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Sequoia Session 12

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  1. [19:33:37] [zoofman] Okay!  So you wrapped up your investigation at Grandma Lou's and have some time to chill out, and look over some notes from Blintz and Benedict.  Whether you camped out for the night (like rednecks got guests rooms lol) or marched on a head is your perogative, so what do you wanna do, rest up or get moving?
  2. [19:35:19] [Dann-] Time of day?
  3. [19:35:35] * Masterly (~chatzilla@E5FEF252:E8BB1FBF:ED6188DD:IP) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  4. [19:35:43] * CritSenpai (~CritSenpa@Rizon-2D2B5C14.phlapa.fios.verizon.net) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  5. [19:36:39] [zoofman] Well you wrapped up the investigation in late afternoon
  6. [19:37:20] * Masterly is now known as Lucian
  7. [19:43:50] [Dann-] "Seems like those sites on the map are a good hike up in the mountains. Should we try to get to bed early and set out as soon as we can?"
  8. [19:44:57] [Lucian] "Sure."
  9. [19:45:40] [Dann-] "Think Grandma Lou would mind if we holed up in her place?"
  10. [19:46:02] [Percival] "Probably not as long as we keep it clean before we leave."
  11. [19:46:14] * Dann- pulls out his dowsing rod while this conversation is happening, and begins poking around the outside of Grandma Lou's house.
  12. [19:46:38] [zoofman] Skeeter implies what she don't know won't hurt her, far as the crashing there is concerned
  13. [19:47:05] [Dann-] 8d6 Dowsing
  14. [19:47:05] [CritSenpai] Dowsing: 21 [8d6=3,2,5,1,1,5,2,2]
  15. [19:47:20] [Dann-] 1 Yellow, 1 Orange
  16. [19:47:38] [Lucian] "Well, even if she does, we have already snooped around, used her machines, rooted around her private documents and even her food."
  17. [19:48:20] [Lucian] "Not like she could get more angry, given all that."
  18. [19:49:26] [Dann-] "Given the circumstances, I doubt she'd blame us for rooting around in order to aid our search. Angry about the machines? Maybe."
  19. [19:50:35] [zoofman] I mean you could eat her left overs, that'd be a dick move, Lucian
  20. [19:50:57] [Percival] "I mean the machine is not broken right? Other than power it should be fine, I think."
  21. [19:51:42] [Lucian] "It probably isn't."
  22. [19:51:59] [Lucian] "Anyway, if she does get angry, I'll handle it."
  23. [19:52:04] [Dann-] "Yes, I believe I did a pretty good job of using the reanimator. I've seen my parents do it quite a bit, after all."
  24. [19:52:15] [Lucian] "By which case, I mean I'll be blaming it on Dann and/or Adrienne."
  25. [19:52:21] [Dann-] "I doubt it's any worse for wear."
  26. [19:52:47] [Adrienne] "I didn't disturb anything."
  27. [19:52:59] [Lucian] "Exactly. Which makes you the easiest to pin it on."
  28. [19:53:09] [Lucian] Do her leftovers count as the left overs held item?
  29. [19:53:37] [Lucian] "Anyway, we probably should be hitting the hay. We can wake up early and try to chart a course and hit up all the dig sites that we can."
  30. [19:53:47] [Percival] "Why would we need to pin it on anybody? There's no telling if she'll be upset. As long as this place in is one piece I doubt she'll notice much disturbed."
  31. [19:53:56] [zoofman] Course not, they aren't OLD ENOUGH
  32. [19:55:27] [Lucian] Gotcha' stuff it in a sack until they turn into the right item
  33. [19:56:17] * Lucian pinches the bridge of his nose and looks at Adrienne, "See, this is why I like you the best."
  34. [19:57:07] [Percival] "You, yourself don't plan on eating that later right?"
  35. [19:57:20] * Adrienne points at her head. "Red hair?"
  36. [19:58:55] * Lucian opens his mouth to say something but then closes and it an nods appreciably. "Actually, that's almost right."
  37. [20:02:51] [Lucian] "I'll be sleeping in the kitchen. Call me if you need me."
  38. [20:03:16] [Adrienne] "I'm just gonna be killing time outside, or something. It's a ncie day."
  39. [20:04:15] [Dann-] "Well, don't stay up too late. We should probably wake up before dawn."
  40. [20:04:38] * Dann- finishes his dowsing fun and sets up a sleeping bag in a corner of the living room.
  41. [20:05:48] [Percival] "I'll sleep in the hallway, I'll try and get up pretty early."
  42. [20:06:45] * Dann- also sets his alarm even earlier than the planned time of departure to get some training in.
  43. [20:08:35] [@Doxy] everyone roll 1d100
  44. [20:08:56] [Lucian] 1d100
  45. [20:08:56] [CritSenpai] 1d100: 3 [1d100=3]
  46. [20:08:57] * Adrienne kills time until she picks somewhere inside to sleep. She's not that picky.
  47. [20:08:57] [Adrienne] 1d100
  48. [20:08:57] [CritSenpai] 1d100: 12 [1d100=12]
  49. [20:08:58] [Percival] 1d100
  50. [20:08:58] [CritSenpai] 1d100: 28 [1d100=28]
  51. [20:09:27] [Dann-] 1d100 ???
  52. [20:09:27] [CritSenpai] ???: 77 [1d100=77]
  53. [20:11:35] [@Doxy] Everyone wakes up in the morning, feeling kind of sore from sleeping on the floor. Yay
  54. [20:11:48] [Lucian] I slept on her kitchen table
  55. [20:11:57] [@Doxy] You wake up extra sore
  56. [20:12:00] [@Doxy] +2 sore points
  57. [20:12:43] [zoofman] Well, alright, when yall are ready we can move onto the next morning then! You hear Rex barking, torchics cawing and mawiles Hwei Hwei Hweing from a pretty earliy hour.  But other than that its an uneventful morning.  The folks out here keep to their own for the most part.
  58. [20:14:29] * Lucian gets up early to train his Pokemon, washing his face in the kitchen sink and munching on a candy bar for his breakfast, ultimately resisting the temptation of digging into Grandma Lou's foodstores.
  59. [20:14:33] * Dann- invites the others for some early morning stretching and jogging. He carries all of his Pokemon that are incapable of jogging to improve his own workout.
  60. [20:15:30] [Dann-] He orders the ones he's carrying to make called shots at random targets along the way: trees, mailboxes, the stray Pidgey, if he sees one.
  61. [20:17:03] * Percival gets up and out of the house. He eventually rolls out his Pokemon and uses the fence posts outside for small target practice.
  62. [20:17:53] * Lucian does some light jogging to warm himself up and then finds a nice, quiet spot and has his Pokemon spar with each other in succession.
  63. [20:21:29] [@Doxy] Everyone spends the morning with their respective warm-up activities! What then, nerdazoids?
  64. [20:21:33] * Adrienne wakes up early and goes through all of her morning rituals, before bringing her Pokemon along to join Dann on his morning jog. Then she fed her Pokemon breakfast.
  65. [20:23:08] * Lucian pulls out the map and tries to plan their course for the day, making their path as efficient as possible. He coordinates with Adrienne on this.
  66. [20:27:20] * Adrienne is pretty good at this kind of stuff. She's also motivated by the fact that getting lost would be an enormous bummer, given what she knows.
  67. [20:28:04] [Dann-] "How's our route looking, you two?"
  68. [20:28:31] [Lucian] "Well, it's not a straight line if that's what you were hoping."
  69. [20:28:34] [Lucian] "Though I wish it were."
  70. [20:29:46] [Dann-] "That would have been lucky, but I was more asking if we'd be able to tackle all of it in a day."
  71. [20:29:54] [Percival] "Is it a bit of a hike from here?"
  72. [20:32:39] [Adrienne] "We can probably do it in a day."
  73. [20:33:04] [Adrienne] "We planned the route, but distractions or trouble might show up and eat time."
  74. [20:33:26] [Lucian] "Might have to camp out there anyway, so pack your bags."
  75. [20:33:47] [Lucian] "You should find Percy, I'll make sure we haven't forgotten anything in the house and we can set off."
  76. [20:34:05] [Percival] "I wonder if we're going to manage to get back for the end of the festival at this rate."
  77. [20:35:24] [zoofman] Lemee know when you guys are ready to hit the road
  78. [20:35:53] * Adrienne is ready to hit the road.
  79. [20:35:59] [Lucian] Good to go
  80. [20:35:59] [Percival] "That should be everything I put down... Should be good now."
  81. [20:36:23] [Percival] "Ready."
  82. [20:36:48] * Dann- fits his shovel into his harness and hefts his backpack. He's ready to roll.
  83. [20:37:57] [zoofman] Okay! So you guys hit the road heading toward Greypine, and after about thirty minutes of hiking through the woods, you hit a fork in the path! Interestingly enough, there's two signs with pebble baskets here, one on each fork.
