, and grab the Syringe by the bench. Use this as soon as you get it to reset the infection.
  323. Sneak past the next electric mine, and head down the stairs on your right.
  325. Continue forwards, this next mine looks like you have to sneak through it but if you hug the right wall you can avoid it entirely. Keep running.
  327. Turn left, and snake between the two mines to reach a ledge you can climb up.
  329. Grab the stick, before heading back down.
  331. Run onto the elevator platform, and look at Amy, and get her to press the button again. Ride this to the top, and you should get a checkpoint after attempting to get on the catwalk.
  333. Since you’re somewhat infected, it’s recommended to just reload this checkpoint immediately.
  334. Once you’re reloaded, go ahead and head down the walkway to grab another Syringe and the Keycard. Then head back to the elevator, and tell Amy to bring you down.
  336. At the bottom, go ahead and climb over the rubble again, and once you drop down again, you’ll get a cutscene.
  338. This is easily one of the hardest parts of the game. You’ll have to deal with 3 Willem Dafoes here, while being away from Amy, so you’re on a timer.
  341. Achievement Alert.
  342. Amy has unlimited Shockwave in this section, so you’re free to spam it as much as you want. You will want to immediately start by shoving the Dafoes into the mines.
  344. The first shove should unlock the achievement “High Voltage”. Keyword there is “should” it may take several attempts, but you should get it… eventually.
  346. Achievement 6/12 - High Voltage
  348. Now this is kind of buggy, to no ones surprise, but it seems like you only get one damaging shock per mine, or at the very least there’s an insanely long cooldown period, sometimes. Other times you will just be able to unload shockwaves into the Dafoes and kill them off.
  350. There’s really two ways to tackle this, neither of which is great, or consistent to deal with.
  352. Method 1, obviously is just to spam shockwave until you clear out the enemies. This method works pretty well on easy and normal, but isn’t great on hard mode. You can also tactically reposition Lana to make sure that the enemies go over “new” mines that haven’t been triggered in awhile for more consistent damage output.
  354. Method 2 involves using Lana’s melee, which again, isn’t a great option but if you fight them near a mine, you have a much higher chance of success. Run into the left corner by the mine, and wait for the enemies to get close. When they do, go ahead and attack them until they die. You’ll have to take down three here, and it’s extremely obnoxious to deal with. It will likely take you several attempts to get this down, but once you’re finished, one of the hardest parts of the game is over.
  356. You will need to abuse Syringes here, but you should have around 3 from pickups, which should be more than enough to get you back to Amy
  359. Once you’re clear, go ahead and make your way back to the mined area you climbed down into, and move the cart to open up a shortcut. Then head back up the stairs, and tell Amy to get on the elevator. Then call it down and reunite with her.
  361. Now return to the start of the level, with Amy, which means going down those stupid boxes again.. Turn off the console to open the door, and turn off the electric mines. Now, go ahead and return to the Shockwave Glyph at the start of the level to refund Amy’s power. This is an important step, as it will allow you to skip most of another puzzle.
  363. Now head back up the boxes, and return to the elevator. Amy has some of the most obnoxious level design available.
  365. At the top, with Amy in hand, go ahead and head back down the stairs. It’s entirely possible that you missed a Willem Dafoe in here, so make sure to kill any stragglers if there are any. Then cross the now deactivated minefield to finally, finally get through the door.
  367. Inside, just go ahead and head straight, and enter the door on your right.
  369. This puzzle is pretty dumb and obnoxious, so we’re going to skip most of it, provided you got a recharge of Shockwave.
  371. Go ahead and head left, to reach the button by the elevator. Don’t be silly, this button isn’t for the elevator beside us, its for the one on the other side of the room, obviously. Pr-Pr-Pr-Pr-Press the button.
  373. Turn around, and use Amy’s shockwave power to break the plank barricade on the second level. You’ll have to do a bit of curving the projectile, but it’s pretty easy.
  375. Now, because the developers hate us, do that a second time, because apparently that wasn’t good enough. For whatever reason there’s a second set of planks here. I cannot fathom why, besides angering you when you get up there, only to realize there’s another set of planks.
