The Magical Shampoo

Oct 20th, 2015
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  1. "Well, shit"
  2. >The bottle of shampoo was empty
  3. >And you were already in the shower all wet
  4. >You start pondering your options
  5. >You could just dry yourself without washing your head properly
  6. >But Twilight would scold you for it and you don't want her to get on your nerves
  7. >Or...
  8. >Maybe you could... you know... use hers
  10. >Over the sound of running water from the shower head you hear
  11. >"Is yours empty?"
  12. "NO, SHIT!"
  13. >There's a couple of seconds of silence
  14. >"Alright, but don't use it excessively. Yours was made specifically for you."
  15. >"We don't know what side effects it might have."
  16. >Eh, what could happen
  17. >You pour a bit of this hair liquid and start cleaning your head
  18. >There's a nagging feeling of immense softness but you dismiss it for horse land chemistry
  19. >Finally, you dry yourself off
  20. >Your hair feels amazing
  21. >No shampoo on Earth has had this kind of effect on you
  22. >Maybe you should notify Twilight
  23. >Nah
  24. >The whole day your hair feels amazing
  25. >You feel it as if it were longer
  26. >But the last you checked, it's still the same size
  27. >Stupud horse chemistry
  28. >At the end of the day you ask Twilight when the next bottle of your shampoo will be ready
  29. >"It appears that some important engredients ran out. I'll have to go to Canterlot to buy them"
  30. >"Can you manage yourself for a couple of days?"
  31. >Of course you can
  32. "Of course I can"
  33. >"Good. It looks like there are no apparent side-effects of the shampoo, but still think you should be cautious"
  34. "Oh come on. Just get that shampoo done. That's all I want"
  35. >She frowns, but still leaves
  36. >Oh man
  39. >The next day you do your routine
  40. >Wake up late and hungry
  41. >Go to brush your teeth and shower
  42. >You remember that your shampoo maker is still in Canterlot
  43. >You see that purple bottle of shampoo and think
  44. >Well it didn't hurt yesterday, why not use your normal dose of shampoo
  45. >You pour it again and put it at use
  46. >That nagging feeling again but stronger
  47. >You're in bliss
  48. >Why didn't you ask Twilight earlier
  49. >You finish your showering and go to the kitchen
  50. >Being the cook you are you make some acceptable breakfast and eat it in no time
  51. >Well that was unusually fast
  52. >You decide to read some book in the library
  53. >Do these horses have any action novels?
  54. >You hope they do
  55. >After what seemed like a couple of hours of reading you put down your book and realize it's dark outside
  56. >What the fuck
  57. >Did you get that engrossed with the book?
  58. >Oh well
  59. >You go upstairs towards the bathroom
  60. >While brushing your teeth you see the purple bottle in the mirror
  61. >Definetly using it now
  62. >Next day
  63. >You're in the bathroom. Your hair feels longer but in your sleepiness you don't notice it
  64. >You shower again
  65. >This time without a second thought you use the shampoo
  66. >Oh god, you're in bliss
  67. >Maybe her shower gel is the same
  68. >You pour some and use it on your body
  69. >HOLY SHIT
  73. >You've never felt like this before
  74. >You feel so soft and at same time you feel every single hair on your body
  75. >You're almost ready to transcend into an another dimension
  76. >You barely get a hold of yourself
  77. >Damn
  78. >You dry off and go to the kitchen
  79. >Your regular breakfast wasn't enough
  80. >The hell
  81. >After you make another one with strange ammounts of green in it you are satisfied
  82. >And again you feel like reading today
  83. >But today you want some science
  84. >Maybe you'll figure out their fancy chemistry
  85. >Probably should write it down, so you wouldn't forget
  86. >Anyways, you find a book and start reading
  87. >You're so enthralled that you don't even notice the lowering sun
  88. >Only the rumble in your stomach notifies you that it's time to eat
  89. >It's almost night, what the fuck
  90. >You make a quick snack and go to the bathroom
  91. >While staring in the mirror you still don't notice that you hair is a bit longer
  92. >You're staring at the now 2 bottles: the shampoo and the shower gel
  93. >A late night shower wouldn't hurt, right?
