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Jan 25th, 2012
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  1. Hey world,
  2. We have been busy lately hacking some large sites, and managed to get a total of about 16K accounts to these websites:
  3. , , and .
  4. Everyone, enjoy this massive leak!
  5. Arabs, go to hell. Who the hell DDoses hospital websites? You know that a lot of the people who are in those hospitals are (sadly) Arabs? Personally, I think our government is stupid for allowing terrorists to go to our hospitals.
  6. So again, I call all Israeli and Jewish hackers to join us! Email us at and help us fight the Arabs!
  8. -
  9. - Pt 1:
  10. Pt 2:
  11. Pt 3:
  12. Pt 4:
  13. -
  15. We are AlienZ! You Arabs will learn to fear us!
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