  377. Once both sets of planks are destroyed, tell Amy to wait by the button. Now head to the elevator. Command Amy to use the button and send you up. At the top, just run through the path, through the busted doors, and then use the button prompt to shimmy across the ledge.
  379. Now run to the end, and use the ladder to head down. Then just run to the button, push it, and head through the gate, you’ll get a checkpoint here. Feel free to just reload if you want.
  381. Otherwise, reunite with Amy. Then grab her hand and head back to the gate, cut the the hole in the wall and grab the Shockwave Glyph to restock Amy. We have to get more stock of Shockwave.
  383. Now realistically there are two ways to do this “puzzle”. There’s the normal, intended way which obviously isn’t hard, just obnoxious. Then there’s the glitched out way, and that’s faster and move fun.
  385. I strongly recommend the glitch way. You can skip to this time code for the much easier glitched way.
  387. The Normal Way (intended solution)
  388. Just like most puzzles in Amy, the intended route is mostly just obnoxious to deal with because of useless run around.
  390. After getting the shockwave glyph, re-enter the room, and use it immediately to break the barrier in front of you. Then go ahead and smash the one by the exit through the chain link fence since you’re here.
  392. Now go ahead and climb the boxes. Once you reach the top, get Amy to shoot the planks with shockwave on the catwalk across the way. Then get her to wait beside the button.
  394. Now you should head back down the crates.
  396. Head into the alcove with the plank barrier you smashed at the beginning of the area. I don’t know why they fenced off the one button, but they did. Go inside and press it.
  398. Once you’ve pressed it, a WIllem Dafoe will spawn and start charging you, during the cutscene, of course.
  400. You’ll likely just take free damage here, because that’s just how Amy is. Take this guy out in the standard way, smack him and then dodge his counters until you’re victorious. You’ll probably need to burn a syringe here, so do it if you have one, otherwise, get back to Amy for a heal.
  402. Now climb up the ladder in the center of the area. Climb onto the box, and then cross to the platform beside you. Now tell Amy to push the button, and as the platform crosses in front of you, get on it.
  404. Now simply pull the right box first, and then the left box, to reunite with Amy.
  406. The Better Way (Speedrun Strategy)
  407. This is way easier, and you avoid combat which makes it preferable. After getting the shockwave Glyph, just grab Amy’s hand and run to the pile of crates. Climb up them with Amy and get her to the top and then tell her to wait.
  409. Then jump down as Lana, and start sprinting towards the boxes.
  411. You should start to magically gain height. From here you’ll gain height until you can walk along the cables and get to the other side. It may take several attempts, but honestly, it feels faster and easier than actually doing the puzzle as intended. While you’re walking along the cables, just proceed slowly and stay in the center as much as possible.
  413. Once you’re across, move the two boxes, reunite with Amy, and then grab her hand. Head to the staircase, and use Shockwave to break the barrier, and then head down.
  415. Regardless of what you chose to do, exit the door, and you’ll get a checkpoint.
  417. Just continue to follow the hallway until you reach the bottom of the stairs.
  419. You’ll get a brief cutscene about having to sneak your way into the train car. Of course, you could carefully watch the movement pattern of the soldier and attempt to sneak past him, or you could do the smart thing.
  421. Just start sprinting, and get into the train car and you win.
  423. Another level, and achievement down. Blasted Metro is now yours.
  425. At this point you should have completed the only 3 missable achievements: Bodyguard, Where Are you? And High Voltage. If you did, congratulations all that’s left is to finish the game. We’ve just crossed the halfway point.
  427. Achievement 7/12 - Blasted Metro
  429. Chapter 4
  430. Since we’re lazy, just go ahead and send Amy to press the button at the start of the level. We have to leave her here for the majority of the level.
  432. This is unfortunately, the most frustrating level in the game in my opinion. It’s filled with combat, and the nature of that means you’ll die a lot.
  434. Once Amy has slowly and uselessly sauntered over to the button, go ahead and exit the train car.
  436. Head out, and to your right to find the path has collapsed. Go ahead and shimmy across the side, doing your best to avoid the gas. Once you reach the end head up the stairs and you’ll get a checkpoint.