  94. >You enter the shower and enable the water
  95. >Without even noticing, you pour the gel over you
  96. >You're in absolute extasy
  97. >You almost lose concsiousness from this sensory overload
  98. >The shampoo is just the icing on the cake and you decide to use it extra thoroughly
  99. >You leave the bathroom as if a week worth of masturbation just happened at once
  100. >You dream of books and horses
  103. >You wake up tired
  104. >What happened yesterday?
  105. >You go to the bathroom as usual to wash off you sleep
  106. >10 minutes later and you're still staring in the mirror
  107. >Your hair is long enough to touch your shoulders
  108. >And it's purple with two streaks off to the side
  109. >Not only that but YOUR FUCKING SKIN IS PURPLE
  110. >On close inspection you notice tiny purple hairs all over your body have started growing
  111. >What the actual fuck
  112. >And haven't you told?
  114. >This makes you think the unthinkable and you're afraid to look at Anon Jr. right now
  115. >You're afraid to find what you think you will
  116. >But that will not save you
  117. >You still have to to take...
  118. >...a shower
  119. >In a fraction of a second you turn to the accursed bottles
  120. >It's them
  121. >They did this to you
  122. >But the more you stare at them, the more you want to use them again
  123. >There is a mental battle happening inside you right now
  124. >Eventually your desire for bliss wins
  125. >You shower not even noticing that in place of Anon Jr. was happening something you were still yet to discover
  126. >Your breakfast is very green today
  127. >In your mental conflict you don't notice how you ate 2 and a half plates of greenery
  128. >You spend the whole day in books
  129. >After eating another batch of green with some flowers which you found strangely tasty you go to the bathroom
  130. >You almost jump in the shower not even touching the toothbrush
  131. >You spend your next 30 minutes covered with Twilight's hygiene
  132. >You dry yourself, brush your teeth and decide to find a big mirror to look at yourself
  133. >You find one in Twiltght's room
  134. >Yep, you're definetly purple now
  135. >Aaand your hair is lower than your shoulders now
  136. >It's hard to stay on your legs
  137. >You look at between them and see the thing you were afraid to find this morning
  138. >You have a new equpment
  139. >But there was something wrong with it
  140. >It was bigger than you saw it on pictures
  141. >Upon close inspection you're correct
  142. >This is not a human vag
  143. >It's a mare one
  147. >Welp
  148. >Also you notice your breasts are lower than they were this morning
  149. >Well, Twilight's still in Canterlot
  150. >There's no turning back for now
  151. >Might as well admire what you have at the moment
  152. >There is no conflict in your brain anymore
  153. >You just want to sleep
  154. >Your night is the most peaceful in ages
  156. >The following day you wake up early
  157. >You're still tired but not as much
  158. >You remember the previous day and decide to look in the mirror
  159. >You're horrified
  160. >You're not staring at you face
  161. >You're staring at Twilight's head which rests on your purple still human shoulders
  162. >Looks like that's going to change very soon
  163. >It still hard to stand
  164. >Looking at your legs you see something behind them
  165. >Oh boy
  166. >A tail
  167. >Great
  168. >Now you're a fucking anthro Twilight
  169. >AbsolutelyDisgusting.jpg
  170. >At least it looks like the process is not over and you're going to be full pony pretty soon
  171. >Seems like your tits are on their proper place already
  172. >The excessive greens and reading until nighttime
  173. >How didn't you notice
  174. >Well might as well shower now
  175. >This time you find it easier to shower on all fours
  177. >You've learned to make 1 plate of enuogh breakfast to satisfy you now
  178. >Who would've known, that hay gets you sated this fast
  179. >You're not even holding yourself against it
  180. >Once again you spend your day reading about magic
  181. >Since you'll probably have a horn tomorrow, might as well learn to you use it beforehand
  182. >Before bed you shower as usual, eager to finish the process already
  183. >You admire your not really human body
  184. >The hair is now the length of Twilight's
  185. >You're on all fours right now
  186. >It really shows your tail this way
  187. >You go to sleep
  190. >You wake up refreshed but your body feels sore
  191. >You already know why
  192. >You take off your covers and are met with a certain purple pony's body in front of you
  193. >You have hooves now, what joy
  194. >You feel something protruding out of your head
  195. >Called it. The horn is in its place
  196. >You try to leave the bed and are met with the wooden floor
  197. >Time to learn walking on all fours
  198. >You spend some time walking around, mastering your new appendages
  199. >Now that you've learned to walk, it's time for some complicated tasks
  200. >Like opening doors
  201. >Since you're not some earth pony, your horn is your best friend now
  202. >You put the knowledge you've aquired from yesterday to use
  203. >With some effort you turn the knob and exit the bedroom
  204. >To the bathroom!