  84. [20:38:25] [Adrienne] Was this fork on the map?
  85. [20:38:41] [zoofman] There's also a drowsy Ralts lazing about nearby.  It gives you a half hearted, tired wave as you walk up.
  86. [20:38:47] [zoofman] It was indeed.
  87. [20:39:43] * Dann- chucks a basic ball at the Ralts' face.
  88. [20:39:54] [Dann-] 1d20 Accuracy
  89. [20:39:54] [CritSenpai] Accuracy: 12 [1d20=12]
  90. [20:40:01] [zoofman] Hits
  91. [20:40:56] [Percival] "Well... if you really want to wake them up, that should do it..."
  92. [20:41:09] [Adrienne] Which way of the fork is the "right" way?
  93. [20:42:43] * Dann- quickly calls Glyce out while the ball rolls on the ground.
  94. [20:42:49] [Dann-] 1d20+1 Capture roll
  95. [20:42:49] [CritSenpai] Capture roll: 20 [1d20=19]
  96. [20:43:10] [zoofman] Well yup, that Ralts is bagged and tagged.
  97. [20:43:25] [castfromhp] There isn't a "right" way on the map, assuming you're just trying to look at the various marked sites. They're all over the mountain, and both paths lead to some of them.
  98. [20:43:37] [@Doxy] The Ball Captures the Ralts so hard, it leaves a crater of dirt that was also sucked in
  99. [20:44:13] [Adrienne] Oh, cool. "Let's go left," Adrienne suggests. She drops a pebble into the left basket.
  100. [20:44:19] [Lucian] "You know what?"
  101. [20:44:26] [Lucian] "I want to see what happens if I don't pay."
  102. [20:44:38] [Lucian] "I'll do without this time around."
  103. [20:44:58] [Percival] "Have fun with that, I'm still going to pay for myself."
  104. [20:45:39] * Dann- gives Glyce an apologetic look and recalls him. "Well, that was effective." He gives Lucian a concerned look and drops a pebble in the bucket.
  105. [20:45:50] [zoofman] Hey Adrienne, when you do that
  106. [20:45:58] [zoofman] you notice that one person's worth of pebbles is in that one
  107. [20:46:53] * Adrienne notices this. "Don't know how often these get collected, but someone went this way recently."
  108. [20:48:03] [@Doxy] 2d6
  109. [20:48:03] [CritSenpai] 2d6: 3 [2d6=2,1]
  110. [20:48:05] [@Doxy] 1d2
  111. [20:48:05] [CritSenpai] 1d2: 1 [1d2=1]
  112. [20:51:17] [Dann-] "Huh. Wonder who."
  113. [20:51:44] [Percival] "You think she might've gone that way alone?"
  114. [20:52:32] * Lucian shrug, "Maybe we'll meet them down the road."
  115. [20:52:39] [Lucian] "And how do you know it's a woman?"
  116. [20:52:50] [Adrienne] "Maybe, these things aren't labeled. Let's just keep in mind we might find someone."
  117. [20:53:06] [Adrienne] "Come on, we don't have all day."
  118. [20:53:12] * Adrienne heads down the road first.
  119. [20:55:24] [Percival] "I mean Lou really but, I suppose it could've been somebody else."
  120. [20:55:38] * Percival walks down the road.
  121. [20:56:38] * Dann- follows along.
  122. [21:00:21] [zoofman] Okay, on the way, a Gallade swoops in, pantses Lucian, and is gone with them before he or anyone else can react.
  123. [21:00:31] [zoofman] Lucian is now in his boxers, socks, and shoes.
  124. [21:01:06] * Adrienne bursts out laughing.
  125. [21:01:37] * Lucian looks down at his disappeared pants and shrugs.
  126. [21:01:54] [Percival] "You know uh alright maybe you should bring extra pants... or a belt. Thanks for wearing undershorts to spare us."
  127. [21:01:57] * Dann- stifles a laugh. Adrienne's laugh is contagious.
  128. [21:02:04] [Lucian] "Spare you?"
  129. [21:02:09] [Lucian] "It's the other way around."
  130. [21:02:31] [Lucian] "It's a real travesty you guys don't get to see but don't worry, I'll take it slow with you three."
  131. [21:02:44] [Lucian] "I'll bare it all in good time."
  132. [21:02:59] [Percival] "How about not in the middle of the forest?"
  133. [21:03:09] [Lucian] "Taking out pants will take too long, let's just keep going."
  134. [21:03:35] [Dann-] "You might want some shoes though."
  135. [21:03:46] [Lucian] >Lucian is now in his boxers, socks, and shoes.
  136. [21:03:50] [Dann-] Oh whoops
  137. [21:03:51] [Lucian] Nope, still got those
  138. [21:04:01] [Percival] "Well, hope you don't rip anything else or find more of those sorts... You probably still need clothes where we're going."
  139. [21:04:11] [Lucian] "Maybe. Maybe not."
  140. [21:05:10] * Adrienne calms down after a few seconds, holding her side. "Ah man, I needed the laugh. Good thing I didn't skip out."
  141. [21:05:17] [Percival] "Have fun freezing your basic balls off in the mountains then. I'm not to judge."
  142. [21:05:18] [zoofman] Followin your map, you are approaching an old mine that Grandma Lou marked as a potential dig site.  
  143. [21:05:49] [Lucian] "Woah woah, I'm the one with the medical training here. They aren't going to freeze off."
  144. [21:05:59] [Lucian] "Maybe shrink a bit due to the cold but that's normal."
  145. [21:06:07] [zoofman] You can see it in the distance now, or at least what's the entrance to it.  Just a little off the trial, down a slope, a mine shaft opening with wooden supports around the door.
  146. [21:06:13] [zoofman] or, cave opening, rather
  147. [21:06:15] [Percival] "Is shrinking further then possible?"
  148. [21:06:48] [Lucian] "Further than what?"
  149. [21:07:05] [Percival] "Further than size 0."
  150. [21:07:13] * Adrienne doesn't join the discussion about balls. Instead, she heads down to the shrine, careful to not trip and fall down.
  151. [21:07:47] * Dann- withdraws a basic ball and repeatedly shrinks and unshrinks it. "Like this?"
  152. [21:07:59] [Lucian] 'Well, given that I'm not a dog or fox Pokemon, my balls don't retract into me during times of danger so, no."
  153. [21:08:26] [Lucian] "What? You've never been in a pool and gotten out before?"
  154. [21:09:56] [Percival] "Ehh still, I'm not one to risk any sensitive materials."
  155. [21:10:22] * Dann- cracks a grin and puts the ball away. "Let's move on."
  156. [21:10:24] [Lucian] "Well, while we're on the subject your own pants aren't really the protective material you're making them out to be."
  157. [21:10:25] * Adrienne investigates the outside and inside. Not too far in, though.
  158. [21:10:36] [zoofman] Adrienne, as you get closer you notice that the wooden supports are old as dirt!  They look sturdy enough, but this place hasn't been touched in ages.  There's just a black passageway in.
  159. [21:10:59] [Lucian] "I picked out these boxers because of the support they offer and their comfort. I get the best of both worlds, here."
  160. [21:11:00] [zoofman] If you were feeling ballsy you could just waltz in, though.
  161. [21:11:20] * Dann- calls out his fire fox. "Any trace of Grandma Lou's scent around here Kai?"
  162. [21:11:35] * Lucian goes ahead with Roy out using Tremorsense to head off any people who might be in their way.
  163. [21:11:46] [zoofman] Kai sniffs the area near the cave itself and shakes his head, nodding up toward the path you were on.
  164. [21:11:50] [Percival] "I suppose so... still two layers is better than one. Hm, I'll see about it later. Right we got actual work to do."
  165. [21:13:01] * Percival takes out his lighter and tries shining it inside the enterance.
  166. [21:14:06] * Adrienne pulls out her flashlight and heads in to check around.
  167. [21:15:20] [Dann-] "Hey guys, Kai seems to think Grandma Lou's scent isn't anywhere around here."
  168. [21:15:56] [Lucian] "We'll just poke around for a few minutes, then get back on the road."
  169. [21:16:33] [zoofman] Well, you see a little rail track on the ground, it goes in deeper, nothing really screaming danger or unusual from the flashlight illumination.
  170. [21:16:38] [Dann-] "Sure, just letting you know."
  171. [21:17:12] [Percival] "Might be worth checking out anyway, pretty interesting how this thing is still standing today."
  172. [21:17:59] [Adrienne] "Just indulging some curiosity," Adrienne tells Dann while she continues further inside.
  173. [21:18:13] [Adrienne] 1d3+1
  174. [21:18:13] [CritSenpai] 1d3+1: 3 [1d3=2]
  175. [21:18:27] [Lucian] 3d6+1 Perception
  176. [21:18:27] [CritSenpai] Perception: 10 [3d6=2,1,6]
  177. [21:19:32] [zoofman] As you make your way further inside, the tunnel opens up a bit to wider chambers.  Looking around you see some signs that people lived here at some point - some old tools and such left behind, supports where you would have hung a hammock, long abandoned campfires.  Lucian spots something nifty as you guys walk through!