  438. Since we don’t have many syringes, and Amy isn’t with us, go ahead and reload this checkpoint as you’re likely extremely infected. Especially if you got hit by the corruption geyser on the way here.
  440. You’ll restart by the staircase. Just sprint forward until you reach the end. Once you do, turn right, and pass slowly pass through the electric mine.
  442. Once you cross, turn right, and start sprinting. You’ll pass a Liev Shreiber. Just run to the end of this hall, and turn right once you reach the dead soldier. Pick up the card key and you’ll reach a checkpoint. You can optionally fight the enemy, or just reload your checkpoint here.
  444. Make sure to pick up the stick by the electrified water, and then open the gate, and head up the stairs.
  446. There are two strategies to get through the level, the intended way, and the glitch way. I strongly recommend the glitch way. You can skip to this time code for the much easier glitched way.
  448. Intended Strategy:
  450. This part is very difficult, and you go a long time without a checkpoint. If you follow this method you should be able to reliably isolate the enemies about 75% of the time and hopefully get through. If not a total isolation, you’ll hopefully get at least have enough time to kill one before the other engages you. Hopefully it doesn’t take you too many attempts, but be warned, while routing this out it took me about an hour to figure out a way to reliably do this.
  452. Head up the stairs, and turn right. Go into the door on your left.
  454. Head straight through the washrooms through the broken door way and run towards the payphone, but do not use it.
  456. Turn around, and an enemy should be right behind you. Go ahead and take it out in the standard way.
  458. Now the second enemy may or may not have aggroed you at this point.
  460. If he hasn’t you can use the soldiers mask to decontaminate. Otherwise, engage in combat until your weapon breaks. Then sprint to the end of the hallway and pick up another stick and take him out. Once it’s dead, make sure to use a decontamination syringe to avoid dying.
  462. This part is one of the more annoying parts in the game. It’s likely this will take you several attempts, but once you get it down, you should be much better off.
  464. At the end of the hallway, turn left and continue. Then head left again at the end and head down stairs.
  466. Grab the syringe from the chairs, and use the soldiers gas mask to decontaminate.
  468. Then smash the window with your stick.
  470. Smash the second window with your stick, and you’ll have to fight some enemies. It’ll be between one or two usually. Sometimes one just won’t spawn which is lucky.
  472. Take them out. Use a decontamination syringe if you’re damaged, and then return to the two window room to refresh your stick.
  474. Afterwards head back to the train, and head to the end to fight another enemy. Take him out, and then hit the button on the end of the train to get Amy back.
  476. Now this is very important, but make sure not to go through the hallway nearest to you. This is a massive trap. Even with Amy, the likelihood you die in here is insanely high. Instead, grab Amy’s hand, and go ahead and backtrack the way you came. It’s just way safer, especially since you cleared out the enemies earlier.
  478. Backtrack all the way back to the bathrooms. You’ll find a glyph in here for Amy’s shockwave. Make sure you get this as it’s required to get through.
  480. Continue back towards the payphone, and open the door with Amy. Wait in here. This next part is insanely buggy, so pay attention to sounds and music here.
  482. An enemy has a tendency to spawn here to kill Amy while you go around and if it does you can’t do anything and you just lose and have to restart from the very far away checkpoint. Sometimes it doesn’t seem to spawn, so just wait it out for about a minute, and if no one shows up proceed. If something does show up, go ahead and kill it.
  484. Then, once you’re in the clear, go ahead and get Lana to shimmy across the ledge on the right side. Head to the wall that’s discolored. Now you have to wait for the Demon Child to pass through the instant kill red goop. Just continually press the trigger for Amy’s power menu to show up until she’s in the right position. Once you can see the wall, shoot it with Shockwave to break it and create a path for Lana.
  486. Now continue forward, and you’ll hit a checkpoint.
  488. Speedrun Strategy
  489. Now doing that entire section the legitimate way is extremely obnoxious garbage. I’m going to suggest that you do it this way instead.
  490. Once you find the keycard, reload your checkpoint.
  492. Pick up the stick and open the gate, then head up the stairs.
  494. Feel free to take your time here, it actually is beneficial, the more corrupted you are, the more forgiving of a timing window you get.