  205. >The sink and mirror are on your eye level now, how convenient
  206. >It's as if you're living with someone smaller than you
  207. >Oh right, you do
  208. >You sigh looking in the mirror and notice the familiar voice coming out of your mouth
  209. >You also notice the lack of certain feathery appendages on your sides
  210. >You just hope noone comes before Twilight returns from Canterlot
  211. >You won't be able to properly replace her in this case
  212. >Entering the kitchen you obviously notice the change in heights of furniture
  213. >It's not like you can't reach anything with your magic
  214. >Excercising your skill you finally make a proper breakfast
  215. >You start to wonder what's taking that horse so long
  216. >It's been four days already and she's still not back
  217. >You don't want to be stuck like this
  218. >What if the effect is consolidating the longer it exists?
  219. >What if Twilight won't be able to reverse it?
  220. >How will you live as her not so ascended doppleganger?
  221. >You start to panic
  222. >Wait
  223. >Why are you panicking so much?
  226. >You never panicked like this
  227. >Is... Is your mind changing too?
  228. >Is your mind going to be slowly replaced by Twilight's?
  229. >Are you going to forget who you are?
  230. >This is becoming very panic inducing
  231. >You crawl into a fetal position and start caressing you tail
  232. >What the...
  233. >You're already acting like Twilight!
  234. >You have to think fast
  235. >There should be a way to keep your mind off this situation
  236. >Reading?
  237. >No, that would only remind you of it
  238. >Wash off the worries in the shower?
  239. >Absolutely not, you don't know what else that shampoo can do to you
  240. >You decide to do some clean up in your bedroom
  241. >That surely would put your mind in a different flow
  242. >Inspecting the room you make a list of places to clean and another of instruments to use
  243. >You doublecheck the lists and head off to find the instruments
  244. >Broom? Check
  245. >Cloth to clean dust? Check
  246. >Mop? Check
  247. >Bucket of water? Check
  248. >After doublechecking the list again, satisfied, you return to the room and start cleaning
  249. >No corner was left unnoticed, no spot uncleaned
  250. >The list is checked all over
  251. >You wipe off some sweat and look at what you have done
  252. >The room looks gorgeous
  253. >Everything is organized, in its place
  254. >You even got some books to make the picture perfect
  255. >What a good pony you a-
  257. >DID YOU JUST-
  258. >You d-didn't...
  259. >Everything you just did reeks of Twilight's mindset and habits
  260. >You start to lose your mind
  263. >You are Twilight
  264. >And you are frustrated
  265. >Canterlot was supposed to have all the needed ingredients
  266. >But instead not only you had to stay in a line for one or two
  267. >Half of them were out of stock
  268. >So you had to visit Manehattan wasting precious time
  269. >Who knows what havok Anon can wreck in your absense
  270. >And you promised him to get the shampoo
  271. >You still have your doubts about him using your hygiene
  272. >The side-effects could be not so prominent on the first try
  273. >You are worried for Anon
  275. >You are Twili- Anon. ANON.
  276. >Or are you Twilight?
  278. >Your mind is a mess
  279. >The books you left on the table unfinished frustrate you by not being on the sheleves
  280. >The food in the kitchen frustartes you by not being in their proper places
  281. >You cleaned your bedroom but you made a mess again in your panic attack
  282. >Which frustrates you even further
  283. >You are paralyzed on your bed unable to do anything
  284. >You are afraid to think
  285. >You are afraid that you will think like Twilight
  286. >This is hell
  287. >And you are its architect
  289. >Eventually you calmed down
  290. >You remembered some mind excercises back from Earth
  291. >Some steady breathing and physical movement and your mind is at peace
  292. "This will be over soon"
  293. >You cringe at your voice but keep calm
  294. >Just make your thought process as usual as possible and you will survive this predicament
  295. >You will be fine
  296. >Your eye and tail twitch
  299. >You're Twilight
  300. >And you're trying to get home as fast as possible
  301. >You have this nagging feeling that something isn't right
  302. >You should've told him not to use the shampoo
  303. >Since he stays inside most of the time he doesn't need to shower that often, right?
