Be Entertainment Application (2)

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  3. username; @J15UNG5PLU5H13
  4. password; Namjoon and Yoongi
  6. birth name; Park Ryuji
  7. other name; NIL
  8. nicknames; Ryu, Jiji
  9. gender; Female
  10. age; 19
  11. birthday; 29/02/99
  12. birthplace; Busan, South Korea
  13. hometown; Seoul, South Korea
  14. nationality; South Korean
  15. ethnicity; South Korean
  16. spoken languages; Korean and English
  17. height; 164cm
  18. weight; 48kg
  19. blood type; O
  21. personality;
  22. » Introverted; She's a bit shy and introverted when you first meet her, but when she opens up it's much louder. She will only be shy smiles and blushing cheeks until she gets comfortable with you. Though that doesn't mean the pink cheeks and sweet smiles are gone. It just means that's she trusts you and can open up more around you.
  23. » Sweet; She's areally sweey and adorable little bunny. She's very clumsy and dorky which many people love about her. She's always caring for her members more than she cares for herself.
  24. » Sunshine; She's an actual ball of sunshine. She's an adorable dork who pulls bad puns whenever she can and will do anything to brighten up your day. She hates negative moods more than anything.
  25. » Determined; She's a very determined girl who will work hard to make her dreams come true. She's not one to give up easily and she tries her best to make sure that others don't either. Even if it's the highest mountain, she'll climb it and help her friends to as well.
  26. » Savage; She can be sarcastic and savage sometimes. She doesn't mean to hurt anyone, she just shares her thoughts sometimes. Her roasts will either make you laugh or make you death glare her. She'll always be ready to run for her life in case her target decides to come after her. It's really entertaining!
  27. background; Despite being born in Busan, she grew up in Seoul. Her Brother was only 4 years older and they both enjoyed messing with each other. He liked to tease her but she was always able to comeback at him. They grew up loving music as they were both on the school choir. However, her Brother preferred dancing and she preferred rapping. They decided to set up a YouTube channel called "ParkTheRhythm" so that the young would have the freedom to perform and post videos together when they were off the choir. They posted many covers ans random blogs during their free time when they were finished without schoolwork. Soon, her Brother was scouted by Bighit and he became a trainee. Ryuji was heartbroken to be parted from her Brother but she was happy that he would be fulfilling his dream. The channel was shut down when he left, but Ryuji decided to audition for some entertainments herself so that she wouldn't be left behind. Luckily, Be Entertainments accepted her.
  28. trivia;
  29. » Her Favourite Colour is dark blue.
  30. » She's scared of thunder but she finds lightning cool and mesmerising.
  31. » She's a bit of a picky eater, especially when it comes to avoiding junk food.
  32. » She can actually bend herself into a pretzel-like shape.
  33. » Her hobbies include sketching, baking, watching cartoons and roller skating.
  34. » She has an older Brother who is under Bighit Entertainment.
  36. group, solo or co-ed; Group
  37. if group wich one; STARX
  38. backup; CUPID
  39. position in that group; Main Rapper, Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Visual
  40. backup; Main rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist
  41. face claim; @gini_s2_
  42. backup; Kim Hyunjin (Loona)
  43. second backup; Elkie (CLC)
  44. stage name; RJ
  46. self evolution; nothing more than 380
  48. vocal; 70 / 100
  49. rap; 80 / 100
  50. dance; 70 / 100
  51. visual; 80 / 100
  52. charm; 80 / 100
  54. training years; 3 years 7 months
  55. introduction; “ Annyeong, I'm [group name]'s ray of sunshine, RJ! ”
  56. audition link;
  58. requests; none
  59. extra; none
  61. message to the ceos; Thank you for letting me live my dreams!! I promise to not let you down.
  62. message to us; Thank you if you accept my trainee and since I'm obsessed and got nothing better to do, you might be expecting two more coming... also, sorry for any errors!!
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