  496. Turn right at the top and enter the bathrooms via the door. Pick up the syringe on the ground by the stalls, then wait by the broken wall for an enemy to patrol past you into the bathrooms.
  498. Take him out with your stick, and then exit the bathrooms and cross the hallway. You should be fairly contaminated by now but don’t worry, we need to be.
  500. In fact, you can do this without any combat at all. If you get contaminated enough, you can just walk past the enemies should you prefer, but its slower.
  502. Once you’ve dealt with the enemy, head towards the payphone, and use the keycard on the door on your right.
  504. Pick up the syringe in this room if you don’t have one, and enter the next door.
  506. This broken wall has red goop everywhere that will basically kill you instantly if you step on it on hard. Since Amy is such a buggy, broken mess you can actually bypass this entire section.
  508. When Lana uses a Syringe she enters a healing state to get back to baseline infection level. This basically means you can’t be killed by any forms of infection while away from Amy, but you can still be killed by enemies.
  510. You’ll want to be fairly infected, to the point where you see red is adequate.
  512. Aim yourself so that you can make a straight shot through the the red goop, and through the second door across the way.
  514. Use the syringe, and then immediately start sprinting through the red goop. Continue forward, and enter the doorway and keep sprinting. If you were infected enough, you should have just enough time to get through the second doorway without getting instantly killed.
  516. You can technically do this in two attempts if you have two syringes, but it does require a lot of waiting around in the space between the two puddles for Lana to get contaminated.
  518. Once you’re across, you’ll hit a checkpoint. Since you don’t have Amy with you, go ahead and reload the checkpoint and magically the devil child will appear next to you.
  520. Chapter 4 - Combat Gauntlet
  521. This is one of the hardest parts of the game, especially if you don’t know broken strategies.
  523. Pick up the Crowbar in front of the door. It’s way, way stronger than those sticks we were forced to use. Send Amy through the hole and prepare for a combat gauntlet.
  525. By prepare for a combat gauntlet, I mean run back and hide in an alcove by some debris and a “Welcome to Silver City SIgn” to avoid most of the combat.
  527. Enemies will still come to you, but it will be slowly, and usually one at a time. You can take them out in one or two hits with the crowbar. You’ll likely need to use at least one syringe here, and you’ll only really need to take out about 3 enemies.
  529. I cannot stress enough how much easier it is to run back here, because you will get swarmed and killed extremely quickly on Hard Mode by trying to stand your ground by the door.
  531. Once the screen starts to split, go ahead and start sprinting back to the door. Lana should shove enemies out of their way.
  533. Don’t even worry about Amy, just get through the door and you’ll hit the end of the level.
  535. Another achievement down Emergency Exit is now yours. We’re getting close to the end.
  536. Achievement 8/12 - Emergency Exit
  538. Chapter 5
  539. At the start of the level, kill the first enemy you come across. It should be a one hit kill. Your Crowbar may break, but it doesn’t matter.
  541. Chapter 5 starts with an insanely long, and arduous puzzle that requires you to use every single one of Amy’s abilities you’ve used up until this point.
  543. It requires slowly working your way up a city block by clever use of Amy’s mute, and shockwave abilities to lure enemies around, and using Lana’s ability to contaminate herself to sneak past enemies, and decontaminate herself by using Amy’s abilities or the soldier’s masks. It’s a gauntlet of slowly working your way across this street.
  545. Unfortunately, I don’t actually know how to solve this puzzle. I genuinely have no idea what the intended solution is because it’s such a confusing mess, and especially on hard mode, your timing is so incredibly tight that I died dozens of times during the stream figuring out what the heck to do. Not to mention, its the only part of the game with strictly enforced stealth, for god knows why.
  547. Thankfully, Amy is a broken piece of garbage, so we can skip the entire thing. Count yourself #blessed that speedrunners exist and figured out this strategy.
  551. Now you have to wait until Lana is adequately infected to avoid detection from the standard enemies. Once the screen gets tinged red is usually a safe bet.