  304. >Maybe you're just worrying too much
  305. >He'll be fine
  306. >At least you hope so
  308. >You slowly approach the front door
  309. >Taking a deep breath you slowly open the door
  310. >Everything looks... suprisingly clean and tidy
  311. >Every item is on its place
  312. >Did Anon finally learn to clean up after himself properly?
  313. >This actually makes you smile
  314. >You definitely were worrying too much
  315. >"Anon! I'm back with the shampoo ingredients!"
  316. >No response
  317. >"Anon?"
  318. >Spoke too soon
  319. >Your smile fades
  320. >You leave you saddlebags on the nearest table and go upstairs
  321. >Maybe he's in the bedroom
  322. >As you approach the room you actually hear some movement behind the door
  323. >He just didn't hear you, that's all
  324. >Silly Twilight
  325. >With a renewed smile you open the door to greet him
  326. >What you see inside leaves you in shock
  327. >The commotion wasn't coming from Anon apparently
  328. >It was coming from yourself
  329. >Well, not yourself, but from someone identical to you
  330. >There she was, Unicorn Twilight, dusting the the bookshelves in Anon's bedroom
  331. >Which weren't there the last time you remember it
  332. >She is currently facing the opposite direction and haven't noticed you yet
  333. >You slowly shorten the distance between you and her
  334. >You're still in disbelief
  335. >She looks exactly like you just before you became an alicorn
  336. >She jumps when you touch her shoulder
  337. "Gah! Who- Who are you? Wait, you're me but how can there be two of me?"
  338. >"I was going to ask the same question. But have a more important one."
  339. >"Where's Anon?"
  340. >She tilts her head
  341. "Who?"
  344. >"You know, a tall green human in a suit"
  345. "A hu-man? What's that?"
  346. >"Ugh, could you just go downstairs and wait for me? I'l be there in a couple of minutes"
  347. >She complies and leaves the room
  348. >You analyze the tidy room
  349. >She put quite the effort to clean it
  350. >Suddenly you notice a piece of parchment on the table
  351. >You levitate it to yourself
  352. >The scribbles on it seem to be forming some kind of text, but the writing seems very frantic
  353. >As if the writer was in a hurry
  354. >Slowly you discipher the scribbles into sentences
  355. "Twilight"
  356. "If you're reading this then the transformation is complete. This is all my fault. The shampoo really did have side effects."
  357. "I couldn't stop myself. It felt so good. I used the gel too. The transformation was both physical and mental"
  358. "If you meet yourself but without wings, that's me. It's getting hard to think straight. I'm turning into you."
  359. "Please, help me..."
  360. >The last sentence ends with a line going outside the parchment
  361. >He lost consciousness
  362. >Okay, Twilight, calm down, you can fix this
  363. >You just have to find a spell in one of your books to reverse the effect
  364. >Poor Anon
  365. >You knew you shouldn't have let him use the shampoo
  366. >You roll up the piece of parchment and go downstairs
  367. >There you see the other Twilight sitting in tears
  368. >"Are you crying?"
  369. "I don't know why, but i just suddenly felt very sad. I feel like I need help but don't know what for"
  370. "I'm perfectly fine"
  371. >He's still there
  372. >Anon is still fighting
  373. >You need to hurry
  374. >Who knows how long he will last
  375. >You start skimming through books trying to find the right spell
  376. >Finally you find one but it seems to be very complex
  377. >It first requires the subjects mental state to be intact
  378. >Which means you have to return Anon's mind first
  379. >Which will require another totally different spell
  380. >Why did this have to happen
  383. >Finally you find the correct spell
  384. >You return to the other Twilight
  385. >Or at least to the place where she were
  386. >Oh no
  387. >Where did she go?
  388. >You start to call out for her
  389. >"Twilight! Where are you?"
  390. >It sure feels weird to call for yourself
  391. >There's no answer
  392. >You start to worry
  393. >You have to find her fast
  394. >Anon cannot fight forever
  395. >You go outside and call for her again
  396. >You get some weird looks
  397. >Well, of course you would
  398. >How many ponies can say they were searching for themselves out loud
  399. >Well, probably Berry. But that's a whole different situation
  400. >You go to the back yard and sigh in relief
  401. >There she is staring at the castle
  402. >"What are you doing here?! I was searching all over for you!"