  178. [21:20:27] [zoofman] He notices a pickaxe that's a lot better maintained than the others, aka not rusted junk.  It's hanging off a toolrack with a few other tools in similar condition - like a doming hammer, and a hatchet.
  179. [21:21:39] * Lucian lifts the tools carefully, feeling the weight in his hands and giving them a few dumb swings before setting them back on the rack. He looks around, has someone been here recently?
  180. [21:22:18] [zoofman] Touching them, you get dust all over your hands. These ARE old.  Just...way higher quality?  Roll me...hrm
  181. [21:22:20] [zoofman] Occult Edu!
  182. [21:22:36] [Lucian] 2d6+2
  183. [21:22:36] [CritSenpai] 2d6+2: 8 [2d6=4,2]
  184. [21:22:42] [Dann-] Others too?
  185. [21:22:49] [Percival] 2d6
  186. [21:22:49] [CritSenpai] 2d6: 4 [2d6=2,2]
  187. [21:23:00] * SuikoGM is now known as Kaingaskhan
  188. [21:23:31] [Percival] "Why would somebody leave this behind?"
  189. [21:23:33] [Dann-] 4d6 in case
  190. [21:23:33] [CritSenpai] in case: 14 [4d6=1,1,6,6]
  191. [21:23:50] [Adrienne] 1d6 I am bad at Occult Edu
  192. [21:23:50] [CritSenpai] I am bad at Occult Edu: 4 [1d6=4]
  193. [21:23:54] [zoofman] Dann is a DIGGING NERD so he knows where this is going
  194. [21:25:09] [zoofman] You recall stories of old about fairies and supernatural things hating something called 'Cold Iron.'  Hell if you know what it actually is but maybe these were made out of whatever that actually was.  Roll me Genral Edu at a +2 bonus.
  195. [21:25:43] [Dann-] Can I tell the party that to give them the bonus too?
  196. [21:25:46] [Dann-] 2d6+2 Gen Edu
  197. [21:25:46] [CritSenpai] Gen Edu: 9 [2d6=6,1]
  198. [21:26:23] [zoofman] No that bonus was for you only.  You got it though.  You look over the tools and can tell they are made of Silver.  Not really useful for their intended tool purposes, but man would they fuck up a Fairy Pokemon.
  199. [21:26:57] [Dann-] "Huh."
  200. [21:27:06] * Dann- runs his hands over the cool metal of one of the tools.
  201. [21:27:41] [zoofman] These are old, so they might not be as effective as they once were, but they aged way better than you'd expect.
  202. [21:27:53] [Dann-] "I think these tools were made with silver. Probably not great for actual digging." He puts on a decidedly depressed frown. "But they might really be able to hurt a fairy pokemon."
  203. [21:28:11] * Lucian hums, "Maybe we should take them with us."
  204. [21:28:36] [Lucian] "I don't much like the idea of swinging one of these at a Wild Pokemon but if we get into a tough spot, they might come in handy."
  205. [21:28:57] * Dann- beams at the mention. "I'm never opposed to carrying more digging tools, even if they aren't too useful for that purpose."
  206. [21:28:59] [Percival] "Maybe, although I still can't imagine why they would leave them ramshackle about in this place."
  207. [21:29:13] [Lucian] "You can have the pickaxe I guess."
  208. [21:29:20] [Lucian] "I'll take...the hammer."
  209. [21:29:38] [Dann-] "Well, either the previous owners had a more brutal method of dealing with wild Pokemon, or they know something we don't about the dangers of this region..."
  210. [21:29:47] [zoofman] There's a bit more to the cave, mind you
  211. [21:29:52] [Adrienne] "I'll take none of it. Wanna head deeper into the tunnels or just scram?"
  212. [21:30:13] [Lucian] "Let's push in a bit deeper. There might be other useful things to have against Fairies."
  213. [21:30:23] * Dann- looks at the continuing darkness with concern. "Or maybe they're needed for whatever's down there."
  214. [21:30:34] * Lucian sets an alarm on his phone, "10 minutes. After the alarm is up we go back up and get on the road again."
  215. [21:30:38] [Percival] "I'll just pickup the hatchet, might be useful just incase of more swarms. Eh I'd still not like messing with those if possible."
  216. [21:31:38] * Dann- nods at Lucian's plan, and hefts the pickaxe before following along.
  217. [21:32:05] [zoofman] As you guys poke around deeper, you shine your light across one of those wooden carvings of a fae looking maiden you saw at Grandma Lou's! It's sitting in the middle of a dark chamber with some tools around it, and a little book.
  218. [21:32:42] * Dann- stops as soon as it comes into view.
  219. [21:32:43] * Adrienne checks out the book.
  220. [21:32:54] [Dann-] "That's not creepy or anything.
  221. [21:33:21] [zoofman] Adrienne, as you pick up the old book, you notice it doesn't have much far as text goes in it...more diagrams, visual instructions on how to use these tools.
  222. [21:33:26] [zoofman] Roll me General Edu and Perception
  223. [21:33:31] * Lucian picks up the book, holding it up the fox light to read.
  224. [21:33:41] [Lucian] 3d6+1 Perception; 3d6+2 Gen Edu
  225. [21:33:41] [CritSenpai] Perception: 12 [3d6=2,4,5]; Gen Edu: 12 [3d6=2,2,6]
  226. [21:34:04] [Adrienne] 4d6+2 Gen Edu;2d6 Perception
  227. [21:34:04] [CritSenpai] Gen Edu: 24 [4d6=6,6,6,4]; Perception: 11 [2d6=6,5]
  228. [21:34:39] * Dann- pulls out his goggles to get a better look.
  229. [21:34:55] [zoofman] Dayum Adrienne, bigger rolls than Lucian does, well, pebbles.
  230. [21:34:59] [zoofman] Okay, so Adrienne...
  231. [21:35:21] [Dann-] 2d6 GenEdu; 2d6 Perception
  232. [21:35:21] [CritSenpai] GenEdu: 10 [2d6=5,5]; Perception: 6 [2d6=3,3]
  233. [21:35:22] [zoofman] You notice that some of these 'tools' are actually really old paint buckets.  And this book more or less is a guide on how to make painted pebbles.
  234. [21:36:57] [Percival] "Eh? This this where they started making them?"
  235. [21:38:11] [Adrienne] "Apparently. These are pretty detailed diagrams on painted pebbles, the ones we've been using to pay off fairies."
  236. [21:39:22] [Lucian] "Yeah, I can't wait to show Alex."
  237. [21:39:25] [Lucian] "And Lawrence."
  238. [21:40:03] [Lucian] "Hold on a second though..."
  239. [21:40:16] * Lucian approaches the walls and places his palm against it.
  240. [21:40:27] * Adrienne pockets the book. For later use.
  241. [21:41:04] [zoofman] A cluster of eyes open along the wall where Lucian touched it.
  242. [21:41:17] [zoofman] (the wall feels like rock, by the way)
  243. [21:41:57] * Lucian steps back, standing beside Roy and watching the phenomenon carefully.
  244. [21:42:31] [Percival] "I'm sorry? What on earth is that?"
  245. [21:42:35] [Lucian] 3d6+1 PokeEdu: are there any Pokemon that fit this description, specifically, ones that seem to span an entire wall
  246. [21:42:35] [CritSenpai] PokeEdu: are there any Pokemon that fit this description, specifically, ones that seem to span an entire wall: 12 [3d6=3,3,5]
  247. [21:44:25] [Dann-] "Uh..."
  248. [21:45:37] [zoofman] Lucian ain't got nothin'
  249. [21:46:03] * Dann- smacks his head for a second. "Ugh, right."
  250. [21:46:12] * Lucian nudges Roy with his foot, "Do you feel something there, Roy? Is the wall itself alive? Or is it something posing as a wall?"
  251. [21:46:15] [Dann-] "They're Unown."
  252. [21:46:46] [Dann-] "My parents HATE these weird little guys. They eat antique materials at dig sites. It's awful."
  253. [21:46:53] [zoofman] Roy is flipping shit what is this what the fuck
  254. [21:47:05] [Adrienne] "Oh, Unown. I've never seen one in person." Adrienne steps closer to get a better look at the wall eyes.
  255. [21:47:32] [Dann-] "I have half a mind to start pickaxeing all of them in their eyes. Ugh."
  256. [21:48:06] [Dann-] "I wonder if they already ate anything important here."
  257. [21:48:15] [Percival] "How'd some many amange to get here, that's sure a lot for just a cave."
  258. [21:48:45] [Lucian] "Are they just Unown? Roy looks pretty freaked out and he doesn't scare easy."
  259. [21:49:06] [Lucian] "I mean, besides wading pools. Those freak him the hell out."