  553. Now go ahead and walk past the two enemies, and shove the box in front of you. Then turn left, and shove the car.
  555. Now turn to your right and work your way up the right side.
  557. Once Lana reaches critical infection levels, it is actually faster to crouch, so go ahead and do that. On Easy you can skip this step, but your infection raises too quickly on Hard mode from my experience. Go ahead and cross the street, and use the Soldier’s gas mask on your right to decontaminate.
  559. Now sit tight for a bit by the staircase until you reach that light red tinge of infection.
  561. Sneak past the enemies here towards the alley on the far side of the level, directly to the left of the hospital.
  563. Once you hit the lamp post, you’re pretty much home free. Start sprinting. You want to pick up the keycard next to the enemy here on the right side. Once you do, you’ll hit a checkpoint.
  565. Go ahead and reload. You’ll be here, with Amy at your side, and no enemies.
  567. Seriously, that puzzle is so beyond awful I can’t even put it to words. It’s so amazing that this skip exists, and it’s so easy to execute. We’re on the home stretch though, so we have to soldier onwards.
  569. Grab Amy’s hand, and turn left, then enter the door past the crate. Ignore the first right, and take the second right to find a glyph for shockwave. Make sure Amy gets this.
  571. Now head back to the hallway you skipped and proceed forward.
  573. Use Amy’s shockwave to break the barrier. Then go ahead and enter the door on your left, and hide inside the cabinet. You’ll get a checkpoint, go ahead and reload to despawn the guard. This is your final chance to get the Where Are you? Achievement, but you should’ve gotten it in Chapter 2.
  575. Now head down the stairs, and through the door.
  577. This is maybe the most egregious, and useless puzzle I’ve ever seen in any Video Game. Run to the elevator, tell Amy to wait, then make Lana go down the ladder, and press the button at the bottom.
  579. Nothing here but to waste the players time. Especially considering this area is followed by a staircase. Why not just extend the staircase? Why put an elevator, and a ladder right next to each other. These are the questions that no one asked during the development meetings.
  581. Also, you can just run off the edge and take Amy with you if you’re fast, but it’s moderately difficult to pull off.
  583. Once you’re finished this obnoxious puzzle, go ahead and enter the door, the head down the stairs with Amy in tow.
  585. Once you’re at the bottom you’ll be in the sewers, because of course Amy has a sewer level.
  587. Turn to your right and pick up the crowbar before crossing the planks.
  589. Then turn left and follow this path until you can turn to the right.
  591. Now head straight across this room, and shove Amy under the grates.
  593. Now turn around, and head right towards the hallway. Use the button to open the door. Exit to the sewers, and then follow the path on your right until you find another closed grate. Tell Amy to push the button to let you in.
  595. Now, Lana can’t use this button, but Amy can. Keep that in mind.
  597. Tell Amy to wait by the button for that exact reason.
  599. Now enter the room, and head to the DNA lock on your left. You’ll get a checkpoint.
  601. This is a combat gauntlet. You’ll have to fight wave after wave of Willem Dafoes here. Of course, since Amy is a buggy broken mess, you can glitch out the AI so the enemies never actually come in to fight you.
  603. Immediately turn around and tell Amy to use the button. This closes the door, and causes the enemies to glitch out. You’ll probably have to fight one, maybe two enemies depending on your speed, but that’s a heck of a lot easier than dealing with the dozen or so they throw at you.
  605. Make sure to leave the door shut for awhile, just to ensure the enemies haven’t spawned.
  607. Once the doors been shut for awhile go ahead and open it again using Amy. You can wait here to kill the enemies or you can just sprint to the corpse you need to steal its DNA. Its your call.
  609. Afterwards head left, and to the end of this hallway to unlock the door.
  611. Head forward, and cross the sewer on the planks on your right.
  612. Then turn right again to use the DNA sequencer on the body to get the code.
  614. You’ll likely get another Willem Dafoe on you, it happened to me multiple times.
  616. Take it out, or just run back to the DNA sequencer. Head straight, and cross the sewer when its convenient. Then head back into the hallway, and close the gate with Amy if you want. Otherwise just make a b-line for the DNA lock, open it, and head through the door. Once you’re inside, you’ll finish the level and get the Achievement Contamination.