  403. "Wha- Twilight, what is this castle in the middle of Ponyville?"
  404. >You're not wasting time with this
  405. >"It's a long story and not important. Come with me inside"
  406. "What for?"
  407. >"I need to show you something"
  408. >Maybe you can help out Anon a little
  409. >Just to make sure there won't be that much struggle when you apply the first spell
  410. >You lead her to the bathroom
  411. >The shampoo is still in its place
  412. >You examine the bottle
  413. >It's almost empty
  414. >How much Anon DID use?
  415. >You turn to your copy
  416. >"Do you know what this is?"
  417. "Of course I do. That's the shampoo I use. Looks like I never tried anything new"
  418. >Oh har har
  419. >"Does it bring up any weird memories?"
  420. >She looks deep in thought
  423. "Nothing out of the ordina- AAAAAAAAH"
  424. >She screams with her hooves on her head
  425. >It worked!
  426. >Looks like Anon is breaking out
  427. >She stopped screaming and fell on the floor exhausted
  428. >You approach her and see her opening her eyes
  429. >You grab her head with your hooves
  430. >"What's your name?"
  431. "W-wh- Huh? Twilight? No wait. My name is..."
  432. >You see her struggling to form a coherent answer
  433. "My name is... Anon"
  434. >She practically exhales the last word
  435. >You sigh in relief again
  436. >"I know you're very tired right now but I need you to make a final push"
  437. >"I'm bringing you back"
  438. >His eyes widen
  439. "Please! Please! Do it as fast as you can! I don't want back! It's so cold and dark out there"
  440. >Looks like the ship is really sinking right now
  441. >You have to act fast
  442. >Enveloping Anon in your magic, you run with him downstairs
  443. >You don't have much time
  444. >He's in pain
  445. >The wrong memories are consuming him again
  446. >You put him down on the floor in the main hall
  447. >You start to charge up the spell
  448. >It's all or nothing
  449. >You cast the spell on Anon
  451. >You open your eyes and see him lying on the floor
  452. >He's unconscious
  453. >The spell mentioned putting the target into a state of unconsciousness to reassemble the mind
  454. >It's estimated to take from 2 to 3 hours
  455. >You levitate the pony body upstairs and put it on Anon's bed
  456. >In the meantime you decide to brew the shampoo for Anon
  459. >You are Anon
  460. >Your head feels like it was smashed into million pieces and assemebled back
  461. >Where are you?
  462. >What happened?
  463. >You start to recall using someone's something
  464. >Then something bad happened
  465. >You try to put your hand on your head
  466. >But all you are met with is a stub
  467. >What the...
  468. >You open your eyes and are met with blinding light
  469. >As your eyes adjust you immediately regret opening them
  470. >Instead of your familiar human body you see a pony one
  471. >A purple one at that
  472. >And a purple stub in front of you which is apparently a hoof
  473. >Pain consumes your head
  474. >It's all coming back now
  475. >The shampoo, the physical changes
  476. >You remember now
  477. >You're in Twilight's body
  478. >At least your own copy of Twilight's body
  479. >You wonder why you're still a pony
  480. >Was your mind just in overdrive from all the panic that it simulated all those mental changes?
  481. >You have to find Twilight
  482. >You slowly adjust your body in a position to leave the bed properly
  483. >As you stand on all fours you notice the strange tidyness of the room
  484. >It looks like yours but it's too clean for your habits
  485. >Maybe Twilight cleaned it
  486. >You even see some bookshelves
  487. >Why would you need them?
  488. >You don't read books
  489. >You approach the the door and instinctively turn the knob with your magic
  490. >Where did you learn to use your horn?
  491. >It's not like you read a book about it
  492. >While pondering this you approach the stairs and slowly descend in the main hall
  493. >You hear some noise coming from Twilight's sciense room
  494. >That's what you call it at least
  495. >You open the door still wondering how are you able do it just like that
  496. >You see Twilight near some flasks with liquids in them
  497. >She doesn't see you so you approach her unnoticed
  498. "Twilight, what are you doing?"
  501. >She visibly jumps almost spilling what she was holding
  502. >"Gah! Who- Anon?"
  503. "Yeah?"
  504. >She puts the flask on the table and tightly hugs you
  505. >"I was so worried about you! I thought I lost you there..."