  260. [21:49:37] * Adrienne shrugs. "I dunno if they're different. There isn't much else in here," Adrienne emphasizes the point by sweeping her flashlight around the chamber. "We should just leave."
  261. [21:50:07] [Dann-] "Granted, I've never seen quite this many. But actually..." Dann thinks for a moment. "In addition to being artifact eating pests, I think my parents told me that's also how they reproduce. They convert the consumed materials into more Unown."
  262. [21:50:36] [Dann-] "Has Roy seen Unown before? They're pretty gross."
  263. [21:52:04] [Dann-] "The sheer number here...they probably destroyed a ton of interesting artifacts! Ugh, that makes me so angry!"
  264. [21:52:26] [Lucian] "Well, at least we got the painted pebble book."
  265. [21:52:55] [Dann-] "These things are the worst. I kind of want Kai to just start exterminating them with Hidden Power."
  266. [21:52:57] [Percival] "I don't imagine they're here to watch over this area do you think?"
  267. [21:53:48] [Adrienne] "Wait, just how many are there here? I only say a couple of the ones Lucian woke up."
  268. [21:55:13] [zoofman] There's about two dozen along the wall Lucian's touching
  269. [21:57:54] * Adrienne blinks. "Oh. That's a lot."
  270. [21:58:16] [Dann-] "Bleh, can we get out of here if we're not going to attack these pests? I know you guys maybe haven't had much experience with them, but my parents would come back really depressed from certain expeditions because the Unown ate everything. They're like bloody cockroaches."
  271. [21:58:27] [Dann-] er
  272. [21:58:43] [Lucian] "Yeah, let's just go then. I'd rather not have to patch us all up afterwards."
  273. [21:58:45] [Dann-] *weedles
  274. [21:59:09] [zoofman] Somewhere else in the Region, Vengence Weddle begins to cry
  275. [21:59:19] [zoofman] Yet he has no idea why
  276. [21:59:38] [Percival] "Yeah I'm all for leaving this area right now."
  277. [21:59:39] [Dann-] Well the reaction some of us felt to the Weedles in the cabins is about right
  278. [22:00:24] [Adrienne] "Yeah, let's get out." Adrienne leaves.
  279. [22:00:56] * Dann- struggles for a moment, desperately wanting to sic Kai on the wall of alphabet soup, but he sighs and turns to leave.
  280. [22:04:11] * Adrienne heads to the next shrine on the route!
  281. [22:06:14] [zoofman] On the way out of the cave, you hear some hollering in the distance.  People talking, familiar voices.  "Ugh, I can't believe they made us hunt after their friend out here...they LIVE here, how do they get lost???"
  282. [22:07:17] [castfromhp] "Well, I got a cute hat out of it, so it's not that bad, right?"
  283. [22:07:53] [zoofman] "...Okay it is sort of cute, but still.  How do they BREATHE?"
  284. [22:08:20] * Adrienne just gives the two a casual "hi" when she exits the cave and sees them.
  285. [22:09:51] [zoofman] You do indeed see Alex and Lawrence coming your way.
  286. [22:10:16] * Lucian brightens up when he sees the duo and waves at them, jogging up close when they come in sight.
  287. [22:10:18] [castfromhp] Lawrence is wearing one of the Mime Jr hats, and he's marking off something on a clipboard.
  288. [22:10:22] [zoofman] Alex looks over you, sees pantless Lucian, gets red in the face and
  289. [22:10:24] [zoofman] 1d20 mach punch
  290. [22:10:24] [CritSenpai] mach punch: 19 [1d20=19]
  291. [22:10:41] [zoofman] 2d6+30 damage to Lucian
  292. [22:10:41] [CritSenpai] damage to Lucian: 35 [2d6=3,2]
  293. [22:10:53] [zoofman] "Aaaaah what the hell is wrong with you???"
  294. [22:11:08] * Adrienne winces a little, that look like it hurt.
  295. [22:11:11] [castfromhp] "Oh hey! What happened to your pants?"
  296. [22:11:16] [Adrienne] "His pants got stolen by a Gallade."
  297. [22:11:27] * Lucian picks himself up and nurses his face wound, "What's wrong with you? Who goes and punches people like that?"
  298. [22:11:45] [zoofman] "What sort of pervert runs around the woods without pants???"
  299. [22:11:46] [Adrienne] "That doesn't explain why he wants to go around pantsless, by the way."
  300. [22:11:48] * Dann- walks up to the stooges skit. "She does, as we've seen before."
  301. [22:11:51] [Percival] "They're just completely gone. Granted thanks for not punching him elsewhere that could've been worse."
  302. [22:11:52] [Dann-] "Hi you two."
  303. [22:11:58] [Lucian] "You're lucky I like you so much, or else I'd be pretty miffed about getting /viciously assaulted."
  304. [22:12:18] [castfromhp] "Did you run out of pebbles too?"
  305. [22:12:22] [Percival] "We tried getting him to wear them if it makes you feel btter."
  306. [22:12:34] [Adrienne] "He wanted to see what would happen if he didn't pay."
  307. [22:12:41] [Lucian] "No, I just wanted to see what would happen if I didn't pay."
  308. [22:12:56] [Lucian] "We still have plenty of pebbles, actually."
  309. [22:13:03] [zoofman] "..." well whatever you said seemed to pacify her, she sighs.  "Okay, I'm sorry," she offers a hand to help you up.  "I over reacted."
  310. [22:13:41] * Lucian smiles, "Oh don't worry about it, I guess it is pretty weird for a guy to greet you without his pants on."
  311. [22:13:44] [zoofman] "We've had a long few days.  Didn't know about the pebbles...till the Mime Jrs made us find their friends to get some."
  312. [22:13:59] * Lucian looks down, "Nothing was uh...poking out was it?"
  313. [22:14:08] [Lucian] "If it was, my bad."
  314. [22:14:10] [zoofman] "..."
  315. [22:14:35] [zoofman] She just turns and huffs.
  316. [22:15:00] [castfromhp] "...So what brings you out here anyway?" Lawrence says.
  317. [22:15:58] [Adrienne] "Grandma Lou might know about the whole crazy Pokemon situation we're investigating, which means we have to find Grandma Lou."
  318. [22:15:58] [Percival] "You definitely need new pants if there was anything outside of yor boxers...."
  319. [22:16:04] [Lucian] "Yeah those Mime Jr. are really something. Also, nice hat. I posted a picture of one on my Chattr. I hope that little guy gets some more business soon."
  320. [22:16:24] [Lucian] "If it bothers everyone so much I'll put on pants in a bit."
  321. [22:16:24] [Adrienne] "And she's been around here, probably, so we're hitting up all of these shrines to find clues."
  322. [22:16:24] [Dann-] "Wait, did you say they made you look for their friends?"
  323. [22:16:39] [castfromhp] "Oh! You're helping with that too? Well, I guess we can cross this site off too..." Lawrence makes another mark on whatever he's got on his clipboard.
  324. [22:16:45] [Dann-] "Like a game? Or were they missing?"
  325. [22:17:12] [Adrienne] "By the way, there's really cool shit inside the cave. You should check it out."
  326. [22:17:49] * Adrienne jabs a thumb in the cave's direction. "You'll see some kind of weird carving in there, that's the room. Poke around a bit."
  327. [22:17:55] [Lucian] "That reminds me."
  328. [22:18:19] [Lucian] Slinging an arm over Alex' shoulder, still pantsless, Lucian gives her his hammer.
  329. [22:18:21] [castfromhp] "Huh, really? That sounds cool. The other caves were pretty boring...Let's check it out, Alex!"
  330. [22:18:57] [Lucian] "Okay, I know you don't really want to make a big deal out of this to the others so when I saw this, I thought of you."
  331. [22:19:13] * Dann- makes a face like he's about to say something, but then refrains.
  332. [22:19:21] [Lucian] Lucian is whispering now
  333. [22:19:42] [zoofman] As Lucian does this
  334. [22:19:48] [zoofman] The Gallade comes back, puts a skirt on him, and flees
  335. [22:20:00] [Percival] "I mean have fun in that ca- you know that suits you better Lucian."
  336. [22:20:04] * Adrienne bursts into laughter again.
  337. [22:20:18] [Lucian] "You're not too hot on fairies right? We found these tools that are apparently really effective on them. You can tuck this into your bag, and when somethings dangerous comes up, you whip it out and heads start flying yeah?"
  338. [22:20:24] [zoofman] It's plaid catholic school girl tier
  339. [22:20:34] * Adrienne gasps out something like "I actually saw it this time."
  340. [22:20:35] [Lucian] "We'll just keep it between the two of u-what's this?"
  341. [22:21:01] [Percival] "Even the Gallade was tired of you running about in boxers."
  342. [22:21:01] * Lucian does a twirl in place, examining the skirt. "Well, that's fine and all but where did it get this...?"
  343. [22:21:29] [Lucian] "I dunno, this isn't so bad either. It's breezy. Kind of pleasant, actually."