  618. Achievement 9/12 - Contamination
  620. Chapter 6
  622. That’s all 5 levels complete, but you didn’t think you’d get through Amy without a horrible final boss encounter did you?
  624. You’re finally in the Hospital, and apparently something has been chasing you for the whole game? Or something along those lines. Whatever. Big Bad enemy, take it out.
  626. There are realistically 3 ways you can fight the final boss, and I’ll go through them all, just as a formality.
  628. The first way, and I suppose intended way of taking him out is to send Amy into this room, and then grab a Defibrillator. You’ll then need to run to an outlet by a puddle of water, and prime the defibrillator. Then you need the boss to walk towards you, and he’ll get shocked. Then you can attack it once, before running back to Amy to get her to turn the power back on. Then you repeat this process and use syringes at necessary until it’s dead.
  630. This works well on Easy and Normal, but on Hard, the boss is just way too fast and he catches up to you too easily. That and without Amy nearby you’ll be contaminated far too fast, and likely run out of syringes, provided you can get them off at all. The boss is fast and unforgiving on Hard mode, so you’ll likely get hit in the back which can lead to deaths. Do not recommend this strategy for hard mode.
  632. The second strategy is by using dodge-cancelling to continually unload attacks into the boss. There is a distinct rhythm to it. It’s a press of the attack button, followed by a tap of the dodge button and another press of the attack button. You need to make sure you finish the attack animation before back cancelling, and then swing again immediately. It may take a second, but it’s pretty easy to get into the rhythm once you get it down.
  634. Again, works really well on Easy and maybe Normal, but on Hard, you’re punished too hard by a hit and you’re likely to die. Don’t Recommend this strategy for hard mode.
  636. The final strategy is by far the easiest to execute, and safest, but is the slowest. I recommend this strategy for all attempts in hard mode. You’ll have Amy with you, so you don’t have to worry about syringes. If you do take a hit, you’ll also have adequate time to recover your HP.
  638. From the start of the level, just head to your right and you’ll find 2 electric mines. Head to the back of this room, so you can see both mines. Now just hang out for a bit until the boss comes by.
  640. He’ll slowly walk between the mines towards you. From here, it’s just a matter of waiting until he’s close enough for you to get a swing off. He’ll attempt to dodge, shocking him, and giving you an opportunity for an execute style move.
  642. Once you finish the attack, back out, and do a serpentine motion around the mines to get to the other side of the room. Then he’ll slowly walk towards you through the mines again, and you just repeat this process. You can really only get one hit per trip across the room, since the mines won’t shock a second time from my experience.
  644. Just repeat this process until you’re finished with him. It’ll take a long time, upwards of 5 minutes, but as long as you give him a wide berth while running between the mines you should have no real threat of dying here. Amy will catch up with you by running through the mines, which should prevent you from ever getting contaminated.
  646. After the final hit, you’ll be treated to a well deserved finale. Not from the game, the final cutscene is unclear, sequel baiting garbage. Amy’s story is something else, because literally nothing happens. It also ends on a cliffhanger, which is even funnier when you know that the studio went out of business.,
  648. Congratulations, you should have unlocked the final three achievements, for completion of Hard, and trickle down achievements for Normal and Easy.
  650. Achievement 10/12 - Survivor (Easy)
  651. Achievement 11/12 - Survivor (Normal)
  652. Achievement 12/12 - Survivor (Hard)
  655. Hopefully.
  657. I didn’t have this problem, but I have heard first hand accounts of achievements and trophies just not unlocking for the trickle down.
  659. Amy is a trainwreck, so don’t be surprised if you just, don’t get one of the achievements for some reason. You do have level select unlocked now, but only for hard mode. If you missed one, just go ahead and redo the level, or the final boss and hopefully it will unlock. If you know what you’re doing, some levels can be beaten in a couple of minutes which makes it relatively painless, of course, you’re still playing Amy.
  661. Regardless, your journey and by extension suffering should be over.
  663. There’s just one last thing to do now, and that’s to uninstall Amy from your hard drive, and repress your memories of it forever….
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