  506. >What is she talikng about
  507. >Didn't you just change appearance from that shampoo?
  508. "Twilight, what happened? Me changing my looks isn't that big of a deal, right?"
  509. >"What are you... Oh... You don't remember"
  510. >What is she talking about?
  511. >"It seems the spell is blocking your memories"
  512. "What spell? What memories?"
  513. >You're visibly confused
  514. >"The spell I cast on you was supposed to restore your mind after what happened"
  515. >"The memories it is blocking are about your mind changing along with your body to the one of the host's"
  516. >"Which is me. Before becoming an alicorn"
  517. >Wow, now many things started making sense
  518. >Your tidy room
  519. >Your knowledge of telekinesis
  520. >You don't remember that because your mind was already changing at the time
  521. >Well, now that that's out of the way, you can be returned to your original body, right?
  522. "So, if my mind is intact then the next step is to transform me back?"
  523. >"Of course. I just have to finish your shampoo and you'll be back to human form in no time"
  524. >"It won't take me more than 10 minutes"
  525. >You decide to leave her alone and return to the main hall
  526. >You find a comfortable position on a couch and stare into the ceiling
  527. >You hear some hoofsteps approaching the entrance door
  528. >Oh shit
  529. >If they see you, that will be very bad
  530. >You don't have time to hide, though, as the door suddenly opens
  531. >From behind the door Pinkie jumps in
  533. >She looks at you
  534. >Oh no. No, no, no.
  535. >This is bad
  538. >She is suddenly in front of you
  539. >No sense of personal space as always
  540. >She squints at you
  541. >"Hmmm, there seems to be something different about you"
  542. >"I wonder what"
  543. >You don't move under the scanning look of Pinkie Pie
  544. >"Wait a minute... *GAAAAAASP* WHERE ARE YOUR WINGS, TWILIGHT?"
  545. >"Did you do something bad and Princess Celestia took them away?"
  546. >"Did you become tired of your princess duties and cast an illusion on yourself to look like a unicorn again?"
  547. >"Did the collective mind of ponies not wanting you to be a princess become powerfull enough to make it true?"
  548. >You barely understand what she says with the speed she talks
  549. "Pinkie, stop"
  550. >She continues her rant
  551. "Pinkie"
  552. >Pinkie.exe stopped responding
  553. "PINKIE!"
  554. >"What?"
  555. "Pinkie, none of that is correct. Just wait a bit and we'll explain everything to you"
  556. >"We? Why are you-"
  557. >The door the the sciense room opens with Twilight holding a small glass of what you suppose is your shampoo
  558. >Finally
  559. >"TWO TWILIGHTS?! Did you experiment with time travel again? Is this Twilight from the past?"
  560. >"That explains the lack of wings... *GASP* I have so much to tell you!"
  561. >"No wait, I can't tell you anything. This will create a paradox and destroy the space-time continuum"
  562. >"Great Scott! I must not touch you or interact with you in any way or that will affect the future"
  563. >"Oh no, I already feel the world changing around meeee..."
  564. >Twilight is in confused mode
  565. >"Pinkie, what are you talking about?"
  566. >"This is not me from the past. This is Anon"
  567. >You see realization in Pinkie's eyes
  568. >"Ohhh, so that's what you meant by 'we'"
  571. >"So, now that your shampoo is ready, Anon, it's time to proceed onto the next step"
  572. "Good, Pinkie already made me quite nervous about my future as your copy"
  573. >"I'm right here, Anon"
  574. >Who cares
  575. >This will be over soon and you can finally return to your normal life of the only human in Equestria
  576. >On Twilight's command you stand in the middle of the hall
  577. >She begins charging the spell
  578. >Your nervousness becomes very obvious as you start to shake a bit
  579. >What if the spell fails and you will remain in this body forever
  580. >Nah, that won't happen
  581. >You believe in Twilight
  582. >The alicornhood must earn its paycheck somehow
  583. >There's a flash of light
  584. >Aaaaand nothing
  585. >You're still a pony
  586. >A very nervous pony at that
  587. >"What? Why didn't the spell work?"