  344. [22:21:59] [castfromhp] By this point, Lawrence has started to wander into the cave, using his phone as a light.
  345. [22:22:27] [zoofman] "..." Well she's holding the hammer but, uh, distractions.  "O-Oh, thanks for the gift..."  She looks over the hammer, then back to the skirt, "are you sure all you did was not pay the toll?"
  346. [22:22:41] * Adrienne calms down and takes a drink of water. "We should go now."
  347. [22:23:32] [Percival] "Lets go before he comes back with a new ensemble for Lucian."
  348. [22:23:50] * Lucian looks at her confused but then it dawns on him when he realizes how she's looking at the skirt, "Oh I get it."
  349. [22:23:54] [Dann-] "That sounds like a reason to stay to me." Dann replies with a grin.
  350. [22:24:05] [Lucian] He undoes the skirt right there, folds it up, and gives it to her too.
  351. [22:24:22] [Lucian] "I can see you're admiring the skirt and you're right, it probably would look good on you."
  352. [22:24:29] [Dann-] "Maybe if he keeps taking the clothes off, he can get unlimited clothes."
  353. [22:24:39] [Adrienne] "I doubt it."
  354. [22:25:06] * Lucian holds it up in the air to get a sense for how it would look. "Very cute."
  355. [22:25:23] [castfromhp] "What is th- AHHHHH!" a scream comes from inside the cave, followed by a loud thud. There's a sound of crumbling rock, followed by an intense humming noise from inside the cave.
  356. [22:25:45] [castfromhp] Soon after, you see Lawrence running out of the cave and a cloud of angry looking eyes floating behind him.
  357. [22:25:47] [zoofman] Lucky for everyone, Lawrence does this at a time that Alex doesn't really have time to react to Lucian's hijinks
  358. [22:26:13] * Adrienne leans against a nearby tree, laughing her ass off at Lawrence.
  359. [22:26:16] [Lucian] "...compliments later, it seems. We should run."
  360. [22:26:43] [Percival] "I'm out of here, nope I'm not dealing with those!"
  361. [22:27:59] [zoofman] Running would be good advice, cause this thing is throwing out hidden powers at will
  362. [22:28:19] [zoofman] There goes a tree! A rock! A bush is on fire and its not Kai's fault!
  363. [22:28:40] * Dann- scoops Kai up under his arm and bolts for the path.
  364. [22:29:00] [castfromhp] Flashes of lightning, jets of water, and streams of spectral energy shoot around behind Lawrence as he darts out of the cave and continues sprinting off. He's clutching an Unown tight in one hand.
  365. [22:29:09] * Lucian pushes Alex ahead of him and takes off after the others, leaving Roy to curl up and roll after him.
  366. [22:29:36] * Adrienne just starts running when the others do.
  367. [22:29:37] [Dann-] "I hate Unown." Dann mutters as he runs.
  368. [22:29:39] [Lucian] "Didn't you have a similarly weighted sack to replace it with!?"
  369. [22:30:34] * Adrienne asks a question as she runs. "Was that too mean?"
  370. [22:30:56] [Lucian] "Was what too mean?"
  371. [22:31:27] [Adrienne] "Not telling either of them about the Unown swarm."
  372. [22:31:39] [zoofman] Luckily this thing doesn't follow too far, once its sure you're outside of the mine's perimeter, it returns back to its lair.
  373. [22:32:00] [zoofman] Alex is pretty pale, "Ugh, those things are gross."
  374. [22:32:30] [Lucian] "...and pretty powerful. Maybe I should come back to catch a few of them..."
  375. [22:32:31] [castfromhp] Lawrence is pretty dedicated to running the fuck away anyhow. Luckily, it's pretty easy to follow the trail of stomped plants he left behind.
  376. [22:32:38] [Percival] "What even upset them that much?"
  377. [22:32:48] [Adrienne] "Kinda looked like he stole one."
  378. [22:33:41] [zoofman] Alex stares at the downtrodden path and starts to follow it, "Lawrence you idiot, did you punch them???"
  379. [22:35:02] [Percival] "Are you fine even after all those eyes, my goodness."
  380. [22:35:21] [Lucian] "I think they were firing to drive off, not kill."
  381. [22:35:27] [Dann-] "Well that's one way to make an exit. Good riddance to those pests."
  382. [22:36:22] [castfromhp] If you follow the path, you soon find Lawrence resting against a tree, pulling on and twisting the "Z" Unown in his hands like it's some sort of malformed stress ball. He doesn't seem to notice he's doing this, but the Unown is making a distressed, high-pitched humming noise as it feebly launches small gusts of wind against Lawrence's belly.
  383. [22:36:23] * Dann- looks down at Kai under his arm, seeking agreement.
  384. [22:36:51] [Lucian] "Uh hey, Lawrence. I don't think it really likes that."
  385. [22:37:03] * Lucian approaches and tries to ease the other boy off the fragile looking Pokemon.
  386. [22:37:22] [Lucian] 4d6+1 Charm, soothe Unown and Lawrence
  387. [22:37:22] [CritSenpai] Charm, soothe Unown and Lawrence: 12 [4d6=1,3,6,1]
  388. [22:38:11] [castfromhp] Lawrence lets you loosen his hold on the Unown, which flops unceremoniously to the ground, exhausted by its recent ordeal.
  389. [22:38:38] [castfromhp] Kai yips in agreement with you, Dann, but then gives a pitying look at the Unown Lawrence dragged along.
  390. [22:39:03] [castfromhp] "Adrienne, you won't believe it! The carving you found came alive! It wasn't very nice though..."
  391. [22:39:19] [castfromhp] "...But maybe I shouldn't have hit it. It took me by surprise when it opened an eye."
  392. [22:39:45] * Lucian picks up the thing and...tries to pet it, not quite sure where to touch without feeling its gross single eye.
  393. [22:39:52] [Lucian] "There, there."
  394. [22:40:00] [Percival] "Yeah that'd do it. Poor things probably didn't expect that."
  395. [22:40:16] * Dann- looks back and forth between Alex and Lawrence. "It doesn't take much to get either of you punching things, does it?"
  396. [22:40:24] * Adrienne suppresses a snort of amusement. "I was hoping you'd just freak out at the wall instead of punching it."
  397. [22:40:47] [castfromhp] The little Z tries to ambulate along the ground with its "arms".
  398. [22:40:48] [Lucian] "Well, I would argue that in my case I half-deserved it."
  399. [22:40:55] * Percival starts looking over the Z and its arm lke extremities.
  400. [22:41:10] [Percival] "Wonder if they were spelling out much of interest."
  401. [22:41:20] [Lucian] "It probably wants to get back but...I'm not sure if doing so right now would be the best idea."
  402. [22:41:23] [Percival] "Especially with a Z"
  403. [22:42:52] [Adrienne] "Why not? Just let it go back on its own."
  404. [22:43:05] [Adrienne] "Or you know, just shove it into a ball."
  405. [22:43:17] [castfromhp] "You knew that would happen? Gee, the Fairies are rubbing off on you, aren't they?" Lawrence lets out a long sigh of relief. "Maybe I'll go help it back."
  406. [22:43:41] [Lucian] "I dunno, it's kind of growing on me. I think I'll catch it."
  407. [22:43:48] [Adrienne] "I knew there were Unown there, that's it."
  408. [22:43:57] [Percival] "It would probably take a good while to float back otherwise."
  409. [22:44:37] [zoofman] "Aren't you worried that those carry dieseases or something?  It's like a walking...eye ball pebble...ew."
  410. [22:45:40] [Lucian] "I'll worry about that when it comes to it." He digs into his bag and retrieves an empty Pokeball, throwing it at the weakened Unown.
  411. [22:46:04] [Lucian] "And well, probably isn't any more contagious than most other Pokemon."
  412. [22:46:12] [castfromhp] The Unown lets out a last high-pitched hum before being sucked in.
  413. [22:46:38] [Lucian] "Like that bird I caught you. Avian Pokemon have historically been prone to harboring diseases."
  414. [22:46:39] * Dann- scoffs in disgust.
  415. [22:46:54] [Percival] "There are far worse things than simply large eyes that we put in balls anyway. Besides, would you rather he just scury around here instead?"
  416. [22:47:21] [Dann-] "Don't let him near anything ancient and valuable."
  417. [22:47:25] [Dann-] *it
  418. [22:48:20] [castfromhp] "Oh I nearly forgot." Lawrence retrieves his clipboard. "You're all looking for Granny Lou, right? Where have you looked so far? We can tell you where the other volunteers and I have already covered too."
  419. [22:48:20] [Lucian] "Uh, sure?"
  420. [22:48:43] * Lucian pulls out the route he'd prepared with Adrienne and cross references it with them."
  421. [22:49:02] [Percival] "Well she's definitely not in there, I hope."
  422. [22:49:46] [zoofman] Okay, so, you guys look at Lawrence's notes and cross reference your map
  423. [22:50:16] [Dann-] "Glad we could help cross...one place of the list."
  424. [22:50:38] [zoofman] Alex and Lawrence have mostly been investigating the area directly north of Hollyhock, and then moving toward the west.  You guys had head out west, then started heading north, so anything to your West has been searched
  425. [22:50:55] [zoofman] Leaving the search area to be only the parts of the peak that are to your east
  426. [22:51:11] [zoofman] er, Alex and Lawrence went east*
  427. [22:51:15] [zoofman] I hope that makes sense!
  428. [22:51:42] [Lucian] "Thanks, this narrows it down a lot...but not I have to redo my entire chart!"
  429. [22:51:45] [Lucian] now*
  430. [22:52:38] [Dann-] "Well, should we stick together or split up and check out what hasn't been explored yet?"
  431. [22:53:34] [Percival] "If east is really the only way we might as well stick together until the path diverges further."
  432. [22:55:49] [zoofman] Alex and Lawrence don't really seem to have a problem with this - and luckily you guys were actually heading that way too.  Sorry for the lack of MS Paint shit scribbles, but basically you've been heading northeast toward the Greypine Peak
  433. [22:56:12] [Lucian] In the confusion, Lucian has completely forgotten his earlier promise to put on pants.
  434. [22:59:56] [zoofman] You guys continue on eastward, pants or no pants, and as you do, you start to...notice a few things about the forested area around you.  Most noticably, you're starting to see more of those fae shrines out here, and mroe frequently.  They almost seem to be like waymarkers.  Some of them have some really unusual 'offerings' near them, like Torchic bone charms, or Stanler skulls, or other weird occulty items that make Alex
  435. [22:59:56] [zoofman] and Lawrence all wriggly. Roll me perception!
  436. [22:59:57] [Adrienne] "I've got no problem with us sticking together."
  437. [23:00:48] [Adrienne] 2d6+1 AP Perception
  438. [23:00:48] [CritSenpai] AP Perception: 6 [2d6=3,2]
  439. [23:00:49] [Lucian] 3d6+2 Perception
  440. [23:00:49] [CritSenpai] Perception: 12 [3d6=2,6,2]
  441. [23:01:06] [Percival] 3d6+1 AP Perception
  442. [23:01:06] [CritSenpai] AP Perception: 12 [3d6=5,1,5]
  443. [23:01:08] [Lucian] "Just between us, I'm beginning to think sticking together was for the best."
  444. [23:02:39] [zoofman] Percival and Lucian start to notice, every now and then, a tree toppled over, or one with a big ass claw print on it.
  445. [23:02:55] [Dann-] 2d6 Perception
  446. [23:02:55] [CritSenpai] Perception: 8 [2d6=3,5]
  447. [23:03:13] * Lucian sidles up to Alex, "You still have that hammer, right?" and points out the claw marks all over.
  448. [23:03:35] * Dann- looks around. "Are we getting near the area that Metagross might be in?"
  449. [23:03:51] [Percival] "That can't be good, I surely hope not."
  450. [23:03:56] [castfromhp] "Metagross?" Lawrence asks.
  451. [23:04:06] [Dann-] "Oh, right, sorry..."
  452. [23:04:17] * Dann- explains the Metagross intel acquired from a drawing by a Mawile.
  453. [23:04:27] [Dann-] He leaves out the swarm antics.
  454. [23:04:37] [zoofman] "Metagross?" Alex hrms.  "Not sure this would do much to one of those..."
  455. [23:05:01] [zoofman] As you get further in, you start to see whole pathways of trees knocked down, like a bulldozeer went through.
  456. [23:05:10] [castfromhp] "I don't like this. I wish you'd let us know what we might be getting into..." Lawrence looks around nervously.
  457. [23:05:11] [Dann-] "Honestly, if we see it, we should probably try to avoid it."
  458. [23:05:44] [Lucian] "Roy, tell us if anything gets too close to us, got it?"
  459. [23:05:57] * Dann- gives Lawrence an apologetic frown. "It slipped our minds to mention it."
  460. [23:06:29] * Adrienne has had Arthur out since they began moving as a group. And along the way, he picked something up! Maybe.
  461. [23:06:29] [Adrienne] 1d20 Pickup
  462. [23:06:29] [CritSenpai] Pickup: 8 [1d20=8]
  463. [23:06:52] [Lucian] Oh yeah
  464. [23:06:54] [Lucian] 1d20 Pick Up
  465. [23:06:54] [CritSenpai] Pick Up: 18 [1d20=18]
  466. [23:06:57] [Lucian] Eyy
  467. [23:07:38] [@Doxy] Adrienne finds a MYSTERIOUS BERRY
  468. [23:07:47] [@Doxy] Lucian finds a PROTEIN
  469. [23:08:04] [@Doxy] or rather, a MUSCLE BERRY
  470. [23:08:14] [@Doxy] it looks like a pair of biceps
  471. [23:11:49] [Adrienne] Is there a ROLL to IDENTIFY this MYSTERIOUS BERRY?
  472. [23:11:55] [Percival] "I hope Grandma Lou didn't find that creature before us..."
  473. [23:12:21] [Lucian] "I dunno, from what we've heard I don't think Grandma Lou was any slouch in a fight."
  474. [23:12:29] [Lucian] "She's friends with Benedict, right?"
  475. [23:14:44] [castfromhp] (it's just a Kupo Berry, Adrienne)
  476. [23:15:02] [Percival] "It's a pretty big creature even still."
  477. [23:15:14] [Adrienne] "They were traveling partners last I remember, so she's got to be pretty good."
  478. [23:15:19] [Adrienne] (Oh.)
  479. [23:15:23] [Lucian] "Let's just keep going and keep our eyes peeled."
  480. [23:15:58] [Adrienne] "Agreed."
  481. [23:17:45] [zoofman] As you approach the base of the peaks, you see another one of the eerie fae statues, but this one's toppled over, laying on the side of the path.  In the distance, further up ahead, you hear thrashing about and the clang of screetching metal.  Along with a pained, piercing cry.
  482. [23:18:34] * Dann- breaths in sharply. "Avoiding it might not be an option if someone is in trouble."
  483. [23:18:52] * Adrienne moves closer to check it out.
  484. [23:19:16] * Lucian doesn't hesitate, rushing ahead of the others to help whoever seems to be hurt.
  485. [23:19:26] [zoofman] Alex and Lawrence freeze up, just as wary as you guys are.  If you do wanna sneak a peak, roll me stealth.
  486. [23:19:36] [zoofman] or if you just wanna run ahead, okay lol
  487. [23:20:02] [Adrienne] 2d6 Stealth
  488. [23:20:02] [CritSenpai] Stealth: 9 [2d6=5,4]
  489. [23:20:25] [Percival] "Yeah I'm not about to sneak over there, I think I'd alert half the forest if I tried."
  490. [23:20:56] [Lucian] If you wanted something done subtly
  491. [23:21:04] [Lucian] You should not have it done by Lucian
  492. [23:21:32] [zoofman] Okay, well
  493. [23:21:39] [zoofman] lets start with what Lucian sees, and then Adrienne.
  494. [23:22:12] [zoofman] Or rather what comes his way - as Lucian rushes foreward...a literal tree gets flung in his direction.
  495. [23:22:16] [zoofman] 1d20
  496. [23:22:16] [CritSenpai] 1d20: 14 [1d20=14]
  497. [23:22:33] [zoofman] Lucian takes 65 damage as a tree lands, explodes and splinters by him
  498. [23:23:13] [zoofman] As big as he claims his balls are, might not have wanted to have them exposed!
  499. [23:24:11] * Lucian throws his arms up to shield his head and his hands, landing quite a distance away as the shock blow sends him flying.
  500. [23:24:26] [Lucian] He blinks groggily and looks around for the source the pained cry.
  501. [23:24:34] [Adrienne] 4d6+1 AP
  502. [23:24:34] [CritSenpai] AP: 19 [4d6=4,6,4,4]
  503. [23:25:50] [Dann-] "Ah! Everyone take cover! Get behind a tree or something!"
  504. [23:26:11] [Percival] "Are you alright man? Can do! I'd not like a tree in my face."
  505. [23:26:40] [zoofman] BGM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2N8woYX7io
  506. [23:26:50] * Dann- darts behind a tree, close to Lucian if possible, and tosses a poke ball to the ground. "Time to defend your home Atlas. Let's go!"
  507. [23:27:25] * Adrienne darts out of her hiding spot and attempts to drag Lucian to safety.
  508. [23:28:19] [zoofman] 1d20
  509. [23:28:19] [CritSenpai] 1d20: 16 [1d20=16]
  510. [23:28:29] [zoofman] 65 damage as another tree gets flund at Dann.
  511. [23:29:00] [zoofman] flung*
  512. [23:29:22] [Dann-] Can Atlas intercept?
  513. [23:29:32] [zoofman] Sure.