  588. >She examines you and findno change whatsoever
  589. >She rushes to a book, which apparently holds the information about the spell
  590. >She reads through it and sighs in relief
  591. >"Okay, Anon. There's no reason to worry. The spell that I put on you earlier automatically put a defence against any other major spells"
  592. >"It was designed so that no major changes from outside could interrupt the process of recovery"
  593. >"The defence barrier needs some time to dissapear, so the transformation spell will have to wait a bit"
  594. "How long do I have to wait?"
  595. >"Maybe a day, maybe a couple"
  596. "That's not a very exact answer, Twilight"
  597. >"Anon, don't push it. Even though I still find myself responsible for this situation, your complaining isn't going to speed up the process"
  598. >"If you're going to act like that, I might rethink my choice to transform you back"
  599. >You gulp
  602. >As you ascend the stairs you ponder your course of action for the next couple days
  603. >You mustn't show yourself unless needed, so you'll have to stay inside for this period of time
  604. >Well, it's not like you're not used to it
  605. >Next, what are you going to do all this time?
  606. >Read books? Eh. It's not your cup of tea
  607. >Clean up a bit? No, your room seems pretty clean already. Excessively even
  608. >Maybe help Twilight with things? Even if your mental changes are blocked off you still can use the knowledge you gained in that time
  609. >Helping Twilight it is then
  610. >As you brush your teeth you glare at the lavender bottles of shampoo
  611. >They provoke only anger in you now
  612. >You leave the bathroom and go to sleep
  613. >You dream of glorious battles and waiting in lines
  615. >Three days later, night before the transformation
  616. >You're in the shower
  617. >Finally convinced yourself to use it
  618. >The fear is still there so are careful with your actions
  619. >These three days were quite active to say the least
  620. >While trying to stay hidden, you still managed to show yourself to the other Mane 6
  621. >That said, they took the news pretty calmly
  622. >You even saw Dash and Pinkie chat between themselves about something and laugh
  623. >Rarity saw an opportunity to use her old and design new outfits for you since she had change them for Twilight's new wings
  624. >But upon mentioning that you won't stay like this for long her excitement dissapeared
  625. >She said she's still happy you're going to be fine and she has a number of outfits planned for your human body
  626. >Fluttershy mostly said the same about you being fine
  627. >Applejack was snickering the entire time and when you asked her what's so funny
  628. >She burst out laughing, between laughs saying how you bragged about your human physique
  629. >And now look what you are
  630. >Stupid country horse
  633. >Twilight said that the shield almost wore off, so tomorrow she will be able to perform the spell
  634. >In the meantime you're too lazy to rub your eyes from water
  635. >You reach out and take the familiar lass bottle of shampoo that Twilight gave you
  636. >Huh
  637. >There's not that much of it left
  638. >Oh well
  639. >You'll have to order more from Twilight
  640. >Good thing the ingredients can be used multiple times
  641. >Damn, the shampoo feels good
  642. >Feels good to be back to your good old liquid
  643. >You finish showering and dry off
  644. >You brush your teeth and head to your room
  645. >The night is peaceful today
  647. >As you wake up you feel quite happy
  648. >Why wouldn't you be?
  649. >This is the day you get your body back
  650. >You perform the daily tasks in the bathroom as fast as you can
  651. >You rush down the stairs and make yourself the usual breakfast
  652. >You had to refrain from using meat so you had to get some advice from Twilight on your ration
  653. >As you finish your meal, you see Twilight only descending the stairs
  654. >"Wow, Anon. You seem to be really eager to gt your body back. It's almost insulting"
  655. "Sorry if it looks like that. It's just so anticlimactic and wrong to be in a pony's body"
  656. "It doesn't have to be particularly your body"
  657. >"Anon, I was just joking. I would have acted the same even if not so eager"
  658. >As she eats her breakfast you prepare yourself in the hall
  659. >You try to stand still in the middle so the spell hits you exactly
  660. >You see Twilight enter the hall and prepere her spell
  661. >As she charges it you already plan the day ahead as a human
  662. >There's a flash
  663. >You open your eyes and see hands in front of you
  664. >YES, FINALLY
  665. >You [cheer externally] with them in the air
  666. >Twilight too wears a happy smile as she looks at you
  667. >"Wow, all this really did a thing on me. I think I'll go take shower now"
  668. >As she closes the bathroom door you remember that you had to ask her to make more of your shampoo
  669. >Oh well
  671. >Hah, you really outdid yourself this time
  672. >Welp, your list of things to do today isn't gonna write itself
  673. FIN
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