  514. [23:29:51] [@Doxy] Lucian - you see a young ... man? around your age partially pinned down by a fallen tree. They're trying to push it off with their Lickitung's help.
  515. [23:30:38] * Lucian pushes Adrienne away, I'm fine. I can patch myself up. Right now we need to get that guy over there out of here.
  516. [23:31:22] * Lucian pushes a Super Potion into her hands. Use it if you need it.
  517. [23:31:34] * Percival sends out Maimaigon and tries edging closer to the rest of the crew.
  518. [23:31:37] * Dann- attempts to twist to the side to make himself a smaller target for the splinters, but Atlas scuttles quickly and leaps into the air, taking most of the force. Dann snatches him out of the air and quickly swings behind the nearest tree.
  519. [23:31:49] [Dann-] "Atlas, you didn't have to do that. Are you ok?"
  520. [23:32:27] [Adrienne] While he's here, Adrienne justh isses what she knwos at Lucian. "The Metagross' eyes are weird, all red. Something's not right with it. Get a look if you can, I think it might be like the Belossom and Quagsire."
  521. [23:33:35] [castfromhp] The little Dwebble looks rather hurt and absolutely terrified! It tries to tug at you to get away from the area.
  522. [23:33:37] [Lucian] "...I think we're going to have to put this thing down, if it comes to it."
  523. [23:33:51] [Lucian] "But right now we should focus on getting that guy out of here in one piece."
  524. [23:33:54] [Percival] "I can't imagine how long this thing's been flinging these."
  525. [23:34:21] [Percival] "Or how many people it's thrown these trees at."
  526. [23:35:58] [@Doxy] Lucian - as you're talking to Adrienne, someone suddenly grabs your hand and starts pulling you AWAY from the Metagross! You see it's the person from a moment ago; they seem to have pulled free!
  527. [23:36:23] [zoofman] You hear the Metagross scream, it sounds like metal on metal grinding, a terrible, terrible sound.  It stomps around in the distance.
  528. [23:36:28] * Lucian surrenders himself to the pull and gives Adrienne a look, "Get the others out of here."
  529. [23:36:50] [@Doxy] "Everyone needs to come this way! Don't try and fight that thing, it's insane!"
  530. [23:37:51] [Percival] "I doubt we had intentions of doing so, we're getting out of here as soon as we can!"
  531. [23:38:03] [Adrienne] "Don't need to tell me twice," Adrienne mumbles to herself. She finds the other two, and in a low voice, says "let's get out of here" to both of them.
  532. [23:38:20] * Dann- tucks Atlas under his arm like a football and sprints away from the battleground.
  533. [23:39:05] * Percival runs towards the man with Maimaigon stuck to the top of his head.
  534. [23:39:50] * Adrienne also legs it out along with the mystery dude.
  535. [23:40:58] [zoofman] Okay, once you've retreated back to where Alex and Lawrence are gaping like butt monkies, things quiet down a little.
  536. [23:42:05] [zoofman] Or you think. Clang. Clang. Clang.
  537. [23:42:14] [zoofman] Its getting louder every clang.
  538. [23:42:26] * Lucian leans up against a tree, picking the splinters out of his arm, teeth bit down on his cheek to stifle any noise.
  539. [23:42:53] [@Doxy] The person doesn't slow down as you get back to Alex and Lawrence; they suddenly turn, and begin looping around, twisting and turning about as if following a trail only they can see. "Don't stop! It's still coming! We gotta get out of its area!"
  540. [23:42:55] [Percival] "It's following us isn't it?"
  541. [23:43:15] [Percival] "We're going as far back as we can from here, right now!"
  542. [23:44:02] [@Doxy] roll athletics if you're following
  543. [23:44:06] * Dann- takes a deep breath while recalling Atlas to the safety of his ball, and then charges after the mystery man.
  544. [23:44:09] [@Doxy] roll DEATH if ur not
  545. [23:44:24] [Dann-] 3d6+1 Athletics
  546. [23:44:24] [CritSenpai] Athletics: 14 [3d6=2,5,6]
  547. [23:44:45] [Adrienne] 3d6 Athletics
  548. [23:44:45] [CritSenpai] Athletics: 8 [3d6=4,3,1]
  549. [23:45:00] * Lucian clicks his tongue and follows after.
  550. [23:45:04] [Lucian] 3d6+2 Athletics
  551. [23:45:04] [CritSenpai] Athletics: 12 [3d6=3,5,2]
  552. [23:45:20] [Percival] 3d6 Athletics
  553. [23:45:20] [CritSenpai] Athletics: 12 [3d6=6,2,4]
  554. [23:46:08] [@Doxy] You run and run and run, and eventually they stop, breathing heavily.
  555. [23:46:17] [@Doxy] "Whew! That was close!"
  556. [23:46:22] [zoofman] Adrienne trips on the way, and a tree gets tossed in her general vicinity - she loses a tick of HP.
  557. [23:46:41] [zoofman] Other than that, after a point it doesn't pursuit further
  558. [23:47:39] [@Doxy] "That thing's madder than a sandile in a snowfield, and twice as angry too."
  559. [23:47:55] [Adrienne] "Hey Dann, Lucian, either of you going to be fine? You two kind of took an entire tree to the face."
  560. [23:48:11] [Percival] "Thanks a lot sir. Yeah we heard of that thing from some of the fairies here. Say... uh what were you doing out here?"
  561. [23:48:12] * Lucian looks at Alex, "I've eaten worse."
  562. [23:48:30] * Lucian turns to the newcomer, "And who are you?"
  563. [23:49:25] [Dann-] "Actually, Atlas jumped in front of me and took most of the blow." He calls Atlas back out and begins to pick the splinters out of his exposed crab flesh and his fancy basket. "Quite the hero crab I've found here."
  564. [23:49:31] [zoofman] Alex leans toward Lawrence and whispers something
  565. [23:50:48] [@Doxy] "I was adventurin', of course. I had a feelin' in my water if I came out here I'd find something strange!"
  566. [23:51:28] * Lucian remembers the pained cry, "It sounds to me like something strange found you."
  567. [23:51:50] [@Doxy] "Oh, I'm sorry," they say, turning to Lucian.
  568. [23:52:24] [Adrienne] "... Didn't see that, Dann. Anyways, that Metagross was weird. Not just in the 'I'm crazy and I hate trees' way. It had red eyes, and no pupils. And something wasn't right with it, physically. It might've been blind, when Dann started yelling, it homed in on him."
  569. [23:52:35] [@Doxy] "I'm Ellis Montgomery Reinhold the Third! A very fine pleasure to meet you."
  570. [23:52:51] [@Doxy] "Your lil' buddy is sticking out your underwear a bit, by the way. Nice undies though."
  571. [23:53:12] * Lucian gives him a look and holds out his hand, "Lucian Lavarre."
  572. [23:53:17] [Lucian] "The uh, first of my name."
  573. [23:53:50] [Percival] "See, ya really need some new ones."
  574. [23:53:52] [@Doxy] Ellis shakes Lucian's hand. "And the rest of you?"
  575. [23:54:13] [Adrienne] "Adrienne Bellamy."
  576. [23:54:48] [Dann-] "Dann." He manages to throw a brief smile as he looks up, and then continues catching his breath and de-splintering Atlas.
  577. [23:54:51] [zoofman] Alex and Lawrence introduce themselves, but seem pretty taciturn at the moment.  And have pained expressions.
  578. [23:55:08] [Percival] "Percival Singsen, it's swell to meet you."
  579. [23:55:33] [Percival] "You lot fine? or is it coming back over the horizon again?
  580. [23:56:08] * Lucian catches sight of the two Grit aides and breaks off from the others to check up on them, "Hey, something the matter?"
  581. [23:56:19] [zoofman] Its given up pursuit, Percival.  Things are quiet for now.
  582. [23:56:21] * Lucian fixes his pants before he approaches Alex though.
  583. [23:56:44] [Percival] "Something else up then you two?"
  584. [23:57:47] [castfromhp] Lawrence looks to Alex and nods, then turns to Lucian. "...so when it threw the tree at you, did you...get splinters uh, down there?"
  585. [23:58:22] * Lucian considers it, turns around from the two, and then trails his hand down to check.
  586. [23:58:32] [Lucian] Is it a-okay?
  587. [23:58:47] [zoofman] 1d100
  588. [23:58:47] [CritSenpai] 1d100: 64 [1d100=64]
  589. [23:59:27] [zoofman] You were lucky, there's a pretty big one in your inner theigh, but you could get it out easy w/ some tweasers.
  590. [23:59:35] [zoofman] Wasn't far off, though
  591. [23:59:41] [zoofman] thigh*
  592. [00:00:09] * Lucian turns back around with a grin, flashing the two a thumbs up. And then winks at Alex. "Nothing to worry about."
  593. [00:00:35] [Lucian] He winces slightly at the movement though, "I might need to ice my thigh a bit though..."
  594. [00:00:42] [Percival] "Have you considered now pants being a superior option?"
  595. [00:01:03] [@Doxy] Now that you're not running and have a chance to look at Ellis, you see that he is of medium height, with light blonde hair and a fairly androgynous appearance. The most odd thing about is him is definitely his get-up; he seems to be sporting full medieval-style armor, and is wielding a huge-ass sword to boot.
  596. [00:01:27] [Adrienne] "... Why are you carrying around that sword?"
  597. [00:01:46] [Lucian] "No, pants might protect from some things but being in my boxers gives me economy of motion."
  598. [00:01:47] [@Doxy] His accent is also fairly strange; it seems to be some sort of cross between a southern accent, and (Poke-British).
  599. [00:03:03] [@Doxy] "The blade is the most noble of weapons," he says, as if that explained everything.
  600. [00:04:07] [Lucian] "I thought that was the Lance."
  601. [00:04:13] [Lucian] "You know, jousts and all that?"
  602. [00:04:46] [Percival] "Were you planning on slaying that creature with all that gear? I mean this is quite a ways to trek out decked out in armor."
  603. [00:05:05] [@Doxy] "The Lance? Well, that explains why you have yours so readily available, sir. I suppose it is quite noble," he says chuckling at his own joke.
  604. [00:05:24] [zoofman] That one gets laughs from the Grit aides as well.
  605. [00:05:30] [zoofman] hehe, jock jokes
  606. [00:05:48] * Adrienne massages her forehead with two fingers, looking kind of annoyed at his sword answer. She looks like she's about to call him an idiot, before thinking better of it. "Whatever."
  607. [00:06:12] [@Doxy] "That was... the plan, but it proved most... unwise. I've been called reckless but I ain't suicidal."
  608. [00:06:19] * Dann- stands up and draws his shovel. "Personally, I find this to be the best weapon."
  609. [00:06:40] [Dann-] He attempts to keep a straight face, awaiting Ellis' reply.
  610. [00:07:10] * Adrienne checks if she has reception all the way out here in the middle of nowhere.
  611. [00:07:20] [zoofman] Sho do'
  612. [00:08:19] [@Doxy] "That's a shovel."
  613. [00:08:24] * Lucian looks back down his boxers, "I guess it is pretty noble."
  614. [00:09:01] [@Doxy] He circles around you, inspecting the shovel. "Good balance, a nice blade, practical."
  615. [00:09:48] [@Doxy] "Certainly a capable weapon - but ah, not as noble."
  616. [00:09:50] * Adrienne fires off a text to Miss Blintz. [Found local troublemaker, mega Metagross gone completely crazy. Red eyes and no pupils, possibly blind since it used some kind of psychic searchlight to find Dann when he spoke. Do you know if the Belossom or Quagsire showed the same symptoms?]
  617. [00:10:46] [@Doxy] He laughs amiably at Lucian's reaction, wiping a tear out of his eye. "You lot are a hoot."
  618. [00:10:56] [Percival] "Where did you come from, did ya just hear about that creature and waltz down?"
  619. [00:11:23] [@Doxy] "We'll have to see about all that later though'," he says to Lucian. "I reckon' right now we better do something about this fella that's too big for his proverbial britches."
  620. [00:11:31] * Dann- shrugs and replies. "In any case, if you ask me, the nobility of a weapon comes from how it is used."
  621. [00:12:10] [castfromhp] [No blindness. The Quagsire is starting to experience internal hemorrhaging though.]
  622. [00:12:38] [Lucian] "It's blind, right?"
  623. [00:12:45] [castfromhp] [Call the Watchers. Get help. Don't fight it alone.] The texting style is more to the point and business-like than usual.
  624. [00:13:33] [Adrienne] [Hemorrhaging might be related. Also, something wrong with the Metagross' body, but no time to examine it. Way too strong to subdue. I was planning on calling the Watchers, yeah.]
  625. [00:13:55] [@Doxy] "Aye, blind as a sack of zubats."
  626. [00:14:25] [Adrienne] "Figured." Adrienne calls up Lenny.
  627. [00:14:39] [@Doxy] "But t'wasn't always that way - the wounds around its eyes are still fresh. I think someone did battle with it - it must have been a most glorious fight to maim such a beast."
  628. [00:15:00] [zoofman] "Howdy ho", Lenny answers.
  629. [00:15:07] [Percival] "What sort of cruel creature would deliberately aim for the eyes?"
  630. [00:15:08] [Lucian] "...we can use that to our advantage."
  631. [00:15:19] [Dann-] "A desperate creature, perhaps."
  632. [00:15:35] [@Doxy] "A creature having trees chucked at it."
  633. [00:16:03] [Lucian] "I have a plan."
  634. [00:16:06] * Adrienne doesn't return the greeting. "You remember the Metagross one of us mentioend driving out some Mawiles? We found it, it's Mega, and it's completely out of its mind. Super violent, and likes chucking trees."
  635. [00:16:12] [Lucian] Are there any bodies of water nearby us?
  636. [00:16:20] [Lucian] Preferably moving ones
  637. [00:16:28] [@Doxy] hmm
  638. [00:16:44] [Adrienne] "We got out fine. No one's hurt too bad, but backup of some kind would be swell."
  639. [00:17:05] [@Doxy] You seem to recall passing a small stream in your mad dash
  640. [00:17:17] [@Doxy] It's probably around here somewhere, farther up
  641. [00:17:52] [zoofman] "Chucking trees?  And Mega too boot?  Hrm, well this is getting less okilly dokilly with each phone call, isn't it?  Sounds like you guys are okay from your tone, at least."
  642. [00:18:25] [zoofman] "And yes, if we're going to engage that thing, we'll need more folks.  Ya'll might want to pull back for now and wait."
  643. [00:18:29] [Lucian] "We need to drown its hearing. Can Lenny get us some Whismur? Loudred?"
  644. [00:18:54] [Lucian] "We shouldn't engage until we have more people but we can't just let it go free."
  645. [00:19:16] [Lucian] "We should trail behind and keep a bead on it."
  646. [00:19:22] [Adrienne] "We're already pulled fairly back. There's other important news, the Metagross is blind and relies on hearing to find its enemies. Lucian's asking about Whimsurs and Loudreds."
  647. [00:20:37] [Percival] "Man I wonder how many trees that thing is going to uproot and how many homes for pokemon are getting thrown."
  648. [00:21:20] [zoofman] "Well...we could do that, but it's going to drown out -all- the noise, including our communications."
  649. [00:21:32] [@Doxy] "By gods, you're right!"
  650. [00:22:32] [@Doxy] "Bless your heart, you've got the right of it. While we sit here pon-ti-fi-catin' and navel gazin' and lance gazin', it's destroyin' homes!"
  651. [00:23:05] [Adrienne] "You could do sign language," Adrienne suggests. "I dunno, it was Lucian's idea. You need directions, by the way?"
  652. [00:23:38] [@Doxy] "Who knows how many a Pineco or Burmy or innocent Seewadle be cryin' itself to sleep, orphaned and without home, due to this terrible monster?"
  653. [00:24:33] [Lucian] "We lure it into a trap and blast it from all directions to disorient and confuse its approach, and then we drive in to put it down while it tries to get its bearings."
  654. [00:26:13] [@Doxy] As Ellis paces around in indignant rage, he suddenly stops as Lucian says "trap".
  655. [00:26:25] [@Doxy] "A trap! Why, that's just the thing!"
  656. [00:26:33] [zoofman] "We'll send folks to Grandma Lou's place, I recommend ya'll head back there for the rendezvous, then we can plan.  Since now we know this thing's pretty darn dangerous."
  657. [00:27:15] [@Doxy] "We bait it somewhere where we can get da drop on it! T'is not the most noble way to face a foe, but adventurin' ain't all glamour, even when it's me."
  658. [00:28:21] [Dann-] "What kind of trap did you have in mind?"
  659. [00:28:53] [Adrienne] "Gotcha Lenny, thanks, we'll head over ASAP and wait."
  660. [00:28:56] [Percival] "How large of a trap would we even need for that thing?"
  661. [00:29:07] * Adrienne waits for anything else from Lenny for a few seconds before hanging up.
  662. [00:29:31] [Dann-] "I don't know if we need a trap to contain it so much as a trap to lure it into a bad situation. Then we disorient it and attack."
  663. [00:29:35] [zoofman] Naw Lenny says his own good bye and hangs up on his end
  664. [00:30:06] [@Doxy] "I got a feelin' in my water there's somethin' around here we can twist ta our advantage. T'is time to scout!"
  665. [00:30:23] [@Doxy] And we can end on that note~ :3
  666. [00:30:30] [Dann-] "...how does one scout in such heavy armor?"
  667. [00:30:47] [Adrienne] "Ellis, shut your caterwauling, if you head off to trap this thing it's going to eat your face off. We're heading back to Grandma Lou's and waiting for the cavalry."
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